Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 8

August 1958

Eddie’s Mother
The idea of fucking Mrs. Rooney never once crossed Vic’s mind. Why would it? Not only was she his best friend’s mother, she didn’t do for him what her s****r did. In other words, Vic never got stiff from looking at Eddie’s mother like he did from looking at his aunt. Marion O’Rourke got him big and hard. Mrs. Rooney didn’t. It was as simple as that.

No, it wasn’t. Eddie’s aunt had Vic seeing her s****r in a whole different light.

It started when Marion asked to see the pictures he had taken of her five years earlier. Since they had been as intimate as two people could be, there were no hidden secrets between them. Vic already told her what he did as a young k**, and that included taking candid pictures of women and jerking off while looking at those same pictures. All Marion admitted was that she masturbated too, but that was out of necessity. They no longer did that.

She really liked his collection of legs pictures, but the bedroom shots of a stripping Marion impressed her the most.

“Wow! You certainly caught me off guard with those undressing pictures. No wonder you and Edward were playing with yourselves. The old bitch was really a tease, wasn’t she?”

As nice as those pictures were, they didn’t tease Eddie and Vic like the first pictures he got of the old bitch. Those shots showed his aunt sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and her dress aback to her ass. Eddie and Vic got real stiff from looking at those pictures of the teasing bitch.

That was the day his aunt and mother were sitting together on the couch and talking. They saw his aunt, but nobody noticed his mother. She was in the pictures too, and this time, the normally reserved woman was showing off even more than her s****r.

At the time, all Vic wanted was sexy legs shots of Eddie’s teasing aunt. What he got that day was more sexy leg shots than he knew were there. Who knew Eddie’s mother had nice legs too? And who knew she’d be showing them off in all of Vic’s pictures?

Not Vic, and certainly not Eddie. He wouldn’t have noticed his mother’s legs anyway. She was his mother. Guys didn’t see their mothers as sex objects. And in this case, Vic was afraid he’d have to agree with ol’ Ed. He didn’t see Mrs. Rooney as a sex object either. That changed in a hurry when Eddie’s aunt pointed out what the two k**s missed.

“Hmmm, would you look at that!” she said while looking at one particular print, then another and another. When she finished, she had close to half a dozen pictures in front of her. They all showed the same thing. “Looks like someone else was a big tease too!”

Mrs. Rooney almost always wore a drab housedress. She was a housewife, and that’s what all those ladies wore around the house. Her s****r never wore a housedress at home. She worked a full time job in addition to being married. On the day Vic took the sneak pictures of the two s****rs, Mrs. Rooney wasn’t wearing what she usually wore.

She was dressed in a fancy short dress, much like the one her s****r Marion was wearing. Eddie and Vic never looked at his nicely dressed mother. They didn’t notice she was wearing something sexy. With a severe case of tunnel vision, they only saw one pair of sexy legs and ignored what was right there in front of them. That was then.

Given a second chance, Vic didn’t ignore Mrs. Rooney’s real nice legs. He took a real hard look at all the pictures he had of Eddie’s mother. That’s when he knew he was in real big trouble. What he saw in those pictures astounded Vic. Not only was the older s****r every bit as appealing as the younger one, Eddie’s mother got Vic every bit as stiff as his aunt did. Now how does a guy tell his best friend about that?

Vic couldn’t answer that question but Marion could. “You don’t, honey! Some things are better left unsaid,” she told Vic as her hand found the result of his picture looking. “Wow! Looks like Margaret really got to you. Maybe you’re just what the doctor ordered.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do I mean? What do you think I mean? My s****r’s husband’s no different than the fool I was married to. He’s not getting the job done either. He’d rather drink his Goddamn whiskey than give poor Margaret the kind of screwing she rightfully deserves and needs.”

“What kind of screwing is that?”

Marion grinned from ear to ear. “Your kind of screwing, baby doll. The kind of screwing only you can give!”

Vic thought Marion was k**ding about her s****r and him. She wasn’t. Marion never k**ded around when it came to sex or her s****r. Forty-year old Margaret may have been the older of the two siblings, but it was the worldly Marion who was the protector for both.

With only her s****r’s best interest at heart, the younger sibling suggested a highly unusual sexual tryst, one between an older woman and a young boy. She did so because she knew two things: one, the boy had something highly unusual to offer that woman, and two, the woman’s sad sex life needed the highly unusual to spice it up. Vic was THAT boy and it was up to him to bring spice to Margaret’s sad and boring sex life.

Eddie and his father had gone hunting and would be gone the weekend. Vic knew that when he went to Eddie’s house around ten on a Saturday morning. His mother was home alone. Vic knew that too, yet, he walked up the steps to their house and knocked on the front door.

When Mrs. Rooney moved the curtain to the side and peeked through the windowpane, she should have waved him on, saying politely that her son wasn’t home and for him to go on his way. But, Mrs. Rooney didn’t wave Vic on. Instead of doing what she should have done, Eddie’s mother opened the door and let the young man come inside where she was home alone.

Normally, what that woman did that day just wasn’t done by prim and proper ladies. A prim and proper married woman would never allow a strange man into her home unless her husband was there with her. That being the case, Mrs. Rooney needed a reason for Vic being there. Guess what? She found one. She asked if he could move her many of baskets of laundry to the basement laundry room.

“Edward usually does that for . . . for me on Saturdays, but he’s . . . he’s not here today,” she said like she was very nervous, which Vic surmised she was. It wasn’t every day that a prim and proper woman cheated on her husband.
Shit! Vic was nervous too. It wasn’t every day that a guy tries to fuck his best friend’s mother. Vic wasn’t sure what he was doing or if he was even right in trying to do it.

Mrs. O’Rourke said he was. She said her s****r was ready and wanted him doing it. Well, you could never tell that by her s****r. There was no lusty look in her eye, no suggestive smile. Nothing. She wasn’t even wearing anything sexy, just a plain, but tight housedress. Could Mrs. O’Rourke have been wrong about Mrs. Rooney? Vic wasn’t sure even as she handed him the first basket of laundry to take to the basement.

Four baskets of dirty laundry took him all of five minutes to haul to the basement. When he arrived there with the last basket, Mrs. Rooney was waiting for him. She was standing next to a huge pile of laundry she had dumped onto the basement floor. “You can dump that last batch here,” she said while pointing to the pile of dirty clothes.

“Sure, Mrs. Rooney!” he said while looking at the woman who didn’t look nearly as nervous as the one from before. The lady smiling at him wasn’t just calm; she had a glimmer in her eyes he hadn’t seen before. It was the same lusty look he saw in her s****r’s eyes when Marion wanted to fuck. Mrs. Rooney now had that same look as Mrs. O’Rourke.

She moved to where he was standing and turned with her back to him. His first reaction was to look down at her soft ass. It was bigger than her s****r’s ass, yet, not overly big. The tight housedress clung firmly to it as she looked back at him over her shoulder.

Afraid to be heard, she spoke in a whisper. “I’ve heard nice things about you. How you can make a woman feel alive again. I want to feel alive again! And please, Vic! Call me Margaret!”

“Sure, Margaret!” Vic said softly too. If she wanted quiet conversation while they fucked it was okay with him.

That process began when she moved further back, letting her soft ass come right against his big hard cock. The lady must have liked what she felt on her body because she started rubbing her ass on it and moaning softly as she moved from side to side. “Ohhh! Ohhh,” she moaned and moved. “Mmmm, my s****r was surely right about you!”

Vic knew what she meant, but teased anyway. “How so, Margaret?” he asked while moving his hands to her outer thighs. As he started to rub their meatiness, she placed her hands on his, but never stopped moving her lower body.

His cock continued to feel her moving ass even as the woman’s hands made his hands do what she wanted. They moved her dress up along her legs until his hands were now under the dress and touching the bare smooth skin of her beefy outer thighs. Vic doesn’t have to tell you how nice it felt to be rubbing the bare legs of the woman whose legs he ogled over. He could have spent many hours doing just that except the woman had other ideas.

“I think you know how so, young man. I also think you know what I want next,” she told him, and then showed him. The lady took his hand with hers and moved it right to where she wanted it. “Rub me, baby! Right here!” she said with his hand nestled nicely between her parted legs, his fingers in the exact spot she wanted it to be. “Yes, sweetheart, yes!”

In case anyone’s wondering, Eddie’s mother wasn’t wearing any panties. That fact became crystal clear the second his fingers touched her moist pussy and found nothing in the way of a clit dying to be rubbed.

And lo and fucking behold, after just a few minutes of rubbing Mrs. Rooney’s very aroused clit, Vic couldn’t help noticing how much it felt like Mrs. O’Rourke’s always aroused clit. He didn’t think them being s****rs had anything to do with that, but then, what did he know? He was just the eighteen-year old shit with the big dick.

He might not know clits too well, but he knew when a woman liked what he was doing to her. This woman showed how much she liked what he was doing by lifting her dress up past her ass and bending over at the waist for him. “Go ahead, sonny!” she said while looking back at him, her big ass shaking in anticipation. “Stick it into me! I want your big dick inside me! And I want you fucking med with it!”

Vic never even kissed Mrs. Rooney that day; never even saw her bare tits or totally naked body. All he did to Eddie’s mother was what the horny Irish lady asked him to do. He took hold of her bare hips with both his hands, slipping his long hard shaft between her soft ass cheeks. “I’m doing it now, Margaret, baby! I’m doing it now!” He gave her ample warning in case she wasn’t prepared for his much bigger cock.

She was fully prepared. “Give it to Margaret good! Fuck her with it! I want it! Fuck me!”

So, with one fell swoop, he pushed the entire length of his bigger cock deep into the welcome cunt of his best friend’s mother. Did it feel good? Oh, yes! Did the woman come alive as she hoped for? Double yes! Mrs. Rooney came so alive, her gyrating body and rapid movements caused them to fall forward. They landed onto the giant pile of dirty laundry where their intense fucking continued until the inevitable happened.

“I’m cummmming! Oh Lord, I’m cummmming!”

Her orgasm lasted a long time and she said much, much more. Vic didn’t know how long in actual time. He only knew she was still jerking her body even after he came. She was still gasping for breath as he knelt up next to her trembling body. Not sure of what to say, he expressed concern after placing his hand on her bare ass. “Are you okay, Margaret?”

Her eyes opened. “Yes, Victor! I’m fine. It was just overpowering. I never felt like that before.” A second later, she was tugging her dress down to cover herself. “I . . . I really should be getting the . . . the laundry done. Could you please help me up off the floor?”

As he reached his hand out to her, Margaret rose to her knees right in front of him. As she did that, she came face to dick with his still-out cock. As far as the k** was concerned, an after-fuck blowjob would have been a real nice way to end their fucking. So, in an arrogant way, he held out his cock for her mouth. “Margaret! Would you mind?”

It was a stupid thing to say, but he couldn’t think of anything else. As it turned out, she minded it a LOT!

“WHAT! Are you out of your ever-loving mind? Where on Heaven’s Earth did you get the idea I’d do something so utterly disgusting for you? I’ve never done that before and I don’t intend to start now!” she said while jumping up to her feet. “And stop calling me Margaret! I’m Mrs. Rooney to you!”

The next thing Vic knew, he was being e****ted up the stairs and out the side door with a thank you very much and quick goodbye never to return.

Guilt. He didn’t understand it then, but he DID once Marion explained it to him. He kind of got it. Since then, he’s had it happen a few more times and it was always the same. The women all loved what they were doing before and during the cheating affair, but once they reached their orgasm, look out! The exhilarating high they experienced from cumming was quickly replaced by the low feelings of shame and guilt.

Margaret Rooney felt it almost instantaneously. Even though she was grateful to the boy for what he did for her, she was unable to tell him for fear of the shame she’d feel. By sending Victor quickly on his way, she was able to dismiss the affair as if it never happened.

Well, guess what Margaret baby? It DID fucking happen. That’s right, Mrs. Righteous Rooney! You fucked for the k** and you fucking loved it. Admit it, baby! You sent him on his way, but truth be told, you’re fucking sorry you did. If I were you, Mrs. Hot Cunt, I’d hope and pray the k** never left the area and that he’s standing just outside your door getting up the balls to come back in.

If Vic lived to be a hundred, he’d never understand women. The fact is, no guy will. The female of the species is just too Goddamn complicated for any one man to understand. He just gave one of those complicated women the fuck of her life, and for no apparent reason, she sent him on his merry way. Well, that didn’t cut it for young Vic and his big fat dick.

He stood just outside her house for a good ten minutes before making up his mind. He wanted her to tell him to his face what he did so wrong. No! He was lying. He didn’t want to tell the older lady anything. Another fact is, he wanted that blowjob from Eddie’s mother and he knew of a damn good way to get it.

She opened the door and looked at him with a stern look on her face. “Yes? What is it?” she asked like he was the fucking paperboy and not the guy whose cock she loved just fifteen minutes earlier. That bothered him. At that point, the blowjob didn’t look too promising.

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry for what I did,” he started as sincerely as he could. “It wasn’t nice to show myself like that to you,” he laid it on pretty thick. The fact is, he didn’t care if what he did was nice or not. She looked at him a while before speaking with a slight smile on her face.

“It takes a real man to apologize, Victor. I forgive you.”

“Urr, thank you, Mrs. Rooney!” he said while turning to walk away. Shit! He wasn’t going anywhere. It was a total act on his part. Well, guess what? His act worked. She stopped him with her hand like he knew she would.

“Wait! Don’t go! Please come inside!”

He walked through the doorway and just stood there. He needed to know what was on her mind before he went inside. He wasn’t in the mood for any fucking tease. “Why, Mrs. Rooney? Why do you want me to come inside?”

She moved right up to him. “Perhaps I acted a bit hasty. What we did together was very special to me.”

“It was?” he asked while placing his hand son her meaty hips.

“Yes! Yes, it was! And . . . and I dismissed it unfairly,” she said in a soft sexy voice, a tease, but one he really liked.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Mrs. Rooney. It hurt my feelings.”

“Oh, Vic! I’m so sorry about that,” she said while taking his hands inside hers. “Please, honey! Call me Margaret!”

Vic said earlier that he hadn’t kissed Eddie’s mother. Well, he lied about that too, well sort of. He didn’t kiss her the first time they fucked on the pile of laundry in the basement. Inside her bedroom and on her bed, Mrs. Margaret Rooney and her son’s best friend kissed a lot.

They kissed with their tongues while his hand found its way under her housedress for a second time. The rub of her still wet pussy really got her going with the older lady moving her body up and down to his very active fingers. She was very close to fucking a second time when he opted for another route.

The route Vic chose to go had only been traveled once before. He had gone down that road with only one other woman. It was the one woman who showed him the true joy of eating a woman’s pussy. His second time down that joyful path would be with, appropriately enough, that other woman’s older s****r.

He began by licking her flat belly just above her pubic hair at the same time his fingers glided back and forth along her smooth satiny thighs. The feel of his tongue on her flesh startled the conservative Mrs. Rooney.

“Ohh, Vic!” she sighed loudly. “What . . . what are you doing honey? No one’s ever licked me there! I don’t know if I should let you . . . ohhhhh!”

Well, that was about to change big time little lady. Your deliciously flat belly was merely the launching pad for your trip to the stars. As she cooed softly, his tongue joined his fingers on her smooth soft legs. Their titillation prompted her to part those legs even further, opening wide as if to offer him her most prized possession.

Sensing she was ready for her first time joyride, Vic didn’t hesitate any longer. He truly loved licking her deliciously tasty legs, but why wait any longer? The sooner he started eating her very delicious pussy, the sooner his own joyride would begin. So, why wait? He didn’t.

His face pressed to her moist and tasty crotch; his lips touched her lips and his tongue started licking the splendor known as female cunt. Without a doubt, it was better than anticipated for both of them, especially Mrs. Rooney. She just couldn’t hide her inner most feelings.

“Ooooh, my! Ooooh, my God! Sweet . . . sweet mother of Jesus! You can’t . . . ohhhhh! It’s Heaven on Earth! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Vic baby! Don’t . . . don’t stop d-d-d-doing what you’re d-d-d-doing! Please! I . . . I beg you! Don’t ever stop what . . . what you’re doing!”

Vic didn’t stop, not for a while anyway. He was enjoying himself way too much to stop. He was doing something to this lady that no man had ever done to her and that made him feel real good about it. What a fool her husband was, he thought as he held her thighs open with his hands and his mouth and tongue took somebody else’s wife to places unknown for her.

“Ohhh, God! I . . . I can’t believe I’m . . . I’m c-c-c-cumming! Ohhhhh. Godddd!”

As before, Margaret’s orgasm lasted a very long time and she said and did much, much more than space on this page allowed. She was still jerking her body and gasping for breath as he knelt on the bed right next to her trembling body. This time though, Vic hadn’t cum and he wasn’t expressing any real concern for her. Still, he asked.

“Are you okay, Margaret?” he spoke the words that caused her eyes to open. She looked up at him while blinking.
“Yes, Victor! I’m fine. It was just overpowering, very much like before.”

“It was meant to be,” he told her with his cock not far from her mouth. “I would have been disappointed if you didn’t feel that way,” he said as his left hand grasped the back of her head, moving her mouth even closer to the waiting cock. As he did that, her eyes widened and they stared down at the cock just centimeters from her lips. Those same eyes spoke for her lips. They said no. Her virgin mouth wanted no part of what the big cock wanted. Well, too bad.

Sensing there was no way out, she closed her eyes as his hands grasped the sides of her head and his thumbs gave a gentle tug on her lower lip. It surprised him that Mrs. Rooney let him open her mouth without a word of refusal, but he didn’t dwell on it. She wasn’t saying no and that was all he needed to place his cock on her lower lip and ease it gently into her waiting mouth. Once it was there, Vic learned one thing: never, ever believe a woman’s eyes.

As those same eyes closed tightly shut, her tongue danced in tiny circles on the head of his grateful cock. Mrs. Rooney used her one hand to slide his cock along her lips and in and out of her excited mouth. If he didn’t know better, he’d say the lady whose other hand was gently massaging his balls, was not being entirely truthful. She said she’d never done this before. Well, guess what? She could have easily fooled any man. Not only did the woman prove to be a pleasant surprise when it came to giving blowjobs, she shocked him even further with her own demands for oral sex.

“Eat me again, baby! I want more!” she told him before giving him the biggest shock of all. Dirty talk. Yeah! That’s right! Eddie’s mother talked as dirty as Ellaree the whore.

“You suck on my cunt and I’ll suck off your cock. We’ll do it together at the same time,” Eddie’s mother told Vic just before doing her part of the request. His cock filled her mouth, her tongue started licking, and her lips started sliding. She only stopped long enough for him to get his cock into position over her waiting lips and tongue.

Marion and Vic had done the sixty-nine position quite a few times. He loved it and so did Eddie’s aunt. Eddie’s mother was no different than her s****r. In fact, it seemed to Vic that Margaret loved it even more. This lady let him hold her legs open as far as he could while his lips and tongue literally went to town on all of her exposed goodies. Her cunt lips felt his licking tongue; her clitoris felt the joy of his sucking lips. Even her asshole got a fierce licking, not to mention a mild penetration by his tongue. Surprisingly, they both loved doing that.

“Oooohh, Vic!” she stopped sucking long enough to say her piece. “That’s really new to me, but I love you doing it,” she made an admission. If licking her ass was really new, Vic guessed the other things weren’t so new. That was okay. First time or not, she was giving him much more than he was giving her. Only an idiot would complain and Vic was no idiot.

Instead of complaining, Vic tried doing more. He lapped her juicy cunt lips; sucked on her swollen clit; he even fingered her loose cunt walls while he literally devoured her very delicious pussy. Mrs. Rooney was getting so excited by what he was doing, her lower body started moving up and down to his sucking mouth and probing fingers. She was very close to cumming, yet, to his fucking amazement, this incredible woman never stopped sucking off his cock.

“Ohhhhh, uhmmmmm, ohhhh, uhmmmm! I just love your . . . your big beautiful, uhmm, cock! I could suck it, uhmmmm, all day and . . . and night! Uhmmmm, ohhhhh, uhmmm!”

Jesus! Talk about one hell of a hot woman? Vic couldn’t wait to tell Eddie what a hot piece of ass is mother was. Wait! Are you fucking k**ding? How the fuck can he do that? No way in hell his best friend would ever understand what he was doing and with whom he was doing it with. Like we said before, no guy ever sees his mothers as a sex object. Eddie could never, ever appreciate the same joy as Vic. She was his mother and guys just don’t fuck their own mothers.

Eddie aside, the blowjob ended abruptly. It had to end, or at least pause. It seemed the little lady just couldn’t concentrate on two extreme pleasures at the same time.

“Ohhh, God! I . . . I can’t believe I’m . . . I’m c-c-c-cumming! Ohhhhh. Goddddddd!” she cried out with his cock just outside her mouth, her fingernails digging into his ass, her legs wrapped tightly around his head, and her thighs pressed snugly to his face.

She continued to gasp even after she came, continued to shake her body for several minutes after. Vic did nothing but lay there in silence even as she relaxed her legs and arms and breathed a sigh of relief.

In all likelihood, one had to assume their oral sex together was over. She had cum to orgasm not once, but twice. Mrs. Rooney had done what he asked and sucked off his cock, making him feel very, very good while going just so far. He couldn’t ask for anything more from the lady who lied about her sucking prowess. Then again, that wasn’t up to him.

“Ohhhhh, uhmmmmm, ohhhh, uhmmmm! I just love your . . . your big beautiful, uhmm, cock! I could suck it, uhmmmm, all day and . . . and night! Uhmmmm, ohhhhh, uhmmm!”

Never in his life had Vic’s cock felt so fucking good. This lady was by far, the best cocksucker of all time. If Ellaree was good and Marion was great, Margaret had to be totally off the fucking charts when it came to her incredible licking tongue, her swift jerking hand, and her gliding, sliding lips. Whoa, Eddie’s hot Mom was the absolute best cocksucker of them all.

Vic was getting the blowjob of blowjobs and he was getting it from his best friend’s mother. Where does it say a guy could be so fucking lucky? No one would ever believe it if he told them, which of course, he couldn’t tell anyone, especially Eddie. The only one he could tell was the star of stars herself.

“Man, Mrs. R! You’re good, damn good!” he told her after getting up and standing by the side of the bed. She didn’t speak in words, only moans and sighs as he held the sides of her head and literally fucked her face. “I gotta tell you though. I can’t believe this is your first time. You’re just too good, Mrs. R! I think you’ve done this before.”

That was NOT the smartest thing to say. The k** fucked up big time.

She stopped sucking and stared up at him with contempt. “Shut up! What I’ve done before is none of your Goddamn business. If you want me to continue you’ll shut your Goddamn mouth, and I mean right NOW!”

Vic wanted to enjoy what followed, so he shut his mouth in a hurry. “I’m c-c-c-cumming, Mrs. R!”

“Ohhhhh, uhmmmmm, ohhhh, uhmmmm!”

“S-S-S-Should I . . . I take it out?”

“Ohhhhh, uhmmmmm, ohhhh, uhmmmm, nooooooooooo!”

Vic never took his cock out of her mouth. He released all he had between her lips and kept his cock right where it was like she wanted. Amazingly, Mrs. Rooney wouldn’t let him remove his cock. She kept it there even as his juice drizzled out, even as she lapped up whatever cum she could lick with her tongue.

One thing for sure: when it came to sucking cock, this lovely lady had no equal. Oh, Eddie, Eddie! If only you knew what your friend knew about your so sweet Mom, it wouldn’t be your teasing aunt you’d be yearning to fuck.

We’ve already said that most guys never think about fucking their mothers and Vic knew that was the case with his best friend. Eddie’s i****tuous thoughts only went as far as his sexy teasing aunt. His mother, however sexy she may have been to others, never once entered his mind in a lurid way. That, of course, was subject to change.

He knew his best friend. Eddie was much like him. The guy got stiff with little provocation and he was hard most of the time too. If Vic told Eddie the things he did with his mother, there was no doubt in his mind how his friend would react and it wouldn’t be in anger. He’d want to fuck Margaret as badly as he wanted to fuck Marion.

Then again, maybe some things are better left unsaid. Telling Eddie of his hot sex with his mother might make him too happy. So happy, he’d probably set his sights on the horny piece of ass, and in the process, fuck up things big time for everyone concerned, especially Vic.

It went without saying that Margaret wouldn’t want her son knowing anything about her more provocative side of life. Vic knew about it and so did her just as wild s****r. Telling anyone else would mean the certain end of sex with Margaret and Marion as Vic knew it. Needless to say, nobody wanted that, especially Vic. He wanted to fuck those two hot women forever and ever.

At the very least, he wanted to fuck one of them on that Sunday night. It had been twelve hours since Vic last came into a hot pussy and he felt the need to do so again. Regrettably, Eddie and his father had returned from their hunting trip and Mrs. Rooney was unavailable through no choice of her own. She wanted him as much as he wanted her, something she told him on the telephone even after her husband returned home.

“I wish you were here, baby! I need your cock so much!” she whispered into the bedroom telephone while her husband and her son ate dinner in the kitchen. While they laughed over steak and beer, she cried over the fact she’d have to play with herself that night.

Since there was nothing he could do to help one s****r, Vic called the other to see how things were with Marion. What he got when he called was a man’s voice, one he recognized as Eddie’s grandfather. The old fuck asked who he was and told him to hang on after he asked for Mrs. O’Rourke. When Marion picked up the phone she told him that her parents were visiting and it wasn’t a good time. After he said okay, she whispered so no one else could hear.

“Call me tomorrow, baby! I need your cock so much!”

Later that night, there were three people playing with themselves.

More to Cum

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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