Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 6

August 1953

Eddie’s Aunt Marion . . . the tease

The Rooney f****y had the only TV on the block and it wasn't unusual for them to have people over on Tuesday nights to watch Milton Berle. He was the biggest thing around at the time. On this one particular Tuesday, Eddie's aunt was at the Rooney’s because she wanted to watch the popular Uncle Miltie. Vic was there for him too, but more importantly, he was there to watch the sexy Aunt Marion.

What he saw on that Tuesday night only solidified what his best friend said about his mother’s younger s****r. The sexy woman had you thinking of only one thing when you gawked at her very sexy body and that was intense jerking off. In no time at all, Vic saw for himself how true that really was.

For starters, she had on a dress that was much shorter than the dress worn by Eddie's plain looking mother. Then there was the way she wore the short dress. It was pushed all the way back along her upper legs when she sat down. Jeez! When she did that, a guy couldn't help but notice this woman had real nice long legs. Not even the younger girls at the pool had legs as long and as sexy as Eddie’s Aunt Marion’s legs. Well, maybe Mrs. Doyle did.

And the best part was, this older woman in her short sexy dress showed off her sexy legs in a way Eddie and Vic never saw before. No one they knew ever sat on a couch with one leg crossed over the other, showing off the kind of leg skin Eddie and Vic really liked seeing. It made the two of them want to jerk off right there in front of Uncle Miltie.

Vic didn’t know that at the time, but some older women used garters to hold up their stockings. Some even wore something called a garter belt, a thing with straps that hooked onto the stockings to hold them up. On this one particular night, Eddie's sexy aunt wore the sexy garter belt. Vic knew that fact because he could see the garter straps, as well as the bare skin above her stockings as she sat with her sexy legs crossed while watching Uncle Miltie.

As for Eddie and Vic, they weren't paying too much attention to the TV show everyone wanted to see. They were too busy taking sneak peeks at the bare leg skin his Aunt Marion was showing every time she crossed and uncrossed her sexy legs. The television program wasn’t all that important to them. Getting stiff from looking at Aunt Marion’s leg show was.

Vic didn’t know for sure about Eddie, but he sure as shit knew how stiff he was when he turned his head to steal another sneak peek at Mrs. Gorgeous Legs. That’s when he figured he was toast and the free legs show was over. The lady wasn’t looking at the TV anymore. She was looking right at his eyes and she wasn’t laughing like she was laughing at Uncle Miltie. The tease show was over, he thought. He was wrong. The show wasn’t over. It only got better.

Aunt Marion wasn’t blind. In their young and stupid minds, she may have been a real old lady at thirty-one, but she could still see clearly when it came to young boys ogling over her finer attributes. She saw them gawking at her, but didn't say anything to anyone about the two young peeping Toms. She let both of them stare to their heart's content at what she was showing off so willingly. The more Eddie and Vic looked, the more sexy Aunt Marion showed, until finally, she showed them what no young k** ever dreams of seeing in ten million years.

Eddie and Vic almost shit in their pants when his aunt uncrossed her legs, but didn’t cross them back again. Oh, no! The teasing lady left them open for them, not wide open mind you, but open just enough for the two k**s to stare right between them. And what they saw when she did that was pure fucking Heaven right here on Earth for the two dumb shits who could only dream of seeing what they saw.

Jesus! They saw Aunt Marion’s fucking white panties. Holy fucking shit! This was a fucking first for both.

With their mouths wide open and their eyes and dicks bulging, they took a few seconds to look at each other to see the other’s reaction to such out and out wonderfulness. Not long after, they both looked back at the aunt who was not only still showing her parted legs and crotch, she was now grinning from ear to ear like she knew she had an audience. And if that wasn’t enough to drive both the k**s fucking nuts, she took her teasing act just a little bit further by spreading her fucking legs even further than they already were.

It was at that point Vic lost it. His big dick was so big and hard from the woman’s teasing act it was much too painful for him to remain squatted on the floor. He had to stand up to relieve the pressure caused by his real tight dungarees. And when he did that, the shoe was now on the other foot. It was now Vic who was putting on a teasing show for the older aunt.

The sexy Aunt Marion, of course, wasn’t blind. Nor was she an old lady at thirty-one. This mature lady had been around and knew a real big dick when she saw one. The k**’s dungarees may have covered his private, and it may have belonged to a young boy, but there was no denying the enormous size of the dick bulging the boy’s tight dungarees.

One thing for sure to the married Mrs. O’Rourke, the young boy’s dick was considerably larger than the puny dick of her always d***ken husband. That point could not be denied, and the married lady would never forget the joy she’d seen.

Even so, Vic couldn’t stand in the middle of the living room forever. He was blocking the others from seeing the world renowned Uncle Miltie. Eddie’s father for one, told him to move out of the way a few times. He couldn’t see the TV. Nor could he see his sexy s****r-in-law, who by the way, wasn’t saying a word or watching the television anymore. She was staring hard at the k** who couldn’t hide his enormous bulging member. With all that going on, Vic did what he had to.

“I . . . I gotta go to the bathroom!” he barked out but didn’t think anyone heard him.

He was wrong. The big fucking tease heard him. He knew she did because he could see her watching him even as he scurried off to the bathroom, not to piss, but to take care of his business. Aunt Marion watched and she probably even knew what he was doing behind the closed door. She knew what her sexy teasing act could do to any man, especially a thirteen-year old very horny k**.

Inside the bathroom, Vic could no longer contain himself. He dropped his pants and drawers as soon as he closed the door. Then, with his eyes closed and the image of Aunt Marion’s sexiness fresh in his head, he took hold of his monster and started stroking it as hard and as fast as he could, all the while picturing the woman whose sexy legs had taunted him without mercy.

With Vic in the bathroom releasing his tension, the Marion leg show continued as if he was still sitting on the floor leering between her gorgeous legs. Vic wasn’t there, but Eddie sure as shit was, and the older woman was taunting that boy the same exact way, giving her nephew plenty of leg flesh to gawk at, as well as some real good looks between her legs at her panty-covered crotch.

By the time Uncle Miltie ended, poor Eddie was so excited, he didn’t even wait around to say goodnight to his returning friend. As Eddie’s mother said goodnight to the other boy, Eddie was locked inside his bedroom doing what he always did after a visit from his mother’s younger s****r.

When Vic got home later that night, his mother didn't have to tell him to go to bed early because it being a school night. Without a word being said, he was under the covers by ten and on his belly a minute later. Then, with a big wool sock wrapped tightly around his bulging dick, he easily recalled the events at Eddie’s house, pleasant memories that had him jerking off twice inside the same sock.

The next day, Eddie and Vic got together down at the lots to talk. They had two cigarettes each that we stole from their mother’s pack. Eddie had Chesterfields and Vic had the longer Pall Malls. As they smoked and coughed on the stolen cigarettes, they rehashed what they both thought was their greatest night ever.

“I let go three times,” Eddie bragged.

“I did it twice!”

"Didn't I tell you she'd get to you? Makes you want to fuck her teasing cunt. I know I do!"

“Don’t be a dope, Ed. She’s your aunt. You don’t fuck your aunt no matter what. You can think about fucking her all you want, but you can never actually do it. I think.”

Vic said it like he knew what he was talking about. What did he know? Maybe some guys actually DID fuck their sexy aunts. Maybe someday Eddie would fuck his aunt just like he wanted to that morning down at the lots. Vic didn’t know.

He only knew he couldn’t get Eddie’s Goddamn aunt out of his mind for the rest of the summer. Instead of concentrating on the upcoming ninth grade, all Vic could think about was Eddie’s sexy Aunt Marion and how much he wanted the same thing Eddie did.

To make matters worse, Eddie and Vic got hold of some pictures of his aunt taken while she was at the beach. Holy fucking shit! Aunt Marion in a bathing suit was just as good as her sexy leg show, maybe even better since they got to see that the woman had real big tits too. Eddie and Vic had a field day with those pictures. It was almost a repeat of what happened with Mrs. Doyle and the other pool girls, only better. They were up close with his aunt and saw much more of her. Vic, for one, wanted to see even more.

The zoom lens was used very effectively at the pool to capture some very nice images of some very nice women. This time, Vic hoped to capture even better images when he used his wide aperture and fast film to take no flash candid pictures at the next sexy Aunt Marion leg show.

They had to wait a few weeks, but the wait was well worth it considering the pictures they got. Like before, his aunt held nothing back, showing off exactly the same skin as she did the first time. This time though, there was no television playing or even Eddie’s father sitting there. It was only his aunt and mother sitting on the living room couch talking to each other.

Oh, yeah! Eddie and Vic were there too, but they weren’t in the living room or even in the house. They were just outside the living room window with Vic’s camera focused on nothing but sexy Aunt Marion and what she was showing.

Less than an hour later he was down his basement and in his darkroom developing the 35mm roll of twenty-four pictures. An hour or so after that, he had a water tray filled with 24 4 x 5 pictures. Eddie and Vic just gaped at what we had and it was unbelievably good.

Crossed legs with the short skirt back to her ass; opened legs with skirt back and white panties in full view; garter straps and bare thighs too exciting not to grab one’s dick. Both boys did exactly that and then some. It was hard not to jerk off even with his best friend there next to him, rubbing his dick right on the darkroom table while Eddie did himself a hand-job.

After cleaning themselves up, they both went back to his house hoping his aunt would still be there. She wasn’t. She had already gone back to her own house for the night. That’s when Vic came up with another brilliant idea. “Where does your aunt live?” he asked his friend who told Vic the good news.

“Not far. Her house is on 41st, just off 20th Road.”

That was good. Eddie lived less than four short blocks away on 45th Street. That meant they could walk over to his aunt’s house later that night when it was dark and take a peek into one of her windows. With another roll of film to shoot, Vic was looking for even better pictures if that was possible. It was.

Being a Saturday night, his mother had no ground rules for Vic. That meant he could say he was going over Eddie’s and she would just nod her head and say be home by ten. That was good. As soon as it got dark, Vic and Eddie walked those few short blocks and stood behind a tree across the street from her house. That was the easy part. It took a lot more balls to do what they did the rest of that night.

Trying not to be seen, they crossed the street where there was no streetlamp to light their way. Once on the other side, they walked near the edge of the sidewalk by the trees. By doing that, they both figured no one could see them. Talk about paranoia? In any event, they soon found themselves slipping quietly behind the tall bushes that were right next to his aunt’s house. Now what?

“Look in the window,” Eddie said and Vic shook his head.

“No! You look!” Vic was too scared to be caught. So was Eddie. They just sat there and did nothing but look at each other for what seemed like all night. It was almost nine when one of them finally got up the balls to look into the first lighted window they came to. What Vic saw wasn’t good. He saw no one.

“What’s the matter?” Eddie asked when he knelt back down again after looking into the house for at least five minutes.

“The light’s on, but I don’t think anyone’s here,” Vic said, but soon found out he was wrong. His aunt and uncle had been out and just got home when they got there. You knew that because the guy was talking real loud like he was d***k or something.

She said very little, just a few words. “No, Patrick! I’m not!”

That wasn’t what the loudmouth wanted to hear. “You are to, bitch! I’m horny!”

Eddie and Vic just sat there too scared to move. He didn’t know what his friend was thinking, but he was hoping his aunt would give in to her husband and give the d***ken fool what he wanted. Vic had his camera loaded and ready. He wanted the aunt and uncle fucking.

Too bad! It just wasn’t happening. The guy’s wife wanted no part of him. “Get away from me, Patrick. You’re too d***k for sex,” she cried out but he didn’t care what his wife said.

“C’mere, bitch!” He grabbed her arm with one hand while his other hand ripped open her blouse, tearing it off his wife’s body and feeling her up right there in front of them. Vic sure liked what he was doing to her, but Eddie’s aunt didn’t like it a bit.

“Goddamn you, Patrick! Stop it! I’m not your Goddamn toy,” she told the big lug while squirming out of his grasp. That’s when Vic got his first picture of Aunt Marion.

It showed what most thirteen-year old boys never ever see. They saw a woman in her bra and that was good enough for Eddie to grab a hold of his dick. He really liked what we were looking at. “Holy shit!” he whispered almost a little to loud. "She DUZ HAVE great tits!"

Eddie was definitely right about that. Mrs. O’Rourke was bigger on top than he’d ever seen on any woman, even bigger than any of the girls at the pool, even Mrs. Doyle. That’s when Vic thought about playing with his dick too, but he couldn’t. Picture taking was more important than dick playing. He really wanted those shots of the sexy lady in her tight black bra.

What he didn't want was pictures of her husband's puny dick, but he got that anyway when he shocked them all by whipping it out and telling his wife what he wanted her to do with it. "C'mon, baby doll! Blow me! If . . . if you won't fuck for me, the least you can do is suck my dick.

She didn't like hearing that and cursed at him. "Go suck your own dick, Patrick! And while you're at it, you can go fuck yourself too!"

Her husband didn’t like hearing her curse, but Vic sure as hell did. He never heard a woman say the F word and it actually made his dick tingle. He wanted her saying more. He even wanted her blowing him. In fact, so did Eddie. The boys both wanted the very same thing as her husband, but none of them, including Patrick, got what they wanted.

While hitting her husband with a barrage of F words, the elusive and vulgar Aunt Marion slipped from his grasp and headed right out of the room in a real hurry. A few seconds later, they all heard a door slam shut and figured he’d follow, but he didn’t. The d***k just stood there with his dick out looking just like the fool he was.

At that point, Vic figured the night was over, but Eddie knew different. “C’mon!” he told him and Vic followed him along the house until they were both squatted below another window. “This is her bedroom,” he said and Vic asked him if he was sure. Eddie shook his head yes, but that wasn’t necessary. A quick peek inside the lighted room showed them he was right.

She was sitting at the foot of the bed smoking a cigarette when her husband started banging on the bedroom door. That startled everyone. They didn’t say anything, but she sure as shit did. She told him the door was locked and to go away. sl**p on the couch, she told him and he stopped banging. Pretty soon, he was gone and she had finished her smoke. They didn’t know it yet, but they were about to see the show of their lives.

Not fully understanding the ways of the world, the boys didn’t know what it meant when a woman reached behind herself. Vic, for one, thought she was scratching her back. She wasn’t. Mrs. O’Rourke didn’t have an itch to scratch. She had a bra to remove and she was unhooking her bra right there in front of them. That, he understood completely.

He never expected to see what he saw, not then, not ever. The woman whose gorgeous legs they ogled over shouldn’t have been showing them her big bare tits too, but she was. Oh God, she fucking was. Without knowing it, Mrs. O’Rourke was giving her nephew and his friend enough memories to last a lifetime, let alone one jerk-off session. What they were seeing was so good Vic almost forgot to take pictures.

Luckily, he didn’t. As the bra came off her well proportioned top and she just stood there as if posing for the camera, Vic snapped away, taking many pictures of the beautiful half naked woman who was showing the two horny k**s just how nice life can be when they grow up, if they grow up.

For a brief second, Vic thought she saw them when she turned her head towards the open window. It was a false alarm. Aunt Marion didn’t see them, not that time. Thinking they were caught, he reached over and pulled Eddie down and out of sight. His friend didn’t like it.

“What the fuck, man! I wanna see more.”

Vic did too, but getting caught right then wouldn’t have been the way to do it. Waiting it out was definitely the smart thing to do. But how long do you wait? When do you know she wasn’t looking right at the window? You didn’t. You just took a quick look and hoped it was the right time. It was. God, it was!

By the time they lifted their heads high enough to see what was going on inside that bedroom, his aunt had already removed her skirt and slip (Vic didn’t see the slip, but his mother once told him that all women wear slips under their clothes) and was standing in front of her dresser mirror wearing only her panties and gartered stockings.

The pictures Vic got of her then were some of the best he ever took. They showed her big, but nice ass from behind, as well as the mirrored reflection of her big bare tits and smiling pretty face. Vic didn’t think it was possible to get any better pictures of this woman, but he was wrong. Every picture he took of her was better than the last.

A woman wearing stockings and a garter belt was sexy enough, especially when she crossed her legs and you saw the bare thigh skin between her stockings and panties. Even at the tender age of thirteen, Vic had learned to love the sexy sight of a woman’s gorgeous legs clad in sheer stockings. Watching a sexy woman remove those stockings in a slow seductive way can be very exciting at any age, particularly thirteen. It can make a young boy definitely want to jerk off? Sexy, teasing, seductive Marion O’Rourke had Vic doing exactly that.

By the time she had removed both legs of nylon, Eddie and Vic were both ready to pop their loads against the side of her house. What happened next was what took the two of them over the edge, and what ultimately got them caught. Luckily for posterity, Vic managed to take the last six pictures on the roll before his other hand did them both in.

Those last pictures would show his well-built aunt as they never saw her before. Yeah, she took off her panties. And yeah, she showed them both the large furry bush between her solidly built legs. That sight alone was more than enough to have both k**s stroking their dicks as never before. But, what really got them going was something his aunt did right after getting naked and right after lying down on her bed with her beautiful legs spread wide open.

Shit! Eddie and Vic both knew they jerked off their dicks. They just didn’t know that women did what they did, only not with their dicks since they didn’t have dicks. They did it their own way, and on that night inside her own bedroom, they got to see his aunt doing it her way

Like them, Mrs. O’Rourke was now playing with herself too. They knew their own reason for doing it. Why this beautiful sexy lady was doing it too they just didn’t know. She had a husband in the other room, yet she chose to use her own hand to make herself happy. Go figure? In any event, those were the last two pictures Vic took. After that, the shit hit the fan.

Stupid Eddie couldn’t shoot his load quietly. Oh no, not that dumb shit! He had to let the entire world know he was letting go and that included his Aunt Marion. She heard him loud and she heard him clear and that’s what got the two k**s busted. The next thing they both knew, she was up off the bed and standing by the window looking out at them. If looks could kill, they’d both be dead meat.

“You little pricks! What the fuck are you doing . . . oh my God! Edward!” she gasped when she saw what her nephew was doing, and what was still oozing from his dick. The naked lady wasn’t pleased one bit at what she was looking at with her s****r’s boy. “You’re . . . you’re disgusting, you little shit!” she yelled at him before looking over at Vic.

His dick wasn’t oozing its juice like Eddie’s dick was since Vic hadn’t finished like Eddie had. The dick in his hand was still very big and still very hard. The naked lady looked at him for what seemed a very long time, but with a different look than the one she was giving Eddie. Vic didn’t know it at the time, but that was a good thing. It meant his fucking future was in damn god shape.

Eddie and Vic expected the hammer to come down the very next day. It didn’t. In fact, it didn’t happen that day or any other day thereafter.

For reasons they never quite figured out, his aunt never said a word to anyone about what they did that night. Thank God for that. Vic’s mother would have condemned him to hell if she ever got wind of him masturbating. That’s the devil’s work in her mind. In his mind, it was pure pleasure when there’s women like Marion O’Rourke to look at and think about.

The pictures Vic took were taken with Tri-X Film, a 400 ASA high speed film used for limited light conditions. The lighting that night was dim. The super fast film and f***ed developing brought out enough detail to produce some very fine pictures. Vic gave Eddie a few and hid away the rest for when he needed them. That proved to be almost every day he was alone inside his room. Marion O’Rourke, naked or otherwise, could inspire anyone to jerk off.

While all of this was a very pleasant experience for a young shit like Vic, he knew down deep inside that Eddie's sexy Aunt Marion could never be anything more than a sexual fantasy. After all, there was no logical reason for a thirty-one year old woman to ever want sex with a thirteen-year old immature boy no matter his dick size. It made no sense whatsoever. No matter how much that boy may have wanted it, it just wasn’t happening for Aunt Marion and Vic.

Then again, if that same young boy were five years older at eighteen, their age difference would be lessened considerably. He would be a man of legal age, not to mention a man with an over-sized dick to go with his above average desire for sex.

But would an older Marion O’Rourke even consider such a possibility? After all, she really wasn't aware of the boy’s fascination with her, nor did she know of the over-sized dick he longed to use on her. She only knew him as her nephew's friend, a nerdy k** who gave up all lurid thoughts and concentrated on more important matters like school.

Regretfully, five years would pass before the sexy Mrs. O’Rourke returned to Vic’s mind. But, when she did return to his life and mind in August of 1958, he no longer had to imagine himself fucking the older woman with the real sexy legs.

More to come

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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