Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 22

July 1959

Reluctant Rosemary
The timing was perfect. Anthony had returned to school months earlier than usual. It was a long time for a woman to go without sex, especially THAT woman. So, when Rosemary made her phone call to Vic, she needed a cock badly.

She couldn’t have picked a more opportune time to call. A woman desperate for a cock was a woman easily swayed into doing almost anything, maybe even crossing over.

As before, the teacher stated her case emphatically. She wanted no part of lady loving. Even after getting his big cock deep inside her horny cunt, mouth and ass, Rosemary still gave Vic the same snide answer.

“Fuck no! A lady doesn’t do that sort of thing with another lady. I can’t believe you’d even asked me that.”

Vic was expecting a negative response and he came prepared. “Then take a look at these!”

She looked at the pictures. “What is this, Victor? Are you still trying to get money out of me?”

“No, Rosemary! I don’t want your money. I have others for that.”

“What is it, then? You certainly can’t be blackmailing me for sex? We’ve already done everything two people can possibly do together. What could you possibly want from me?”

Vic didn’t answer her with words. His sly grin said it all. She understood completely.

“Wait a minute! You ARE blackmailing me you little prick? How dare you!”

Mrs. Rosemary Criscola knew exactly what Vic wanted and she wasn’t happy with the prospect.

“Sex with another woman? You little prick! How dare you! With all that I’ve done for you, you still want more from me. How could you! For God’s Sake, Victor! What you’re asking for isn’t natural. Women don’t have sex with other women. My God! I’m so disappointed in you! When did that real nice boy I knew become such a devious bastard?”

Be that as it may, the devious bastard had the hot cunt and she knew it. Saying no was not an option for the nice teacher turned piece of ass nympho cunt. Whether she liked it or not, Mrs. Rosemary Criscola was going to have sex with another woman. The only remaining questions were with whom she’d lay and when?

The where was at the home of Rosemary Criscola a few nights later.

“May I introduce Josie and Jackie? They’re the two young women I told you about.”

On cue, both the young women removed their light coats. They both wore identical baby doll nightgowns of a different color. With a minimum of clothing and made up faces, they both looked stunningly beautiful and incredibly sexy.

Despite acting somewhat indifferent to the goings on, the older woman still managed to look very sexy as well in a floor length, slit-at-the-sides, see through nightgown. With Vic’s coaxing and instructions, the easily persuaded Rosemary Criscola wore precisely what he asked for.

Without breaking a smile, she looked over the women. “You’re both very beautiful, but so young!”

Jackie smiled. “You’re much more beautiful than I even imagined. I can’t wait to make love to you.”

Rosemary couldn’t help but smile now too. She was thirty-seven years old. A beautiful, much younger woman just told her she’s beautiful too. The compliment hit home, bringing an even bigger smile.

Seeing what flattery could do, Josie said her own nice words. Moving closer, she told the teacher how much she admired someone with brains as well as beauty. As Rosemary’s smile grew bigger and her face lit up, Jackie moved right up to her.

“I wish I could be like you, Mrs. Criscola. Good looks, beautiful body, and smarts too. Wow! You’re so lucky!”

By now, Rosemary was bubbling with joy as Jackie’s arm slipped around the teacher’s waist. The two young women were saying all the right things to her, being very sincere, while at the same time, seducing her.

Rosemary wasn’t naïve. She had to know that. Yet, she let it continue. Why?

Josie cuddled close and continued talking while holding onto the woman’s soft hips.

“You’re someone I’d really like to get close to. Do you know what I’m saying, Mrs. Criscola? Do you know what getting really close means?”

Mrs. Criscola knew all too well what that meant. She turned her head to look into Josie’s eyes

“Yes! I think I do! But, I’m afraid. I’ve never been so close with another woman.”

As soon as Jackie’s fingers touched her chin, Rosemary turned her head to look the blonde’s way.

Jackie spoke with feeling. “Don’t be! There’s nothing to be afraid of. Please! Let me show you.”

The kiss was long and it was tender. For almost a minute, Jackie’s moist lips touched the teacher’s moist lips. Their lips only parted slightly; their tongues never left their mouths. It wasn’t an extremely passionate kiss, but for a first time female kiss, it made its point.

Mrs. Rosemary Criscola was close to taking her first trip to the other side. “I like that a lot!”

“I knew you would. I liked it too, Mrs. Criscola!”

“Please, Jackie honey! Don’t call me Mrs. Criscola. My name is Rosemary, but my real close friends call me Ro. Please, baby! I’d like both of you to call me Ro!”

From then on, Ro, Jo and Jack got real close. The tender kiss became an extremely passionate kiss. Lips parted and tongues intertwined outside of mouths. Ro kissed Jo and Ro kissed Jack who kissed Jo in between kissing Ro’s lips.

It was bliss for all, the kissing of her mouth as well as both girls kissing Rosemary’s big bare breasts. That, of course, brought nothing but praise from one of the two tit suckers.

“Wow, Ro! You really have such beautiful breasts! Would it bother you a lot if I licked and sucked on them, maybe even played with them a little too? ”

“Bother me? Gosh no, Jackie baby! There’s nothing I’d like more than both of you sucking on my big beautiful breasts!”

With Rosemary’s head thrust backwards, the two younger girls played with and sucked on both of the older woman’s delightfully large boobs. The turned on teacher was in arousal Heaven when the girls each got a hand inside the slits of Rosemary’s long transparent nightgown. Once there, those two hands took turns with her.

One hand lowered her panties while the other hand rubbed her wet and excited pussy. Ro was well on her way.

Josie’s fingers rubbed the wetness of Rosemary’s cunt lips. “You feel nice, Ro! Nice and wet!”

“I am, ohhh, I am! I’m very wet, baby! Play with me, honey! Keep playing with me!”

Josie did exactly that, as did Jackie once she had the panties down Rosie’s legs and off her body.

“Your juicy cunt feels nice, Rosie baby! You’re getting hot, real hot! Want me to make you hotter?”

“Yes, oh, yes, yes! Make me as hot as you fucking want! Do whatever you want! I’m yours baby, totally fucking yours!”

As the long nightgown hit the floor, Jackie told her she would, leaving Rosie the teacher without a thing covering her beautiful naked body. Not long after, the short baby doll pajamas of both Jackie and Josie, fell to the floor as well.

At that point, the only one fully dressed was Vic, but he, of course, had been rendered totally insignificant by then. His sole purpose for being there was as a spectator, and of course, the ever-present photographer.

Without a flash to disturb the mood, his camera captured it all for posterity, masturbation, and of course, extortion.

And what his lens saw was what they all wanted to see: first came Jackie kneeling before Rosie, followed quickly by the blonde’s hand moving up between the teacher’s open legs. Then, as several fingers slipped up and into a very moist pussy, an eager mouth joined those fingers in what promised to be the best pussy licking ever.

At least Rosie thought it was. “Oh, God! Oh, God! Yes! Yes! Don’t stop! Eat me! Suck me! Eat me!”

As Jackie did what Rosie asked, the teacher’s fingers slithered through the blonde’s long flowing hair. She held the younger girls head right where she wanted it while humping her fabulous body hard against the woman’s face. Not that the other woman minded. Before too long, the shoe would be on the other foot and Jackie knew that.

And so it was, the laying of Rosie the teacher onto the living room floor. That came swiftly and with a delicate precision, the older woman perfectly positioned by her two younger lovers.

With Rosemary on her back, Josie knelt between her opened legs and grasped the insides of the teacher’s thighs. Then, as the steps****r teased by licking those same delicious thighs, Jackie positioned herself so that her own delicious pussy was directly over the teacher’s face. Ready or not, the time had come for first time payback.

Amazingly, Rosemary wasn’t unready.

To the astonishment and joy of all, the teacher showed no trepidation whatsoever. Her hands reached up and took a firm grip of Jackie’s ass, squeezing her cheeks while bringing the blonde’s pussy to her face.

Moving closer, Vic could now see what he only dreamed of: the tongue of Rosemary Criscola actually licking on another woman’s pussy. It was a wonderful sight he hoped to see again and again and again.

The magic of photography guaranteed he would.

In the meanwhile, Vic had the real thing in front of him. As Rosemary’s mouth sucked and her tongue licked, her own pussy received the same arousing treatment at her other end.

From one side of the tantalizing pussy, Jackie licked and she sucked at will. Across the way, Josie got her own licks in, doing the teacher’s cunt while also kissing the blonde’s mouth. Three hot women, all licking and sucking, all finding a tasty cunt to their liking. Cumming for all was not only inevitable it was sheer and wonderful bliss.

Simultaneously, three cunts exploded as one. “Ohhhhhh, aghhhhhh, ohhhhh! I’m c-c-c-cumming!”

Whoa! Talk about a scene to end all scenes! What Vic just saw and photographed was about as exciting as it got for one guy spectator. Watching one woman cum was always good. Seeing two women cumming at the same time was an extraordinary treat. With Rosie, Josie and Jack doing it together, the thrill went way beyond life as we know it.

He saw then cumming in chorus and it was spectacular!

When it was over, he watched the three women huddled close together. Still on the floor, Rosemary lay naked in the middle, an arm around each of the girls. They too were naked and lying on their sides. They cooed softly with their faces so close to the older woman’s breasts, their hands stroking Rosemary’s inner thighs with a delicate precision.

She cooed as well to their soft touch.

It was an arousing sight, one Vic quietly captured on film for later enjoyment. For the rest of that day and beyond, he’d see many more arousing sights with these three.

On other days, there were even some sights he wouldn’t see simply because he wouldn’t be invited. Rosie, Josie and Jackie would meet by themselves and do whatever they wanted without the annoying presence of an ogling man taking pictures and jerking off his cock.

That was okay. While they enjoyed the taste of each other, Vic and his cock waited patiently on the sidelines. Eventually, the mood for pussy would pass and all three women would once again feel the need for a big fat one inside their always-horny pussies.

And while he waited, Vic couldn’t help thinking about the unpredictable Rosemary. She was the woman who always said no to everything, stating her case in a very emphatic way: Fuck no! No way! A lady doesn’t do that sort of thing with her son! A lady doesn’t do that sort of thing with another woman! She said all of that quite emphatically

Well! Guess what, bitchy lady of conviction? With just a little persuasion, you not only did all those things, you enjoyed every erotic second while doing them. What’s with that, Mrs. C? Did the word no actually mean yes in your dictionary?

With that in mind, Vic thought about certain other women in his life, particularly Marion and her s****r, Margaret. They too said no to pussy licking, saying it was disgusting to even talk about, let alone actually engage in.

In their own words, they wanted no part of putting their sweet mouths on another woman’s private. The whole idea repulsed both of them. Well, since saying that, one of those s****rs had changed her mind.

Yeah! That’s right! Margaret gave in to her feelings the same way the teacher gave way to her feelings.

Speaking of the teacher, her phone call came a few days later. Their all female orgy had finally broken up and she was the first to call. Josie had to pick up her k**s and Jackie had to go back to work. They’d each call Vic later that day.

In the meanwhile, Rosemary said she’d like to treat him out to lunch at her favorite Italian restaurant. When he asked why, she told him.

“I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to those two lovely young ladies. I never had a more wonderful time with anyone. They made me feel like a real woman. I’m so happy you talked me into doing what we did. Without you, Vic, I never would have found the true joy of sex.”

That was the good news. The bad news was certain to follow at the restaurant.

“What are you saying, Rosemary? I’m out!” Vic asked the woman holding her own Martini.

“Oh no! Quite the contrary! I want your beautiful cock more than ever now. I just want those beautiful young pussies as well. What I don’t want is both of you at the same time. It kind of breaks the mood, if you know what I mean?”

Of course he fucking knew that. If Vic didn’t know that, Rosie baby, you would have gotten his big beautiful cock deep inside your big beautiful ass while you were eating one of those young beautiful pussies.

Shit, Ro! Vic could have broken your mood big time if he wanted. But, he didn’t do that, did he Rosie baby? The nice guy left the old cunt and her young pussies all to themselves. And for that, the nice guy got what he deserved.

“That brings me to my other reason for asking you out, Vic honey. It’s payback time!”

He had no idea what she was talking about until she handed him a check for five thousand dollars.

“What’s this for?” he asked and Rosemary explained.

“It’s for being so nice to me these last few months, for making an old woman feel better than she’s ever felt in her life. To put it another way, my sweet Victor! If I may be so blunt, it’s for fucking me silly when I really needed a good hot fucking. That’s what this money’s for, baby. Like Josie and the others, I’m paying this nice young man for fucking me good. That’s what the money’s for!”

“But you said?”

“Forget what I said, baby. That was a self-centered woman acting foolish and ungrateful. She didn’t appreciate all the joy you were giving her. Well, she does now! And so do I!”

“Maybe so lady, but this is STILL a lot of money. No one else gave me THIS much!”

She squeezed his hand above the table. Below the table, her other hand squeezed his cock.

“You deserve it baby! You’ve earned every dime of it. I’m just sorry I didn’t act sooner like the other women did. Please, Vic! Take the check and do whatever you want with it. You’ve earned it!”

That he did. And for taking care of all the women who needed his special service, Vic’s lovely harem of older women was taking care of him too. Along with some of the best fucking any guy could ever want, these lovely older ladies were all making hefty contributions to a rapidly growing bank account.

Talk about a guy finding the proverbial goldmine?

After a nice lunch and another bottle of wine, Rosemary told Vic she was meeting Josie later that day for more of their Italian tenderness. “Of the two lovely ladies, I think I like Josie best. Not that I don’t like Jackie. I do! It’s just that I like Josie just a little bit better.”

Hearing that news got Vic big and hard. The two Italian cunts together was his original thought.

“Can I come too?” His anxiety showed, but she was quick to answer.

“No you can’t! Having a man there spoils the mood for us ladies. I told you that before, so be a nice boy and listen to what I say. We’ll be together soon. I promise!”

Reluctantly, Vic accepted her answer and they changed the subject. Well, almost. They stopped talking about her and Josie eating each other, but not about other women doing it. That’s when Rosemary made a startling admission.

“I have a s****r. Her name is Darcy and she’s a lesbian.”

While that news was shocking enough, what she said next was even more so.

“You may even know Darcy. She teaches English and Physical Education at the same school where I taught years ago.

If there was a second Mrs. Criscola, you could bet your sweet ass Vic would have remembered her.

THIS Mrs. Criscola corrected him. “No, baby! You’ve got it all wrong. My s****r went by her married name back then, Mrs. Darcy Clarke. Still does, even though she’s divorced.”

The name Darcy Clarke rang a definite bell with Vic and he already knew she was a lesbian. He knew that because of something weird that happened four years earlier with Mrs. Clarke and two of his well-stacked classmates.

Oh yeah, babe! Vic knew all about Darcy Clarke ‘the lesbian’. What he didn’t know Rosemary told him.

“Darcy wasn’t always THAT way. It took a few years of stale sex with a boring husband to find out she wasn’t enjoying herself like she wanted. Then one day, it all changed.”

“What do you mean?”

“Listen and I’ll tell you. My s****r met someone at a bar who showed her what sex should be like and that was all Darcy needed to convert. That someone was an older woman whom my s****r loved until the day that woman died.”

“That’s sad,” Vic said like he cared. The fact is, he didn’t give two shits about some old lesbian dying. He was already thinking about two younger lesbians. “What about you and Darcy?”

She gave him a look of disbelief.

“What do you mean? I hope it’ not what I think it is!”

“Of course it is. You’re both alone and you both love eating pussy. Why NOT the two of you? It make perfect sense to me.”

Rosemary gave him a suspicious look.

“Because it’s fucking sick, that’s why! She’s my s****r! I could never have sex with my s****r.”

The end for now

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.
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