Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 7

Five years later . . . August 1958

Eddie’s Aunt Marion . . . the fuck
It was around nine on a Tuesday night back in August of 1958. Vic had just sat down at the middle of the bar and ordered himself a beer. The bartender poured him a draft and they exchanged some small talk before the man went back to cleaning his glasses. As he did, Vic took a long sip of his beer, lit a cigarette and blew the smoke into the air while looking around.

The bar was empty except for an old man sitting at one end of the bar and an older woman sitting at the other. Vic looked at the old man briefly, then the woman a lot longer. After doing a double take, he took another long hard look at the older woman. There was no denying who the good- looking redhead was.

Eddie's Aunt Marion looked a little bit older, but not much. She still had the long red hair of an Irish woman and she still wore her glasses perched on the tip of her nose. Her broad smile was still very friendly just like it was five years earlier. Vic knew that because the good-looking redhead was smiling at him like she wanted to be friendly again.

“I think I know you, young man!” she said and he smiled too. He did so because he had a very good feeling about this chance encounter with someone who once obsessed his erotic mind. "I'm not sure where, but I know I've seen you."

The attractive older woman was looking at Vic like she wanted to know him even if they hadn't met before. Not that he minded. He wanted to know this very good-looking older woman too. That’s why he didn’t hesitate like he once did. He got up from where he was sitting and moved right over to a barstool next to where she was sitting. Good move.

Up close, Eddie’s Aunt Marion looked even better than he remembered. She even had those same gorgeous legs crossed again with her short dress halfway up her solid meaty thighs. It was hard not to stare at what this nice lady was showing, so he didn’t even try. He gawked with no shame at her exposed gorgeous legs while answering the lady’s question. “My name is Vic. I was very good friends with your nephew. You're Eddie's Aunt Marion, right?"

Right after he said it Vic realized he might have said too much. It was him and her nephew she caught that night. If she remembered anything about that night, there was no way she’d keep talking to him. She could even tell him what she told her husband if she remembered who he was. Vic guessed she didn’t since she didn’t tell him to go fuck himself.

Not to worry, Vic ol’ boy. Aunt Marion’s memory of that night was precisely what you thought it would be. And for that reason alone, this lady had no intention of letting you get away from her. Five years earlier, Marion O’Rourke discovered two young boys outside her bedroom window. Before being caught by the older very attractive woman, the two boys saw much more of Mrs. O’Rourke than she would have liked.

She might have even forgiven the two peeping Toms if that was all they did. After all, boys will be boys. She DID tease them unmercifully the last time they were all together. They just wanted to see more of her. She could understand that. Mrs. O’Rourke just couldn’t understand what the two boys were doing to themselves while seeing all of her. And to make matters worse, one of those boys was her nephew. Given she was his aunt, what he was doing to himself was shameful and disgusting. Needless to say, Aunt Marion put his dreadful act out of her mind as quickly as she could.

That wasn’t so easy with the other boy. His self-satisfying act was just as reprehensible, but not nearly as forgettable. What Vic held in his hand left a lasting impression on the older married woman. No matter how hard she tried, Mrs. O’Rourke could not erase that provocative image from her mind. Five years later, that memory was stronger than ever and for very good reason.

Mrs. O’Rourke was now the widow of Patrick O’Rourke, left alone when the fat d***ken fool of a husband died of a sudden heart attack. The abruptness of his death made the woman sad, but his quick departure didn’t exactly make her sorry either. At the time of his hasty demise, their rocky fifteen-year marriage was well on its way to divorce court.

It had been months since the two shared a bed, even longer since the horny woman felt a big stiff dick inside her sex-starved pussy. Oh, she could have cheated if she wanted, but the semi-religious Marion chose not to commit adultery.

That’s all changed. Her husband’s dead and she’s very much alive with one vivid memory of the past.

Having buried the prick six months earlier, the widow O’Rourke decided she had grieved long enough. It was time to get out and meet people, particularly male people, especially one male. Marion needed what she hadn’t gotten in over a year and would do whatever it took to get it, even probe her nephew about the whereabouts of his old friend.

That wasn’t as hard as you might think. All Marion had to do was engage her nephew in a conversation at one of the many f****y functions and casually ask the boy if he still saw his old friends. Happily for the eager Aunt Marion, Eddie told his aunt that he and Vic had remained good friends and were still in close contact with one another.

By that, he meant that the two good friends went out drinking together ay various watering holes around town. One of those bars was a local joint in Astoria called McGivneys, a longtime favorite of the O’Rourke’s, especially the heavy drinker Marion since her husband passed on.

Eddie and Vic usually met there on a Tuesday night for no other reason other than to have a few beers and bullshit each other. Guys their age did those things together when they didn’t have dates. Eddie didn’t have a date on the following Tuesday, but he did have an errand to run for his Aunt Marion, one that would keep him from his meeting with his old drinking buddy.

Rather than saying what he thought she’d say, the lady merely showed Vic her empty glass. “Another Martini please! And yes! I'm Marion O’Rourke,” she said while uncrossing her legs and crossing them the other way. His eyes looked back their way after ordering the drinks. They saw the short dress moved back even further than it was before, showing Vic the straps of yet another sexy garter belt and even more of her bare thigh skin. This time she said something. “You haven’t changed at all in five years, have you?

She caught him by surprise. “Huh?”

“You heard me. You’re looking at me now the same way you looked at me back then.”

She was right. He was. “Yeah! What of it? You’re nice to look at.”

“Am I?” she asked while picking up her fresh drink and taking a sip from it before speaking again. “Is that why you’re big and stiff inside your pants, because I’m nice to look at?

Vic needed to say something really clever at that point. Sadly, he just couldn’t think of anything that fast. All he could do was sit there with his mouth open because he was too stunned by what she said.

Think about it? He was engaged in an adult conversation with an older woman and the subject of their talk was his big dick. With very little experience, he had no idea what to say to the older, very savvy woman.

“Ur, yeah! I guess,” was the best he could come up with.

She wasn’t impressed. “You guess? Don’t you know?” she asked while waving her empty glass in the air. The bartender picked up on it and walked over with a shaker filled with a fresh batch of drinks. He poured her one and watched as she drank the whole glass, looking not at the glass in her hand, but at the same gorgeous legs Vic was looking at too.

That’s when Vic knew he wasn’t alone when it came fucking the sexy Mrs. O. The look on his face told Vic the older guy was thinking the same thing. When she got up to go to the bathroom, Vic found out exactly what was on the guy’s mind. He also found out something else he didn’t know about the woman whose pussy they both coveted. “I don’t know if you know it k**, but that one’s a widow now. Her old man up and died about six months ago.”

“Is that so?

“Yeah! That’s so!” he said before saying what he really wanted to say. “She was in here long before you showed up and I was making my move on her. Then you showed up and just like that, she’s more interested in some dumb shit k** than me. I don’t like it k**! I don’t like it one fucking bit!”

Vic looked over at the guy like he was nuts. “Yeah, so? What do you want me to do, leave?”

The old guy leaned over the bar and looked Vic right in the eye. “That’s exactly what I want, you little shit. You get your fucking ass out of here before she comes back and leave that piece of ass to a real man like me. You got that, PAL!”

Vic stood up. Through the corner of his eye he could see the so-called piece of ass returning from the ladies room. “Sure PAL. I’ll leave! But, I’ll tell you one thing, I ain’t leaving alone!” he said with Mrs. O’Rourke now standing right next to him. The old guy was much bigger than Vic, but he didn’t give a crap about that.

He had been working out with weights and was in pretty good shape. The guy being bigger than Vic meant shit, especially when the prize they were fighting over was a piece of ass like the delectable Mrs. O’Rourke.

Just when Vic thought he had to fight some older guy for the right to take some older woman to bed, that same woman settled the matter for both the men. Mrs. O’Rourke spoke with a few well-timed words. “I’m . . . I’m feeling a bit woozy, hon!” she said after taking a hold of Vic’s arm. “Perhaps I had a bit too . . . too much liquor.”

Sensing she was going down, Vic grabbed her waist to keep her from falling. “Don’t worry, lady! I got you!” he said, bringing a look of contempt to the bartender’s face. He knew. Vic was in and he was out, fucking wise. A few seconds later, the fuckee of choice confirmed the bartender’s worst fears.

“Goodness! I feel so shaky,” Mrs. O’Rourke said to Vic alone. “Maybe you better walk me home. Would you do that, young man? Would you walk a tired old lady to her front door and beyond? She’d be forever indebted if you would.”

Vic would find out later that Mrs. O’Rourke was neither tired nor an old lady.

She was acting out the role of a d***k for a very definite purpose. The young man she coveted didn’t have the gift of gab like other men she knew. His strong suit wasn’t witty conversation; a skill like that required time and practice. He was much too young for that. His strength was far more important than mere words.

Mrs. O’Rourke already knew that, therefore, couldn’t waste time with meaningless barroom chatter. She needed to lure her young man and his enormous love tool to her lair of iniquity as quickly as possible. How better than the helpless maiden act? All men, young or old, fall for that tired old chestnut and Vic was certainly no different. He fell for her act with his own goal in mind.

“Sure, lady! I’ll be glad to take you home.” he told her, but already knew that’s all he’d be doing with someone so Goddamn d***k. Whatever chance he had with her was lost when she downed all those fucking Martini’s. After all, what can a guy possibly do with a d***ken woman? And even if they DID fuck, she'd probably never remember them even doing it. What the fuck good was that?

Vic asked himself that question as they strolled arm in arm down the Boulevard towards the street where she lived. It was a slow walk that took almost thirty minutes to go the four or five blocks, but somehow they did it, and suddenly, they were standing by her front door.

"I . . . I may need some help get . . . getting inside," she said and he told her not to worry about a thing. He’d get her into the house and make sure she was okay before leaving. She was really impressed by his caring. "You're . . . you're so sweet, Victor!” she told him as they struggled their way up the steps and into the house. Once there, he led her across the room where he plopped her down on the big sofa couch.

Realizing he may have been a little too rough with her, he quickly apologized for his rough treatment. "Oh, I'm sorry!" he told her, then looked down at what he’d done. It wasn’t intentional, but it sure was good.

He’d left the d***k with her legs wide open and her dress way back past the top of her stockings. It was NOT a ladylike position, but who cared? It was only the two of them in the house and Vic for one didn’t mind the arousing sight he was seeing. The dick that had softened during the long walk home was now big and hard again.

The supposed d***k quickly noticed his lustful leer. "My, my, Victor!" she said while staring up at him, not bothering to change the sexy way she was sitting. Both her bare inner thighs and panty-covered crotch were still clearly visible to his snooping eyes. "Some things just never change, do they?” she said in a very teasing way. “You’re looking between my legs again, aren’t you?”

That’s when Vic noticed something very strange about the woman’s speech. She wasn’t slurring anymore. Her high state of inebriation was mysteriously gone. That alone left him speechless, something the very sober lady found extremely funny. She laughed. "What's the matter young Victor? Has a pussy got your tongue?"

"Ur, no!" he answered, not knowing what else to say to the woman who was no longer d***k, but very much alert and totally aware of what she was saying and doing.

"Then, what is it, Victor? Is it my pussy that has you without words? Am I showing you too much of it?" she asked before bringing her legs back together at the knees, concealing every last bit of her tasty goodies. “There! Better now?”

Vic shook his head. “Hell, no! It’s not better. I wanna see more!”

“Of course you do!” she said as her legs widened even more than they were before, making his eyes do exactly the same thing and his mouth make totally useless sounds.

“I . . . I, urr, I . . . ammmana, amannnnnaaa!” he stammered as she continued her taunt.

"Or perhaps I'm not showing you enough of it. Would you like to see more of my beautiful Irish pussy, Victor? THIS pussy!" she asked while moving her panties to the side, uncovering the most beautiful pink cunt he’d ever seen and the large bush of Irish red surrounding it. Talk about driving a guy right up the fucking wall? By doing what she did, the taunting Irish bitch drove him crazy with lust and he wanted to jump all over the teasing cunt.

“Ohhh, Godddd!” he said, but for some strange reason, didn’t move. The fact was, he couldn’t move. Vic was so scared he could only look.

The teasing cunt sensed his nervousness, as well as his inexperience. "Relax, Victor! I won't bite!" she said in a reassuring way, something he truly needed. "Don't let my beautiful pussy scare you," she said while covering her pussy with her panties. "I know you must be frightened, but please don't be.

Vic tried to act cool. “I’m . . . I’m not scared,” he said, but was only fooling himself.

“I know you’re not, Victor,” she lied. He was scared shitless and she knew it. Yet, she tried to make him feel like he wasn’t scared at all. “You and my pussy will become close, very close. I know that’s what you want, Victor. You want to become very close with my hot Irish pussy!” Isn’t that true, baby? There’s nothing you want more."

"Oh, yes, Ma'am!" he said, hoping she wasn't k**ding or bullshitting. He didn’t need someone so fucking nice teasing him with her Goddamn exposed cunt and ending up giving him nothing. What she said next told Vic he had nothing to fear.

After sitting up and closing her legs, she wiggled her finger in his direction. "Come here Victor! Show me your big bad penis. Let me see if it’s as big as the penis of my dear dead husband,” she said and Vic didn’t hesitate for a second. He moved right up to her. With sexy women like Mrs. O’Rourke, a man would have to be dead NOT to have a big bad boner.

"Yes, Ma'am!" he cried out like the k** he was, something the Irish widow didn't like.

"Sweet Mother of Jesus, Victor! Would you please stop calling me Ma'am! I am NOT your Goddamn mother. Just call me Marion. For Goodness Sakes!” she said while staring right at his bulging crotch, at the same time licking her sweet delicious lips. “Now come show Marion your big fat penis. She wants to see how big it really is!"

Get ready, Marion. You’re about to get the shock of your life. A shock so strong, it will make you want to do things you’ve never done before. The k**’s dick is by far the biggest dick you’ve ever seen or had inside you. Forget your dead husband, lady. This boy’s dick is twice as big as the dead man’s dick. That’s right, baby! The k** is half the size of that big fat oaf, yet his dick is double the size of the dead man. Go figure?

When Vic didn’t move fast enough, she moved for him. Her hand went right for his bulge. "My Lord, son! What in the world do you have in there?" she asked and answered. “Wait! I know! Oh Lord, I fucking know!” Sure she knew. How could she NOT know? Her one hand was already rubbing his bulge while her other hand was going for the zipper to his pants. She not only knew what he had inside his pants, she wanted it where she could do more good with it. The next thing Vic knew, his pants and underwear were at his feet and Mrs. O’Rourke was jerking off his dick.

With her reddened face ever so close, she had both her hands working his dick, moving them up and down the shaft in a slow teasing way. She was looking up at him all the while, her eyes echoing the words spewing from her mouth. “It’s absolutely beautiful, Victor! I just love your big fat dick! Do you like what I’m doing to it?”

Shit! Vic loved what she was doing to his dick. “Yes, ma’am! Ur, Marion.”

“Good! I’m glad you do Victor, because I love doing it! You have such a big beautiful cock, and playing with it excites me,” she said with her mouth edging closer and closer to the big beautiful cock she was jerking on. Vic wanted the Irish lady’s mouth on his cock. Oh Lord he did!

“Oh lady! Go ahead and do it!”

“What, Victor? You want me sucking on it too?”

“Oh yes, Marion! That’s exactly what I want,” he spoke the absolute truth. Vic would have killed to have his cock inside THIS woman’s mouth.

What Marion said next made her the one person Vic wanted to kill. “That’s nice, but I’m afraid I can’t do that for you right now,” she said really pissing him off.

“Ah, c’mon, Mrs. O’Rourke! Don’t do that to me.”

“I’m sorry, Victor! I know what you want, but I just can’t do it now. It wouldn’t be right.”

Wouldn’t be right? What kind of bullshit was that? The bitch was already jerking him off with her fucking mouth just inches away. What would it have taken for her to move her Goddamn mouth a few inches closer? Vic didn’t get it!

Get this, dumb shit! Give the lady time. She’ll suck your cock when she’s damn good and ready to suck on it. Women like Marion O’Rourke can’t be rushed. They like doing things their own way at their own pace. In her mind, sonny boy, you’re there to please her, not the other way around. You’ll get yours when she’s ready to give it to you. In the meanwhile, let the lady do her thing and you’ll see how quickly your cock’s on the receiving end of her wet mouth.

Seeing how disappointed he was, she changed the subject as quickly as she could. “Tell me, Victor? Just how big is your big wonderful penis?”

It worked. He really wanted that blowjob from her but what she said made him forget about it for the moment and he felt better already. "Almost ten inches, Ma'am!" he said proudly.

"Almost ten inches, huh?" she said while releasing her hold on his dick. The next thing he knew, she was leaning back on the couch, her legs as open as they were before and her panty-covered crotch fully exposed a second time. He was tempted to give her all ten inches then and there, but didn’t.

He spoke instead. “Yeah, lady! Ten long inches of real hard muscle!”

A look of anxiety filled her face. "Oh my Goodness, Victor! I just don’t know. My pussy is so, so tight. It’s never had a penis that big inside it. I'm just not sure it would like it,"

He was confused. “What do you mean? Why won’t it like it?” he said while holding his dick out like he was offering it to her. “It’s just gotta like it! It’s big and it’s hard, real hard!”

She laughed. “Oh, Victor! Don’t be so silly! I can see your penis is big and hard,” she said while moving her panties to the side again. The sight of her hairy cunt had him getting a real tight grip on his dick. He could have very easily jerked off, even let go of his load if he wanted to. He didn’t want to. With just a little patience, there was a much better remedy waiting for him, and that answer was grinning at Vic while staring right at the dick he was offering her.

"I know you want my pussy Victor and I’d really like to give it to you, but first, we have to get my real tight pussy ready for your real big penis,” she said and he let go of his dick. He was dumbfounded by what she said. “Do you know what I mean by ready, Victor? Have you ever gotten a woman's pussy ready for sex?"

"Urr, yeah!" he lied big time. Vic had no fucking idea what she was talking about. Like all k**s his age and a lot of grown men too, he thought a woman's cunt was always ready for fucking. Why was Marion O’Rourke’s cunt so fucking different than all the rest? What the fuck did this strange woman want from him?

"Lick me, Victor!" she asked and he almost shit in his pants. The whole idea of his face going between her legs was utterly disgusting to him. “What? You want me to do WHAT?”

“You heard me the first time, Victor. If not, I’ll repeat myself. I said I want you to lick my pussy and get it ready for your big fat penis. Can you do that for me, Victor? Can you lick me, right here?"

She showed him with her index finger touching the top of her cunt. He looked where she was touching, but never moved from where he was. His mouth wasn’t going anywhere near where she was touching, so he stalled. “Urr, I don’t know!”

“You don’t know what, where to lick? Right here! For God’s Sake! It’s called a clitoris. Don’t you fucking know that?”

Sorry, Marion. Beyond his big dick, this k** barely knows his own body. So don’t expect him to know anything about the inner workings of the female anatomy. Maybe with a little time and having someone like you taking him under their wing, he can learn what he needs to know about loving a woman. For now, he’s just a k** with a big dick and the k** doesn’t know there’s more to sex than sticking his big dick into a woman’s pussy.

“You gotta be k**ding!” he uttered another cleverly poignant comment.

That wasn’t what she wanted to hear. "No, Goddamn you! I'm not fucking k**ding," she yelled. “If you really want to fuck me boy, I suggest you do what I say and lick my pussy right here and now!”

Vic really wanted to fuck this woman, but HE just couldn't bring myself to do what she wanted. Jesus Christ, man! That’s where she fucking pisses. He didn’t want to lick a woman’s piss. And what about the fucking smell down there? He’d heard that a woman’s cunt smelled like fucking fish. He hated fucking fish. What the fuck was he supposed to do?

He was hesitating and she was losing her patience. "Well, Victor? What's it going to be? Do you want your big dick inside me or don’t you? If you want to fuck me, you know what you have to do. Get my pussy ready by licking me. That’s all! Lick me baby, then fuck me! It doesn’t get any easier than that.”
How could one fucking k** be so fucking stupid? He’s never gonna get a better offer than that and the dumb shit knew it. Yet, he hesitated because he thought it was foul between her legs. Well, it wasn’t! Vic would learn that soon enough. Meanwhile, his stalling was growing tired.

“Victor!" I'm waiting!” she said, then did what he didn’t expect. She began a slow teasing removal of her stockings and garter belt, followed by an even more seductive take off of her underwear. The next thing he knew, the teasing bitch had her bare legs spread wide open with her fingers spreading open her juicy cunt lips. Talk about a tease! "Here, Victor! Lick me right here!"

I mean, man! Mrs. O’Rourke looked so fucking nice lying there with her beautiful legs spread wide open, he just couldn't keep himself from doing what she wanted. Before he knew it, he was kneeling on the floor between her beautiful opened legs, his face just inches from her beautiful, tempting cunt.

That’s when he noticed something really weird. There was no foul smell like he thought they’d be. In fact, it smelled kind of nice, almost like perfume. He paused to take in the sweet fragrance of the Irish lady’s pussy, as well as a better look at a something he’d never actually seen close up. What he saw then left an everlasting impression. If this is what sex was all about, Vic wanted as much as he could get.

So did the owner of the sweet smelling pussy. “Do it, Victor!” she told him. “Take a real nice lick of me, baby!” she said and this time he didn’t stall. Vic did exactly what she asked for, licking all around her delicious cunt lips and wherever else she wanted. “Oooohhh, yes, baby! Yessss! Right here, baby! Lick my clit!”

He licked her clit, even sucked on the swollen bud she told him later was her clitoris, the female version of a cock. “Yes, uhmmmm, Ma’am! Uhmmmm. Uhmmmmmm!”

“Don’t . . . don’t call me Ma’am. Oh, hell, baby! Call me whatever the fuck you want. Just lick me and suck me too! Oh yeah, baby! That’s it! Oooohhh, yes, baby! Yessss!”

No longer the shy k**, Vic got a little brazen with the turned-on lady. “Sure, baby! I’ll suck your hot pussy!” he told Marion O’Rourke with his hands rubbing and squeezing her smooth inner thighs, an area he could only dream of touching as a young boy. Now, all of a sudden, Vic was not only touching Mrs. O’Rourke’s smooth inner legs, he was rubbing them with all his fingers while his lips and tongue savored a new taste for him, one he loved almost instantly.

You can forget about all that fish bullshit. Whoever said that about a woman’s pussy was full of crap. Vic now knew for sure what a cunt smelled and tasted like and it was NOT what those morons said it was. He loved the smell of Marion’s cunt, and for sure, he loved the sweet delicious taste of her hot pussy too. He couldn’t believe he didn’t want to do it at first. Seeing how excited he was making her, he could spend all day eating her delicious cunt.

“Uhmmm, yeah baby! You taste so fucking good!”

“Ohh yes, Victor yes! You’re making me feel oh, so fucking hot! Keep . . . keep on eating me, baby doll! Please . . . please don’t fucking stop!”

“Oh, I’m not stopping, baby doll. And please call me Vic,” he told her just before sucking her clit into his mouth. Yeah! He learned real fast. A woman’s clit is the highway to Heaven if the guy knows what to do with it. And suddenly, Vic knew. He licked and sucked on her clitoris like a real fucking pro, driving the lady absolutely fucking nuts.

“Ohhh, Vic baby! You . . . you keep doing what you’re . . . you’re doing and I’ll call you whatever you fucking want,” she told him with her lower body moving in and out to his grimacing face, the pace increasing with each suck and lick.

Marion was on the brink when he felt her real solid legs lift up off the couch and come around him. Suddenly, those strong muscular legs, the legs he ogled over a thousand times before, were wrapping themselves around his body and squeezing hard. He wanted to tell her she was damn near suffocating him, but honestly, Vic didn’t give a fuck if the hot cunt killed him. Dying while eating Marion O’Rourke’s pussy was the only way he wanted to go.

Death aside, Vic loved the feel of her gorgeous legs on his body, loved being able to satisfy a woman who needed satisfying. It was a whole new experience for him and he loved it!

She did too. "Make me juicy, baby! Make me nice and juicy for your big hard cock!”

“I am, baby! I am!” he cried out in between his savage licking of her suddenly juicy cunt, no longer wondering if he knew what he was doing. In very little time, he had become an expert in the art of pussy licking. In very little time, he had the woman of his dreams exactly where she wanted to be.

Her body jerked uncontrollably; both her hands grabbed his head and she screamed. "I'm cummmming, baby! I'm fucking cummmmmmmmmming . . . ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Vic did it. Without a clue of what to do when he started, he finished as high as one guy can be. He got a woman off without even using his dick on her. For Him, that was the greatest accomplishment of his young fucking life. He had the legendary Marion O’Rourke cumming for him and he hadn’t even fucked her yet.

He wanted to kneel up and gloat, but couldn’t. Her strong legs still had him within their grasp, her smooth meaty thighs pressed to his face. He loved the feel of the legs he loved, and the smell of the cunt lips by his mouth, but truth be told, he still wanted to kneel up and gloat.

As she lay there gasping with her eyes closed, he took the initiative and lifted his body from its delightful perch. As he did, her long legs slid off his back and stayed in the wide-open position. Kneeling up now, he looked at her. She was breathing heavy with her eyes still closed and her legs still open. Vic placed his hands on her parted knees and she came alive.

“What are you doing?” she asked when she felt his hands gliding from her knees to halfway up her smooth creamy thighs. When he told her he loved touching her beautiful legs, she said okay and leaned back again. He had a real gentle touch and she liked that. “Mmmm, that’s nice, real nice!”

It was damn nice, especially the part where his fingers started to rub much more than her smooth inner thighs. “Does that feel good?” he asked as two of his fingers slid deep inside the juicy wet pussy of the older, much more experienced Marion O’Rourke.

He guessed it did. “Ohhh, yes, yes, yes! It feels damn good, baby. You learn well and fast, my baby!”

How about this?” He twisted and turned his fingers far inside the Irish lady’s deliciously moist cunt. When he did, her rounded bottom lifted off the couch and it ground hard against his rotating fingers. Her disheveled dress was pushed back past her waist as the older lady literally fucked the young boy’s hand.

She didn’t have to say she loved it. Vic knew she did. “You . . . you know I love . . . love it! God, I doooooooo!”

As the young boy finger-fucked the older woman to yet another stunning orgasm, he proved once and for all that he was not a young boy anymore. He got the woman to cum twice while holding back on his own pleasure. Even at eighteen years old, he had the strength of will to keep from cumming until his lady was thoroughly satisfied. On this day, Vic became a real man. His lady was more than satisfied. It was now his turn.

“It's time, Vic baby! Marion’s juicy pussy wants your cock. Come give it to her!”

She said cock. She never said it before. “You want my what?” He wanted to hear it again.

She obliged with a smile. “COCK, baby! I want your cock, love! I want your big hard cock inside me and I want you fucking me with it! Is that what you want me saying? Well, I’ve said it, sonny! I want your COCK, and I want your big hard cock fucking me.”

Vic had a very vivid memory of the time his cock slid into Ellaree Brown. It was a feeling he’d remember for the rest of his life. Back then, he thought nothing could compare to that beautiful feeling of entering Ellaree’s moist juicy cunt. He was wrong. He hadn’t yet fucked Marion O’Rourke.

It wasn’t just his cock sliding into her juicy wet pussy. It was everything all at once that was like nothing else Vic knew. She took hold of his cock with one hand and guided it between her cunt lips; her other arm came around his back, her meaty legs came around his hips, and her delicious wet lips pressed to his mouth. That all happened so quickly, Vic couldn’t believe how lucky he was. He wanted to call Eddie and tell him how lucky he was for fucking his aunt. It’s something they both dreamed of, but only Vic was actually doing it.

Her tongue inside his mouth playing with his tongue was a dream come true, but then, so was having his cock slide in and out of her pussy while the lady’s legs controlled his every move. He may have been on top of Marion, but she was doing all the fucking. Sorry, Ellaree. You were great, but Marion was better.

As her lower body propelled his body in and out, he couldn’t imagine anyone fucking with any more intensity; he couldn’t comprehend anyone’s kisses being more vicious. As wild as any girl he’d ever kissed, this older woman was sucking his tongue into her mouth and chewing on it while her cunt did the same to his cock.

Not that he was complaining. If all the other women in the world could fuck like Marion O’Rourke, every guy in the world would be as happy as Vic was. This one of a kind woman was nearly wearing him out when she finally came up for air. She didn’t stop moving, only kissing.

“Ohhhh, God, Victor! Your cock is so wonderful, Vic baby! It’s everything I thought it would be and more! Mmmmm, yes!” She kissed him again. No tongue, just a hard pressing of her lips on his like she was glad she found him, which you know she was. “God! I love having you fuck me! If only I’d known how good it was back then, I may have . . .”

“May have what?”

“You know what, little boy! I’m sure you would have loved it too!” she said just before her tongue was once again inside his mouth, toying violently with his tongue.

They kissed and humped, humped and kissed for at least five minutes when she again stopped, this time to explain.

“In spite of your big beautiful cock, you were only a c***d much too young back then. I couldn’t have let you fuck me even if I wanted to. I had a momentary lapse. Sorry!” she said, speaking sensible words for the last time.

After that, Marion only uttered sounds of pure joy as her body again exploded in orgasm, not from his tongue, but from the big hard cock totally consuming her body. Like the first time, she came violently, shaking all over from her toes up to her head and her beautiful big ass in between. The woman was still trembling as he let go of his pent up anxiety. It was his first to her two. Control. Vic had learned the art of pacing one’s self.

He too uttered sounds of sheer ecstasy. “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Vic let out a hearty sigh as he emptied his juice into the one and only place he ever wanted to let go of his cream. It was a long and enjoyable deposit, one that he savored for as long as he could, squeezing every last drop out of his cock, fulfilling a dream while filling her hole.

She felt him. “Mmmm! You came, baby. I can tell!” she said as her legs and arms slid off his body and came to rest on the couch. It was then he realized she was still wearing her dress, as disheveled as it was up past her waist. He also realized a new word for letting go and it was cumming. He no longer let go of his cream. He came. She came. They both came. It had a nice ring to it. He liked it. Vic liked cumming.

That’s when he thought of Irene Lepicki and what she said about there being more to it then what they did together. Irene was right. Marion showed him that. There’s a lot more to sex then a guy just humping away and dumping his load as quickly as he could. Vic knew now that Irene never came when he fucked her. That’s why she said it was too fast.

It WAS too fast. That’s why Vic needed to fuck Irene again. The same was true for Filly Gasperi. He definitely needed to fuck that cunt again to make sure she came before he did. That’s what Marion taught Vic and that’s what he’ll do with both Filly and Irene. He’ll fuck them again to make sure they both cum.

Speaking of that, as much as Vic and Marion both liked cumming, neither one of them did it again that night. Exhausted from their incredible sex, they both fell asl**p right where they were, too tired to do anything but close their eyes. Since he never moved after cumming and she never moved after saying she felt him cum, the cock that had cum inside her pussy, stayed right where it found untold bliss.

It softened somewhat during the night, but it was ready to come alive at the slightest provocation.

Vic’s first shock the next morning was waking up to find he wasn’t home in his own bed. Being a young boy, that scared him at first until he realized he had nothing to be frightened of. The second shock was what reassured the first one. Not only had he found a safe home, his cock had found one as well. Halfway limp when he fell asl**p, it had grown to love its new surroundings even more than Vic did. In fact, so did the owner of his cock’s new friendly home.

“Fuck me, baby!” Marion spoke right to his bleary eyes, her arms clinging to his back, her legs clinging to his legs, her cunt doing much more than clinging. She was already moving like she did the night before, only with less clothes. As he slept soundly, she had somehow removed her dress and bra and was now totally naked. Her hard nipples and pushy flesh pressing to his chest told Vic what he already knew: this lady had real big tits and he wanted those real big tits.

Getting those tits wasn’t so easy given their position and the woman’s fucking intensity. It was difficult, but not impossible to move from one fucking position to another without skipping a beat. Somehow Vic did it.

With a firm grip on Marion’s big soft ass, he flipped her over with the two of them landing on the floor right next to the couch, Vic on the bottom, Marion fucking away, on top. In this new position, he now had total access to what he wanted, Marion O’Rourke’s colossal splendor.

He didn’t wait. He couldn’t wait. His hands reached up and took a hold of both her big awesome tits. Marion didn’t wait either. She couldn’t. Her bottom rode his body hard, taking his cock up to the hilt the same way she took it while on her back. She enjoyed his cock fully while he savored the feel of a woman’s massive tits for the first time ever. They both loved what they were doing.

Sadly, all things have to come to an end and their morning ended the same it did the night before. They both came. Marion came while straddling his body and Vic came with a tit in each hand and a juicy hot cunt squeezing his cock.

Their long awaited sex was over.

“Gotta go!” she told him after lifting her naked body up off of his and while running towards the bathroom. “I have to take a quick shower and it’s off to work. We’ll do it again, real soon! Call me!”

“Wait!” he started to say, but just like that, she was gone behind the bathroom door and he was left standing naked in the living room. What the fuck! He was ready to take the day off. Why couldn’t she do the same?

He asked himself that question before realizing why she wasn’t taking the day off. What they did together a one shot deal. His b*****r Dom had told him about women like Marion O’Rourke. They’re only interested in doing it once with a guy. For whatever their reason, that’s the way it is with women like her. You did it one time and you said goodbye.

Marion and Vic said goodbye.

A few weeks passed and he still wasn’t over her. No matter how hard Vic tried to think about something else, all he could think about was the great sex he had with Marion O’Rourke. It occupied his mind both day and night and why wouldn’t it? Even with his limited very sex life, she was by far the hottest woman he’d ever known. Forgetting someone like her wouldn’t be that easy. Still, he had to try.

It was about that time that he ran a few errands for his mother, one of them being a trip to the local supermarket. It was at the giant food chain where he see someone else from school, not a classmate mind you, but a teacher, the one teacher, who like Mrs. O’Rourke five years earlier, had the same arousing effect on the rapid growth of Vic’s cock.

Mrs. Criscola didn’t see him looking at her while she shopped, but he didn’t miss the chance to take in the same pleasant sight he remembered from so long ago.

Well dressed in a business suit, the teacher looked every bit as pleasing as she did when she stood in front of his ninth grade Social Studies class five years earlier. So appealing, his thoughts of sex with Marion were starting to fade for his new thoughts, those thoughts of fucking the sexy schoolteacher, Mrs. Rosemary Criscola.

His plan was to go back to King Kullen every night around the same time until he saw her again. What he’d do when that happened Vic didn’t know. He only knew what he wanted to do once he convinced her that she needed his cock more than she needed her husband’s cock.

Well, anyway, first things first, and the first thing he had do was meet her again. But before that happened, he had a phone call from Marion. Luckily, his mother was out when she called. Vic really didn’t want to explain who the older woman was. Don’t ask him how his mother would know she was old. She just would. Mothers are different than other women. They automatically know things no one else knows.

“Hi, Victor! It’s Marion,” she whispered. “I know you must be angry with me, but I need to see you. Can you come over right away?”

Yes! Vic was angry. He gave her the fucking fuck of her life and she fucking dumped him right after. He was in no hurry to make her think he was just a phone call away.

“Urr, I don’t think so. I’m kind of busy tonight. And besides, I found someone else,” he fucking lied right through his teeth. His someone else didn’t even know he existed and he wasn’t very busy either. If Vic was anything it was stupid. That’s what he was. Believe it or not, the dumb shit was saying no to the hottest piece of ass in town because of stupid pride. Luckily, the smart lady saw right through his bullshit.

“You didn’t hear me, Vic. I said I needed you to come right over and fuck me. Are you too busy for that? Will your new girlfriend fuck for you like I do?”

She had him. “Urr, no!”

“I didn’t think so!” she said before her voice lowered to a sexy like whisper. “If you come right now, sweetheart, I’ll have a real big surprise waiting for you.”

She told him the door would be unlocked and to come right in. As for her big surprise, he had no idea what she had in mind. When he went inside her house, Vic found a note on the kitchen table. It said she was in the bathroom taking a shower. The note also said it was okay for him to come right into the bathroom. When he did that and called out her name, Marion stuck her head out from behind the shower curtain.

“Hi, baby!” she told him before moving the shower curtain to the side, showing Vic her beautifully naked, entirely wet body. “It’s nice and warm. Why don’t you come in and join me?”

“I can do that!” Vic said. It took him less than five seconds to rip off everything he had on. By the time he got into the tub, his cock was bulging hard and ready for anything.

The naked lady was quick to notice. “Wow! Now that’s what I call a big hard cock!” she said with one hand grabbing his cock and the other his face. “God! I’ve missed you!” she told him as her hand started to jerk him off. “I’m so sorry for what I did. I just needed a little time to cool off. That’s all! Please forgive me,” she said before tongue-kissing him.

Vic never said a word either way. He had what I wanted. Why fuck it up by talking? Besides, what choice did he have? He had her tongue halfway down his throat and it stayed there until she stopped kissing long enough to ask if he forgave her. Shit! He wasn’t stupid. “Sure! How can I stay mad at you?”

“You can’t!” she said while kneeling down in front of him, the warm water hitting her back and the back of her head. “I can make it so you’ll never be mad at me,” she said while looking up at him. She was holding his cock with both her hands, moving it closer and closer to her opened mouth. That was the big surprise she spoke of earlier. She told Vic once before it wouldn’t be right for her to suck his cock. That was before.

She brought her moist lips around the head of his cock, and just like Ellaree Brown, took the entire length of cock back to her throat. Then, with her widened eyes looking up at him, he felt the joy of Marion’s licking tongue as she slid the big cock along her lips and out again for a vigorous hand-job. That pattern continued for quite a while and he loved it.

The thing was, this wasn’t Ellaree the whore who was blowing him. You expect and want that kind of shit from women like her. It was Eddie’s Aunt Marion who was jerking, licking and sucking off his cock like she too was a whore. That alone made the blowjob extra special. You don’t expect a good girl to be blowing you, and you sure as shit don’t expect her talking dirty while she blows you.

This good girl did it all. “Uhmmm, I really want to suck your cock, Vic baby!” she said while her hand moved his cock in and out of her mouth. “I love sucking you off, sweet baby! I want to suck your cock until you cum! Would you like that, Vic baby? Would ya? Would you love to cum inside my mouth? I’d really like that. I love the taste of cum!”

Hearing Eddie’s aunt talking dirty and having her do what she was doing, gave Vic the only possible answer a man could give. Marion O’Rourke’s mouth and face got his full barrage of cum. It was the most juice he ever shot off and Eddie’s aunt got it all whether she wanted it or not.

Luckily for her they were still in the shower. She spit out what she had in her mouth and washed off the rest before leaving him where he was, standing under the lukewarm water. Since she didn’t say anything either way he figured she was mad at him for what he’d done. The fact is, she wasn’t mad at all. When he got out of the shower and grabbed for a towel, he saw her brushing her teeth. After she finished he asked if she was okay.

“I did what I did because I wanted to, baby, not because you made me do it. And because of what I did for you, you did the only thing you could do in that situation. Why would I be mad because you came inside my mouth and on my face? Gosh, honey! I loved it as much as you did!”

Ellaree had taken his juice into her mouth, and now Marion O’Rourke had done it too. With that, Vic couldn't help wondering if all women did that. One thing for sure, both these women loved sucking cock and they both loved swallowing his cum. That begged another question? Do all women love having a big cock inside their mouths? And if they do, would they all suck it with the same enthusiasm as Ellaree Brown and Marion O’Rourke did? Those were all very good questions. Vic couldn’t wait for the answers.

For the next few weeks, Marion O’Rourke answered all of Vic’s many questions, along with giving him the best fucking any guy could ever want. The learning experience with the older Irish widow was priceless, not to mention thoroughly enjoyable. And for that, he wants to thank his best friend, Eddie Rooney. Without him, he never would have met this incredible woman who loved fucking even more than Vic did.

Speaking of Eddie Rooney, he knew in vivid all the great things Vic did with his aunt. After all, how could he NOT tell his best friend everything he was doing with her? Jeez! He was there from the start. He had a right to know everything. Well, almost everything. Vic didn’t dare tell his best friend that he not only fucked his aunt, he fucked his mother too.

Much more to Cum

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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