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I am 20 and my mum in her mid forties. Arjun is not my real name. My dad works away and is home only once a month over a weekend and I supposed to be the man of the house in his absence. And it really happened to be the case in all its senses soon after I turned 18, a couple of years ago. I do my arts in the university nearby. And that was the first time I lost my erection to my girlfriend – the wonderful sex I had with my mother the day before, my sex with my mum for the first time, dominated my mind and I upset my girlfriend whom I had to satisfy by only by licking her cunt I couldn’t penetrate her…for the first time ever since my girl friend and I started having sex.

My mum and I have always been very close and intimate. She is in the habit of walking about in the bedroom while changing in her underwear. She walks into the bathroom with a towel around her bosom reaching just below her buttocks. As she does these, she knows that I am about and pays no attention to my presence. She knows that I see her in her swimming costume very often so such things really do not matter.

We go swimming about once a week and my mom wears single or two-piece swimming suite as her mood permits. She would go with the swim suite under the dress and upon reaching the sports centre, she would take them off at the ladies. I would change to the swimming trunk at the men’s and join the common pool where people of all ages and both genders have their exercise and fun in the water. After the swim we would have a shower and dry up in the respective changing rooms and would drive back home.

One summer day, half way through the swimming, my mum remembered that she had forgotten to turn the oven off – the chicken would have become a cinder, she exclaimed. We just dabbed off the water with the bath towel, got into the car with the bath towel spread on the seat. My mum drove with her two piece bikini wear with her 34 D boobs waiting to bounce off the cups. Her tummy, though not very slim, was glowing with the water droplets trickling down from her breast wear. Being summer, it wasn’t cold to sit without much clad around. At times mum kept putting her hand inside her bra and scratching the underneath of her breasts saying, “this chlorine is drying up on my skin and is really irritating me”. We reached home in half the usual time, she slowing down only at the two speed cameras on the way.

As soon as she got the car on to the drive way, she shot out and opening the front door in haste rushed into the house and I followed collecting our bags. As I entered the kitchen what I saw was mum leaning towards the oven door beneath the work top and staring into the oven and giggling to herself. As she heard me enter the kitchen, she turned towards me, still leaning, supporting her weight on her knees with her hands and saying, “You know what? I hadn’t switched it on in the first place!”

As she turned her neck towards the oven in amusement, I could see her boobs and the cleavage staring at me through the top of her bra. She then went on to sort out the oven and the chicken as I stood there sharing the joke and describing to each other how we rushed back for nothing.

“The chicken will now take an hour and a half..”

She wanted me to give her a hand in washing up the vessels in the sink as she went about tidying up the work top which she had left in a hurry early that late afternoon. As we talked, I couldn’t help staring at my mum’s boobs. She kept on putting her fingers into her bra and rubbing and scratching her breasts saying that the chlorine from the swimming pool is irritating her. And at one point she pulled her left breast out of her bikini and gave its underneath a good rub with her whole palm, supporting it with her left hand, oblivious of me standing there. I immediately got an erection and my swimming trunk tented up with my manhood.

I tried to make my erection less obvious by pushing my erect throbbing penis against my thigh with a hand. As soon as my mum finished scratching one breast, she deposited it back into the bra and immediately fished out the other one and did the same to the other breast as well.

Then she leaned to take a vessel out of a lower cupboard just were I was standing. At the precise moment my penis sprang out my gentle hold and she caught on it with her elbow. She took the vessel out of the cupboard and placing it on the worktop, looked at me down there, as I struggled to brush my erection to the side again, and said, “Arjun, you are a man!”

I blushed and kept staring at her not knowing what to say. She said, half jokingly, “let me see, let me see..” And she pushed my hand away and stroked on my bouncing erection playfully and chuckled. “Oh! My!”. You will make some girls happy! I leaned forwards and stopped her hand and arrested her hand against my belly, saying “Mum..!!”

As she did that, leaning in front of me, I ogled at her breasts and she caught my eyes. I tried to f***e a smile but it wouldn’t come. “Isn’t that itching, Arjun with all the chlorine now dried up on it?”

“No, mum”, I answered, now smiling.

The next thing my mum did was amazing. She hugged me front on pressing her whole body against mine. “Oh! My darling Arjun, how much you have grown!!” My erection, even harder now, was now wedged between our bellies and her boobs were squashed against my lower chest. I could smell chlorine on her hair as she pressed her head against my neck.

She let go off the clasp around my waist and arching just the upper part of her body backwards said, “I remember you as a baby suckling from these,” and she pointed towards her breasts. “You are still my baby!” She clasped me again and pressed her boobs against me. I could feel her erect nipples pressing against my upper belly through the bra.

I put my hand around my mum’s chest and held her against me and said, “I don’t remember those, mum..”

Mum again arched backwards, as both of us loosened our grip on each other, and looking at me said, “No? Well, you won’t remember though you feasted on my breast till you were three years old…”

“Then what happened?” I asked her.

“I wasn’t producing enough milk then – it came to a trickle and stopped,” she said.

By now the movement between our bodies had moved my swimming trunks a bit down exposing the tip of my penis. I could say so since I felt my Mum’s bare skin against the tip of my penis.

“Oh! Mum!!” I said and hugged her again. This time, by an involuntary kind of instinct, I pressed my pelvis against my mum’s. My mum, as she still held me with her left hand, took her right hand from my back, arched her lower body backwards producing a gap between the two of us, slid her right hand between our bellies. As I was still pressing against her this came as a surprise to me, but I stood still without pushing further.

She then did what changed the pace of it all – she pushed my swimming trunk elastic waist band a bit down and took grabbed my penis!

I was speechless. I stood there frozen. Immediately my mum let go of my penis and took a step backwards. She then hooked out her left breast from her bra and held the erect nipple between her forefinger and the middle finger and said, “Come on Arjun, feed on it as you did as a baby..”

With about a couple of feet gap between the two of us now and my erection pointing towards my mum and her one bare breast invitingly poised in her hand, she now put her left hand behind my neck and gently guided me to her waiting thick nipple.

“This is what you were staring at when I was rubbing these a while ago, weren’t you? Take it in your hands and do what you want with it..” My mum said with a low controlled voice.

It was getting dark and cold outside. Our house has total privacy from all sides and no one would see. All our inhibitions now gone, I put my left hand behind my mother’s shoulder and turning to her left breast, lowered my face and put my mouth around her areola and closed my lips on her slightly cold but erect nipple and started sucking on it wetting and flipping the tit with my tongue.

“Ahhhhh…” my mother sighed and exclaimed “It feels great Arjun…. And it feels different now..”

She immediately went back to get hold of my penis again, and gave it a nice squeeze. She immediately let it go and pulled down my swimming trunk to my knees. Her hand again groped and held my penis, her thumb and forefinger at its base… gently stroking my pubic hair with her slightly outstretched thumb. At times she would give a semi squeezed yet gentle stroking up and down. At other times she would just hold it at one place and simply keep squeezing it so very gently. It was obvious that she knew how to please a man.

After a few minutes of her grunting and moaning, mum said, “let us go upstairs”, in a hushed voice. She let go off my penis from her hand and I let go off her breast from my mouth. She started walking upstairs in a hurry and I followed. As soon as we reached her bedroom, she pulled off her bikini and I pulled off my swimming trunk. We both knew very well what we are up to and there was no pretending. Both the mother and son were now totally nude. Mother had both her nipples erect and the vagina wet and I had the erection with the lubrication dripping from the tip…

As I approached the bed, my mum knelt on the carpet and holding my penis in her left hand and giving its tip a gentle twirl with the tongue, guided it into her mouth. I gasped and held her head between my palms, gently stroking her hair. I thrust my penis into her mouth in an involuntary motion… She sucked on my erection just as I sucked on her erect nipple downstairs in the kitchen – wet with lips and tongue…

She gently stroked my scrotum and the inside of my thighs. She indeed knows how to please. She was a thousand times better than my girlfriend who had to be coaxed into doing it all…

After a few minutes, mum gently pulled out my penis from her mouth and crawled onto the bed and lay down there invitingly. “Arjun, my son, you shouldn’t show partiality to the other breast…go on..”

I took her right ‘untouched’ breast and holding its fullness between my hands, guided the nipple into my eager mouth. I feasted on both the breasts one after the other as mum at times took extra pleasure in guiding the nipple into my mouth herself. And time and again mum would reach out to hold and gently stroke my penis which was constantly drooling pre-cum.

After about half an hour of the foreplay, mum said, “Come on…” and she pulled my body over to hers. I mounted my mother and as soon as I did that, she took hold of my erection. As I positioned my penis in front of my mother’s vagina, she gently stopped my advance and holding me in that almost-near-penetration position, started rubbing the tip of my penis against the her vaginal lips. I had not dared look at my mother’s vagina as yet. As she did it, I realized that she was extremely aroused, for the lubrication was immense. I could feel my penis just slurping the juices that were abundantly waiting to bathe my manhood. I couldn’t look into my mother’s eyes at that moment. Instead, I lowered my face towards her bosom and bearing my weight on my left elbow on the bed, held her left breast in my right hand and started squeezing it – the whole breast and then the nipple.

“Take it in your mouth and suck hard!” She urged me. I needed little encouragement though. I feasted on each breast as mum kept playing with my penis against the various areas of her vaginal opening. When mum pressed it against her clitoris, she would rub against it in quick ferocious jerks and raise her legs and grunt in ecstasy. As if she can’t stand that intense pleasure much long, she would soon push my penis downwards to the sides of her vaginal lips sweeping from side to side.

She would have done this labial massage only for a minute when she realized that couldn’t wait any longer for the real thing… she put her hands on my buttocks and pushed me in.

In I went. In my penis went deep into my mother’s hot wet vagina. After all that foreplay the amount of lubrication that my mum produced was no surprise. My penis was dipped to its hilt in that warm oil bath….deep in my own mother’s vagina….

And as my penis slid into her cunt, mum let a long groan, lifted her hands off from my buttocks and raising her petite legs off the bed said, “Arjun, you are so very good…”

I said, “mmmmm……,” as I was busy penetrating her for the first time and holding her breast in my mouth….. And at that moment I let go off her breast. I aligned my body all the way parallel to hers and sliding my arms behind her shoulders, held her tight against me as I pressed my pelvis against her firmly holding my penis deep inside my own mother. And that was when I looked in her eyes – her eyes were half closed.

As mum saw me look at her, she opened her eyes wide and holding my head from behind, lowered me on to her face and gave me a long kiss in my lips. We kept kissing each other on the lips and cheeks for a while when mum started to move her pelvis and mumbling, “do it….do it…”

I had only penetrated my mum. I had not started fucking her as yet – can you believe that?!! I slowly and lovingly started moving my pelvis up and down… and I started fucking my own mother…My penis was feeling that warmth and the slime in her vagina. Though it was not as tight as my girlfriends, it was giving a great massaging effect. My penis was now feeling the length and strength of my mother’s vagina as I slid it up and down her pelvis…

If I stopped pumping after a few minutes, mum would ask me to go on again by tapping on my buttocks gently…Knowing that feeling of impatience from my mum was so good … a sign that she is enjoying it in abandon… As I resumed thrusting my penis back and forth again in my mother’s deep vagina, she pulled my face again towards hers and kissed my mouth again – this time it was different. She came with parted lips and sucked on mine and as soon as I parted my lips, she darted her tongue in. Oh my!! She is a indeed a great French kisser… Our wet tongues and lips slurped in each other as my penis slurped her vagina… The wet sounds from two ends of our bodies filled the bedroom for another couple of minutes. Then the lower slurp continued, but the kissing sound was replaced by the sound of my lips suckling on my mother’s breasts… And as I fuck mum, she would fuck me back by thrusting her pelvis against mine. If I drew my penis out too much, she would come up to receive it back into its rightful place….Yes, my mother and I were fucking each other.. For the first time… and enjoying it to the hilt…

It was only a few hours prior to going to swimming pool that I had returned from my girlfriend’s place after having sex with her. So I could easily perform for a very long time fucking my mother, with small rests in between. But whenever I would stop, she would ask me to continue. After a while she decided to cum….

As I sucked her boobs and thrust my penis deep in and out of my mum’s vagina, without stopping for about three four minutes, she started thrusting her pelvis back at me in perfect rhythm. After a while she flung her legs up pointing them towards the ceiling and held me tight against her naked body. I pulled out my mouth from her breasts and just did pure fucking for the next few moments. Muffled shrieks came out of her mouth and mum started convulsing in ecstasy.. She was climaxing and having a mind shattering orgasm… and it lasted one full minute…“ Ahhhhhhhhh…Ohhhhhhhhhh…” I held her tight as I kept pumping my mother deep and fast now as she writhed under my hot and now perspiring body.

As she dropped her legs back on to the bed, I realised that she had finished having her beautiful orgasm – the first of countless orgasms with her own son… I then stopped my movements and gently lay on top of my mother’s naked body and held her close and tight against me, kissing her cheeks again and again… The most loving kisses I gave my mother. She is my lover now. She is the one who is holding my erection between her legs now, deep inside her…in sex fulfilled enjoyment…

“Arjun, you come now… It was great….Too good after three weeks’ real sex…” For it was three weeks since dad had come on his monthly break. Once she said that last sentence I started wondering whether now she would be comparing….

It was obvious that mum enjoyed it…And she now wants me to come inside her. I started pulling out and pushing in my penis into my mother’s vagina… I would take it all the way out… then push it accurately and gently yet swiftly all the way into my mother’s hot cunt… She started gently stroking my back as I started slow fucking my mother… And I lowered my lips onto hers and started kissing them. And soon she made my lips wet again with her warm moist tongue… I soon knew that I am about to come. I pulled myself away from her lips and with the last few deep jerky thrusts I came inside her….with more and more deep, more and more deliberate thrusts, I unloaded whatever cum was left in me…deep inside my own mother’s now ever inviting vagina.

As I came, mum held me gently and close to her body, “It’s great Arjun… it has been great my son….” As I now slumped and lay flat on her body, she gently stroked my back and wrapped her legs around mine, my penis still in her warm and flooded vagina. As my penis started to get flaccid in my mum’s body, I gave it a bit more of thrust to plug my mum’s vagina with it till we would decide to disengage – a tactic I take with my girl friend. All women like to keep the man inside her as long as she can, I believe….

After another few minutes, my mother coughed and now shrunken penis slid out spilling the semen out… As I dismounted my mum, she closed her legs and we lay there staring at the ceiling touching each other at the shoulders.

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