My Ex Girlfriend Sharon

Though I am 40 Yrs young, married to a beautiful woman, father of a son. I feel that I am not living my life as per my heart. It was late in the evening and suddenly there was a call on my cell. I couldn’t recognize the number and was in a hurry to leave the office. I picked the call nevertheless, curiously thinking about the caller.

A sweet “Hello” and my brain went into a rewind looking for matches. The moment my brain flashed the matching face near my eyes, I slumped with astonishment and excitement, on the chair. I quickly composed myself and after clearing my throat replied “Sharon, Where are you”?. It was 12 years since we lost touch (pun intended).

I left Delhi for an assignment in deep jungles of Assam, India, where only snail mail was available. Initially, our letters were frequent then as time passed by, I think, distance drew us apart. Back in Delhi, after my assignment, I visited he residence only to know that her father died and the f****y left for an unknown destination.

Back from the memory lane, her sweet husky voice reminded me of the lavender perfume she used to wear and the shrill pitch of her excitement as my manhood rammed her tight pussy, till I left it sore. It’s only after I met her that I realized that only a bull like me could fuck her to submission. She was not a nymph, but then on the bed she was demanding.

“Aditya, Stop dreaming about me”, Was the order from the other end of the phone. “Okay, so when are we meeting?” I enquired. She asked me to come to my office but apply for leave, and wait for her call. The next day I received a call at morning 10 in the office. She asked me to drive down to Karnala’s Motel Kamat residency. I told my boss that I’ll be gone for the day.

I started my car and was off to Kanala to watch old pigeons. On reaching Motel Kamat, I saw her waiting in the lounge for me. The moment I entered, she came to me and directed me to the receptionist. On the reception she said the manager that I was Mr. Siddarth Vinod her husband. She guided me to the honeymoon suite,and I knew that I would have to prove that I am as good today. We entered the room. It was 12:00 in the noon. The lunch was ready and was as hot as she was in her youth. A good look at her and I was convinced that she had defied age. She bolted the room from inside. I removed my shoes and comfortably sat on the sofa. I asked her why, did she leave me, f******n years ago.

She said that after her father’s death her uncle started pressurizing her for marriage. She had to succumb as she knew her mother wouldn’t live long and I was not going to be back soon. She told me that right after her marriage her mother died. Her Husband was a nice charming and lovable. But….. But what I asked her? I have no c***dren-she replied.

Tests have indicated that my husband produces insufficient sperm. He has not revealed this to his f****y, and people think that she is to blame for not getting a c***d. She broke down speaking this. I comforted her saying that she shouldn’t feel sorry as it was not her fault. After calming down, she said that she is going to have a shower and freshen up for lunch.

She picked the intercom and instructed the manager to not disturb her under any circumstance as she is with her husband. She got up and went in for a shower. After five minutes, she called from the bathroom “Aditya, can you get me the towel”. “I’m getting it” I replied. The moment I reached the bathroom door and knocked it, I found it open.

“Come in Aditya”, invited her sweet voice. Once in, I realized that I was watching Sharon with the same hunger, as I did years ago. She was combing her hair fully naked, with her gleaming arse facing me. She turned and locked the bathroom door. She walked past me, and again started combing her hair giving me a sideways glance.

I understood that age has tamed her a bit but she is still the old bitch. I quickly unclothed, but after all these years of separation felt a bit uncomfortable when my cock stood up to salute her majesty. I guess she already had a plan in her mind. We kissed each other passionately. Her taut nipples pressed against my chest. My cock was pressed in between our pelvic regions.
My hands held her buttocks and started squeezing them. She moaned in pleasure to my advances. She was breathing heavily, and my cock now reminded me that it needed some warm oil massage. And Sharons crack was a perfect place to get that. I lifted her, as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I placed her arse on the top of 2-1/2 feet cupboard provided in the bathroom.

Slowly she let her legs go and now started looking at my cock. She gave me a hint that she was ready for my member to ravage her pussy. I slowly pushed my member into her, as I was unsure that, I was ready for the plunge. But then this was Sharon and age had matured her quite well. She was calm but made her intentions clear that she wanted me to thrust.

I went for the kill and pushed my member, till our pelvis hit each other. This made her gasp for breath. Her tight pussy stretched my foreskin back. My cock started throbbing to the release of her juices. She held my buttocks and slapped it gently to signal me that I need to now drill a hole between her legs as I did it years ago.

I accepted the challenge and moved my hips to do the required job. She started grinding her teeth, as I pounded her pussy. She gripped my upper back as I restrained her hips with my strong vice like grip. I forgot that we were in a Motel and started grunting like a bull with each thrust. She quickly placed her lips on mine to muffle my voice. This excited me further.

My thrusts made her suck air from my mouth. After five minutes of pumping, my cock threw up in her cunt. The load dripped out of her pussy, as my cock shriveled in her hole. I was left exhausted on her. Regaining consciousness, we had a quick bath and proceeded for lunch. After a heavy lunch, we slept naked like babies in each others arms.

I guess at forty, love overtook lust. I woke up at 3:00 pm and started dressing up to go. “Where are you going” she asked me. “Home” I replied. “Oh, so you drove down only to fuck me”, pat came her reply. “So you men only fuck women after marriage”. “Now what do you mean?” I asked.
“Aditya remember those passionate nights we spent together in each others arms”, she said in a quivering tone. “You loved me Aditya, and I know that, except now, that you are feeling guilty since you are married.” “I admit that you are right, but then think of it, what my wife will think if I’m not home tonite” I reasoned.

“AND WHAT WILL MY HUSBAND THINK IF IM NOT HOME TODAY”, she shouted. “Calm down”, I said. I should have guessed that age has not dimmed her demands on the bed. I quickly gave a call home and told my wife that I am at Sandeep’s place, and wont be home tonite. My wife is a typical sati savitri and agreed to my reason.

I explained my wife that the battery is low and she should not call me. I quickly cut the call. I turned to Sharon, and before I could ask her she said that her husband was in London and she has informed her in-laws that she is out to Delhi for a business tour, with a client. She called her in laws and husband only to inform them that she was in Delhi, and was put up at the outskirts so they should worry if her mobile is out of range. She quickly got up and dressed herself. We left the Motel for alibaug beach. The breeze reminded us of the good old days we had on juhu. We held each others hands and god knows spent hours gazing the setting sun. As the sun was at the horizon, we sat on the beach.

“Aditya, do you love me”? She asked. “Yes dear I always loved you”, I replied. “You’ll leave me today; I want to remember you for life. You were the first male who touched me. The next was my husband”, she said as a matter of fact. “So, don’t you think I am special” I said smiling impishly to which she laughed.

On seeing the setting sun she told me that it always reminded her of our unfinished love. At 7 pm we were back to the Motel restaurant. We had light dinner, as we understood that we will have to sweat it out tonite. We packed some food for our post love hunger. Back in the room at 8 pm, she drew the curtains of the room and switched on the A/C.

I knew that I would have to perform to her expectations today. She was wildfire and I had to tame her. Mentally I started strategizing on the fuck plan. I reasoned that the best thing to wear out this bitch was to cum her out. This time I took the lead to show her who’s the one with a cock. I unbuttoned my shirt, and placed it on the hook. I removed my vest revealing my chest.

She quickly grabbed me and hungrily sucked my nipples. This sensation made my cock send out pre cum fluid thought not erect. She tried to push me on the bed, but then I outwitted her and flat she fell on the sofa kept aside. The thud made her semi conscious and this gave me the right opportunity. I pulled her salwar and panties in one go without her resistance.

I pulled her hand to make her sit though she was dazed.. I quickly removed her kameez and undid her bra. Her breast lay helpless and naked near me. She knew that she was being date fucked. On regaining consciousness, she abused me and called me a fucking bull. This was not new to me, as this is the way she always knew me on bed.

I guess she still remembered my old moves on bed. She grabbed my hair and violently pushed my head to her cunt. The sweet sour smell of her vagina was so overpowering that my tongue immediately rose up like a serpent to discover her celestial hole. I spread her thighs with my arm and literally pinned then with my grip so as to ensure that I lick her pussy flat.

Now I changed my style. I withdrew the tip of my tongue from her hole and started licking her thick labia. This sent her into a deep spasm. She tried to get her thighs together so as to contain the pleasure. But my strong grip proved to be too much restraint. She gave out the same high pitch squeal familiar to my ears. I knew that I had lit her.

Now I had to kindle the fire and allow her to burn up. I flattened my tongue, and rubbed it against her pussy like a sand paper. This sent shivers down her. She accepted that I was forty but naughty. She moaned out abused, “Randve, raand ko chod raha hai kya”. I knew that I had the same old Sharon. One fundamental rule on the bed I learnt from her is that never cum a lady immediately.

I released my vice like grip on her thighs and she reclined in the sofa breathing heavily. I lay myself, besides her. I rolled her over so that her bum faces the ceiling and her cunt comes over my mouth. I got a bit violent, and shove my cock down her throat. This choked her. Being a violent bitch as I know her, she tightly wound my member around her tongue with a python-like grip.
Now again, I drove my tongue tip in her pussy, and started to tongue fuck her. She on her part, played my cock with her my like an expert flute player. This excited me and I further extended my tongue to probe her. All this had the desired effect. She squeezed her buttocks and gave out a jet of cum down my throat. My mouth was full with her warm cunt honey.

I greedily drank every drop of it. I sucked her cunt to recover the left over juices. All this left her exhausted. Her tongue slowly released its grip on my cock. I learnt 14 years ago she loved being left with a sore pussy. Since she was tired now I knew that I could fuck her without resistance. I lifted her upper body and placed it on the hand rest of the sofa.

I placed two pillows in between her thighs and stomach so as to get her into doggy position. Now taking position behind her I slammed my cock in her pussy. “You bastard” she shouted in pain. I gripped her hips, and drew my penis out till its tip just touched her cunt lips. They were red as rose.
It gave me immense satisfaction to know that I was giving her what she had remembered me for. Again Slam!! Went my cock. “You Mother-fucker” she moaned. I could no longer take her abuses I decided that I should show her cunt its place.

Getting the last ounces of energy from my buttocks I fucked her like a mad bull.
She started sobbing in pleasure, with a request that I continue my approved task. With each push my cock began to swell. Quite amazingly, her cunt was still elastic to my push. All this clouded my mind and I blurted out Sharon you bitch here I cum. My cock followed this command, and spewed out loads in her pussy. I felt completely exhausted and slumped on her.

Next morning I found that she was on the bed and I was on the sofa. I woke her up and had to help her as my pounding left her pussy sore. My cock was too burning. We had a good shower to soothe our respective organs. We left, quickly but I could see the satisfaction on her face with a tinge of pain caused by last nights love session and the separation that followed.

“I’ll keep in touch”, she said. Last week I received a call from her. She naughtily said that it’s a girl, and her in laws are happy. To tell you the truth guys the only satisfaction I got from this news was that I kept her happy, before and after marriage!
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