Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 10

September 1958

Fucking Mrs. Criscola
Rosemary had just cum violently and was leaning back against Vic. "God, that was so fucking good!" she told him while shimmying her ass in his lap, his cock still enjoying the feel of her wet and loose pussy. "You're absolutely amazing, Vic baby! You're soft, and yet, you're still big and hard! I'll bet you could fuck me again and again if you wanted to. Do you want to do that, Vic baby? Do ya?"

He really did, but he had other ideas first. If her son was still taking pictures, there was one particular shot he wanted more than any other. Vic already had the same pose from Ellaree, as well as one from Marion. Having Rosemary doing the same thing in print would make his collection even better. Once he got a picture of Margaret sucking on his cock, he’d have them all in print.

“Sure I do! But first, there's something else I'd like from you.”

Sucking off his cock wasn’t part of the deal. She had never done it before and wasn’t prepared to do it then.

“Oh, Vic! I just don’t know!” she said after sitting up in his lap and looking back at him. She followed that up by saying her husband didn't think it was proper for a lady to suck on a man's cock. “I’m a lady! At least I think I am.”

“You are, Rosemary! You’re definitely a lady!” he reaffirmed what she said for a reason. He wanted that blowjob.

“That’s right!” she said while standing. “I’m a real lady!” she said, only this time, she wasn’t standing. She was kneeling down in front of him. “And besides, who cares what my husband thinks. He’s not here anymore, is he? Rosemary the lady is going to suck on your big beautiful cock! So there!"

With that statement, the lady took the entire length of cock deep inside her mouth and started to suck on it like she'd done it many times before. More than likely she hadn't, but once instinct took over, the former prude learned real fast how to use her lips and tongue to please her man.

And if that wasn't enough to make the man extremely happy, Vic could see Anthony through the corner of his eye. The k** was snapping away, getting all the obscene pictures he could of his cock-sucking mother.

The prize picture had to be the last one. It was taken at the culmination of Rosemary's amazingly expert blowjob. He hadn't planned on cumming inside her mouth, but how could a guy know what he wanted in that situation? Sometimes the woman’s just too good and the guy just can't help himself. Rosemary, the k**'s mother, his former teacher, and some guy's once good girl wife, was just too good with her new-found toy. Regrettably, she didn’t like it.

Of course she didn’t. “Ooh, nooo! Yuch! Aghhhhhhh!” Having a man’s juice inside their mouths turns off a lot of women. All of a sudden, THIS woman was up off the floor and running to the bathroom. “Ohhhh, aghhh!" she groaned while throwing up with the door open. Obviously, his one time teacher didn't have the swallowing talent of her cock-sucking predecessors. A minute or so later, Vic heard the bathroom door close and lock.

Right after, her son came out of hiding. The k** had just watched Vic popping his mother, yet, it wasn’t himself he wanted to talk about. It was the woman of both their sexual fantasies that Anthony wanted to discuss. Not surprisingly, he felt the same as Vic once did.

“You’re not gonna believe this, but I wanted to fuck her even when my father was here,” he told Vic who quickly asked him about the father. Rosemary said almost the same thing earlier. He told him that and Vic smiled.

“No wonder she’s so fucking hot!”

“Yeah! And now that he’s gone, I want her even more,” he said while showing him all his newly taken Polaroid pictures. “These pictures will have me fucking her in no time.”

Vic couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Jeez! He though his own fantasies were off the wall. This k** had him beat by a mile. Yet, he had to admire the k**’s balls, not to mention his brilliant ingenuity. Who would have thought that blackmailing a woman for sex could even work? Shit! The idea was so good, Vic was sorry he didn’t think of it first.

“I gotta tell you, man! I love what you’re doing. Whether or not you can pull it off is something else,” he told him the truth. Rosemary was a hot fuck for him, but pictures or not, she may not be so hot and willing with her own son.

He didn’t agree. “She will!” he said before telling Vic about threatening to show the pictures to her school if she didn’t fuck for him. “I’m sure she wouldn’t want the school board seeing one of their teachers sucking on a cock.”

That might do it and Vic hoped it would. He really did. The idea of Rosemary fucking for her son really excited him. He just had to make sure he got it done. “I think you’re gonna need my help.”

Much to his dismay, the k** said no to his assistance. He thought he could get the nasty deed done on his own. Vic wished him luck and watched as he disappeared out the front door. A few minutes after he left, his mother returned to the living room after taking a shower. She looked refreshingly clean in a white terry cloth robe. She looked surprised that he was still there. She sat down on the couch, lit a Lucky Strike cigarette and crossed her legs.

“I figured you’d be gone by now,” she said after taking a long drag and blowing out the smoke in rings. “I mean, you got what you wanted from me. I put out like you always wanted. Well, Victor! You can go NOW!”

Wow! Talk about fucking attitude? What was with these fucking women? You treat them real nice and what do they give you in return but a swift kick in the fucking ass? Jesus H. Christ! Why do they all have to get a fucking attitude after you give them the fuck they all wanted in the first fucking place? Vic didn't understand. He really didn't!

He hoped her son got everything he wanted from the bitch and that included a blowjob and a fuck in the ass too. In fact, he wanted to be the one fucking her in the ass while Anthony got his cock inside her mouth.

Fuck the ungrateful cunt!

As it turned out, Vic didn’t have long to wait. Anthony called him a few hours later to tell him his plan had bombed big time. His mother was so upset by his outlandish proposition she actually started hitting him. She even threatened to tell the k**’s father the sick things he wanted from his own mother. When Vic asked him where he was, Anthony said he was at a bar down the block from his house. Vic told him to stay there until he heard from him later on.

After Vic hung up with Anthony he thought of what to do and came up with absolutely nothing. After all, what the fuck was he supposed to do? He couldn’t f***e the woman to fuck for her son if she didn’t want to. And besides, the bitch cunt was already pissed off at him for reasons unknown. How the hell was he supposed to talk this woman into doing anything? He wouldn’t even know where to begin. Then he got a phone call.

When he picked up the ringing phone he actually thought it was Anthony calling him back. It wasn't.

“I . . . I need your help. It’s . . . it’s my son, A-A-Anthony. He’s brought shame to . . . to me,” she started saying before telling him the entire story in vivid detail, up to and including the blowjob pictures. “They . . . they showed me sucking your . . . your cock. I’m so . . . so mortified by this. He said he wants me doing the same thing to . . . to him too. Ohh, Vic! What should I do? I can’t . . . can’t do that with my own son. What should I do? Please, Vic! You’ve got to help me!”

It pissed Vic off that she didn’t say a damn word about telling him to leave after he gave her the fuck of her life, or even a word of apology. Well, guess what, toots? That’s fucking okay! He had a plan that would have Mrs. Rosemary Criscola fucking like she never has. She may have said no to her son, but that could easily change with just the right handling.

After Vic told her it would be better to talk in person about her problem, he was at her house five minutes after hanging up the phone. She was still upset when he got there, and it took a real close hug to get her calm. He followed that up with a tender kiss on the lips. That’s when he smelled the liquor on her breath. “You’ve been drinking?”
“Yes, I’ve been fucking drinking! Wouldn’t you be drinking too? I mean, c’mon, Vic! My own son wants to fuck me!”

“I know how upsetting it was for you, but you need to put it all out of your mind for a while,” he said in a reassuring way as he led her over to the couch. Happily, she took his advice and concentrated solely on their heated tongue-kisses, as well as what his fingers were doing between her parted legs. That stimulation combo was getting her extremely aroused, very close to the mood for fucking. Regrettably, it didn’t make her forget about Anthony.

“Oh, honey! You’re making me feel so very nice, but there’s no denying what my son wants from me. That prick actually wants to fuck me. Can you fucking believe it? My own son wants to get his cock inside my cunt, my CUNT Vic!”

“I know. You said that already,” Vic said while trying to kiss her again. He couldn’t She wouldn’t shut up.

“And if that’s not bad enough, the little prick wants his cock inside my mouth too. He wants me to suck him off like I’m his Goddamn whore! Would you fucking believe this? I fucking don’t! Goddamnit, Vic! What should I fucking do?”

Vic really liked hearing her talk dirty, so he acted ignorant. “About what?” he asked while slipping his hand back inside the terry robe. When she turned her head to give him a dirty look, he didn’t give her a chance to speak. He kissed her mouth again, at the same time finding her wet cunt lips and clit for his probing fingers.

It worked. His expert finger rubbing was getting to her again so Rosemary willingly gave him her tongue to chew on. That went on for several minutes with her body moving and her tongue sucking. She was almost ready when she remembered.

“Damn it, Vic! You’re making me too fucking hot! How can I think with you getting me so hot and bothered?” she asked and he finally told her what she needed to hear.

“You gotta do it!” he told her, but didn’t move his hand from between her legs. He still had her clit on his fingers when she heard him tell her the facts of life. “The k**’s got you, Rosie baby! Like it or not, he has pictures of you sucking a cock, my cock. Do I have to tell you what the Board of Ed would say if they ever saw your blowjob pictures? Shit, hon! You’re out of a job in a heartbeat, not to mention blackballed for life!” he scared the shit out of the woman.

Naturally, he felt real bad about that. But then again, how bad did SHE feel when she told Vic to go home? Tough shit, lady! If he had anything to do with it, she was gonna fuck for her son with Vic watching him do it. That’s how he felt, but it just wasn’t happening. In spite of his scare tactics and expert finger-work, she was still holding out for dear life.

“Oh, God, Vic! I can’t!” she said before saying something that told him all he needed to know. “I want to, Vic! I really do, but I just can’t! If I give in to my feelings and fuck for Anthony, what would he think of me after we’re finished doing it? He’ll think I’m his whore. That’s what!”

Hey! There were worse things, but it really didn’t have to be that way. What they’d be doing together was a brand new game and it was up to the Mom to make the ground rules for this game. If the dumb shit k** really wanted to get into her pants, he’d have to learn to play the game by her rules and that meant no degrading comments about her character. It also meant no talking about their act outside the bedroom.

No one needed to know what took place between two consenting adults, especially adults with f****y ties. With society’s dim view of a mother and son fucking, it was best to keep society in the dark at all costs. Vic knew Rosemary wouldn’t say anything. Neither would her son if he knew what was good for him. The only one left to tell was Vic, but he had nothing to gain by speaking out. Or did he?

Vic stood up over her. “No he won’t! He won’t think any less of you, that I guarantee!” he told Rosemary and meant it. Anthony already got the word from Vic about treating his mother with respect. If he didn’t treat her right, he had him to contend with. In the meanwhile, Vic had to treat her his way and that meant flipping Rosemary over onto her back.

“What . . . what are you doing?” she asked as he grabbed her legs. He said nothing as he took a firm grip on each of her ankles, pushing her legs back until they were bent at the knees and wide open. She knew what he was doing. “Ohh, Vic! You’re being rough with me. I like it! Go ahead, baby! Drive your big hard one into me and fuck me good!”

As he stared with intent at her fully exposed and hairy cunt, Vic thought of her son and what he’d be thinking about then. With earlier instructions, he was to give Vic an hour with his mother before returning home. A quick look at the clock on the mantel told Vic the hour and then some had already passed.

If Anthony followed his orders to the letter, the son was already there, watching and listening as Vic primed his mother for their impending i****t. What he saw if he was there was his mother with her legs spread wide; what he heard was his mother begging to be fucked. If he was there, you just knew his thoughts. It was up to him to make his thoughts come true.

To his utter amazement, the delicious horny cunt of Mrs. Rosemary Criscola had never been eaten by anyone either. This fact became crystal clear the second Vic’s tongue touched the wet juicy cunt lips of his former teacher and Anthony’s mother. She cringed when she felt him, even tried to close her legs at the knees. It wasn’t something she wanted, not then, not ever. She just didn’t know . . . until . . .

“Ooooh, my! Ooooh, my God! Sweet . . . sweet mother of Jesus! You can’t . . . ohhhhh! It’s Heaven on . . . Ohhhhhhhhhh, Vic baby! Don’t . . . don’t stop d-d-d-doing what you’re d-d-d-doing! Please! I . . . I beg you! Don’t ever stop what . . . what you’re doing!”

Stop? Why would he fucking stop? He needed the teasing bitch as excited as she’s ever been to get what both boys wanted from her. Shit! To get Anthony’s cock inside her teasing cunt and have him fucking his mother, she needed to be off the wall excited. No half way shit, not for this cunt. His mother needed to be in another world when his cock hit home. Vic knew that. That’s why he was relentless in doing what he was doing to the getting-close Rosemary.

He lapped the holy shit out of her juicy cunt lips; sucked like a mother-fucker on her swollen clit; he even fingered the living crap out of her loose cunt walls while he literally devoured her pussy with a vengeance. He had the bitch so excited by what he was doing to her, her lower body was moving in and out and up and down to his sucking mouth and probing fingers. She was as close to fucking as she’d ever be when Vic made his final move.

“It’s time for fucking, baby! You need a cock!”

“Yes, yes! I do! I do! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me now!”

“With what, baby! You want my cock or Anthony’s cock?”

The moment of truth was upon them. Will she or won’t she?

She will. The woman was THAT horny.

“Ohh, I don’t care! I’ll take anyone’s cock. I just need someone to fuck me. I don’t care whose cock it is. I just need someone fucking me!”

Much more to come

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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