Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 15

November 1958

Divorce Made for a Horny Girl
Late in 1958, Vic was an eighteen-year old k** fucking as often as he could with three very hot older women, Rosemary, Marion and Margaret. The first two horny ladies were very much available since their sons had left for college. Marion, on the other hand, was always available under any circumstances.

Conversely, the former Josie Scora was fucking for no one. While Vic was overly thrilled with his very active sex life, his divorced steps****r was not. Josie Perriconte was as horny and as eager for fucking as any woman could get. With two young k**s to raise, going out to meet someone was difficult at best. That being said, getting a man to fuck her very horny body was damn near impossible. So, if the twenty-four year old Josie wanted to get laid again, and she most certainly did, the shapely Italian honey needed to find another way to find the elusive cock she needed so desperately.

* * *
Josie’s own words:
Since desperate times bring desperate measures, I did what I once said I wouldn’t do. I thought back in time and remembered that cold September morning when I saw something so incredibly nice, the memory of it never left my mind. Not long after recalling that vivid memory of my much younger stepb*****r, I made a desperate phone call to my father. In that conversation with Dad, I casually asked him if my younger stepb*****r still lived at home. When I heard what I wanted to hear, I wangled a dinner invitation for my two k**s and myself the following Sunday afternoon.

When that day finally came, I sat anxiously on the couch with my two c***dren sitting right next to me. My father told me how nice I looked, which in fact I did in a short tight skirt and an even tighter blouse. Because of that very special day, I wore more makeup than usual, something my father commented on as well. He didn’t like it, saying it made me look too easy, which in fact it did, but that was the general idea, wasn’t it? On that day, the last thing I wanted to do was play hard to get. All Vic had to do was make a move on me and I was his. I needed sex THAT badly. - Jo.

* * *

Vic was just hanging out in his underwear when he heard a knock on the closed bedroom door. He thought it was his mother telling him that dinner was ready, but after opening the door, he found out very quickly that wasn’t the case. The manicotti dinner wasn’t nearly ready, but there was definitely something good to eat on the other side of the door.

“Hi!" Remember me?” she asked and Vic knew right away who she was. The only thing was, the Josie standing in his doorway no longer looked like the married Josie he once knew. This Josie had an easy look about her, one that said she was very single and very much available for fucking.

"Sure I remember you," he said while looking her over, trying not to make it look too obvious. The funny thing was, she was looking him over too and smiling at the same time.

"My, my! You've certainly changed a lot for the better!" she said. “Have you been lifting weights and working out. Your chest and arms look so much bigger than I remembered,” she said with a downward look at his crotch. That part of Vic hadn’t changed much. It was exactly as she remembered “Yes, indeed! You’re a handsome young man now!"

Back when he was a snot nosed k**, Vic would have blushed at that kind of compliment from a woman and not known what to say. But, times change and little k**s grow up. With Josie, Vic knew exactly what to say to the woman who wasn't being overly friendly for nothing. He knew her husband was gone and he knew what Josie needed. Vic knew that even before inviting her into his room, the reason he wanted the divorced Josie inside his room.

“Thanks Jo, but you're pretty nice yourself! In fact, I’d say you’re damn nice!” he told the older woman who wasn’t embarrassed with him wearing only his underwear. That told Vic something.

“You’re so sweet!” she said while looking over her shoulder at him. Her eyes showed that same lusty look Vic knew from the other older woman he’d been fucking. That could only be good. He moved right up to her and placed his hands on her hips.

“Why wouldn’t I be sweet to you? I like you.”

She leaned back against him. “You do? That’s funny! You didn’t always like me.”

“Sure I did. I just couldn’t show it back then,” he said while turning her around to face him. “I was too young and you were engaged to what’s his name?”

Without hesitation, she lifted her arms up onto his shoulders. “Frank! His name was Frank.”

“Yeah, Frank! The Jerk!” He pulled her right against him, his stiff cock making immediate contact.

Her eyes said she felt it. Still, she defended the jerk who hurt her. “Jerk? Why would you say that?”

“Because he let you go for someone else, Jo. That made him a jerk. I wouldn’t have done that to you. You’re much to nice to hurt like that.” He grabbed her ass cheeks and in the process, gave her belly a real good cock rub. By doing that, he was taking a real big chance. If she wasn’t interested like he thought, she could have easily screamed out for her father and Vic would have been in deep shit.

Josie didn’t scream. She rubbed right back.

“You’re very nice for saying that. But, why are you being so nice to me?” she asked while he squeezed her cheeks with his fingers and moved her body from side to side. “I was always so mean to you.”

Her eyes closed and she started moaning softly to the feel of his rubbing cock.

“I think you know why, Jo.” His lips brushed her lips and they almost kissed. It wasn’t time. They had more to say.

With her eyes still closed, she cooed softly. “No! No I don’t know! You were never nice to me before. You must want something from me. What is it, Vic? What do I have that you want?” She was being coy, but Vic liked the role she was playing, hard to get and easy at the same time.

“It’s not what I want, Jo! It’s what I have that YOU want. You’re feeling it and you want it!”

The game was over fast. “Yes! I want it! I want it badly! Please, Vic! Give it to me!”

Her lips touched his lips and they parted on contact. Almost instantly, her tongue grasped a hold of Vic’s tongue and she sucked it into her mouth where she started chewing on it. Not long after, his eager steps****r showed him she was damn serious about fucking.

While still eating his tongue, Josie leapt into his arms and wrapped her legs around him. Then, with Vic holding her up by her ass, she started rubbing her pussy on his cock. Yeah! He’d say this cunt was very serious about fucking. That was all well and good except for one very good reason. They weren’t alone.

Her k**s and father were on the other side of the bedroom door, not to mention Vic’s mother making her world famous Manicotti. Nope! As much as Vic wanted it, there’ll be no fucking of hot Josie just yet. The risk was too great. They could get caught, and then what? What would they say? What would they do?

“This is insane!” he told her after toppling onto the bed with Josie’s legs still wrapped around him, her pussy still pressed to his cock. “We can’t do this, Jo! It’s fucking nuts!”

Thinking with his head instead of his dick, Vic pulled her legs off his body and stood up. When she brought her legs together at the knees, he thought she had seen it his way and was getting up off the bed. Nope! Not this babe! Instead of doing the safe and sure thing, Josie showed him she was a bigger risk taker than Vic was.

She took off her panties.
“Yes we can!” she said as she opened her legs, forcing her skirt all the way back to her hips. “We can and we will!” she said as she spread her legs wide, bringing them back to her head. “We must! I must!”

With no balls at all, he made one last ditch effort to say no. “I don’t know, Jo! Someone could come in,” he said but didn’t listen to himself. Vic reached down for the big cock that had already shown itself by popping out of his drawers.

Josie didn’t listen to him either. She reached for the same cock. “Goddamnit! Fuck me already!”

“Fuck it!” Vic said and did what his horny steps****r asked. He leaned forward and let the eager lady guide his cock right where she wanted it, inside the juiciness of her deliciously moist cunt.

Once Josie had his cock within her tender grasp, she brought her legs back around him and let her cunt muscles do the talking. And trust us! Those strong cunt muscles said a lot. As it happened, this young lady could fuck with anyone. Frank may have been a total jerk, but he taught his wife well. A fuck with Josie was good, and luckily for then, fast.

“I’m . . . I’m cumming!” she whispered into his ear while licking his ear.

“Aghhhh, me too!” Vic told her as his load shot out into her quivering pussy.

KNOCK! KNOCK! “Josie! Vic! Are you ready to eat?”

They yelled together. “YES!”

Originally, his mother had Josie sitting across from Vic at the dinner table. But that was before they fucked. His steps****r quickly changed that plan. She was now sitting right next to him with her two k**s sitting across from the two of them. Their puzzled parents sat at each end of the big table.

“Why did you change it, Josephine? It was nice the way it was,” Bob asked his daughter and Josie explained her logic. This arrangement was better for watching her k**s, she told her father who agreed. Maybe so, but that wasn’t her main reason for sitting right next to Vic.

Josie didn’t act right away. She waited until everyone’s attention was on the food right in front of them, making her move just as they took their first bite from their plate. Absorbed in the delicious Manicotti, sausage and meatballs his mother prepared for them, no one cared when Josie’s hand moved to Vic’s leg and beyond.

Everyone, including Josie with her other hand, enjoyed the tasty sausage while she enjoyed his Italian sausage, rubbing it right through the loose fitting shorts he wore for dinner. It only lasted a few minutes, but a look her way showed a teasing grin and a wink. It was a definite sign of things to cum.

After they finished the great dinner and all the dishes were done, Bob, of all people, came up with a good idea. He thought it would be nice if his daughter had a night out without her k**s and Josie didn't hesitate. She jumped at the idea and had the k**s in their jammies in no time. After offering to watch his grandk**s, Bob asked Vic if he'd mind taking Josie to the movies even though his steps****r was a lot older than him.

Mind? Shit! Where better to fuck a hot woman than at a drive-in movie?

The fun began almost immediately at the first traffic light on the way to the drive-in theater. Josie not only kissed with the same intense passion she showed in the bedroom, she picked up right where she left off at the dinner table. This time, though, the young Italian honey went much further than a quick rub through Vic’s shorts.

“Oh Wow!” she exclaimed with her tiny hand clutching his big cock. “I can’t believe I had all of this inside of me. It’s so big! Frank’s dick was nothing compared to yours. God, I want it again!”

Josie was definitely going to get it again, but before that could happen, Vic wanted something else from her, something that required her face in his lap. Needless to say, the once prude wife wasn’t too thrilled with the idea.

“Oh no! I can’t do that! That’s what tramps do and I’m no tramp!” Josie pleaded when Vic tried to coax her head right where he wanted it. “I just want regular sex with you, not THAT!”

We’ll see! he thought while driving in the general direction of the drive-in theater. Halfway there, with Josie still clinging closely to him, her hand still holding his growing cock, Vic passed Brookville park and thought to himself. Hey! Why not? It was dark and secluded and I’ve parked there many times before. Why waste time and money by going to a drive-in. For what they needed to do, the dark secluded park was perfect.

Not surprisingly, there were already a few cars parked along the park’s edge right next to the street that ran along the park. Across that street there were private houses, but luckily for them, none of those people ever bothered the people making out in the parked cars. That was good, because Vic planned on doing a lot more than making out with his very horny steps****r.

Josie did too. “Please, Vic!" I have to have it! Give me your dick! Fuck me again, Vic! Fuck me!" she pleaded within minutes after their lips touched and their tongues wrapped together as one.

There was no need to get this babe ready for fucking like you needed to do with some women. The hot Josie was as ready for fucking as she'd ever be. She was so aroused, all he had to do was get her on her back, spread open those beautiful olive-skinned legs and drive his big dick home. At least, that's what Josie wanted. Sorry, Jo! That wasn’t what Vic wanted.

"Oh, Vic! God! Ohhh, God! Ohh . . . what are you do . . . ohh, Vic! Vic! Vic!" his horny steps****r cried out when he started sucking and licking on her juicy hot cunt, getting her to Cum even before he even gave her his big dick. "No . . . no one's ever . . . ever done that to . . . to me! Oh, Godddddddd! Vic! Don't stoppppp! Don't . . . Oh, Godddddddd!"

Hmm! It was just as Vic figured. Frank was so full of himself, he never once ate his wife's pussy. Guess he thought it was beneath him. Well, Vic didn't! He happily ate the wife’s pussy “Mmm, real nice pussy!” he told Josie in between his licking and sucking of her wet juicy lips and tasty clit.

The way he saw it, the jerk had himself a real hot cunt and the fool let her slip away. Well, tough shit! Frank was out of her life forever and Vic was the guy in between her beautiful legs, doing what that schmuck should have been doing in the first place. Frank was gone and Vic was eating his ex-wife’s cunt ‘til she cums.

“Ohh, Godddd, God!” Josie cried out with her body jerking like crazy, her ass actually lifting up off the car seat, her cunt pressing hard against his face. “I'm . . . I'm . . . cum . . . cumming!” she yelled with her legs fastened tightly around his neck, her hands holding firmly onto his head. “Eat me! Oh Godddd, God! Eat me!” Josie screamed before giving one final jerk of her lower body.

After, gasping for breath with her tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth, Josie eased her legs off his body and lay motionless. For the time being, his steps****r had been thoroughly satisfied like never before. But, truth be told, this young Italian woman could never be totally satisfied, ever. This hot cunt needed more and she needed it often. That's why Vic didn't hesitate. That's why he gave the insatiable Josie something else he knew she needed.

With a firm grip on the back of her thighs, he pushed her legs all the way back to her head. Then, with her eyes opened wide and looking up at him, he placed the head of his cock right between her juicy cunt lips. “Is this is what you want, sweet Josephine?” he asked while leaning forward, his dick going halfway inside. She answered with her arms first, wrapping them tightly around his shoulders. Josie followed that up with her voice.

“I want that more than anything, sweet Victor!” she said as her hand gripped the back of his head and brought his mouth to hers. “Fuck me baby! Fuck me with that big hard cock of yours! Put it all the way inside of Josephine and fuck her real good!" she spoke for the last time before her mouth and tongue took total control of his mouth and tongue.

From then on in, it was nothing but sheer hot fucking and good hot kissing between an older divorced woman and a single younger man. Josie wasn’t nearly as old as the others, but she provided Vic with just as much passion as any other woman he'd ever fucked, bar none. Not even the hotter than hot Mrs. O’Rourke could move her body as vigorously as Josie Perriconte moved hers.

Her arms and legs surrounded him while her cunt muscles manipulated themselves nicely around his thrusting dick. As for her always-eager mouth, it was no longer kissing him. She had her wet lips pressed to his ear with her tongue licking inside it, at the same time saying how she was feeling and what she wanted.

“Your cock feels absolutely wonderful, baby doll! I’ve never had a bigger harder cock inside me,” she said before pleading. “Fuck me with it, baby doll! Fuck me good!" Josie yelled in a loud whisper, then licked and licked some more. In between, she again pleaded. “Give it to me! Give it to me! Fuck me! Don’t stop fucking me!" she told him while licking and fucking. When her tongue stopped licking and her legs tightened around him, it was time.

She didn't tell him she was cumming, nor did she cry it out. Josie just grunted, then gasped, then grunted again with her cunt tightening hard around his dick. A moment later, her ass cheeks trembled inside his hands and she let out one long and final gasp. Only when he felt her legs loosen their grip on his body, did Vic push his cock into her and let go of all his juice.

At one time, fucking his steps****r was a big fantasy of his. It took over five years for it to happen, but in the space of an hour, Vic made his fantasy come true by fucking Josie twice. And along with that incredibly hot experience, he gave her the first time experience of having her pussy eaten. He loved doing it and he knew she loved it too. It was now time for Josie to enjoy another first time experience.

At the time, Vic had his arm around her shoulder; she had her face on his chest. Her mouth was very close, yet so far from his waiting cock when he said he wanted her sucking on it. She didn’t go for it.

“Oh no! I can’t do that! Frank said that only tramps do things like that and I’m no tramp!”

Of course the prick said that. The guy was a fucking idiot. She was his wife. What was so wrong with a woman blowing her husband? If Josie were Vic’s wife, they'd be sucking all the time. Tramp? Bullshit!

“Frank's gone, baby!” Vic told her. “You're with me now and there's nothing wrong with a woman giving her man a blow-job. Forget what that idiot told you.”

She tilted her head to look at him. “Are you sure, Vic? I’m not a tramp. Frank said only tramps do that and I don’t want you thinking I’m a tramp!"

Again with this fucking Frank! “Would you stop it already!” Vic told her, then reminded Josie of something. “Did Frank ever eat your pussy like I did?"

“Oh, no! He didn't like doing that! He said it was disgusting.”

“Yeah, but you liked it!" Vic said while coaxing her face in the direction of his dick. “In fact, sweet Josie, I’d say you loved it when I ate you and you came for me,” Vic said and her body started to tingle like she was reliving his tongue on her pussy all over again.

“Oh yes, Vic! Yes! Yes! I loved what you did to me! Please do it again to me!"

“I will, baby! But you gotta do it to me too. You do it to me and I'll to it to you later!"
"Do you promise me, Vic? I won't do it unless you promise me! I'm not a tramp, Vic! I'm a nice girl!”

“Of course you are, baby! Just be a real nice girl and start licking nicely.”

“Okay! If you really want me too, I will! I’ll lick your cock nicely.”

Just like the good girl she was, Josie started licking the head of his dick just like she was licking the top of an ice cream cone. She wasn’t sucking him yet, but she was close. He wanted her even closer.

“Ohh, that's it, baby!” Vic said to her while holding her head with one hand, at the same time getting his other hand under her skirt. “Lick me good and I'll lick you right here!” he told her as his fingers touched her right where she liked being licked. When they did, Josie's body tensed.

“Ohhhh, Vic! Ohhhhhh, Vic!”

“Lick me, baby! Lick me good!”

“I will! I will!” Josie licked his cock and she licked his cock. The more he rubbed her clit, the hotter Josie became and the better she licked. In no time, his rubbing of her goodies had his steps****r right where he wanted her. She was so excited from his fingers her next move came naturally. Frank’s ex-wife took his entire cock into her mouth as if she’d done it many times before.

Like a seasoned pro, Josie started sucking on his cock while continuing with her fierce tongue-licking. From that moment on, they'd be no more hesitation from this woman and no more talk of Frank the idiot. There’d only be one thing from Frank’s ex-wife and Vic’s new cock-sucking lover.

"Uhmmmm, uhmmmmm, ohhhhh, uhmmmmm!"

Josie was good, very good for her first time at sucking a cock. Unfortunately for the novice head giver, she was too good. Her teasing tongue and sliding lips had Vic’s cock head tingling with excitement and ready to explode its juices in no time. He didn't want to fill her mouth with cum, not yet anyway. That could be at a later time. No, it couldn’t.

At the precise second he let go, Josie's body began to tremble and shake. She was cumming too and the impact of her own orgasm made her oblivious to the juicy hot cum filling her mouth. Only when she stopped shaking, did his sheltered steps****r realize what she'd done. So stunned by her new behavior, she needed to hug him tightly.

"I'm not a tramp for doing that! I'm a nice girl! Please tell me I am!"

Hey! Vic don't just fuck 'em and leave 'em. Josie needed reassurance from him and like the good guy he was and he gave it to her. She was definitely a nice girl, no doubt about that. But at that moment, Josie was a tramp too, just the way HE liked all his girls.

“When you want to be Jo, you’re a very nice girl.”

As far as others were concerned, Josie's reputation wasn't tarnished at all that night. She was still the nice girl in everyone's eyes, the kind of girl every man wanted as a daughter, every guy wanted as his wife. She could play that role whenever she wanted.

“And when I don’t want to be the nice girl?”

“I think you know the answer to that, Jo.”

Josie would start out as the nice girl but she wouldn't stay that way for long. Her love of good hot fucking would turn her into exactly the kind of woman Vic liked. For him, Josie would become his tramp, a whore, a sex-crazed nymphomaniac in desperate need of sex and more sex.

“Yeah, I do! I’m exactly what you want me to be and that’s just the way I like it.”

It was close to eleven when they got back to the house. Since the k**s were sl**ping on the couch, Bob told his daughter to sl**p over instead of waking the k**s and driving home in the dark. With a gleam in her eyes, Josie said yes and headed off to the bathroom to take a shower. After that, she’d join her k**s on the sectional couch as per Bob’s instructions. She never listened to her father before. Why start now?

Before going into the bathroom, she said good night to Vic’s mother and her father and thanked Vic for taking her out to the movies. “I had a real nice time, Vic! Maybe we can do it again some time.”

As soon as she closed the bathroom door, his mother and Bob bid him goodnight and headed into their room before closing the door behind them. Vic went into his own room not long after and turned off the light before getting into bed naked. He could hear the shower water running for about ten minutes before it finally stopped.

Another ten minutes passed before he heard the bathroom door open. A minute or so after that, he heard his bedroom door close shut. Faking sl**p, he could hear her heavy breathing as she crept closer and closer to his bed, until finally, he could hear her standing right over him. Then, just like five years earlier, Josie took hold of the light cover and tugged it off his naked body.

This time, however, there wasn’t any gasping or backing away. That Josie was young and naïve. THIS Josie was no innocent c***d. She didn’t leave the room nearly as quickly as her nervous predecessor. The Josie of today wasn’t scared of what she saw. This one wanted the monster that lurked under those covers. She wanted it for her sweet delicious mouth.

"Uhmmmm, ohhh, uhmmmmm!"

“Ohhh, Goddddddd!” Vic could only moan along with her at what this incredibly ballsy woman was doing with her father right in the next room and her k**s sl**ping on the couch. “Jesus Christ. Jo!” he cried out in a whisper as her tongue licked just like before and her lips glided as they once did as well.

His steps****r responded the only way she could. "Uhmmmm, ohhh, uhmmmmm! Yes? What is it? Am I doing it wrong?” she asked before doing it again "Uhmmmm, ohhh, uhmmmmm!”

“Oh no, no, baby! You’re not doing it wrong. You’re doing it absolutely right!” Vic said and she WAS, her tongue doing a nibbling dance on his cock head while her lips slid nicely along his shaft.

In no time at all, this incredibly hot woman had become enormously proficient at sucking a cock. Vic could have easily cum again, but why? What she was doing wasn’t just about him. The talented cocksucker deserved much more and he planned on giving it to her.

After hearing what he wanted to do, Josie took no time at all in turning her aroused body around. Just like that, he had this wet delicious pussy pressed nicely to his face. Suddenly, Josie’s wet cunt lips were just begging to be licked and sucked. And trust us friends! The guy licked and sucked on the pussy pressed to his face.

While holding her bare ass tightly inside his hands, squeezing both her soft cheeks with his fingers, his tongue and lips chewed on her lips and clit, making Josie as wild and as vocal as ever.

“Uhmmm, ohhh, uhmmm! Ohh, Godddd! Uhmmm, ohhh, uhmm! Eat me! Ohh, Godddd! Uhmm, ohhh, uhmmm! Eat me!”

Since her father was so close, Vic wanted her to keep quiet, but how could he stop her from letting it all out. He couldn’t, so he didn’t even try. All he could do was hope and pray their parents didn’t hear his steps****r’s sounds of passion screaming through the bedroom wall. A few minutes later, that same wall was put to the ultimate test.

“I'm . . . I'm . . . cum . . . cumming!” Josie yelled out with her legs pressed tightly around his face, his hands holding firmly onto her trembling ass. “Eat me! Oh Godddd, God! Eat me! Eat me!” Josie screamed for all to hear before giving one final jerk of her lower body.

As for Vic, he did nothing but hold on to the quaking ass while listening for the inevitable knock on the bedroom door. Surely, Bob had to hear his daughter’s outburst of emotion. Why wasn’t he standing outside his door asking what the hell was going on inside that room? After all, the guy had every right to know what was taking place inside his house and with his only daughter.

Jeez! If Josie’s cries of passion didn’t make him wonder what was going on, all he had to do was get up and take one look at the couch. That’s when he’d see one missing mother. For sure, he’d be knocking on the k**’s door.

Luckily, the knock never came, and neither did Vic. His mind wasn’t into it. He was, however, still very stiff. In spite of his trepidation, his cock never went down. It stood big and tall and very available to any hot cunt in the immediate area. If a woman was so inclined to take her passion another step, she’d have what she wanted right there in front of her. Yeah! That’s right! The insatiable nymph just couldn’t resist.

“Ohh, wow, yes, wow, YES!” Josie sighed in total ecstasy while squatting her body over Vic’s, his cock sliding up into her loosey-goosey cunt as she again faced him in a straddle fuck.

"Like that, huh?"

“Yeah! You feel good, Vicky baby! Real good, honey! How do I feel to you baby? Does my juicy cunt make your cock feel good too?”

What could he tell the girl? Of course her juicy cunt made his cock feel good. That’s what juicy cunts are supposed to do. Why else would he have licked her cunt to the high state of juiciness it was in? It wasn’t just for her. It was for him too. Juicy cunts make for real good fucking and his steps****r’s cunt was giving him a damn good fuck.

“You’d better go!” he told her sometime later. They had just cum and his cock was still inside her, but shrinking fast. Josie was leaning over with her tits pressed to his chest, her lips nuzzling his neck.

“I will!” she said softly. “In a minute!”

It may have been a minute or it could have been a few hours before she left. Vic didn’t know because he fell asl**p right after she spoke her last words. Sometime during the night he got up to take a leak.

It was just past five in the morning when he saw Josie fast asl**p on the couch with her k**s. When he went back into his room he found a note with her phone number. It said to call her and SOON!

The best he could do was the next night. That wasn’t good enough for the nymph. “I was looking for you this morning,” she told him before saying Frank took the k**s for a few days. “I’m all alone!”

Josie wasn’t alone for long. Vic was there within minutes. Not long after, she had his cock inside her mouth. This time though, Vic had his miniature camera loaded and ready.

The hard part was clicking the shutter without her knowing. The easy part was feeling her licking tongue and sensuous lips moving up and down the length of his cock. His first shot was a winner. It captured Josie with her eyes closed and her lips wrapped fully around his cock. The second shot almost never happened.

“What was that noise?” she asked about the clicking shutter. He ignored her question by talking.

“That sure feels good!” he told her with the hand held camera hidden behind her head. “Just keep on licking!” he said and she did with her eyes closed. “Nice, baby!” he said and she heard only him as she moaned and licked.

Josie never said another word about the clicking shutter. Even while fucking later on, the divorced Mom had no idea her acts of lust were being saved on film for later viewing. If she had known what he did, Josie wouldn’t have been too happy. She might have even said something like this:

“NO! I can’t take the chance,” she’d say emphatically. “Do you know what Frank would do if he ever saw me doing that with you? My God, Vic! He’d take the k**s away from me. That’s what! Please, Vic! I beg you! Give me the film!”

That’s what Josie would say if she knew. Unlike Ellaree, Marion, Rosemary and Margaret, his steps****r was unaware her fucking pictures were becoming a big part of his rapidly growing collection of cock-sucking, dick-fucking nymphs.
She only knew of the actual fucking and how much she enjoyed it.

Regrettably, that might not always be the case. Josie’s situation might change someday and she may not feel the same needs as she does now. She might even find herself another husband, and not have the need for the cock she loves so much right now. See sees the pictures as more of a guarantee. With his pictures of them sucking cock, Josie and the rest could never say no to him.

Much more to come

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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