Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 11

September 1958

Rosemary’s Baby
That was all Anthony had to hear. Her pleading voice brought the anxious k** to her opened legs in seconds. As Vic moved aside, he took a few seconds to whisper into the k**’s ear. Because of the erotic daze she was in, he told him not to speak a word. Any talking might just bring his mother out of the stupor they needed to achieve their combined goal. “Just get your cock into her,” he said and the k** nodded.

From not far away, Vic saw Anthony’s hands grasp a hold of his mother’s inner thighs. Then, as she moaned loudly in anticipation of getting Vic’s bigger, harder cock, Anthony did what most men never do. He gave his mother his own hard cock and started to fuck the woman with an energy bordering on madness. What happened after that was very predictable.

Like most young boys getting their very first piece, Anthony let go of his load almost instantly. The fact that his first piece of ass was his mother didn’t help either. He was so excited from that fact alone, he couldn’t help but shoot his wad no more than a minute after getting his cock inside her quaking hot pussy.

Vic wanted to tell him to slow down, but there was no talking allowed. Not that it mattered who spoke or didn’t speak. Rosemary wasn’t entirely ignorant of what was going on. Nor was she as sexually hypnotized as they both thought. She knew whose cock was making her cum. Or more precisely, she knew whose cock was no longer inside her cumming cunt.

Her eyes opened and she looked up at Anthony first. Vic was standing next to her with his hand holding her face.

“I’m not stupid, you know!” she told Vic. “I knew what you were doing all the while you were doing it, you bastard! You were getting me all revved up for him own son. You wanted him fucking me, you . . . you son of a bitch!”

Those words got Vic angry. He gripped the back of her neck tightly. “Oh no, Rosie baby! I’m not the son of a bitch here. Your son Anthony’s the one with that distinction. He’s the one who’s the son of a bitch, the bitch who could have said no if she really wanted. But you didn’t say no, did you, Rosie baby? You let the k** fuck you just like you wanted.”

“But, I wanted to! I really did!” she pleaded to Vic, then Anthony. “But you never gave me a chance to say no. You just went ahead and did it to me. What was I supposed to do?”

“Certainly not what you did, Rosie baby? You let him get his cock inside you and then you let him fuck you. It wasn’t me who did that, Rosie baby! It was you! You fucked for your son all by yourself, so don’t blame me. I just got the ball rolling. It was you and the k** who took your lust all the way to the finish.”

She was still in denial. “It . . . it wasn’t lust. It . . . it was ****. He ****d me!”

That comment really pissed off her son. “****? I didn’t **** you! You were doing it with me. I could see your body moving. I was fucking you, but you were fucking me too. Don’t say you weren’t, Mom! You liked it as much as I did. Don’t ever say you didn’t like it!”

As she looked at him, Vic could see tears rolling down her face cheeks. “Maybe . . . maybe I liked it just a little, but . . . but I shouldn’t have, honey. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. I’m supposed to hate it, not like it. Please don’t make me say I liked it.”

He still had his hands on her meaty hips, still had his meaty cock deep inside her horny pussy when he spoke again. “But you DID like it! I know you did!” he told his mother as his body started moving again, fucking again. “That’s why I wanna do it again to you.”

She still wouldn’t admit what they all knew. “No, Anthony, no! We can’t, honey! We can’t!”

That’s what she said, but he was already holding her in position when she said it. She was saying no, but it was much too late for no. He was already fucking his mother a second time, saying his own words as he did. “You know you love it, Mom! You know you do!”

Rosemary’s grimacing face said it all. The k** was right and she knew it. She loved what he was doing no matter how it was supposed to be. That’s why her legs lifted and came around Anthony’s back; that’s why Rosemary’s lower body started moving in and out to his thrusting body; that’s why a woman started fucking for her son.

“Oh, Anthony, Anthony! You’re . . . you’re not being fair! You’ve got . . . got me!” she said and Vic agreed totally. The k** had his mother, at least for the day. Who knew about later? You saw what happened with Vic? You never can tell with these fickle fucking women.

As for Vic, he saw no reason why he should be left out of the fucking party. Jeez! If not for him, those two fuckers just wouldn’t be fucking. It was as simple as that. Because of him, Anthony was getting himself a real hot piece of ass and Rosemary was getting herself a good steady cock if she wanted it. And by the looks of it, the once prude teacher really wanted it. Vic was just curious to see if the bitch wanted more, as in the mother of all blowjobs

Vic wasn’t talking about the Mrs. Rooney level of blowjob expertise. Rosemary was very good for her first time suck, but she wasn’t Margaret. The teacher needed lots more practice before she was even close to Eddie’s Mom. That’s where Vic came in. It was he who provided the lady with the ideal tool to practice on, thereby creating the more he was looking for in the blowjob to end all blowjobs.

It wasn’t every day a guy got to watch a woman fucking for her son. In Vic’s mind, it was a very exciting thing to witness and he was very happy just to be there. On the same level of arousal was something also very extraordinary.
It was having your cock inside that same woman’s mouth while she was taking her son’s cock inside her obviously hot pussy. Vic couldn’t think of anything better than having his once prude teacher suck on his cock while she fucked for her son’s cock? That, my friends, was the mother of all blowjobs.

After grasping the back of her neck, he tugged Rosemary’s head closer to his body. Her eyes opened and she asked what he was doing before she saw the cock not far from her mouth. Once she saw it, there was no need to explain. The former bitch knew right away what he wanted and happily obliged.

“Ohhhhh, uhmmmmm, ohhhh, uhmmmm!”

Like he said before, practice makes perfect. It was only her second time sucking cock, but you’d never know it. Her licking, nibbling tongue and her gliding, chewing lips, told Vic right away that Mrs. Rosemary Criscola was no longer a cock-sucking novice. Even Margaret the best would have been impressed with how well this other mother was doing for only the second time. It goes to show what can happen when a woman has a son who cares enough to give his mother his cock.

Speaking of the caring son, he liked what he was seeing even more than Vic did. And why wouldn’t the k** like it? His mother was giving another guy a blowjob right there in front of him. What was NOT to like? And don’t forget what his piece of ass mother was doing with the cock buried deep inside her still hot pussy. Anthony didn’t lose sight of that. He knew exactly whose cunt he was still fucking. That’s why he came again, and why he got his mother to cum again too.

After that, you just knew what the k** wanted next. Yeah! Rosemary obliged him too.

“Ohhhhh, uhmmmmm, ohhhh, uhmmmm!”

Vic would have thought she’d put up a big fuss when Anthony’s cock took over for his. Hey! She was her fucking son for Christ’s Sake! The way Vic saw it, the mother had to draw a line somewhere. Amazingly, she didn’t. There was no fucking line drawn. Rosemary Criscola sucked on Anthony Criscola’s cock just as viciously as she sucked on Vic’s, maybe even more so.

That fucking amazed him. That’s why he took plenty of pictures for his collection. He even took pictures later on while Anthony fucked his mother for a third time. By then, they didn’t even know he was there. The mother and son were so into their heated sex, they were totally oblivious to everything around them and that included Vic leaving.

That night, while he processed his film and printed up a few pictures, he realized the brilliance of the k**’s idea. He had blackmailed his mother into fucking for him. The idea was devious and ingenious at the same time, a plan doomed to failure. Yet, the ominous plan didn’t fail. It succeeded big time. With a little help from Vic, his blackmail idea worked like a charm with Rosemary. But would this same outrageous tactic work with other less susceptible women?

Never! No way! Not in a million years! Most women are too smart to be caught with their pants down.

Much more to come

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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