Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 2

Summer of 1953

Discovering His Manhood

It was July of 1953, and the two Eddies and Vic had gone to Astoria Pool to go swimming, nothing else. They never even talked about girls, let alone looked at them. They were just three young k**s looking to have fun the only way they knew, and that was swimming at the pool, playing stickball and riding their bikes.

Girls, no matter how nice they were, just never fit into their plans. They didn't want them, didn’t need them. At least that's what they thought. Then one day, something weird happened. Vic discovered that the mere thought of a girl made him feel better than he ever felt before.

Once they got inside the locker room, the guys stripped down naked and put their clothes into a basket. You didn't put your valuable shit with your clothes because what you had wouldn't be there when you got back. But, losing your valuable shit wasn’t the point here.

What was important was Vic comparing his big hard dick to all the other dicks in the locker room. Believe it or fucking not, his big dick was stiff and erect, nothing like all the other guys whose smaller limp dicks hung down in front of them. That fucking astounded him.

Honestly! He had no fucking idea. He thought every guy’s dick stood straight out like his. What the fuck did he know? He was just dumb shit k**. All he knew was riding his bike, playing stickball and swimming at the pool. The size and stiffness of his dick never occurred to him. Now all of a sudden, he knew and he wasn’t alone.

“Hey! Get a load of Mr. Stiffo there!”

That was his new nickname. It replaced his old one, a name he truly hated because of his size: Mr. Short Legs. Vic was short and skinny, only five foot six and a hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet. The new name the guys gave him was much more to his liking.

Vic’s next revelation came about an hour later when the guys and him were standing by the diving pool watching both guys and girls dive into the deep water. They were just watching everyone when an older girl started climbing up the ladder right next to them.

As it turned out, she was a real snot. "Hey, you k**s! Get outta my way!"

She yelled at them because they were blocking her way out of the pool. As she climbed to the top step, Vic turned and looked down at the older girl who was yelling up at them. What he saw had an immediate effect on both his mind and the pissing tool inside his bathing suit.

Never in his life had he ever seen what this older girl had inside the top of her bathing suit. Whatever it was, they stretched her suit to the point where you could see two hard points poking the tight wet material.

Jeez! His mother never looked like that and neither did any of his s****rs. Nothing bulged their bathing suits except their big fat asses. This other girl was different, very different than his mother and s****rs. That was why he couldn't stop gawking at her until he had to stop. She caught him looking.

“Hey, stupid! Whatta you think you're looking at?”

Vic was so embarrassed all he could do was look down, saying nothing as this very different girl walked away. He was still looking down when he heard Eddie and Eddie talking about the girl and her big bulging chest. The thing was, Vic wasn’t looking down at the wet concrete at his feet. He was looking down at what had taken place inside his own bathing suit. The dick that was already stiff inside the locker room had gotten even stiffer by the pool.

Not only was it swelling inside, it was poking the suit material with a f***e strong enough to burst right through it.

Lost for what to do, he looked at Eddie and Eddie. They were laughing. He then looked over at the girl with her friends. They were laughing too. Everyone was getting a big ol’ laugh out of Mr. Short Leg’s big poking dick. As for Mr. Stiffo himself, he wasn't laughing. He was so fucking embarrassed he jumped right into the ten-foot ice cold water.

Not only did that cool him off, it got him away from all the laughers and got rid of his big stiff dick at the same time.

When he got home that afternoon, his mother told Vic to take a shower, which he was only too happy to do. His mother’s theory was to wash everyone's piss off your body. That was good thinking on her part, but Vic liked his own theory better. He wanted to do something he had never done before.

While standing under the hot shower water, Vic closed his eyes and pictured that older girl in his mind. Then, with a vision of her big bulging chest as clear as a bell, he reached down and touched himself. What happened when he did that was an exact repeat of what happened at the pool. His big dick grew and grew and it grew. The more he thought of that girl, and the more he rubbed his growing dick, the bigger and harder it got.

Nothing like that had ever happened to the thirteen year old boy. Just thinking about this girl and rubbing his dick, was not only making it bigger, it was making him feel very good too. It felt so good he couldn't stop doing it. Before he knew it, he was actually jerking on the damn thing, pulling on his dick like he never pulled on it before.

That's when the weirdest thing of all happened.

It was almost like pissing, but it felt a hell of a lot better than that. And the creamy shit that shot from his dick wasn't yellow like piss either. It was white and gooey like some kind of cream. Vic didn't know what to make of it as he watched the water wash the white goo down the drain.

He wasn't sure what to make of his dick either. It shriveled up and got smaller than it was before he jerked on it. The vision of that girl disappeared from his mind too. Just like that, he wasn't interested in her anymore.

The next day, Eddie Rooney got right to the point. "You jerked off, moron! " he told Vic as they sat on his stoop, his big mouth telling Vic things he didn't know. "I do it all the time!" he said, making Vic wonder if his friend was some kind of weirdo. "Don't tell me that was your first time?" he asked and Vic said it was. Eddie looked at Vic he was the weird one.

Vic learned a lot that day. He learned he was no longer a k**. Stickball and swimming were no longer important to him. Being alone with his big dick was now the most important thing in his life. Jerking off was now a big part of him.

Finding new girls at the pool and thinking about them while jerking off was now as common to him as hitting a Spaldeen with a broom handle. He did it often and he did it well. He even devised his own method for doing it.

Instead of jerking on his dick in the shower like Eddie, he did it in his bed with the aid of a sock placed over his big bulging hard-on. That way, he could lie on his stomach and rub his dick on a hard spot on the mattress, while at the same time thinking about some girl he saw at the pool.

That method worked so well, he did it when he went to bed and he did it again in the morning. The fact is, Vic loved doing it. Then one day, he discovered that just thinking about a girl wasn’t doing it anymore for him. He needed some kind of visual arts to excite him and that meant only one thing.

Ever since his b*****r Dom showed him how to develop pictures, he’d been dabbling in photography. In addition to teaching Vic the ins and outs of a darkroom, Dom also gave him a real nice 35mm camera. It had a zoom lens and a big enough aperture to capture pictures without the need for flash. For the visual arts pictures needed for jerking off, all he really needed was the zoom lens to zero in on the unsuspecting girls in their sexy bathing suits.

In just a short time Vic had more than enough pictures to satisfy the combined needs of himself and Eddie. Every night, both of them jerked off while looking at the finest young bodies Astoria pool had to offer. That went on for weeks until the day Vic did something he shouldn’t have done. He took a few pictures of someone other than the young sexy girls of Astoria Pool. He took pictures of Frankie Doyle’s mother in her own sexy bathing suit.

Not that doing that was bad by itself. It wasn’t. It was a totally innocent act on his part. The older woman was standing right near one of the younger girls and he just kept shooting without realizing who she was until it was too late. The next thing Vic knew, he was home in his darkroom and looking at all the printed pictures from the days shooting.

That’s when he realized two things: one, he had a picture of Mrs. Doyle in a sexy bathing suit, and two, he really liked seeing Mrs. Doyle in a sexy bathing suit.

More to come . . .

Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is i*****l or immoral. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

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I do condon this ti was great on to the next chapter
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very good story of discovery