Foot Job in Restaurant

It was a beautiful evening in a coastal town. Having spend all day at the beach, it was now time to relax a little more with another drink in a nice restaurant. My wife was dressed to kill, she had on her form fitting little blue dress and her 5 1/2" stiletto heels. You can say the dress was definitely form fitting on her 5'3" 124lb. 36D frame. Just the look of her ass as it swayed back and forth as she walked n front of me got me got the bl**d flowing and the heart moving a little bit faster. It didn't hurt that the dress was far enough cut in the front making it very easy to see her cleavage and the tops of her beautiful round breasts. As we were walking from the car to the restaurant I was contemplating trying to get dessert before dinner, but figured it would not happen being that we were running late for our reservation (some fun in the shower, but that's another story). We were met by a beautiful young hostess in a mini-skirt and a low cut shirt who told us that we would have a short wait because the kitchen was running late. As she walked us over to the bar I couldn't help but look at her ass. She sat us down at a bar chairs and I couldn't help but look down her low cut shirt and steal a peek at what were young 20's, supple breasts that were covered by a lace purple bra. Well my wife must have been looking too because I got caught "stealing a peek" and my wife just smiled and laughed at me. We sat down and were quickly told that the first round was on the house due to the delay. We ordered drinks and when they arrived my wife took a sip of her drink and asked if I liked what I was looking at. She said that she thought the hostess was attractive with a great body and agreed that every guy in the place should be looking at her. I played dumb for a second and she said to me "do you think she would do this for you?". Before I knew it my wife's hand was in my and rubbing my crotch. I couldn't help but pull back at first, surprised but then went with it. I was surprised because she is the shy one that has to be convinced no one will catch us and it is OK no one is around. So imagined me being taken aback that she was rubbing my crotch in a semi-crowded bar with others close by. Soon as she began to rub I felt my c**ck begin to grow and push towards the front of my pants. As soon as she felt my c**k begin to grow, she stopped. She pulled her hand away and told me to be a good boy and that's what I get for looking at the hostess. Needless to say I was sitting there with a rock solid c**k and nothing to do with it.

After a few drinks we sat at our table in a nice corner of the restaurant, with a view of the ocean out of one window and a fireplace on the other side I could not have picked a better spot in the place if I asked for it. It was a nice distance away from the other families and distractions. We had dinner and great conversation. I can tell that she was buzzed and because she had taken her shoes off and placed her feet on my lap during dinner and every so often she would give me the bedroom come and fuck me eyes each time I began to rub her feet, but I played it cool while we were eating. After dinner the waitress dropped off the dessert menu and we discussed what was for dessert. while I was reading the menu I felt something going up my leg. I looked down and saw her foot was making its way up my leg. I hid my response behind the menu and told myself that if she fucked with me again I would go sit right next to her and take out my c**k in her side of the booth. Her foot gradually moved to my crotch and she began to move her tows on my crotch. I felt all the bl**d rush towards my crotch and felt it my c**k begin to get engorged with every movement of her toes. Finally my c**k was pressing up against my pants waiting to explode. I looked over and saw a rye evil smile on her face as she looked over the menu. It was as if she was pretending nothing was happening. After a few minutes of her toes fondling my c**k she told me what she wanted for dessert and asked me to order it for her. I looked over towards her and I noticed she was gong underneath the table. I was dumbfounded and could not believe it. I looked around and saw that the place had thinned out a bit, but there was still a good amount of people there including some k**s. As I am sitting there I slouch a little in my seat, thinking if I am going to get a bj I can at least make it a little easier for her. I felt her grab my waist band to pull herself closer and then felt her grasp at my zipper. She unzipped it, and it was like a Jack-in-a box coming out its box. My hard c**k sprung up and I felt it hit against something. At the same time I heard her giggle, it had smacked her in her face. I am trying to keep a straight face when the waitress came over and asked what we wanted for dessert. Wanting to tell her that I mine was underneath the table, I declined dessert and she asked if she should come back for my wife's order. I began to order what my wife wanted and as I began to order it I felt a warm wet sensation on the head of my c**k. I choked on the first word of chocolate and then took a sip of water. The waitress asked if I was OK and I felt my c**k slide into her mouth and down to her throat. She was now deep throating my c**k as I was trying to order her dessert. She began to wrap her beautiful soft tongue around my c**k as it was in her mouth and throat making me speechless. I pulled it together for a few seconds and ordered her dessert. When the waitress left, she slid her mouth up and down my hard shaft a few more time and sucked on my head like it was a lollipop. She then looked up at me and sad "good job ordering dessert, we are going to do try something new?" I was thinking how much better can it get right now, my shy wife just deep throated my c**k in a restaurant, while I was trying to place an order. He appears back on her side of the booth and places her foot back near my crotch. Now my c**k is as hard as a baseball bat and I am awaiting her next move. I feel her pantyhose rubbing against my c**k and can feel her moving her toes trying to caress my c**k. The soft warm feeling of her foot through the pantyhose was amazing. The pantyhose were soft rubbing against my wet hard c**k. Then came the second foot, and like a big warm soft hand she began to stroke my cock from her side of the booth. She looked over her shoulder, didn't see anyone and asked me " is this what my bad boy likes, can that little slut do this for you?". I didn't answer her and she stopped. I looked at her puzzled and asked her why. She stated that I didn't answer her. I then realized that she was trying to dominate me, which I am fine with. I answered her and she got back to rubbing my c**k with her foot. This time she pinned it against my inner thigh and stroked it with her foot. The waitress came with dessert, but she didn't stop, her foot kept on going. My wife pause and took a few bites of dessert,I watched as my wife ripped the pantyhose off both her legs from the thigh down. I was wondering what she meant by trying something new and if she was gonna tie me up right here and now. She placed both of her feet off of the booth and back onto my cock. This time It was AMAZING. I had a foot job before, but this was unreal. She took her toes and played with my head, wiggling her toes on my head and running them up and down my shaft. She then was jerking me off cupping my c**k in-between her feet. I was in heaven. I looked over at her and she had her eyes closed. I looked at her arm and realized it was moving slowly up and down. From my perspective I couldn't see any further down and I was not gonna ruin what I had going on to try. After what appeared to be an eternity. She placed her hand over the table and asked me if I wanted to taste her fingers and she held out her middle and rind finger pointed towards me. As I leaned forward, she said"if you taste I stop using my feet". Again being dominated, I forgo the taste, and watch her place her hand back below the table out of view. After a few more minutes I feel it begin to rise and realize that I am going to finish. I sat and felt as it was building to the top like the crescendo while listening to an orchestra play. I felt as it built up further and finally it was here. I came with a f***e that I have not come with in a while. One pulse, two pulse, three pulse, four all spewing my white sweet gooey load out under the table. She obviously knew I finished, because she began to fondle it with her toes again. I felt my warm cum on her toes and foot as she wiggles her toes against my now shrinking c**k it made for a good sensation as my heart was racing.

I glance over and she brings her foot in her lap and places her finger on her foot. She rubs her foot and shows me whats on her finger. Her finger has my gooey cum on it like its marshmallow fluff. She brings it up to her mouth sticks out her tongue and licks her finger as if it was a push-pop. She finishes tasting my juice. She takes the ripped pantyhose cleans the rest off of her foot and throws them under the table. She then lifts up her a** in the booth and takes her panties off. She throws them over the table at me and says "your welcome,lets go my turn". I catch the panties and can feel the wetness from her pu**y on the panties. I can't help but sniff them as she is fixing herself in the booth. The waitress comes looks at the full dessert plate and asked if we didn't like it. My wife turns to me and asks "well did you not like dessert?" I laughed, c**k still out of my pants, and tell the waitress I was full. The bill arrived, it was paid, and a short time later I fucked my wife in the parking lot of the hotel bent over the hood of the car.

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