Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 4

A Learning Process: A Quickie With Lepicki • July 1958

A week or so after another great night with Ellaree, Vic’s stepfather asked him to drive him to Astoria to see his old friend Frank Lepicki; Vic didn't turn Bob down for one very good reason. He saw a very good chance to see Frank Lepicki's real cute daughter again.

It had been five years since the two of them made out on the back seat of her father's car and Vic was wondering if she remembered how close they came to doing it. If she did, Vic was hoping they could pick up right where they left off. It was also a very good chance to see if he could get laid without having to pay for it.

While the two old men talked inside, Vic waited outside having a cigarette. He didn't do that to be courteous. He was waiting outside for his daughter to come home from the store. And when she did, Vic wasn't disappointed. Irene had gotten taller and had filled out in all the right places. She looked even better than Vic remembered. She even had tits now to go with her real nice legs.

“Hey! How ya doin?” he asked, and she stared at him like she didn't know who he was. “I used to live right next door!” he told her and she smiled like she remembered every detail of their close encounter of the sexual kind.

The Backseat Grab July 1953
Vic wouldn't say they f***ed Irene Lepicki to do anything bad because she willingly got into the car with both him and Eddie Rooney. It was July 1953 and the three of them were sitting on the front stoop talking about nothing in particular. Even though she was just thirteen, Irene had a real nice body for someone so young. She didn't have real big tits or anything like that, but she sure was curvy in just the right places and she had those real nice legs.

She lived right next door to Vic and was the only daughter of a Polish guy who was born on the other side. Ever since Vic met the girl, he had envisioned her naked and had fantasized of her many times. You know? Jerking off while seeing her naked, wondering what it would be like to fuck the only daughter of a guy who could barely speak English.

Irene was too young, but that never occurred to Vic. Most of the girls he fantasized about were older than him. Irene wasn’t. She was a k**, the same as him. Nevertheless, he still thought about her naked body and maybe fucking her. Then one day, he took his lurid thoughts way beyond thinking.

Eddie had ridden his bike over to see Vic and showed up just as he was talking to Irene nice-legs. At the time, she was wearing shorts and he could tell that Eddie was getting all worked from looking at legs as she sat on the stoop with her nice legs open. Vic knew that because he could see Eddie’s bulging pants.

“What's your name?” he asked while drooling.

“Irene! Irene Lepicki!” she answered while bringing her knees back together. Eddie looked down when she did that. He even took time to adjust his stiff one causing Irene to look away.

“Ever go out with boys?” he got right to the point and Irene blushed. Vic knew what he was getting at.

“Sure, I have!" she answered him even though Vic knew she was making it all up. Her strict old man would never let his daughter date any boys, especially boys like Eddie and Vic. Old man Frank knew what boys like them wanted from his daughter with the nice legs. “I go out a lot!" she lied again.

Eddie bought all of it. He thought he had a hot one, and his days of jerking off just might be over. Vic supposes that's why he pushed it. “Ever kiss a boy?” he asked and she answered quickly with no blush.

“Lotsa times! I kiss boys a lot!”
That was all Irene had to say. All of a sudden, Eddie wasn't the only one thinking he’d found a hot one. Just like that, Irene had convinced Vic too. Whether or not she was making it all up didn't matter anymore. If she said she kissed lots of boys that meant she'd kiss him and Eddie.

At first, Irene didn't want to go into the car that was parked right inside the garage. Hey! Would you? She saw the looks Eddie and Vic were giving her. She knew they'd both want more than the kiss she said she'd give us. That's why she didn't go at first.

“I'll kiss you here!" she told Eddie. “Then, I'll kiss him too!” she said of Vic, then did it without them even doing anything. The next thing they both knew, Irene was pressing her mouth to Eddie's mouth with the two of them standing frozen right in front of Vic. Neither one did anything but touch their lips together for about ten seconds. “Satisfied?” she asked him right after, but Eddie didn't answer. The kiss had done to him what Vic knew it would.

Eddie not only got himself a big stiff dick, he wanted even more than young Irene was willing to give. “Let's go into the car!" he told her and she refused. Irene knew she’d made a big mistake. The look in Eddie's eyes told her so.

“NO!" she told him. “I said I'd kiss you and that's it!" she told him, then leaned over towards Vic. Suddenly, he felt her wet, sloppy lips pressing on his and he felt just like Eddie did. His dick got all big and hard and now Vic wanted Irene in the back of the car too. The funny thing was, she must have liked kissing Vic more than Eddie because she did what they didn’t expect. Irene gave in and got into the backseat between Eddie and Vic.

Irene only wanted to kiss, but she only wanted to kiss Vic. He know that because she told Eddie he had bad breath and wouldn't kiss him anymore. Eddie didn't like hearing that and decided that if she wasn't gonna kiss him, he'd get something else from her. He wanted to feel her up instead. Naturally, Irene wasn't too thrilled about Eddie groping her body and she tried to stop him.

“I just wanna kiss!” she told Vic as Eddie grabbed for both her little tits, squeezing them roughly while he tried kissing her on the neck. “Make him stop!” she told Vic before making him an offer. “If I kiss you real nice will you make him stop?” she asked, but didn’t let Vic answer. She kissed him real nice.

When she did that, he had all to do from grabbing her tits himself. This thirteen-year old k** showed Vic what it was like to have another Human's tongue inside your mouth. Needless to say, Vic never even tried to stop Eddie from feeling her up. He let his friend play with her tits, then he let Eddie grab her where Irene didn't want to be grabbed, but did nothing to stop Eddie from squeezing her between the legs.

That day, Eddie never got more than a feel of Irene's pussy and her tits. She made it clear from the start she didn't like him, but was in no position to stop him from doing what he did to her. Vic guessed he could have stopped him if he wanted to. But, the truth was, he was having way too much fun tongue kissing Irene to even think about stopping Eddie from feeling her up.

Let's face it! If Irene really wanted him to stop, she would have stopped him. She let him feel her up while she did what she wanted to do with Vic. And that, Vic was happy to say, was something he never expected from the thirteen year old k** who lived right next door.

With her tongue dancing inside his mouth and Eddie giving her cunt a real good rub, Irene reached down between Vic’s legs and found something of her own to rub on. It was unexpected, but it sure was good. For just the second time in his life, it wasn’t his own hand that was rubbing his over-sized dick. It was the hand of a girl who wanted to rub him even more than Vic did.

Unfortunately, young Irene’s rubbing of his dick didn't last long enough. The mere thought of a girl doing that to him was just too much for the k** to take. He let go in his pants just like he did the first time a girl rubbed on his dick. At which point, Vic came to his senses. “C'mon! Let's get outta here!” he told them, and a few minutes later, Eddie was on his way home and Irene was looking at Vic like she was the one who'd done something wrong.

“What's the matter? Didn't you like kissing me?”

Yeah! Vic liked kissing her. He liked it too much. But, he couldn't stop wondering what would have happened if Eddie wasn't around. Irene and Vic were making out hot and heavy out in the garage with her hand rubbing his dick. Would she have gone all the way if they were all alone? Who knows? Vic only knew she didn't. He’d have to wait five more years for that.

Back to the future / A Quickie With Lepicki • July 1958
“Yeah! I remember you! You were the guy who didn't like kissing me!” she said, and Vic quickly cleared up the air on that misnomer. Before she could say no, he pulled her up against him and planted a big wet lip-lock on her mouth. To his delight, Irene didn’t shy away from his pressing lips or probing tongue. Instead, she parted her lips slightly and eagerly gave him a little bit of her own meaty tongue.

A few seconds later, they broke away with her taking a long deep breath. "Guess I was wrong," she told him, then said she had to go inside. “Even though I’m eighteen now, my father still watches my every move. I have to go in and report in to the general!”

When they went inside, the commanding general told his daughter he needed something else from the store. That was good. Vic saw his opportunity and offered to drive Irene to where she had to go. Five minutes after getting what she needed, he drove down to Astoria Park and parked his car. They weren't there five minutes when Irene and Vic picked up right where they left off back in the garage.

“I wish you’d called me before this," she admitted before her lips touched his and she gave him even more of her long meaty tongue. After five solid minutes of swapping tongues and panting, she spoke again. “I really wanted to go out with you," she said, then showed him why. Irene repeated her grabbing act of years past. She took hold of his dick right through his pants and started a real good rub. “My Goodness! It’s exactly as I remembered. Big and hard!”

“Yeah, baby! And it’s all for you!” he told her while doing some grabbing of his own. Vic did what Eddie did back then, only he didn't rub Irene’s sweet cunt through her shorts. He got his hand under her short dress and rubbed her very wet panties. “Damn Irene! I really wanted to fuck you back then!” he told her the truth and she quickly did the same.

“Oh, gosh Vic! I wanted you to do it to me too! But, your friend was there and he was so crude. If I let you do it to me, I'd have to do it for him too, and I wouldn't! I couldn't! Kissing that guy alone almost made me sick to my stomach.”

As she said that, she went for the zipper to his pants. He, in turn, went for the lining of her panties. To his joy and amazement. Irene didn’t stop him from sliding them around her ass and halfway down her thighs. The same could be said for her sliding his zipper down and taking out his dick. Why would he stop her from jerking on it while kissing him again while talking?

“You have to understand, Vic! Girls my age weren't supposed to do it at all, so how could I possibly do it with two boys at the same time?”

Vic didn’t care about Eddie. “What about now, baby?” We’re alone now! Can we do it now?”

Before answering, Irene kissed him again. Her tongue split his lips and it took hold of his tongue, chewing on it while their hands went to town on each other. A few minutes after that, Irene gave her answer. “What do you think? Gosh, yes! I want it! Please Vic! Give it to me now!”

With Irene helping, getting her panties off all the way was relatively easy. After that, she was quickly on her back with Vic pushing her meaty legs all the way back to her head. Not long after that, he fell right on top of her, his big dick slithering between her juicy cunt lips, making Irene Lepicki the first white girl to feel his big hard one inside her.

“Ohh, Godddd! Oh, Godd!” she let out a moan as his dick filled her up all the way. “I want it! I want it!" Irene cried out as he fucked her hard and fast. As he did, Vic felt her long smooth legs wrapping tightly around his body, holding him in place as he gave her what she wanted.

Not long after, probably just minutes, the two of them started cumming, or at least, Vic started cumming. He wasn’t totally sure about Irene because she didn’t say much except maybe a few loud moans and sighs. From his few experiences with Ellaree, women made more sounds than that when they came. He wasn’t sure, so he said nothing about it to Irene after they finished. He just asked her if she liked it and if she’d done it before.

The cute Polish girl with the real nice legs and little tits said yes on both counts.

“Yeah! I liked doing it,” she said before telling him something he really didn’t understand at the time. And no wonder he didn’t get it? He was way too inexperienced to know if a woman had her orgasm. “I only wish we could do it longer. It just goes by just a little too fast for me to really enjoy it.”

“Does that mean we can do it again another time?” he asked expecting her to say yes. He STILL didn’t get it.

She didn’t say yes. “Maybe! I don’t know. It all depends on how I feel that day.”

Vic never expected her to say that. Hey! He just gave her his real big dick. He thought she’d jump at the opportunity to get it again. How many guys had what he had? Not many. How can she say she didn’t know? “I don’t understand. What do you mean you don’t know?” he asked after he sat up and watched Irene slipping her panties back on. “It’s yes or it’s no! You want it again or you don’t!”

She looked at Vic like he was nuts. “Then, it’s no! If you’re gonna be such a shit about it, it’s no!”

“NO? What about my big dick? You didn’t like it?”

“I didn’t say that, Vic!” she said while shaking her head. “Your big dick was nice all right, but there’s more to sex than the size of a man’s dick. Guys like you are all the same. You all think you need to be big to satisfy a woman. Well, you don’t Vic! There are other ways! Now please! I gotta get home before my father comes looking for me.”

The ride back to her house was a quiet one. She gave Vic a lot to think about and he was still pondering what she said as he pulled up to her curb. He may have struck out with Irene, but Vic wasn’t giving up just yet. “Can I call you?”

She almost leaned over to kiss his mouth, but her father appeared from out of nowhere. Irene just smiled while taking hold of his hand. “I enjoyed it, Vic. I really did! I just think we can make it better. When you figure that out give me a call.”

He never called her.

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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gthats what older women are for to get the experience we need Older women want to tell us how its done because they love it and know what an orgasm feels like and how to get there
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He will! Give him a little time to learn the ropes.

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very good, but i would have called her