Always hard: the beginning

Chapter 1 • July 1958

Getting Laid . . . Finally!

Looking out the passenger window of the 1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk, Vic stared at this colored woman talking to his b*****r-in-law. The next thing he knew, Joe was walking over to the car and tapping on the car window. His quick move startled Vic, but what he said next, scared the living crap out of him.

"Hey, k**! She’s hot to trot! You want some of her?" Joe asked, nodding his head towards the smiling colored lady.

It was July of 1958. Vic thought he became a man when he turned eighteen seven months earlier. That wasn’t true. He wasn’t really a true man since he hadn’t gotten laid yet. The same was true for all the other sorry saps he hung out with. None of those bozos had ever gotten laid either, so none of them were true men either.

If he could get over his jitters and let this colored lady into the car with him, all of this would be over and he’d be the first guy on the block to ever wet his whistle. Damn! Talk about bragging rights? All he had to do was open the car door and he’d be the king of the block, at least for a little while.

As it turned out, opening the car door wasn’t his move after all. In his sudden desire to get his young b*****r-in-law laid, Joe took care of that small matter without Vic saying a word either way. Want to or not, nervous or not, his s****r’s husband took it upon himself to make the biggest decision of Vic’s young life.

But, before the car door opened and before the colored lady got inside with him, we need to go back in time and find out exactly how Joe and Vic ended up where they were.

For starters, Joe worked as an exterminator in Jamaica and the two of them were on their way home from listening to guitarist Rector Bailey’s Jazz group at a local Jamaica, Queens bar. At the time, Vic was living with his s****r and her husband in Springfield Gardens, Queens.

Ten minutes after leaving the club, Joe pulled into a gas station where he knew all the colored people who worked there. One of those colored people worked at the gas station, but she didn’t fix cars or sell gas. Ellaree was selling Ellaree. Everyone knew her and everyone at the gas station probably fucked her too. It was now Vic’s turn.

"Ur, yeah!" he mumbled and this colored lady walked up to the car, her white teeth showing from her big smile and from the contrast to her real dark skin. She was colored, but that didn't matter to Vic. Some guys might have hesitated doing it with a colored woman but not Vic.

He only hesitated because he was scared shit of her and what he had to do with her.

"You ready, Honey?" she asked and Joe reached for the door handle.

"Yeah, he's ready! Treat the k** good!" Joe said, but contrary to what his b*****r-in-law said, Vic wasn’t ready.

Oh, he thought about it a lot. All his lob friends did. Every one of those sorry saps wanted to get laid. They just couldn't do it no matter what they did. Let’s face it! It was hard getting laid when all you ever did was go bowling and shoot pool with your nitwit friends.

Now all of a sudden, on a hot summer night in July, Vic wasn’t going bowling or shooting pool with his sad sap friends. He was getting out of Joe's car and letting a colored woman into the car so that she could fuck for him.

He was so nervous about doing that he was actually shaking in fear. Not to worry. Ellaree the hooker was exactly what he needed. Vic didn’t know it then, but she was a real pro at easing boys like him into their manhood. That was good because this boy didn’t have a clue on what to do with this hooker. He just did what he thought was right and put his trembling arm around the woman’s bare shoulder. When he did that, the eager Ellaree slid right up to him and said something Vic wasn't nearly ready for.

“How much you gonna give me, Hon?” she asked and Mr. Dumb Shit blurted out the first thing on his mind.

"Anything you want!" he told her and meant it. For his first fuck ever, he’d have given this colored lady his entire fortune, which at the time consisted of about ten bucks in his pocket and another ten at home in his underwear drawer.

Luckily for Vic, Ellaree didn’t ask for his entire fortune. She only asked for five dollars and he said okay right away. At least, he thought he said okay. He probably said nothing and she took that as a yes, which was perfectly okay with Vic because all he wanted to do with her was get laid.

In any event, his next move was a real bold one, especially for a rookie relying on instinct alone. Vic reached down between her fleshy upper legs and the whore lady did what no woman had ever done for him. Ellaree spread her beefy legs wide open, letting his hand go all the way up to her wet mushy crotch.

That’s when Vic learned another name for a woman's cunt. “Oh yeah, baby! That’s it, honey! Rub my pussy! Get Ellaree nice and wet!”

Vic already knew she didn’t need him to get her pussy nice and wet. That pussy was already nice and wet without him rubbing it. Even so, he did what she said and rubbed her mushy crotch like he actually knew what he was doing. He must have been doing it okay because she looked him right in the eyes like she actually liked what he was doing to her.

“Oh yeah, baby! You're getting me all hot and bothered!” she said, prompting Vic to do something totally unheard of when having sex with a street whore. He kissed the whore squarely on the mouth.

To be fair here, Vic wasn’t a total lob. He had made out with girls before and that’s what you did when you made out with any girl. You kissed her on the mouth and hoped she gave you her tongue. Well, that’s exactly what happened with the whore, Ellaree. She gave Vic her tongue like no girl had ever given him her tongue.

With her large wet lips pressed to his virgin mouth, the meaty probe burst between his lips where it quickly took a hold of his tongue. Then, with his active fingers still rubbing her dampened crotch, the whore lady started to suck on his tongue like she actually wanted to eat the fucking thing.

The fact that she was a whore whose mouth had eaten the cocks of many other men, never even occurred to Vic. She was kissing him like no girl had ever kissed him and to tell you the truth, Vic didn’t give a crap how many cocks she'd eaten. All he cared about was getting laid and that wonderful fact was very close to becoming a reality.

"It's time, hon!" she cried out not long after they started tongue-kissing. "Ellaree wants your cock, baby!" she said while reaching down between his legs. That’s when the woman almost shit. "Whoa, baby! Whatchoo got in there? It feels like a big fat log!”

“It’s my dick, ma’am,” he said politely, not knowing what else to say to a woman whose hand was holding his boner and squeezing it. It was definitely a first Vic really liked.

And so did she. Suddenly, his big fat log was out and inside of Ellaree’s hand. "Damn! The white boy's got himself real fine tool to work with! I ain’t ever seen a tool THIS big!”

The fact is, Ellaree Brown had never seen a cock THAT big. Not even the street hooker with hundreds of cocks to her credit had ever taken an almost ten inch cock into her well-traveled pussy. What the good Lord didn’t give the five foot six inch boy in height he made up for in cock.

Some will argue that he was much better off. Ellaree was the first. She wouldn’t be the last.

Everything happened so fast after she took out his cock. So fast, Vic didn’t remember her taking off her panties. He only knew she did and was quickly on her back with her open legs all the way back to her head. Now he was really scared.

"W-w-w-what should I . . . I do?" he asked while kneeling between her legs spread wide, his pants down to his ankles. At that point, he could feel the bare skin of her legs come around his ass, pulling him down towards her waiting body.

She was anxious. “Just stick it in me, boy! Gimme that big fat log and fuck the living crap outta me. That's what I want from you, white boy! Ellaree wants to be fucked with your big fat log of yours!”

Hey! There was no other way to put it. She wanted it so he gave it to her. Vic fell on top of the whore and started to fuck the crap out of her. Well, almost. He thought he was fucking. It seemed like fucking. He was sure it was fucking.

It wasn’t, not even close. How could it possibly be fucking? His big fat log wasn't even inside the woman. He thought it was, but what the fuck did he know? Remember? It was his first time. He had no idea what it felt like to have his cock inside a woman’s pussy. Vic didn’t know what that felt like, but Ellaree sure as shit did.

She knew the feeling of a cock inside her body all too well and for some strange reason, wasn’t getting the usual feeling. This non-feeling didn’t make her one bit happy. "Damn it, boy! Whatchoo think you doin'? You ain't even got that big fat log inside me!"

What a dope! He was rubbing his dick on her leg thinking it was her pussy.

No problem. The whore took care of everything. She reached down for his dick and did what Vic couldn’t do. Once she got a hold of it, there was no doubt where his big fat log was going. The smooth slinky hand of Ellaree the whore guided his dick right to where they both wanted it. What he felt then was indescribable bliss.

“Oh God! Oh God!” he groaned loudly as he felt the joy of a woman's cunt closing tightly around his big hard cock. This wasn’t a sock, or even his hand squeezing the joy from his dick. It was the wet juicy pussy of a live woman holding his bulging cock tightly within its grasp.

That magical moment gave Vic the greatest feeling of his young life, a feeling he’d looked forward to ever since he could remember. How could he not let loose with all his juice just seconds later?

“Aghhhhhh!” he grunted loudly as he let go with all the sperm he had to give.

Vic was thrilled when he popped his load into Ellaree. She, on the other hand, wasn't nearly as happy. In fact, she was downright pissed. “Shit, boy!” she cried out from beneath him. “You discharged already? I ain't even done it once and you're already done yours!” she complained bitterly before losing control of herself. The next thing he knew, those real solid legs were wrapped tightly around him and her wet mushy cunt was doing the same to his shriveling dick.

We don’t have to tell you that Vic I had no idea what she was talking about. “Wha . . .?”

"Fuck me ‘til I discharge, boy!" she ordered and he did what she said without another word being said.

He bounced his body on top of the whore as hard and as fast as he could, his big dick getting bigger and harder inside of her. That made the woman feel real good and a few minutes later, Vic found out for real what she was talking about. He learned exactly what happened when a woman discharges. It was a lesson he’d remember for the rest of his life

With all four of her strong limbs clinging tightly to his smaller body, her quaking cunt trembled violently around his dick as her ass cheeks shook uncontrollably inside his hands. And while all this vigorous movement was taking place, Ellaree the whore was screaming all kinds of dirty things into his ear. She was cursing at him like he was hurting her, when in fact he wasn't hurting her at all. He was making the older whore feel better than she’d ever felt in her life.

“No man ever got me off like you did, hon!" she told him after they sat up. "They just stick their tool inside me and fuck me 'til they pop their load. They don't give no shit 'bout Ellaree. All them guys wanna do is dump their spunk inside the whore’s twat," she said as she took his dick back inside her hand. "But, you hon, you're different! You cared ‘bout Ellaree cumming and, the best part was, baby, you got somethin' none of them boys got!"

That’s for sure. Vic already knew what he had. He just didn’t know what to do with it. His short time with the whore gave him a pretty good idea. Having a big dick doesn’t mean shit if you don’t make your woman happy. That night, Vic made this one particular woman very happy, while at the same time, making himself very happy too.

While the whore lady discharged her juicy goo, Vic let go again too. He just couldn't help it. This hot colored whore sucked it all right out of him. And speaking of sucking, the woman was so happy he got her to discharge, she rewarded Vic with something he’d never gotten before from any woman.

“You just lean back and close your eyes, baby. You made Ellaree happy. Now she’s gonna make you very happy too,” the whore lady told him while bending over towards his growing cock. It was growing fast because it had a mind of its own, knowing full well the happiness she was speaking of. As her wet lips came around the hard head and they started to glide up and down, his mind and body soon learned what his mindful cock could only anticipate.

“Oh God! Jeez! Godddddddd! Don’t . . . don’t stop! Godddddddd, ohhh, God!”

“Ohahhhhhummm! I’m . . . I’m not, baby! Uhmmmmmm, uhmmmm! Uhmmmmmm!”

What this older woman was able to do with her fingers, lips and tongue was even better than what she did with her vibrating cunt. If Vic thought that fucking her earlier was the highlight of his young life, he was wrong. Man hasn’t lived until he’d gotten a blowjob from Ellaree Brown, the street hooker from Jamaica, Queens, New York. Because of this woman’s incredible talent for sucking cock, it wasn't hard for Vic to set his own personal record for cumming in one day. With Ellaree’s help, he gave the whore’s mouth his third load within an hour.

He got back to his s****r's house in a state of total euphoria. He had never been happier in all his life and he couldn't wait to tell the guys that one of them had finally gotten laid. So, with Rose and Joe talking in the living room, he snuck into the kitchen where the phone was located and dialed his best friend's number.

Before Tony answered, he slipped into the foyer because he didn’t want his s****r hearing him tell his best friend about Ellaree. As it turned out, Tony wasn’t interested. He didn't want to hear about it either. In fact, fucking jealous Tony actually put it down.

“You did it with a nigger? Oooohh!" the envious prick told Vic like it didn't mean a fucking thing. That pissed him off so much, he told Tony to go fuck himself and hung up the phone.

Hey! What can you say? His narrow-minded bigoted friends classified a woman by her race. As far as Vic was concerned, Ellaree was the lady who gave him the privilege of fucking her fine body. It didn’t matter to him that she was colored or even a paid whore. She gave Vic what he wanted.

Ellaree got him laid.

Dumping his load into the cunt of this older colored lady was by far the happiest thing ever to happen to Vic. All his years of fantasizing about fucking had finally become real for him. With one quick penetration and an even quicker deposit of his white goo, he’d finally done what he’d been dreaming of since that day five years earlier.

That was the day Vic first discovered the generous gift God had given him. To get a better understanding of what we’re talking about, we need to go back to that day and join the young boy when he made the biggest discovery of his young life.

More to come

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2 months ago
o m G that was so erotic sensual and sexy all at the =same time I came all over yself with it
3 years ago
Thanks guys!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Had a Studebaker Lark myself, a very nice car indeed. Fucked a coloured girl or two as well, exceptionaly nice fucks I might add, they all defininately knew how to suck a cock as well, good story my freind, bravo!