Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 5

A Learning Process • Cumming Too Soon with Filly • July 1958

Filly Gasperi-Bongiovi was one of those women you never thought about fucking. For one thing, she was married to another guy and presumably fucking for him day and night. For another, the daughter of his mother’s cousin wasn’t too fond of the k** she once caught playing with himself while he ogled over her big fine ass. That was six years earlier when he was just thirteen and Filly was a nineteen-year-old happily married newlywed.

Six years later, Filly still had that same fine ass any guy would ogle over, but she was no longer the ecstatic bride she once was. Reason being, her husband of just seven years had been caught dipping his dick wherever he wanted in whomever he could. Having found that out, Filly threw out the bastard and immediately sought out the advice of her second cousin.

As for Vic knowing that, he was fortunate to arrive home just as the distraught Filly was crying on his mother’s shoulders. He heard it all while waiting for a re-introduction to the nicely built Italian honey. He saw it all too, taking in that same nice ass as well as her nicely shaped olive-skinned legs, shown off nicely by a short dress and hi heel shoes.

Yeah! Vic liked what he saw, and like the first time six years earlier, Filly caught him ogling. Only this time, he wasn’t nearly as terrified as he was back then when he was just a young k** with a big dick and active mind. To better understand about that let’s go back those six years to when Filly Nice-Ass scared the crap out of him.

The Tomato Plants Tease • July 1953
Vic had already planned on going to the pool with his camera when his mother laid the bad news upon him. He had to help her get a shit load of vegetables Mrs. Gasperi had grown in her own backyard. It was a hot summer day and he had more important things to do than haul home boxes of tomatoes and peppers. And to make matters worse, it turned out to be much more than his mother thought, so he had to make a second trip there with his bike.

That's when he got into real big trouble with Mrs. Gasperi's young married daughter.

On the first trip there, the old lady led them down to the basement where all Italians had their kitchen. As his mother and Mrs. Gasperi talked, Vic sat down at the kitchen table and looked around. That's when he heard someone walking down the stairs. When he looked up, he saw this girl who was younger than Mrs. Rooney, but not as young as any of the girls he knew from school.

As it turned out, the girl’s name was Filomena, but her mother and everyone else called her Filly. She was Mrs. Gasperi's nineteen-year old married daughter who just happened to be there for the same reason as Vic’s mother. Filly was getting tomatoes and peppers to take home too. As for Vic, he wasn't getting any vegetables. He was getting big and stiff from looking at this nicely built Filly, a sexy Italian girl who was already the wife of another guy.

Not that this happening was so unusual for Vic. As you know, it wasn't the first time a good-looking married woman had given him a hard one. Shit! Them being married didn't matter to this sick bird’s way of thinking. If they were good looking and had nice bodies, he got stiff. Filly fit the bill on all counts.

“What's your name?” she asked, and he fucking melted. The words just wouldn't come out. All he could do was grin shyly as she continued to talk. “Got a girlfriend?” she asked and he mumbled the first name he could think of: Francine.

That of course was a lie. Francine wasn’t his girlfriend. She was Frankie’s mother and the last girl he thought about while jerking off. He was already thinking about doing that with this Filly when she turned to talk to his mother. That was good because it gave Vic a chance to look her over real good.

When he did, Vic saw this real pretty girl with dark Italian skin dressed in short-shorts and a tight blouse. While she continued talking, he continued looking. The more he looked, the harder he got. There was no controlling it. And the harder he got, the harder it was to hide the fucking thing. If he had gotten up from the chair right then, everyone, including this Filly, would have gotten a real good look at his big stiff one. Luckily for Vic, the old lady shoved a box of tomatoes at him and they landed right in his lap covering his bulging dick.

When he returned later on his second trip, Vic wasn't so lucky.

When he got there, Mrs. Gasperi told Vic to go out to the backyard. She said her daughter was already out there picking tomatoes and Filly would give him all that he wanted. After he reached the many rows of tall tomato plants, Vic realized one thing. It wasn't tomatoes that he wanted. Filly was bending over amongst the tomato plants with her big beautiful ass staring him right in the face. All he could do was gawk at it as she plucked tomatoes without even knowing the ass snuggled tightly inside her shorts had caused a dick of massive proportions.

“Holy shit!" he said to himself, then reached down to adjust what had grown too large and was poking the flimsy material of his gym shorts. As he did, Filly turned around at the precise second of his adjustment. If she didn't see him fixing his big dick, she had to be blind. Filly wasn't blind.

Instead of getting pissed like he thought, she only gave him a funny smile while staring at the k** hurriedly lifting his hand from his big dick. It was almost as if his unintentional act of lewdness amused her. In any event, she stared at his bulging crotch for much longer than he thought she should have, then started talking as if nothing had happened.

“How much do you want?” she asked, then squatted down right next to this real big plant, her smooth olive-skinned legs spread more than slightly. How much? Shit! Vic wanted every bit of the beautiful crotch she was showing off to him, as well as those real shiny upper thighs he could almost taste they looked so fucking nice. “I can give you all you want!” she said in a soft sexy voice.

Yeah! We all know she meant tomatoes, but Vic wasn't thinking about the small round red fruit she was plucking. He was thinking about the pink fruit between her smooth sexy legs, the pink pot some other guy was already plucking. That's when he got into real big trouble again. His lurid thinking caused another stiff one, and that, of course, caused another major adjustment. This time though, the agitated Filly didn't let it go with just a funny smile.

She leaped to her feet and moved right up to him. The next thing Vic knew, there was a box of tomatoes at his feet and she was yelling at his face. “I don't know what you think you're doing young man, but that's disgusting behavior for any young man!” she said before grabbing his shirt with her hand. “I should tell my husband what you did, you little creep!”

Her saying that really scared the living crap out of him. Her husband was a real big guy and she had four big b*****rs too. Luckily for Vic, Filly didn't tell anyone. She just threatened Vic herself. “If I ever catch you playing with yourself in front of me, I'll beat the shit out of you myself. Is that clear, you little fucking weirdo?” she said, then pushed him back so hard, he landed on his ass on the ground.

He was so scared he could barely speak. Yet, he did. “Yeah, it's . . . it’s clear!" he said while staring up at her and her long beautiful legs, knowing for sure he'd never get his dick between them no matter what he did. The girl was sure to be pissed off at him for life.

That night, he played with himself, and he did it with a vivid memory of this Filly and her long shapely legs. He saw those shiny legs again and he saw them spread wide open for him. He also saw her big black bush, her big bare ass and her naked bare tits. She may have been married, but Vic saw himself fucking her anyway. He fell asl**p right after cumming into his sock. It would be another five years before he’d see Filly again at his mother’s house.

Back to the future / Cumming Too Soon with Filly • July 1958
There was the same look of contempt on her face even before his mother said who he was. She knew. “Yeah! I remember this guy all right!” she said with a real cold tone to her voice, one that told Vic to lay off the cunt no matter what his stiff cock said. Separated or not, nice ass Filly Gasperi-Bongiovi was STILL not opening her legs for him. If her coldness didn’t get across to him, he quickly got the message with her snotty attitude.

They were having a glass of wine and Vic was just trying to make conversation. “I’m sorry to hear about your breakup,” he told her as sincerely as he could, trying desperately to sound like he meant it, which of course, he didn’t. Vic wanted the nice cunt separated. Even if he couldn’t fuck the bitch right away, it was still better she wasn’t married just in case.

Smartass Filly saw right through his bullshit. “No you’re not!” she said sharply after drinking her whole glass of wine. “I’ve heard that line before from guys who only have one thing in mind for me. They say they’re sorry, but they’re actually glad. They think because I’m separated I’ll jump right into bed with them. Well, I won’t!”

She was right. That’s exactly what all guys thought. Still, Vic didn’t like the way she presumed he was just like all guys.

“Hey! Don’t get so bent outta shape. I was just trying to be nice. I’m sorry if that bothered you,” he said while standing up for a quick exit out of the room. Making like she hurt his feelings, he left Filly to talk with his mother while he and went into the bedroom. Not more than ten minutes later, his mother came in to tell Vic she was leaving him alone with Filly for an hour or so.

When he asked why, she said she had to go to the store to buy food for dinner, to which he again asked why. There was always enough food in the house to feed an army and this time was no different. There was food, but there wasn’t the something special she wanted to make for her unexpected guest, the distraught Filly Gasperi-Bongiovi.

To do that, his mother had to walk one block to King Kullen. When he offered to drive her there she said no. It was more important that he entertained her guest while she was gone. That meant an hour or so alone with cold fish Filly, something Vic dreaded. Who knew?

His mother wasn’t gone five minutes when Filly came into his room without even knocking. She merely pushed open the half closed door and looked at him sitting on the bed. “How long will she be gone?” she asked while moving towards him. When he told her an hour or so, she smiled. There was a totally different look on her face. “That’s good! It’s more than enough time for what I want.”

What she wanted? What the fuck was she talking about?

“Huh?” Vic asked like the idiot he was. Filly didn’t let him wait for long to find out. She pushed him onto his back. “Hey! What are you doing?”

The next thing the schmuck knew, she was climbing onto the bed and straddling his legs. “What do you think I’m doing? I’m seducing you! That’s what! I want to see what you’ve got in there!” she told him before finding out for herself by unzipping Vic’s pants. Suddenly, her hand was inside his pants and she was holding his big boner. “Oh my God! It’s so enormous! No wonder the damn thing bulged inside your pants,” she said before hurriedly taking it out where she could do much more than hold it.

The last thing Vic ever expected from the cold fish was a blowjob.

“Oh no! Oh, Godddd! Oh Jeeeez! Aghhhhhh!” Vic groaned ecstatically as Filly Gasperi-Bongiovi did to him what only the whore Ellaree Brown had ever done to him, only better because Filly wasn’t a whore and she was doing it to him on a bed inside a bedroom at his mother’s house. A blowjob under those circumstances couldn’t be any better.

“Uhmmm, ohh, uhmmmm!”

“Oh Jeeeez! Aghhhhhh!” Vic cried out as the Italian beauty with jet black hair slicked all the way back on her head, stared wide-eyed at him while she blew him to the brink of letting go into her mouth. Then, he did! “Oh no! Oh, Godddd! Oh Jeeeez! Aghhhhhh!”

When he opened his eyes again, Filly was still on the floor between his parted legs. “Was that good for you? Did I make you feel good?” she asked some real stupid questions. Of course she made him feel good! And the best part was, she wasn’t through making him feel good. “You’re limp now, but I can get you hard again. I promise!” she told him before his cock went back into her mouth again and she was doing her damndest to lick and suck him hard again.

“Oh wow! Oh yeah!” Vic groaned loudly as her tongue licked and her lips glided, not stopping with her sucking and licking until she had reached her ultimate goal.

“Okay! There? I’ve done it!” she proclaimed no more than ten minutes later. His dick was rock hard again and Filly was doing what Vic never expected, but she was doing it anyway. The nice Italian honey with the real short dress and no underwear underneath was on his bed and kneeling over him. “We’re gonna do it now, Vicky honey!”

“Okay!” he said like a real idiot since he didn’t know what else to say. Nothing like that had ever happened to him. No women ever wanted him like the scorned Filly did.

With his hard cock back inside her hand, she moved so her body was directly over it. “I’m gonna put it inside me now!” she said as the hard head touched her cunt and it moved between her folded skin and into her body. At least, Vic thought it was inside her body. It wasn’t, not yet anyway.

That happened when he felt Filly’s big ass drop down onto his lap. That’s when he knew his cock was all the way inside the horny lady’s cunt. It was a feeling I remembered from Ellaree and Irene and a feeling he really loved having.

“Oh, God! God!” he groaned out loud to the moving and moaning Filly.

“Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!” she cried out while her body rode him hard, making his dick feel even better than when she blew him, and therein lies the problem. Vic shot his load then, and he couldn’t keep himself from doing it again. Filly’s nice soft ass, her riding body, and her real juicy cunt, made Vic do it even quicker than either of them wanted.

Filly, in particular, wasn’t the least bit happy. She felt his dick go limp inside her.

“You little prick! You did it already? How fucking dare you!” she screamed, but didn’t get off of him. “The least you could do was wait for me to do it first!” she cried out with her body moving like crazy again, fucking him hard, but not really. All she was doing was moving fast on top of him in an attempt to get him stiff again. It didn’t work. After two loads fired, he was done for at least a few hours. Filly tried, but there was no more big boner no matter what she did.

“I’m sorry!” he told her as she slid off his body and went into the bathroom, but not without saying something first.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I should have known better than to try anything with a Goddamn boy. You got a real nice one k**. It’s too bad you don’t know what to do with it!”

Filly remained quiet during dinner and for the rest of her visit. After Vic’s mother served dessert and coffee, she thanked his mother for her hospitality and bid them both goodnight. Vic never expected to see her again.

After that very disappointing night with Filly, Vic knew he needed to learn a few things. Despite his big dick, he was still a k** and the k** knew absolutely nothing about what to do with his special gift. All he knew was jerking it off or sticking it into some whore like Ellaree.

In spite of his young age, he knew there had to be more to fucking than just climbing on top of a woman and pounding her into submission. Even at eighteen, he was mature enough to realize a woman needed much more than that. What it was, he didn't know. He only knew he needed someone to show him. Not long after the debacle with Filly, that special someone came into his life

More to come
Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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