Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 14

November 1958

Why his steps****r’s marriage failed wasn't totally clear to Vic. He only got his mother's version of what went wrong with Josie and Frank’s love affair. In Mama’s words, the bum cheated on his wife and sweet cookie Josie threw him out.

As it turned out, Vic’s mother was absolutely right about Frank. There was one very definite reason that led to the marriage's downfall and that was Frank's uncontrollable desire for fucking other women.

Not that Josie was a bad fuck for Frank. She wasn't a bad fuck at all, something Vic learned later on along with all this other vital information. Frank was just like most guys. He just needed some variety in his bed.

When Josie found out about her cheating husband, she immediately threw him out of their house. Sadly, when Frank went out the door, so did the cock she was certain to miss once it was gone from her life. They'd only been married a very short time, but Josie truly loved fucking for her husband. In fact, the twenty-four year Josie loved fucking even more than she thought she would before the virgin girl married Frank.

Sadly for Josie, her suddenly insatiable body no longer had a cock to satisfy it during those cold and lonely nights she was now spending alone. Suddenly, a cheating cock was better than no cock at all. But, unfortunately for horny Josie's aching pussy, it was too late. In her haste for satisfaction, she threw out the cheating prick and the big hard cock that went with him.

Luckily for her very horny cunt, Josie's memory was very good. She remembered clearly what she saw with her young stepb*****r back in 1954. Now, five years later, Josie wanted what she saw more than ever. But before that could happen, and before Josie's cunt could be made happy again, we need to go back to when Vic first met his older steps****r and the fateful morning the young girl got the unforgettable eyeful she remembered for these current cold and lonely nights.

January 1954

The Teasing Steps****r
Late in 1953, Vic’s mother married a divorced guy named Bob. This Bob guy already had a son and a daughter of his own. Lenny was twenty-three and Josie nineteen. Lenny was still in the Army when Josie came to live with Bob, Vic’s mother, his two s****rs and him in January of the following year.

At first, Vic didn’t like the young girl because she took his bedroom. What that did was relegate him to a makeshift bedroom setup in the living room. Then Vic realized something that was far more important than having your own bedroom. The young girl now living in the same house with him wasn’t like the other girls living in that same house. Josie wasn’t his real s****r and that could only mean one thing: more jerking off while picturing his non-s****r naked.

While Josie wasn't exactly a raving beauty with a real terrific body, she still managed to do to Vic what all girls did to him. His new steps****r gave him a raging hard-on. The funny thing was, Josie never wore anything sexy to show off what she had. Oh, she wore shorts once in a while, but that was it. She never wore short dresses or skirts, never walked around the house in short sexy nightgowns. At night, she always wore a long robe over plain ol' pajamas. Why Vic got stiff from this plain looking girl wasn't too clear.

Then one day, Josie gave him reason to get stiff.

It was very early on a Monday morning. Vic had awakened early and was lying in his bed thinking about what he always thought about morning, noon and night. And since his bed was in the living room, he got to see what you don't normally see if you’re hidden away in your own room. From where he was in his bed, he could see anyone coming and going into the hall bathroom.

On this one particular morning, Josie was up early because she had a job interview in the city and wasn't even thinking about the k** leering in at her while she dressed to go on her interview. As she scurried about, she must have thought young Vic was still sl**ping because she came out of her bedroom not exactly dressed for a trip to the city.

From his bed not so far away, Vic could see right into the well-lit bathroom. What he saw was just too much for his young mind and horny dick to take. His dick shot up like a pole and poked the thin sheet cover. Desperate, he grabbed for his cock, trying to get it under control. Alas, his steps****r in sexy underwear made that task totally impossible.

In a black bra and panties, black stockings and one of those sexy garter belts, sexy Josie looked like he never saw her before. She even had on black high-heel shoes that made her nice legs look even nicer. Vic couldn't believe this once plain girl could look so fucking sexy.

And if that wasn’t enough, the tease got even better. Josie walked back and forth from the bathroom to her bedroom, putting her sexy body on display for his lurid mind and his tenting cock as well.

Not only was she now much closer, he could now see the sexy movements of her fine body as she swayed it back and forth in front of him. Vic watched her cute bouncing ass as her tight cheeks moved up and down; he stared at her beautifully shaped legs, taking in every part of Josie's suddenly sexy body. Just like that, his once plain looking steps****r had transformed into another one of his sexual fantasies, someone he could easily fuck in his mind.

And so, with a stiff dick in his hand, his mind did to Josie what it did with all the other girls Vic thought about.

And as he fucked his steps****r in his head, his dick grew bigger and bigger, prompting him to jerk on it like he never did before. In no time, it got so big the damn thing actually tented the cover sheet. If anyone walked into the living room right then, they would have seen a pup tent sitting right on Vic’s bed.

“What are you doing?” he heard her say, but didn't dare answer.

“Ah shit!” he said under his breath, too scared to do anything but pretend he was still sl**ping. His dick, however, wasn't sl**ping, nor was it pretending. It was wide-awake and still tenting the light cover sheet. Lost in his fucking fantasy, Vic neglected to see Josie pausing briefly before going back into the bathroom.

She paused because something in the living room had caught her eye and Josie’s curiosity got the better of her. “What is that, Victor?” she asked while standing over him. “Did you take your baseball bat to bed with you?"

Vic almost laughed at that one. No, Josie! It's not my fucking baseball bat. It's my fucking big dick! Do you want it! he thought to himself about the virgin girl who was engaged to Frank and had probably never even seen a dick, let alone one so fucking big. Maybe it was time for a quick education, one she’d remember for the rest of her fucking life.

While he lay on his back pretending to be asl**p, the young girl still in her underwear did something not even Vic expected. Josie pulled off his cover. What she saw then was not the presumed baseball bat, but something she'd remember for as long as she lived.

“My God!” he heard her scream when she saw both his dick and the hand holding it tightly. “You're one sick puppy, Victor!” she cried out, but never moved from where she was. Vic knew that because his eyes were now open and looking up at the beautiful young girl in her sexy underwear. In his mind, Josie never looked nicer. So nice, his big bulging dick responded as it always did when excited. It exploded.

“Aghhhhhhhh!” he couldn’t help but groan loudly as the cream from his dick shot straight up into the air, giving poor Josie much, much more than she bargained for.

"I'm . . . I’m telling you mother about this!" she cried out while backing out of the room like she was terrified of what he had and what he did. "You're sick . . . and . . . and I'm never forgetting this!"

Thankfully for Vic, Josie didn’t forget what he did, but more importantly, what she saw that cold September morning.
The image of his almost ten-inch cock was forever etched into Josie’s mind, never to be removed no matter what.

Sick or not, Victor now had plenty to think about, fantasizing about fucking Josie all the time. She didn't speak to him for a long time, but that didn't matter. He had his lurid thoughts and an occasional peek at Josie in shorts or in her underwear. Within a year's time, she married Frank and Josie Scora became Josie Perriconte. She was out of his life forever. Or so he thought. Five years later, Vic would be thrilled to have Josie Cum back into his life.

Much more to come

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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