Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 19

May 1959

Eddie’s Mother and Frankie’s Mother
For the next couple of months, Josie and Jackie’s trips to the other side became a daily occurrence. They’d go off by themselves for a while before returning back to Vic. On some days, they never came back at all, leaving Vic to pursue other avenues of excitement. That was okay. With women like Marion and Margaret laying in waiting, going far for sex was never an issue.

There was, however, STILL an issue with Rosemary regarding fucking. There wasn’t any. The former teacher was still pissed off at Vic for asking for money and she told him as much. As long as she had Anthony, no way was she paying Vic what her son could give her for free.

Okay! Fine! But, someday, bitch sweetheart! Your dear sweet Anthony won’t be there and then what?

While waiting for that to happen, Vic didn’t sit idle. Why would he do that with four hot pieces of ass still at his disposal?
On most days, at least one of the hot four was available, if not the two who helped make the ménage a trois a memorable event. As for Marion and Margaret doing the same thing for Vic, there were two chances of that and those were slim and none.

Both the s****rs already said that female loving was NOT for them and Vic left it at that. That being the case, why fuck up a good thing for something that could never be? If they didn’t want it, they didn’t want it. Josie and Jackie had done it for him and that should have been enough to satisfy any guy. Right?

It was early evening on a Wednesday in May when Vic rang the doorbell to Eddie Rooney’s house. Ed was supposed to be returning home from college and Vic was anxious to see if his old friend had been getting laid while at school. He figured he could rehash his sex life over a few beers down at McGivney’s Tavern.

That would never happen.

Eddie wasn’t home yet because he was delayed at school a few more days than he had anticipated. Keep in mind that Vic wasn’t at the Rooney house to fuck Mrs. Rooney. They only did that during the days if Eddie wasn’t home and her husband was working.

“I’m afraid Edward’s not home yet! Would you like to come in anyway? My husband’s working a double shift tonight and he won’t be home until well after midnight,” she said with a flirting wink and a teasing smile.

“If you’re sure it’s okay!” Vic said as he moved quickly through the side door leading to the kitchen. All of a sudden, the beer he was really looking forward to with Eddie wasn’t nearly as important as fucking Eddie’s mother again. Mrs. Rooney was already in a short revealing nightgown and he couldn’t help noticing she was wearing a lot of lipstick and makeup for someone dressed for bed.

“Oh, it’s perfectly all right, young man!” she said while taking his hand. “Come into the living room, Victor! There’s someone here I really want you to meet!” she said and he followed closely behind feeling very disappointed. There wasn’t anyone new he wanted to meet that night. He wanted to fuck Eddie’s mother again. At that point, who knew?

“Francine! This is the handsome young man I told you about so many times!” Mrs. Rooney said to this other lady who was dressed in an almost identical nightgown as Mrs. Rooney.

The funny part was, she was also wearing more makeup than women normally wore to bed, unless of course those same women were going to bed for something other than sl**ping. In that case, Mrs. Rooney always wore a lot of makeup and lipstick to look pretty for him. This time was no different. Both she and the other mother looked very pretty for going to bed.

“Victor’s arrival tonight is totally unexpected, but by no means, a deterrent to our plans,” Mrs. Rooney said. “In fact, I’d say we should continue with what we were doing even with him here! I’m sure he’d only make it better! Is that okay with you, Francine?”

Vic had no idea what she was talking about, but he DID know he liked looking at the other lady he immediately knew from the pool. It was Frankie Doyle’s mother and if she looked good in a two-piece bathing suit, you just knew she had to look real good in a sexy revealing nightgown.

The only thing was, he couldn’t understand why Frankie’s mother and Eddie’s mother were all made up and wearing sexy nightgowns. That was the way Mrs. Rooney would dress when she knew he was coming over for sex. The thing was, she didn’t know he was coming, not this time. Yet, they were both dressed like they were expecting him. It was almost as if they were ready for sex without even knowing he was coming. What did that mean?

Vic didn’t know, but finding out wasn’t that far away.

Mrs. Doyle was looking at him while he looked at her. “That’s perfectly all right with me, Margaret! But what does the boy think? He may not be interested in an old woman like me.”

That’s when Vic discovered some real funny shit was going on between the two sexily dressed mothers. Eddie’s mother moved right along side Frankie’s mother and she slipped her arm around Mrs. Doyle’s waist.

“I think you should ask him yourself, Francine! But, I’d say the boy’s VERY interested in an old woman like you. Isn’t that right, Victor? Wouldn’t you just love to do THIS to Francine here?” she said just before turning Mrs. Doyle’s head her way and kissing the other mother right on the mouth.

What followed that surprising kiss was the best two women kissing he’d ever seen, even better than Jackie and Josie, and he already knew what those two ladies ended up doing together. It was a shock, but a pleasant one nonetheless.

Given what Mrs. Rooney once said about women doing it together, it was very exciting to see her kissing Mrs. Doyle’s mouth. Vic couldn’t wait to see if they’d take their kissing as far as Josie and Jackie took theirs. They would. But, first, it was Vic who had to answer the question posed to him by the more aggressive of the two mothers.

“Yes! I most definitely would!” he said to Mrs. Doyle before moving between the two kissing ladies, holding the ass of each mother while kissing the mouth of one.

“Mmm, how nice! You DO like older women,” Mrs. Doyle said after they exchanged tongues and he played with her soft pliable ass. “What else do you like doing with the likes of me? I hope it’s something I can really get my teeth into.”

“Oh, I don’t know. Lots of things, I suppose!” he said with the memory of her heated kiss still lingering.

“Lots of things, huh?” she said while reaching down for his bulge, squeezing it tightly before saying what he knew she’d say. “Oh, my! Margaret was surely right about you, young man! Your arrival was very unexpected, but you are most assuredly welcome to stay and play with the big girls! That is, of course, if Mrs. Rooney agrees with that.”

“That’s entirely up to the young man. I’m sure that he has plenty of young ladies who desire his company even more than us old ladies,” Margaret said before her mouth touched Vic’s mouth and her tongue chewed on his tongue.

“Hmm, that’s right! I didn’t think of that. How selfish of me.”

“Yes! And that being the case, it might behoove us to give him some encouragement if we wish him to stay. Perhaps you’d like to be the one to show the young man his rightful place is with those who treat him best?”

“Oh Yes! I’d be more than happy to do my part,” Mrs. Doyle said, and before Vic knew it, she was kneeling on the floor in front of him with both her hands reaching for the fly to his pants.

Talk about the not to be believed? Francine Doyle, the mother of Frankie Doyle, a woman whose body he’d lusted for ever since the first time he saw her at the pool, was about to do something not even a lurid mind like Vic’s could conjure up. Just the mere thought of it could make any guy burst his load if he wasn’t careful.

“Oh God, yes! I want that!” he cried out with my anxiety showing.

Mrs. Rooney saw the excitement building. “Easy son! I know you’re anxious for Francine’s lovely mouth on that big beautiful cock of yours, but one mustn’t rush the art form like fellatio. You should already know that from the many times I’ve performed it on you.”

“Oh, yes ma’am! You do it so nicely!” Vic said a gross understatement. Mrs. Rooney was the best ever cocksucker of them all and she knew it. “I just don’t know about Mrs. Doyle.”

Mrs. Doyle took out his cock and squeezed it before playing with it with both her hands. She looked offended. “Have no fear, young man! You can bet Mrs. Doyle knows the art form of fellatio every bit as well as Mrs. Rooney does. She’ll definitely treat your big beautiful cock with the same utmost care and dedication as she does.”

All that fancy talk was confusing him. Vic reached down and ran his fingers through her curly red hair while holding onto her head. “Does that mean you’re gonna suck off my cock like she does?”

Both the ladies laughed. “Yes, indeed!” Mrs. Doyle said. “I’ll suck your cock nicely too,” she said, and then did what she said. “Uhmmm, ohh, mmmmm!” Mrs. Doyle moaned in mid-suck and lick, all the while looking up at him like she wanted his approval, which she got in the form of his hands holding her face cheeks and his body thrusting back and forth to her pretty face.

The desire to cum inside her mouth was very strong, but Vic fought like hell to keep it from happening. With two such beautiful and horny women, he figured there was too much fucking to do that day. No way he could empty his balls way too soon. As it turned out, his thinking wasn’t too far wrong.

As Mrs. Doyle continued her utmost sucking of his cock, Mrs. Rooney kissed his mouth and rubbed her nice body all over him. “I could do that too, if you like, honey! Or would you much rather we do something else instead?” she asked before her tongue reentered his mouth.

What he wanted was no longer in his control. A meaty tongue inside his mouth and one licking his cock was more than enough to render Vic powerless. Cumming inside Mrs. Doyle’s mouth was not what he wanted, but the beautiful lady’s assessment of her cock sucking skills was dead on to say the least.

Mrs. Doyle could suck a cock with any woman, maybe even the lady’s whose tongue Vic was eating until he let go pf his juice. “Ohh, Godddd! Noooo!” he cried out in vain, but there was nothing he could do to stop himself from filling Mrs. Doyle’s mouth with his cum. Jeez! The lady knew that had to happen the way she was sucking and licking on his dick. Even the other mother had to know he’d cum like he did.

She did. “See, baby! I told you she was good! Francine Doyle really knows how to use her tongue where it matters most. Don’t you, honey?” she asked Mrs. Doyle after the other mother got to her feet and the two mothers hugged each other real close.

As for Vic, he wasn’t hugging anyone for a while. Because Mrs. Doyle made him cum so soon, his dick had lost its zest and it hung down in front of him as limp as clay. By the looks of things, it needed something really hot to get it hard again. Vic didn’t know it yet, but that something really hot wasn’t that far from happening.

“You mean like when we kiss?” Mrs. Doyle asked Mrs. Rooney with a soft kiss on her lips.

The soft kissing was nice but it wasn’t what Mrs. Rooney wanted right then. She was more interested in sucking on the tongue of Mrs. Doyle, while the hands of both the women tore their flimsy nightgowns.

As for Vic, with a dick limp from cumming, he sat down on the couch to watch what he expected to be a very erotic show put on by the two tongue kissing, hand grabbing mothers. He was right.

Mrs. Rooney had Mrs. Doyle naked in seconds, uncovering the older lady’s real nice tits and a dark reddish bush between her legs. Her red pubic hair was darker than Mrs. Rooney’s pussy hair. That was something Vic already knew and something he saw again when Mrs. Doyle lifted the nightgown over Mrs. Rooney’s head for another exciting unveiling. From there, the best was yet to come.

It was about that time that his dick started to show some life again. And why wouldn’t his dick get hard again? The older women were showing a love for each other he’d never seen before. Their tongue kissing quickly escalated to tit sucking and finger-fucking right before his watching eyes. And if that wasn’t enough to arouse his boner, the show got even better just seconds later.

The two horny mothers fell to the floor and really showed what they felt for each other.

Mrs. Rooney once said that she didn’t understand what women did together since they had no penis to do it with. Well, let us tell you about the two mothers of both Eddie and Frankie. Those two hot cunts were no longer ignorant when it came to what two women can do with each other in the absence of a man’s dick. Like Josie and Jackie before, Margaret and Francine learned very quickly how to go without.

Since Vic was already there and growing very fast, they didn’t have to go without for long. But until he was back to his full-grown size and ready to give the ladies what they needed, neither one needed to wait for sexual satisfaction. It began with Mrs. Rooney lying on top of Mrs. Doyle

With her pretty face right between the other mother’s spread opened legs, she licked on that lady’s pussy. Mrs. Doyle, meanwhile, was also busy licking. She had her pretty face nestled nicely between Mrs. Rooney’s parted legs, licking up at Mrs. Rooney’s cunt, as well as a watching Vic.

“She . . . she tastes very nice, but I . . . I guess you know that? Have you ever wondered how I might taste?”

With a look of confidence, he squeezed his dick for her. “Oh, yeah! Mrs. Doyle! I’ve thought about your sweet delicious pussy many, many times.”

She took more licks of Margaret. “Uhmm, ohh, mmm! Is that so??

“Yeah! That’s so! There are lots of things I’d like to do with your fine pussy, Mrs. Doyle!”

She took more licks. “Uhmm, ohh, mmm! Please, Victor! Call me Francine! Anyone with such affection for my pussy shouldn’t have to be so formal. I have a first name and it’s Francine. And while you’re at it, uhmm, ohh, mmm! Why don’t you tell me about all those lots of things.”

“I could, Francine! But it might be better if I just showed you.”

His next move needed to be quick. He gripped Mrs. Rooney’s nice soft ass and flipped her over onto her back, leaving both the mothers lying side by side with their legs wide open.

Mrs. Rooney came out of her erotic stupor in a hurry. “Ooohh, Victor, baby! What are you doing?”

Mrs. Doyle already knew. “Lots of things, Maggie! Lots of things!”

“You’re right, Francine!” Vic said while sliding my fingers along her smooth satiny thighs, feeling their smoothness while lowering his face right to the hot pussy he wanted.

Francine cooed softly by his delicate touch. “Ooohh, baby! I like that! I like it a lot!”
“Well then, Francine baby! If you liked that, you’re gonna love THIS!”

“Ohh, God! God! Yes! Yes!” Francine cried out as his tongue and lips devoured the Irish lady’s very tasty cunt and his fingers did their best to finger fuck the living crap out of her too. If there was any doubt she loved what he was doing, Francine quickly dispelled all uncertainties. “That’s it, baby! Finger me! Suck me! Lick me! I love it! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Right next to that Irish lady, another redheaded lass was squirming too, but not from the same fierce licking Vic was giving Mrs. Doyle. He only had one tongue to work with so Mrs. Rooney could only get the fingers of his other hand twisting and turning deep inside her just-as-hot hot pussy. Eddie’s mother would have loved a fierce tongue licking too, but by no means was she unhappy.

“Oh, baby! Nice! I love what you’re doing, Vic baby! God! That feels good!”

Margaret was content for the moment; Francine however, was NOT. His expert tongue lapping of her sweet delicious pussy had taken Frankie’s Mom to the highest level of arousal before the ultimate; the older redhead was now ready for more, lots more! She wanted COCK!

“That’s enough! You’ve done enough and I’m ready!” she cried out in a panic. “Fuck me, Victor! I need you to fuck me now! Goddamnit, boy! I want you big cock inside me and I want it fucking me!”

After kneeling up, he took hold of her outer thighs and pulled Francine Doyle towards him. As he did, he lifted her eager body towards his. “Sure, Francine baby! I’ll fuck you now,” he said with his hands slipping under her body for a firmer grip on her ass. “But don’t be so formal with the guy who’s fucking you. Just so you know, that guy’s name is Vic, and if you want Vic fucking you like you want, you better call him that!”

With that, Francine Doyle brought her meaty legs around Vic’s lower body, and in doing that, pulled herself onto the cock that was there to penetrate her hot, horny pussy.

“You’re Goddamn right I want that, Vic baby! So fuck me good, Vic baby! Did you hear me, VIC! I said I want Vic fucking me! So, Goddamnit, FUCK ME!”

Say no more. “Oh yeah, baby! I’ll fuck you real good!” Vic said as the hard head of his cock split her outer cunt lips.

“Oh God!” she sighed as another pull by her beefy legs had his cock very deep inside her. “Oh yes! Oh yes! I’ve got it! I want it! Please Vic baby! Fuck me with it! Fuck me with it and don’t ever stop! Goddamnit! Fuck me forever!”

Ultimately, their position had to change and Vic ended up on top of Francine Doyle in the standard missionary position. As he fucked the older mother in that age-old position, she wrapped both her arms and legs around him and kissed Vic as passionately as Margaret Rooney ever kissed him.

Speaking of the passionate Mrs. Rooney, she had moved to the couch where she was lying naked on her belly, her big soft ass raised on high and her legs parted slightly with one of them bent at the knee. That was another fucking position he’d often used with Eddie’s mother, and one he’d use again in the very near future. Vic knew that because, with Mrs. Rooney, he could see a lay in waiting through the corner of his eye.

But first, there was the matter of fucking the older of the two Irish ladies. Forty-two year old Francine Doyle was in the prime of her sexual life and she showed that by giving the much younger man all he could handle in a hot woman.
With her limbs gripping him tightly, and her tongue chewing vigorously on his, her lower body moved in and out like a piston, her cunt muscles working independently to extract yet another load of hot juice out of his cock.

Yeah, Vic came big time, but so did she.

“Oh, baby! I’m . . . I’m letting go! It’s . . . it’s happening!” Francine cried out after breaking her mouth from his, her body exploding in orgasm with a violent shaking of her ass within his hands.
“Damn lady, that was good!” he told her after.

“Yes! Yes it was! That . . . that was by far the best sex I’ve ever had, bar none!”

With Mrs. Doyle using the bathroom, Vic found Mrs. Rooney still waiting on the couch. His cock was half-limp from the vigorous workout with Mrs. Doyle, but that was easily remedied. Margaret’s rubbing ass got it hard after he laid down on top of her and pressed his soft cock to her soft ass cheeks. With the lady’s eager body, it didn’t stay soft for long.

“I feel you baby, and I want you baby!” she told him while maneuvering her ass into the perfect position for a quick penetration from behind. “Oh, yes my sweet! That’s it! Get it into me! Move it all the way inside me and fuck me! That’s what I want from you, Vic honey! I want you fucking me!”

Without even a thought to his own gratification, that’s exactly what Vic did with the forty-year old mother of his best friend. Having already cum twice, cumming was nearly impossible, but that didn’t matter. Fucking Mrs. Rooney to her own explosive orgasm was all the fulfillment the young, but experienced lover needed.

And so, the night ended with two very happy women and one very happy guy. After Francine Doyle bid them both a good night, Margaret Rooney filled in all the blanks regarding why the two of them were together in the first place. After she finished, it all made perfect sense to Vic.

Like Mrs. Rooney, Mrs. Doyle had a drinking husband who paid little attention to his still attractive, very horny wife. When the two ladies talked over coffee, they discussed their mutual dilemma. At which point, both ladies made a startling admission.

Margaret told Francine about having sex with Vic and the other mother admitted what she did in college with other women. Margaret, of course, didn’t understand that. How could two women do it together, she asked Francine and Mrs. Doyle offered to show the naïve mother precisely what she meant. Since that day, Margaret no longer asks what women do. She goes ahead and does it.

As for Margaret doing it with Marion, Vic still gets the same answer. “She’s my s****r. I could never do anything like that with her,” Margaret told Vic when he asked the next time they had sex together.

We’ll see!

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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Where are parts 20 and 21 ? Are they up to come ?
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this is a hot & sexy series