Always hard: the beginning . . . Chapter 13

October 1958

Eddie and His Mother
Vic couldn’t believe the look of horror on Eddie’s face. It was almost as if someone had died, which of course, they hadn’t. If anything, it was the exact opposite. Vic had come alive from the sheer joy of having Mrs. Rooney’s lips glide along the shaft of his cock. Eddie, of course, didn’t see it quite the same way as his friend. He grimaced in despair as he watched his mother’s licking tongue and what it was doing to bring total happiness to the head of his best friend’s cock.

Vic wasn’t quite sure of what to do in that situation, so he did nothing. All he could do was watch as Margaret sensed the presence of others in the room. His cock slipped from her lips and she lifted her head to look in their direction. That’s when the startled mother got the jolt of her life.

What Margaret saw caused her to gasp in total horror. It was her son and he was watching his mother being very, very naughty with his best friend. And to make matters worse for the woman, it was a double whammy too. Not only had she been busted by her son fro blowing another man, Eddie was naked and he was standing with her naked s****r.

To the casual observer, it looked for sure as if Margaret wasn’t the only one guilty of terribly naughty behavior. What Eddie and Marion were doing together was pretty obvious. Mrs. Rooney could see that. Her s****r and son had been playing hanky-panky together. In spite of what she’d done with Vic, that kind of behavior could never be tolerated.

Margaret stood up to face them. “EDWARD! MARION! I’m appalled!” she said after moving over to where they were standing. All Eddie and his aunt could do was lower their heads in shame. All Vic did was take hold of his dick and watch the goings on. He didn’t know why, but he had a feeling something good was about to cum out of this. The mother’s face didn’t show true anger. He’d seen her angry before and she wasn’t showing that same stern look. Vic was right.

Mrs. Rooney moved right next to Eddie and placed her arm around his waist. He did the same to his much smaller Mom. Their heads turned and they looked at each other. Marion looked at both of them and said nothing.
It was Eddie’s turn to speak, but he didn’t say what Vic thought he’d say, something like: ‘I’m sorry for catching you sucking Vic’s cock and I’m sorry for fucking Aunt Marion.’ That’s what Vic figured he’d say instead of:

“You look real good, Mom! I like seeing you naked.”

Whoa! What the fuck! What guy ever gets away with telling his mother shit like that? Shit! Vic’s best friend Eddie, that’s who! He got away with saying that because his mother wasn’t hearing Eddie talking when he said it.

She was hearing the husband she married so long ago, the strong handsome man who had since become a useless overweigh d***k, one totally incapable of keeping his horny wife happy in bed. In Margaret’s eyes, that man was gone and Eddie could now be what his father once was. He could fuck his mother as often as she needed it and, as we all know, that was quite often.

As for Eddie, he saw his mother differently too. Of course he did. Shit! This well-built cunt wasn’t wearing a housedress while she cooked his meals and washed and ironed his clothes. The tasty cunt in front of him was not only naked and showing off her real nice body she was sucking on his friend’s cock too. In Eddie’s eyes, that’s no mother doing what this hot cunt was doing. This cock-sucking bitch was a piece of ass cunt a guy’s just gotta fuck and soon!

What took place next could not be explained. Vic didn’t believe it and neither did Marion. As it unfolded, she moved over to the couch and sat down right next to Vic. After just a few minutes, she was playing with herself just like Vic was. They were doing that because what they were watching was very exciting to say the least.

Just like Marion and Vic often did, Margaret and Eddie grabbed each other in a fit of intense passion, tongue kissing each other while touching every reachable part of the other’s body. While it was nice to watch, it wasn’t what you’d expect to see from a forty-year old mother and her eighteen-year old son. Shit! These two were going at it hot and heavy in no time, kissing and touching like they weren’t who they were.

Her s****r and nephew’s behavior stunned Marion, but Vic wasn’t shocked at all by seeing a mother and son making out together. Hey! It was an exact repeat of Rosemary and Anthony, only better. Better because Vic wasn’t expecting it to happen. Remember? Eddie was only supposed to fuck his aunt. Vic knew about that. He didn’t anticipate the mother’s need for a cock on the night her s****r was getting her son’s cock. Eddie fucking his mother was NOT the original plan.

Now all of a sudden, Margaret and Eddie doing it together was the only plan.

That happened quickly and without any fanfare. There was no need to leave the room, not when you’re so anxious for a hot fuck. And trust us, those two were anxious. They showed that when Eddie lifted his mother up off the floor by her ass and without hesitation, lowered her eager body right onto his big waiting cock. Then, as Margaret’s legs and arms came around him, he gripped her ass tightly and started fucking his mother right where he stood.

Whoa! Talk about hot fucking! What this son was doing to his mother was about as hot as it fucking got. Vic loved it and so did the mother’s s****r. She responded as only Marion could.

Inspired by what was taking place with her older s****r, the younger one wasn’t about to sit idly by and let Margaret have all the fun. Oh no, not that hot babe. If big s*s was getting porked by a big stiff cock, then little s*s needed her cunt porked too. And who better to give Eddie’s hot aunt the big pork she wanted but the big porker himself?

So, without another second passing, the buxom lady with the big tits and softly rounded ass, moved from where she was to a more fulfilling position.

“Oh, yes, yes!” Marion sighed loudly as she sat in Vic’s lap and lowered her beautiful body and ass onto his big waiting cock. “Mmm, yeah, baby! It feels good! Real good!” she told Vic with her back and ass facing him, the ass she moved up and down while watching her s****r’s ass move in and out to her son’s penetrating cock. At some point, Vic heard Margaret saying the very same thing to Eddie.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” the Mom sighed loudly to her fucking son, thereby telling the boy what he already knew. “Mmm, yeah, baby! It feels good! Real good!”

“I know, Mom! I really love fucking you. I do! I do! Please let me fuck you all the time. I’ll make you very happy! I promise! Please, Mom!”

Eddie pleaded with his mother, but there was really no need for begging. Margaret’s mind was already made up. She loved how her boy was making her feel. Why NOT let him fuck her all the time if that’s what he wanted? As far as she was concerned, this handsome young man could be her lover for life and to hell with the boy’s d***ken father.

With the emergence of young Edward and his young, hard cock, Margaret’s need for her d***ken husband ceased to exist. Oh he could stay around to pay all the bills and maintain their house, yard and car, but for more important things in life like fucking, Margaret no longer needed her husband of twenty years. The lush could even drink all the whiskey he wanted. She now had her own live-in lover. And for that, she had her s****r to thank, the s****r who was cumming from Vic’s cock while watching Margaret cumming from Eddie’s cock.

“Ohh, God, Ed! I’m . . . I’m cumming baby!” the Mom cried out, and then startled the boy by using words he didn’t know his mother used. “Fuck me, baby! Keep on fucking me! Give me your cock and fuck me good! God, I love your cock! Oh, I want your cock! Fuck me, Edward! Fuck me!”

Edward, of course, gave Margaret his cock as hard and as fast as he could. He couldn’t know for sure, but he had to think that hearing his mother talk dirty was almost as good as the actual fucking of her highly aroused body. Vic knew he loved hearing both the s****rs talking dirty. Them doing that only added to the hot fucking he was getting from both of them. Eddie was no different than Vic. Therefore, he had to love the same thing too. And he did. Vic could hear it in his voice when he came.

“Yeah, baby! I’m letting go, baby! Take my juice, bitch! Take all my cum and tell me you love it!”

Margaret not only took her son’s cum, she told him what he wanted to hear. “Ohh, I do, baby! I love getting your cum inside my cunt! You go right ahead and fill up the bitch with all your juice!”

And so, with Eddie’s juice filling Margaret’s cunt, and her body cumming from her son’s exploding cock, two other people enjoyed the same conclusion to their intense lovemaking. But unlike Eddie and his mother, Marion and Vic were too damn tired to take their passion any further. Marion, for one, fell asl**p right where she sat in his lap, his shriveling cock still inside her well-saturated pussy. As for Vic, he didn’t sl**p, but he couldn’t move a muscle except for his eyes. They watched as the orgy continued.

The other couple felt differently, especially Ed. He could never imagine getting a blowjob from his mother. Now he could. In fucking for Eddie, Margaret set the stage for that and more. The funny part was, Vic knew it was going to happen even before Eddie because he knew this woman better than anyone. She not only gave the best head, she loved giving it even more than the man getting it. Margaret’s reason for that was a simple one.

Back in the day, most of her dates ended the same way. If she made out with the guy and it got very heated, the guy usually wanted to go all the way with her. Well, since Margaret wanted to stay a virgin until she married, she couldn’t allow his cock anywhere near her untarnished pussy.

So, in order to keep everyone happy, including herself, Margaret did the next best thing. In her mind, oral sex was the safe and only way to keep her cherry intact. If her date ate her pussy to get her off, she’d gladly reciprocate by sucking off his cock. She’d even swallow his juice if the man so desired. And since a blowjob from the very popular Margaret was just too good too good, every man had the same desire.

Regrettably for him, Eddie’s father was the only date who didn’t get the oral treatment from the girl he’d eventually marry. Reason being, Margaret Walsh was a good girl in Kevin Rooney’s mind, and good girls didn’t do that sort of thing with the men they dated. Perish the thought the fool would even ask for it.

In the eyes of Kevin Rooney, the love of his life was pure and clean, her untainted body preserved for their wedding night. On that night, his sugar sweet Margaret would get the only cock she’d ever know, that also being a figment of Kevin Rooney’s mind. In his own ignorance, Kevin swore that his young virtuous wife would never need the love or cock of another. Sadly, his heavy drinking made that virtually impossible.

Because of her vows and religion, Margaret had remained faithful for over twenty years. Once she cheated with Vic, however, all of that nonsense went out the window forever. Once she got that taste of cum inside her mouth again, there was no holding back everyone’s favorite cocksucker. Kevin’s wife wanted to suck again and she definitely wanted to fuck.

Luckily, Vic was in the right place at the right time. Now, as fate would have it, her son was where Vic once was. Eddie was very fortunate to have fucked this very special lady. And now, Kevin Rooney’s loss would be Eddie Rooney’s gain.

After cumming inside his mother, Eddie had fallen onto the couch right next to Marion and Vic. Still in his arms, Margaret lay on top of her son, her body quivering with his cock still embedded deep inside her pussy. Even though they both looked exhausted, you just knew they weren’t finished. At least, Vic knew they weren’t. Marion didn’t know that because she was sl**ping. Eddie didn’t know that because he didn’t know what Vic knew about the world’s greatest cocksucker.

So, with Vic watching intently, all Margaret did was shimmy her naked body down along her son’s naked body until she was positioned perfectly for what she wanted. Then, as Eddie watched his mother on the floor right in front of him, he could not believe what was happening to him. Both his eyes bulged in amazement because of what Margaret’s talented tongue was doing to the head of his bulging cock. “Ohh, Mommy! Mommmmmmmmmmmmy!”

Margaret’s expertise with a cock was well documented. Vic had felt it. You’re also felt it if we described it properly to you. But, unlike all of us, Eddie hadn’t yet felt it, at least not until then. Now, all of a sudden, as his cock slipped between his mother velvety lips and the lady started sucking and licking, Eddie learned what many men before him have known for so long. Kevin Rooney’s wife was by far, the greatest cocksucker ever to suck on a man’s cock.

Sadly, because of the man’s preference for drink over cunt, her husband was the only man who didn’t know this.

That’s the way it goes sometimes with a husband and wife. Vic learned that, not from experience, but from talking to those who learned what could go wrong in a marriage. In the case of Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Rooney, he didn’t have to talk to the husband to know he fucked up big time with his honey of a wife. And now, because of his own stupidity, his son had replaced him in Margaret’s heart, cunt and mouth. It’s shame on Kevin and kudos for big baby Eddie.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mommmmmmmmy! I’m . . . I’m cumming, Mommy!”

“No, baby! I’m not Mommy anymore. I’m Margaret to you. Uhmmm, uhmmmmmm! Now Cum inside Margaret’s mouth! She wants you too, baby! Margaret wants your juicy cum!”

“Ohhh, Margaret! I’m . . . ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

There you have it. Eddie got it all and he was in like Flynn with head giver Margaret. That’s more than we can say for the rest. Not only was Mr. Rooney out, Vic was out too. Now that she had Eddie to keep her eternally happy, Mrs. Rooney didn’t need Vic anymore. The same was true for Marion with her nephew. She was good to him that once, but he didn’t want his aunt’s cunt anymore. He had found a better cunt in his aunt’s s****r. That may have hurt some women to be dumped like that, but Marion didn’t care. She still had Vic.

To conclude the story of Eddie and his Mother, let’s just say that neither one was seen by anyone for the next few months. Margaret took phone calls from Marion, but only to say she was ecstatically happy. Eddie took time off from work claiming he had an ill mother to care for, which in fact, he did. The woman was sick with lust, an extreme case of nymphomania.

Much more to come

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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this is great erotica
3 years ago
Nice story. It is nice for a son to give mom plenty of cum juice deep in her pussy and down her throat. Mom will always love him. Fuck her every day son. LOL