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MY BDSM Checklist

Here is MY BDSM checklist.... I have all the equipment to anything mentioned below and i can do it to any perspective Sub:

ACTIVITY -----------------------------------YES-------MAYBE-------NO--------

Anal Beads
Anal Sex
Anal Plugs (small)
Anal Plugs (medium)
Anal Plugs (large)
Anal Rimming (giving)
Anal Rimming (receiving)
Armpit Licking (giving)
Armpit Licking (receiving)
Beating (soft)
Beating (hard)
Being Bitten
Breath Control
Bondage (light)
Breast Whipping
Cat-o-Nine Tails (hard)
Cat-o-Nine Tails (soft)
Chamber Pot use
Clothespi... Continue»
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[Story] True BDSM story

My new Sub Helen still lives we her parents in a nearby town called Corby, so i have to pick her up and take her to my place in Kettering which is about 6 miles away.

As soon as Helen gets in the car, i tell her to pull her tracky bottoms and knickers down so i can finger her all the way as we travel the distance. As soon as we arrive at my place, i tell her to lick me fingers dry, exit my car and into my house we go. Helen them the goes straight to the bedroom and that where the fun begins.

The bedroom is fully set up, all my toys are at the back of the room apart from the four ties ti... Continue»
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