Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 9

September 1958

Fucking Marion O’Rourke was the experience of a lifetime for a young guy like Vic. She taught him all he needed to know about sex. He did things with that woman he never knew about, things like eating a woman’s pussy and fucking her in the ass. Jeez! No one his age ever did those things. They were lucky to get laid, let alone do what he was doing with Eddie’s Aunt Marion.

He got lucky a second time with Eddie’s mother, if you could imagine that? Jeez! The things he did with the older s****r were just as good, if not better than what he did with the younger one. Shit! Doing a sixty-nine with Mrs. Rooney was a life-changing experience for any man, especially an eighteen-year old shit like Vic. His cock still couldn’t believe the joy it felt from this incredible woman’s incredible sucking mouth. He can’t wait to go back for an encore.

That was the problem though, if you could call it that. Both of those women loved what they did together and both of them wanted to do it again, but both of them were committed to others, at least for the time being they were. Marion had her visiting parents for a few weeks and Margaret had Eddie and his father forever. If Vic wanted to get laid again, he had to look elsewhere.

The elsewhere turned out to be the local super market while Vic was grocery shopping for his mother. The woman he was looking for wasn’t just any woman. That married woman was someone very special from his c***dhood. He hadn’t seen Mrs. Criscola in five years when he saw her at the market a week earlier. He was hoping to see his former teacher a second time, maybe even a third and fourth time too.

Back in school, Mrs. Criscola said he was a disgusting little boy who harbored lurid thoughts about her. Truth be told, the well-built lady wasn’t entirely wrong about the younger Vic. His thoughts of his sexy teacher were nothing BUT lurid and disgusting. Shit! Even at that young age, he wanted to fuck the sexy cunt and he thought about it almost every chance he could. In case you’ve forgotten, we need to go back in time to when he actually harbored those lurid thoughts for this older, but very nice looking woman.

September 1953

Mrs. Criscola, the Sexy Teasing Teacher
At the time, Vic remembered being obsessed by the sexy, teasing body of a lady named Marion O’Rourke. He also remembered that he somehow managed to dismiss those thoughts of Eddie’s sexy Marion, only to have them quickly replaced by someone just as alluring and seductive.

Without even trying, Mrs. O’Rourke’s place in his mind was taken over by Mrs. Criscola. Oh, he fought the temptation to jerk off while thinking about his new Social Studies teacher, but the feelings were way too strong to resist. They overtook him as they always did, and before he could stop it from happening, his new teacher had easily become the subject of his many sexual fantasies.

It was the first day of class and this woman who had to be Mrs. O'Rourke's age, (at 32, Rosemary Criscola was actually a year older than Marion O'Rourke) stood in front of the blackboard with her back and ass facing all the seated students, one of whom being the lewd and disgusting Vic. While everyone else in class was looking at what the teacher was writing on the blackboard, Vic was is looking at his new teacher the same way he looked at Eddie's aunt.

Before too long, her shapely legs and real nice ass had given him the same kind of weird thoughts he had about Aunt Marion. The fact that this woman was his teacher and probably married never entered his mind. Fucking the married teacher like he fucked Marion O’Rourke were the only thoughts he had while gawking at the sexy Mrs. Criscola.

After school, Vic didn’t go and play stickball like the other guys. He went right home because he knew his mother was working and he’d be home alone to do his thing. He wanted to be alone because he wanted to do what he couldn't do during the day if his mother was there.

She’d never understand why her son wanted to lay down on his bed in the middle of the afternoon and when on that bed, rub himself on the mattress until his dick explodes that milky white goo into his sock. No. His mother would never understand that her son liked to play with himself while he pictured himself fucking his new Social Studies teacher.

The next day at school, the intensity of his feelings for Mrs. Criscola was kicked up a notch. And it was made that way because he neglected to do the homework she gave him the day before. He didn’t do it because he was too busy concentrating on the hard-on she gave him the day before.

It turned out Mrs. Criscola was a no nonsense kind of teacher. She took no shit from no one. When she found out he didn't do his assignment, she fucking punished him as an example to the other k**s. Then, to make matters worse, the other k**s fucking laughed when she told him right in front of them that he had to stay after class instead of going home to jerk off.

"You will write one hundred times on the blackboard, you will not forget to do your homework," she told Vic while handing him a piece of chalk. "And if you forget to do your assignment again, the number will go up to two hundred. Is that clear, young man?"

“Yes, Ma'am!” he answered, then started to write at the same time she started to correct papers at her desk right next to him. After doing about ten of the lines, he just happened to take a glance over at her his real stern teacher. What he saw made him stop writing almost immediately. It was a teasing Aunt Marion all over again.

Crossed gorgeous legs; her dress way back to her ass; garter straps and more bare skin than even Aunt Marion ever showed. Vic almost let go of his load right then and there. Mrs. Criscola was showing off exactly what he liked seeing, only much, much more of it. The problem was, she somehow knew he wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing.

"I don't hear you writing, young man!" she said without even looking up. "I'd like to go home too, you know!" she said, then did the totally unexpected.

She turned her chair his way, at the same time uncrossing her gorgeous legs. Suddenly, Vic was no longer looking at sexy crossed legs. He was looking at sexy legs opened wide enough for his eyes to stare right between them. He couldn't quite see her panties, but what he saw had him on the brink of letting go for a second time. At the very least, his big bulging dick was ready to burst right through his pants, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed.

When she caught the k** gawking between her legs, the fucking woman nearly shit. Her face turned fucking red and she slammed her legs shut before standing.

“How DARE you!” she yelled after moving at him with her finger wagging. “We will definitely have a talk with your mother, young man! Such disgusting behavior will not be tolerated in my class! EVER!"

Vic thought he was fucked, but for some unexplained reason, Mrs. Criscola never told his mother what he did that day after class. He didn't think she told the principal either because no one ever said anything about it. She did, however, see fit to give him another punishment assignment. It was so long, he needed the entire weekend to write the following line five hundred times:

I will never look at my teachers with lewd thoughts on my mind.

It was tough, but he finished the long assignment and turned it in on Monday morning. On Monday afternoon, she kept him after class again. This time, she had him stand right in front of her desk while she looked over his assignment. As she did, she counted every line on every page. When she got almost to the end, she stopped abruptly and a look of horror came to her face.

“My God!” she exclaimed. “What . . . what is THIS! Oh no, Victor! No! No, you didn't!” she yelled, while looking up at him. “Maybe I should have reported you after all. You obviously didn't learn a thing! You . . . you disgusting little boy.”

Needless to say, he had no idea what the insane woman was talking about. He knew he did the assignment, and he knew he was careful not to peek at her while she sat behind the desk. Why she was all upset at him he just didn’t know. “What's the matter, Mrs. Criscola? I did what you asked me to do! Why are you so angry with me?”

Seething, she glared up at him. "Yes, Victor! You DID the assignment all right, but you obviously didn't learn a Goddamn thing, you sick little bastard,” she said while turning the book around so that he could see the last few paragraphs on the last page.

“Here! Read these aloud to me,” she said, but changed her mind quickly. “No, wait! Don't read them aloud! I refuse to hear such filth from the mouth of a naughty little boy!"

As it turned out, Mrs. Criscola was bent out of shape because of what Vic wrote at the end of the homework assignment. He didn’t mean to write it. He was just tired from writing and wrote something other than what he was supposed to write. That had to be the reason. Why else would he have written the haunting phrase:

I will never fuck my beautiful sexy teacher even though I really want to.

What Vic did with his social studies teacher was definitely a cause for expulsion, but for some strange reason, he didn’t get expelled. He didn’t even get another punishment assignment. He just got transferred out of Mrs. Criscola's class, never to again have the pleasure of staring at her very enticing legs and super nice body.

Five years would pass before Vic had pleasure of any kind regarding Mrs. Rosemary Criscola. It was a long time to wait, but the pleasure he derived with the surprisingly hot woman was well worth waiting for. To find out what we mean, we need to return to the future and an eighteen year old Vic.

September 1958

Fucking Mrs. Criscola
As we said previously, Vic wanted to fuck the sexy cunt and he thought about it almost every chance he had. Naturally, he never did. He was too young back then. All he could do was think about sex with his teacher. Today, he’s not too young. He’s eighteen years old and just thinking about fucking the woman doesn’t cut it anymore. He had to actually do it. Yeah, that’s right! The grown up k** needed to fuck the present day Mrs. Criscola.

How he’d follow through on his feelings was a question not yet answered. For all he knew, she won’t even remember him, which was good considering their history. The last thing he needed was her remembering what he wrote about her. Shit! She’d probably still be pissed at him for that. One thing for sure, getting into her pants won’t be easy.

Guess what, Vic? You didn’t have to worry about Mrs. Criscola not knowing you. She knew it was you the second she laid her eyes on you. You’re older looking and have a more muscular build, but it was definitely the same guy, that she was sure of. And if that wasn’t enough, the bulge in your pants easily confirmed what she already knew. Your tight pants couldn’t hide that you were different from most men. Mrs. Criscola had only seen the bulge once before, but what she saw then was substantially better than what she had at home. That she was sure of too.

Five years earlier, Mrs. Criscola saw something that was much too obscene for a married lady’s eyes. With a loving husband, the thirty-two year old wife ignored what she was seeing and looked the other way. She did so because a happily married woman should never look at the bulging dick of another man no matter how much it excites her.

Five years later, Mrs. Criscola’s marital status had changed dramatically. She no longer shared a happy home with a once loving husband. Because of a sex life gone sour, they had separated temporarily. Their hope was to someday resolve their conjugal differences. Sadly, that day of happy sex with her husband would never come for Mr. Criscola. He was just a rotten lover and that’s all there was to it. If she really wanted, his thirty-seven year old wife could easily find someone better.

Vic had just finished the last of his mother’s shopping when he spotted her walking by the frozen foods. She was headed for the checkout line. As she walked away from him, he followed her to register six and got in line right behind her. While she made out a check for her groceries, he couldn’t help giving her the once over. He wasn’t disappointed.

She wore a surprisingly short skirt for a woman her age. It ended a few inches above her knees. Vic didn’t mind that at all. It showed off her real sexy legs. And speaking of showing off, her tight blouse showed she had real nice tits too. Oh yeah! Mrs. Criscola still had what he liked and he still wanted what she had. Going about getting it was something else.

Given her background, as well as their history, you had to think a shit like him didn’t stand a chance with this nicely built, very sexy older woman. Guess what? When it comes to women, you just never know what’s on their minds. With this particular woman, Vic never could have guessed what she was thinking, not in a million years.

She had just finished writing her check when she turned her head to look at him. She had him dead to rights staring at her real nice ass. “Still like looking, huh?” she asked, only this time, Mrs. Criscola wasn’t frowning. She was smiling broadly. Her big smile made Vic smile too.

“Sure, why not!” he told her just like he told Marion. “You're very nice to look at.”

She smiled and started to walk away. Suddenly, his prize piece of ass was out of the store with him waiting on the checkout line. Since he didn’t know where she lived, he had to get outside real fast or lose her until next time. He remedied that quickly by paying with cash and wheeling his cart out of the store as fast as he could. Luckily, she was still there. In fact, she hadn’t even taken her shopping out of her cart. She was waiting for someone’s help.

“You look like a strong young man,” she said with that same big smile. “I wonder if you could give a weak old woman a big hand in getting these packages into her car? If you would, she’d be forever indebted to you. She may even reward you with a nice cold beer.”

“How can you say no to that?” he said, and in minutes, all the groceries were out of the carts and into two cars. Guess you could say he was in a real big hurry to get to that beer. Ten minutes later, he was parking his car right behind her car in Mrs. Criscola’s driveway. Ten minutes after that, the groceries were inside her house and already put away.

As for Mrs. Criscola and him, they were both sipping on a beer. He was sitting on a kitchen chair that was set away from the table; she stood right in front of him just a few feet away. “So tell me, Victor? Are you still being a naughty little boy?” she asked, and for no apparent reason, unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse.

Before answering, he took a sip from his beer. As he did, she pulled another chair away from the table and sat down right in front of him. That’s when he noticed there were three undone buttons and a hell of a lot more cleavage showing. He started to drool.

“I don’t know, Mrs. Criscola. I guess that depends on who you talk to,” he said as he watched her cross her legs, the short skirt going all the way back past the top of her gartered stockings. The bare thigh flesh she was purposely showing could not be ignored. Nor could his incessant stares at what the teasing cunt was showing off on purpose.

The sexy lady was quick to comment. “If you ask me, I’d say you were being real naughty right now. Do you always look at women the way you’re looking at me?”

Leaning forward, he needed to make a bold statement. “Only the real sexy women. I love staring at women like you.”

She uncrossed her legs and stood up in front of him. She had a statement of her own to make.

“Why is that? Because of what you said in your homework assignment?” she asked while undoing the rest of the buttons to her blouse. Her statement was without words, but it said a lot. She took off her blouse completely; her pink bra bulged with her big tits.

He stared in awe. “Wow, lady! I could stare all day at you.”

While staring sexily at him, she reached for the side of her skirt and undid the button. “You didn’t answer me, Victor!” she said while lowering the zipper and staring at him. “Do you remember what you wrote about me?” she asked teasingly. “I’m sure you do. I know I remember it!”

The skirt dropped to the floor, then the half-slip. What showed then was enough to drive a sane man crazy, if not speechless. In pink bikini panties, bra and gartered stockings, the olive-skinned woman was breathtaking.

He could hardly speak, but he did. She was by far the most beautiful, sexiest woman he’d ever laid his eyes on. Not even the sexy Marion O’Rourke could compare to the even sexier Rosemary Criscola. It was hard to believe that someone like her had just done a striptease for him. As far as what she was asking him? Of course he remembered.

“Yeah, lady! I remember! I said he wanted to fuck you.”

She smiled broadly before turning with her back to him. “Yes you did!” she said while moving back towards him. Suddenly, and without him asking, she was straddling his lap with her panty-covered ass staring him right in the face. Her butt looked so nice, he was tempted to take a big bite out of it. He didn’t.

Instead of doing something so crude, his hands grasped a hold of her hips and they pulled her down onto his lap. She landed right on top of his big bulging cock. As he felt her soft, smooth skin, she couldn’t help but feel the massiveness of his big fat hard-on. She moaned loudly.

“I really wanted to ask you if you still felt the same way. Now I don’t have to.”

“Oh? Why’s that, Mrs. Criscola?”

“Oh, c’mon, Vic! I think you know why. And please, call me Rosemary.

He told her he would as his hands rubbed the smoothness of her outer thighs and she rubbed the hardness felt by her ass. “Mmm. I really like touching you,” he told her as his hands slid along her smooth bare legs. “You feel so nice!”

“So do you, baby! So do you!” she said with her ass grinding hard against his cock. “A woman could . . . could get real used to what you’ve got! You . . . you know that, don’t you?”

That’s exactly what he wanted. Vic liked the Rosemary Criscola’s of the world getting very used to what he had for them. How else could a guy have an endless supply of good hot pussy at his beck and call? With women like Rosemary and Marion, and everyone else who followed, his days of good hot fucking could go on forever and ever.

“That’s why I’m here, baby doll!” he told his former teacher while getting down to the business of giving her what she wanted. His two hands went right for her bra, finding the three hooks that held it together. In a flash, it wasn’t together anymore and the k** had a big bare tit in each of his hands.

The cock-rubbing lady liked that. “Ooooo, nice, baby!” she cooed loudly while his fingers toyed with her stiffened nipples and they squeezed the soft pushy flesh of her massive tits. “Ohh, I like that, honey. Keep doing it to me. Please, honey! Keep playing with his big bad titties.”

“Sure, baby!” he said he would, but only with one of his hands. While that hand continued to massage both her big bad tits, his other hand moved to a place just as nice. He loved having it there and he knew she would too. We mean, what woman doesn’t love having her pussy rubbed by expert fingers? As it turned out, Rosemary C. was no different than all the rest who loved having him play with their pussies.

“Oh God, baby! Yes! Yes! Touch me! Rub me!” she cried out as his fingers rubbed the wettest panties they ever felt. “Ohh! I love it! Yes! Keep doing it!” she cried out even louder as her body moved even faster on the big rubbing cock.
She was close to cumming, very close.

He could have easily fingered her pussy until she came, but why? This horny lady needed much more than an expert finger-fuck to get her off. She needed a big hard cock fully inside her hot horny pussy. And if Vic knew his cumming women, she needed that cock as soon as possible. The only thing was, the cock she needed was still inside his pants.

With that in mind, Vic worked fast. “Sit up, baby!” he told her and the anxious lady did what he asked and more; she slid her own panties around her ass and tugged them halfway down her beefy thighs.

In the time it took her to do that, he had his pants open and down around his ankles. He was anxious too. That’s why he had his cock out and ready in no time. Mrs. Criscola wasn’t nearly as ready as she thought she was. She had only felt his massive cock, never actually seen it out in the open. Now she had.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe I’m . . . I’m going to . . . ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aghhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

While she stared back in trepidation of the pending penetration, he didn’t give her time to think about it. With a firm grasp of her meaty hips, he lowered her onto his cock and without delay, fed her the entire length of his big meaty rod.

Once she had the almost ten inch cock deep inside her wet and loose pussy, there was never any doubt she wanted it there. “Oh yes, baby, yes! Fuck me sweetheart! Fuck me!

“I am! I am!” he said with her bouncing in his lap. “I could fuck you all day! I should have fucked you back in school!”

She continued to bounce, continued to grind her ass to his loins. “But . . . but you were just a little boy back . . . back then. How could you have those . . . those thoughts about me?”

He told her he had and that’s all there was to it. Women like her got him hard ever since he could remember. She wanted to know what he meant by women like her and he told her the truth: she was a hot teasing cunt. That should have bothered her. It didn’t. She liked it.

“A hot teasing cunt, huh?” she asked before twisting her upper body around to kiss him.

It was the first time they had ever kissed and it wasn’t no tease. Rosemary’s lips opened wide and she gave him all of her meaty tongue to chew on. Vic liked that, especially with her lower body moving faster and faster to his humping cock. The lady was on fire and close to cumming when he thought he saw a flash of light coming from the hallway.

Then it hit him. It was her fucking husband. The prick must have come home early from work and was about to walk in on his wife fucking another guy. Needless to say, Vic froze right where he sat. Who knew how big the guy was? He loved fucking Rosemary, but who wanted to get their ass kicked by a pissed off husband? Not him, baby! Vic didn't care how hot a fuck his wife was. If this guy was right in the next room, maybe it was time to make a quick exit.

No it wasn't. It was much too late for that. The lady of uncontrollable orgasm wouldn't let him go.

“I'm . . . I'm cumming!” she cried out after tearing her mouth from his. “It's . . . it's happening, baby doll! Rosemary's letting loose! She’s fuck . . . fucking cumming!”

There was no doubt about that. The teasing cunt shook her ass all over him, bouncing and trembling even more than Marion bounced and trembled. Maybe not, but it sure seemed that way. In any event, Rosemary Criscola let loose like Vic loved all his women letting loose, with a lot of movement and lots of dirty talk vocals.

As for Vic, he couldn’t help but let loose too. Mrs. Criscola, the once staid and strict Social Studies teacher, did her very best to suck all the goo from his dick. As for her husband in the next room, Vic was wrong about that. It wasn’t her husband cause that guy was no longer around. Vic found that out after he found out who was setting off all the flashes.

Mrs. Criscola was too busy fucking and cumming to notice this young k** standing in the doorway. Vic saw the guy because of the flashbulbs going off while he was taking pictures of his mother fucking and cumming. Yeah, that’s right! Her son, Anthony was the hidden guy getting his mother fucking on film. Why this guy Vic knew from school would do such a thing he didn’t know? Vic could only venture a guess.

Shit! This k** was no different than him. He was after the same piece of ass Vic was getting. Vic had heard of guys wanting to fuck their mothers. He just didn't know he'd ever see it. Not that he blamed the guy. Anthony was one of those few lucky guys who had a real good-looking mother. Who knows? If it was Vic who had Rosemary for a mother, he might be looking to fuck her too. In the meanwhile, Vic had no interest in fucking Paula, his own mother. As far as the future went, who knew? Stranger things have happened.

In any event, that's exactly what he was doing. Vic fucked Rosemary Criscola with her son waiting in the wings. The way he saw it, it was only a matter of time before Anthony did it too.

Much more to come

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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