Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 3

Summer of 1953 • The “Teasers”


Frankie’s Mom could have easily have passed for one of those young girls at the pool because she had the real nice body of a younger girl. Unlike the other moms, this lady wore a two-piece suit. She wasn’t hiding the fact that she had the slim waist, nice ass and tits, and super nice legs those other mothers didn’t have.

Yeah! Frankie’s Mom fit right in with all the young girls all right! That’s probably why Vic didn’t hesitate in going into his room and locking the door before lying down on his bed with the pictures of Mrs. Doyle in her sexy two-piece suit and a sock wrapped firmly around his big hard cock.

Before he knew it, he was fucking Mrs. Doyle in his mind every chance he could. Yeah! Back then he fucked Francine Doyle a lot, making her the very first older woman he fantasized about. Little did Vic know it then, but that was an omen of things to come regarding fucking.

Older woman knew way more than young girls when it came to fucking. They knew more than young boys too, and that’s what a young boy like Vic needed. Where he’d find someone to teach him he didn’t know yet. That would be for later. In the meantime, he did the only sensible thing a young boy could do.

Whenever he went to bed or showered, he jerked off while thinking about Mrs. Doyle, Frankie’s real nice Mom.

Needless to say, he couldn’t tell Frankie what he was doing. He’d never understand. Frankie didn’t see Francine the same way Vic did. She was his mother. Guys didn’t see their mothers sexually. They saw them from a son’s viewpoint, and that’s the reason Vic couldn’t tell his friend his sexual thoughts and actions regarding Frankie’s real nice Mom.

Eddie Rooney was a different story. When it came to another guy’s real nice Mom, Eddie thought a lot like Vic. “Lemme have some of those pictures!” he said to him when Vic showed him what he had. “Oh man! I always liked his mother. Would you look at those beautiful legs! She’s as nice as they come!”

Eddie was right on that count. In a sexy bathing suit, they didn’t come much nicer than Frankie’s sexy Mom. She had it all and she showed it to whoever was watching.

On this one particular day, Vic was watching Mrs. Doyle like he always did. That’s when he saw something that surprised him. There was another Mom who looked just as sexy as Frankie’s Mom. For the first time ever, she was wearing a two-piece suit too, showing off her nice legs and tits and ass.

Vic didn’t want to stare at this other sexy Mom. He didn’t want to take her pictures either. He just couldn’t help himself. In a sexy bathing suit, Eddie Rooney’s mother was just too nice to ignore. Eddie, of course, didn’t see what Vic saw. He saw his mother. She wasn’t sexy. She was his mother.

When Vic told him she looked nice, Eddie just shrugged it off as if Vic was seeing something that wasn’t there. The fact is, the sexy Mrs. Rooney was definitely there and Vic wanted to tell his best friend what he was thinking about when he looked at Eddie’s real nice mother. He wanted to tell him he saw Mrs. Rooney the same way he saw Mrs. Doyle.

Naturally, Vic didn’t tell Eddie any of that. He just took more pictures of both the sexy mothers. That night, after developing and printing those pictures, he went into his room and locked the door. Then, with a sock wrapped firmly around his big hard cock, Vic took out his pictures of Mrs. Doyle and Mrs. Rooney in their sexy two-piece bathing suits.

If two teasing mothers weren’t enough to taunt the young boy, Vic also had to deal with a few of his teasing s****rs as well. What we’re talking about started with one of his two k** s****rs and it wasn’t eleven-year old Ricci. She was tall and skinny and the gawky c***d still looked her age.

On the other hand, one year older Elva was much different than Ricci. Elva’s was only twelve, but even a twelve-year-old rapidly developing girl could excite a b*****r if she’s naked, and Elva was very naked the night Vic peeked through the keyhole of the bathroom door. Why he did that was because he’s a weird k**, and the weird k** wanted to see a naked girl and he figured that Elva was about the best chance he had to do that. He was right.

Elva and Vic were home alone one night and watching television when she got up from the couch and said she was going in to take a shower. Since no one else was there, it seemed like a good opportunity to take a quick peek into the bathroom. After waiting a few minutes, he walked down the hall towards the bathroom and knelt down right in front of the door. What Vic saw was the best thing he ever saw in his life.

His first look into the small bathroom was a homerun in that Elva was sitting on the toilet taking a pee. At least, he thought she was peeing. In any event, she had already taken off all her clothes and was bone naked right in front of him until she stood up to wipe herself. That’s when he got the look to end all looks. He learned that his little s****r was growing up quickly and starting to mature into a full-blown woman.

Her blossoming tits weren’t THAT big yet, but you could already tell she wasn’t a boy. And if that wasn’t enough to show her maturity, Elva was growing a small patch of blonde hair between her long skinny legs. She may have been only twelve at the time, but his k** s****r Elva excited him enough to make him jerk off that night while thinking about her.

Then there was Virginia. There was no doubt his oldest s****r was no longer a k**. She was already eighteen and unlike Elva, Ricci, and the one year older Evelyn, was fully developed in all the right places. Vic knew that because he used the same methods that he used with Elva in seeing his older s****r’s beautiful naked body. Only that time, he saw a lot more and he took a lot more chances in seeing what he saw. In the end, it was all worth the risk he took.

As With Elva, Virginia and Vic were home alone together. His mother had gone over to his Aunt Shirley’s house and Elva was doing her homework over a friend’s house. Unlike his little s****r, his big s****r and Vic weren’t watching television together. Since she was five years older than him, Virginia and Vic were on a different wavelength, therefore, didn’t socialize together either. In fact, they barely spoke except to say hello every once in a while.

That night, she spoke briefly. “Victor! I’m taking a shower so don’t come into the bathroom. If you gotta pee, go now!”

He didn’t have to pee, but he definitely needed to look into the bathroom once his older s****r settled in and got undressed. But first, there was the matter of the quick peek through the keyhole a few minutes after she closed the door. If seeing twelve-year-old Elva with no clothes was a home run, then seeing eighteen-year-old Virginia was definitely a grand slam.

Not only was the buxom blonde totally naked, she was sitting on the throne with her legs wide open and peeing. Vic thought she spent an incredible amount of time wiping the pee off her blonde-haired pussy. That sight alone was well worth the price of admission. He couldn’t know for sure, but it sure seemed like his older s****r was rubbing herself. Whatever the case, he knew for sure that’s what he’d be doing once she got into the shower and he left the keyhole.

With the shower water running, that’s exactly what he was doing, seeing his naked s****r in his mind and rubbing his boner on the mattress. It felt good, but it wasn’t good enough. For his masturbating purposes that day, he needed to see much more than an erotic vision in his head. He needed to see the naked Virginia in the flesh. So, with that in mind, he crept quietly into the bathroom and looked right at the almost clear shower curtain.

What Vic saw in front of him was like nothing he’d ever seen his entire life. It was his older s****r Virginia, and she was as naked as women can be. Behind the frosted curtain, she was washing herself with soapy water and humming a song while she washed. It was a beautiful sight to see, yet it wasn’t a perfect sight in Vic’s mind. The image of Virginia’s nakedness was blurred because of the frosted curtain. To make it perfect, Vic needed to look behind the curtain.

Holy fucking shit! There she fucking was! Virginia was just as naked and just as soapy, but she was something else too. She was washing her hair with her eyes closed and he was no more than a few feet away from the biggest pair of tits he’d ever seen on any woman. And the best part was, she was jiggling her big tits while washing her hair, a sight that almost had him shooting his load into his pants.

Vic had the best view of all and Virginia didn’t even know it. His older s****r was unknowingly showing him her big soapy titties and her soapy furry bush. It was so fucking good he didn’t want to leave. Then, he had to. She started rinsing her hair.

Even as he started to leave the bathroom, he needed to take one last look. As he did, his hand reached down and took hold of his big hard cock, holding it out while staring at the naked image painted on the shower curtain. Virginia’s naked image was THAT good, THAT exciting to him. He starting jerking off, but something told him not to.

His s****r had stopped humming.

Once she sensed the presence of someone in the room, Virginia stopped rinsing her hair and body and looked through the shower curtain right at the intruder she immediately knew.

“VICTOR! You’re not supposed to be in here!” she yelled, but instead of moving, he froze right in place. She didn’t even give him a chance to move or say anything. The next thing he knew, the shower curtain was being tugged to the side and his s****r was swearing obscenities at him with her arms folded across her big breasts, covering up her boobs, but not her memorable blonde bush.

As for Vic, he didn’t cover his bottom either. His big boner was still out and it was still as hard as ever for his s****r’s eyes to feast on. She was trying not to stare, but he knew she saw it. That wouldn’t cum to light for quite some time.

In the meanwhile . . .

Teenage girls
A few weeks after the pool incident with the older girl, there was another cock-poking incident. This one happened at the beach with the cousins of Vic’s stepb*****r. Like before, he never planned for it to happen. It just did, like before.

Girls with nice bodies did that to him. He’d take one look at the prize goodies they were showing off and before he know it, his big stiff dick would be bulging whatever he was wearing. On this one particular day at the beach, all Vic was wearing was a bathing suit that did little to hide what he got from gawking at the prize goodies of Lennie’s two good-looking cousins.

Cecilia was fifteen and Lucrezia nineteen. Both s****rs had real big tits and they both had real nice meaty legs. He tried not to stare at their goodies, but their brief sexy bathing suits and real cute bodies, made that almost impossible for someone who loved looking at good-looking girls. He just had to look at them, and when he did, you can already guess what happened inside his too tight bathing suit.

He spent the whole day trying to hide his poking dick. Unfortunately, he didn't try hard enough. The two sexy s****rs that everyone called Ceil and Lucki couldn’t help but see it.

He had just come out of the water and was standing in the surf when the younger of the two walked right up to him. Being close to his age, Ceil just wanted to talk, which was perfectly okay with Vic. The thing was, he wanted to do much more than talk with the young, but sexy Ceil. He wanted to look too. Her two-piece bathing suit not only showed off her real hefty chest, the pleated skirt bottom really made her nice soft ass look even nicer than it already was.

Anyway, he was giving her a real going over as she talked, taking off her bathing suit in his head and stripping her naked in his mind. All of a sudden, he heard Lennie yelling from up on the beach. When he looked up, he was motioning for Vic to look down. When he did, he saw his big dick sticking straight out parallel to the sand. All he could do was ignore it and hope Ceil hadn't seen the boner caused by her real fine body.

Guess what? When he looked up, he saw her looking down at his dick. A second later, she looked at his face and her frown said she wasn't too happy.

“You're disgusting!” she told him, then ran up the beach towards her s****r.

From where he stood, Vic watched the two s****rs talking while looking his way. He then watched them talking to Lennie and all three look his way. The next thing he knew, Ceil and Lucki were packing up their stuff like they were leaving. They weren’t. As it turned out, they were only walking to the refreshment stand for sodas. When he got back to the blanket, the twenty-three year old Lennie pretended like he was mad, but Vic knew differently.

He was grinning from ear to ear like he was real proud of him. “Hey k**! I know my cousins are real nice, but the least you could do is hide the Goddamn thing! I mean, k**! I’d like to bang the two cockteasers too, but you gotta be a little more discreet about it.”

What can we tell you? Was it Vic’s fault Lennie’s cousins had real nice bodies and they flaunted them in front of him like they did? Shit, no! It was definitely their fault, and he only did what came naturally for him. What wasn’t natural was hearing Lennie say he’d like to bang his two cousins. That made Vic wonder about something else Lennie said about being discreet. He wasn’t discreet and neither was Lucki.

When the two s****rs got back from the refreshment stand, Lennie wasted little time in taking the older of the two cockteasers out for a swim. That bold move left Ceil and Vic to fend for themselves, something he was a little nervous about until Ceil showed him he had no reason to be nervous at all. It was also then that the two older cousins tossed discretion into the rolling surf.

From where Ceil and Vic sat together on the beach blanket, you couldn’t miss the hot goings on between Lennie and Lucki. Her s****r was no more than 50 yards away, but Ceil could see clearly that Lucki and Lennie had quickly become kissing cousins. Talk about his stepb*****r’s boldness? He wasn’t k**ding when he said he’d like to bang Lucki. From what Vic could see from his spot next to the moving closer Ceil, Lennie was making good on his statement.

Ceil couldn’t help commenting. “Wow! Would you look at those two? They’re not supposed to be doing that! Are they?” she said before doing what Vic never expected in a million years. The younger of the two s****rs leaned towards him and placed one arm over his shoulder. When he turned his head to look at her arm, she placed her other hand on his leg just below his bulging dick. Before he could even think of what to say, the two years older girl made her move.

“Oh God!” he said quietly with his eyes closed as her long fingers squeezed his bulge.

“Oh wow!” she said, her face just inches from his, her hand getting a tighter grip. He wasn’t sure what to do, so he did nothing. Ceil was doing all that needed to be done. He just kept quiet with his eyes closed as this older girl did her best to take him to the inevitable conclusion. That happened quickly, but not quick enough. He popped his load, but not before the kissing cousins returned and they saw what Ceil’s hand was doing with great vigor.

“CECELIA!” Lucki cried out from just a few feet away. “Stop what you’re doing this instant! You should know better!” she yelled, making Ceil stop, but not before the dick let loose and Vic’s eyes opened wide. When he looked up he saw a red-faced Lucki and a sly grinning Lennie. Interestingly, Ceil was smiling too. Her s****r was angry with her, but she didn’t care.

“Where are we so different, Luck? You were doing it in the water with our cousin!” Ceil said and Lucki disagreed.

“So what if I was! I’m older than you, Ceil! You’re just a c***d!”

“I am NOT! I can do it too if I want to!”

Just then, Lennie thought it time to leave the s****rs alone. “C’mon, k**! Let’s take a swim!” Once in the water, Lennie came on like a big b*****r. “I know what you’re thinking and I don’t blame you for feeling that way about Ceil. I feel the same way about Lucki, but I can do something about it ‘cause we’re both old enough. Well, you’re not k**! And neither is Ceil. You can think about fucking her all you want, but, for the time being, you’re both too young to actually do anything with her. Wait a few years, k**! Ceil, and maybe even Lucki, will be there when you’re old enough.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m damn sure, k**!”

Back to the Future • Getting laid . . . Again! • July 1958
The lay Ellaree gave Vic was good, but that wasn’t what he remembered most about his time with the colored whore. It was the blowjob she gave him that stayed in his mind long after that first night. He loved the feeling of having her lips and tongue on his cock, giving it sensations it never knew before, making it explode as it never had before, releasing his juice to a place it had never gone before. Damn! What a feeling!

That feeling was so good he wanted it again as soon as possible. For fear of ridicule, he didn’t dare tell Joe he wanted an encore with the whore, or more precisely, a blowjob. That meant going to the gas station by himself, which he did a week later.

When he pulled up in his own car and asked for Ellaree that raised a few eyebrows among the locals. He wasn’t his b*****r-in-law and that didn’t sit right with the colored men until she came out of the garage and saw him in his car.

“Hey baby! I know you!”

That was all the whore lady had to say and the locals backed off. The skinny white k** was safe from assumed bodily harm. They may not have hurt him like he thought, but they sure as shit scared the crap out of him. In any event, Ellaree saved Vic by appearing and then by getting into the car for the real life saving act.

She didn’t question why he only wanted a blowjob. She just took the three dollars he gave her for it and immediately went about the business of making one young man extremely happy. Vic wasn’t sure how long it took for him to cum into her mouth. It wasn’t long, maybe several minutes. That’s how good Ellaree Brown was at sucking cock. Once her wet lips and dynamic tongue began their titillating process, the rest came easy. (No pun)

A few nights later Vic was back for more and he got more. When he told her he could only pay for a blowjob, she told him not to worry. For the same three dollars Ellaree straddled his body on the passenger side front seat and gave him the fuck she apparently wanted even more than he did.

“Damn, honey! It ain’t every day Ellaree gets a dick this big inside her pussy!” she told him while riding his lap, giving Vic another first in less than a week, the straddle fuck. That position would become one of his favorites in no time simply because it took very little energy to do the very same thing. Why not just sit there and let the woman do all the work? In the case of Ellaree, she fucked Vic right where he sat without him moving a muscle. For what came next, he needed all the saved up energy his small body could muster.

This time his body moved. It had no other choice. Her teasing tongue had his cock tingling with joy, making it so happy, his lower body jerked wildly out of control as her talented tongue and expert lips extracted every bit of juice his balls could give. In terms of economics, it was by far the best three dollars Vic ever spent. As blowjobs go, this woman would reign supreme until someone better came along. (Again no pun)

Craving for more and more, he saw her five or six times over the next few weeks. What money he had, and there wasn’t much at the time, went to the paid whore. Bowling with the guys was out and so was shooting fucking pool. All Vic could afford was Ellaree and that was perfectly all right with him. The incredible sex he had with this colored woman was well worth the money.

More to come . . .

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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