Pantyhose modeling part 1 & 2

A day in the life of a part time pantyhose model.

Victoria Secrets

It was a wet and windy Monday morning and I was driving down the M40 towards central London. I had offered myself as a model for a tights company and they needed me to show two pairs of tights to a large buying company. The night before I had bathed and made sure my legs and feet were as near perfect as I could get. I had dressed in my pin striped trouser suit with white blouse and black patent 3inch heels. Finally after 2 and half hours of driving and two large coffees, I pulled up at the building my satnav (or sat nag, I call it). It had its own underground car park, so I pressed the buzzer and announced myself; the shutter rose and I drove into the depths of the large multi-storey building opposite Marylebone station. I found a spot and expertly manoeuvred my fiesta, doing a perfectly performed 15 point turn and reversed into the space. My nerves where on edge and I was shaking a little, "too much caffeine" I said to my self as I smoothed down my suit and headed for the lift entrance.
As I stepped out on the forth floor, I was struck by the smell of expensive cologne and coffee.
"Miss Secrets?" asked the receptionist, reaching out a well manicured hand.
"Yes" I replied, with a shaky smile and shook her hand.
"This way Hun" she said and led me through an office to a store room. Once inside the store room I realised it had thousands of pairs of tights. (Properly the same amount I use in a year.)
Anyway the girl pointed to two pairs of sheer tights and black lace bra, “wear the tan first and then the black” she said and started to leave. “Is there any pants?” I asked.
She looked at me quizzing and smiled, “you don’t wear pants when you model for these!” she said and left me to strip.
Standing there for a few seconds, realising what I had to do! I stripped of my suit and placed it on a chair, I then slipped of my La sensa thong and matching bra and dropped them onto my suit. Standing in the store room full of pantyhose naked gave me the shivers; I pulled the sheer tan 5 denier tights from the packaging and felt them with my fingers. “Mmmmmmm” I thought as I slid my fingers through the material. The leg of one of the tights dangled onto my naked thigh, and it made me shiver with excitement. I slipped my hand into the tights and rubbed it along my double e breast, causing the nipples to jump out. Suddenly the door opened and the receptionist stepped in.. I jumped and moved my hand away from my erect nips. “Err “I started to say, but she just cut me off with a wave of her hand. “Its ok” she said, “I sometimes slip in here and have a play with my self.” She said, walking over to me and dancing her fingers across my pert nipple. “Arhh” I gasped.
“Mmmm” she said, “you have a very beautiful body.”
“Thank you” I stuttered.
“You’ve got about twenty minuets before you need to go in, so let’s get you dressed” she said dropping to her knees and whipping the tights from my hand. “I love the feel of these on my skin” she said, as she moved the tights over my toes and up my foot.
I blushed and felt heat rushing between my legs. Her face was inches from my shaved pussy as I slipped my other foot into the other side. As she pulled them up her finger touched my lips and I quivered. “mmmm” she said” are you horny?” we cant have that she mouthed as she reached her right hand around my bum and pulled my forward onto her exposed tongue. “Ohhhhh” I cried as I instantly came, a flood of orgasms shocked through my system causing my legs to buckle; but she held on and continued to lick wildly. As my legs stopped bucking she let go of me and stood up, helping me pull the sheer tights all the way up and slip on the bra.
After I had pulled my self together she walked me out of the store and into a large office. There in front of me were 6 men all sitting around a large oval table. On the table was a red table cloth and in the centre was a round mat.
“Arhh “said one of the well dressed men, “this must be Victoria in the sheer tans”. He indicated for the receptionist to leave and walked over to take my hand. “This way please” he said leading me up to and onto the table. At the end was a small set of steps, so I climbed up and stood in the centre of the table in front of 6 impeccably dressed men, wearing only sheer tights a bra and my patent heels.
The men looked me up and down and nodded to each other, glancing up at me every now and then.
One man coughed and pushed back his chair, “well gentlemen, what we have here is probably the rolls Royce of hosiery. You can tell by the way it clings to the subtle curves of this young ladies perfect body. As you can see the lack of reinf***ement in the crotch area gives a more natural setting. The smoothness of the 5 denier material gives her femininity a glossy picturesque look.
I had zoned out slightly and was still thinking of the orgasms I had just received by a complete stranger, when I noticed he had asked me a question.
“Sorry” I said, with a blushing face.
“Victoria, could you tell us how it feels against your pussy?” He repeated and smiled.
“Err, it feels very nice” I said, not sure what to say.
“Anything else, you would like to tell us abut these tights?” he asked taking his seat again and reclining back. As he did I swear I saw the shape of his cock through his trousers?
“I really love the feel” I said, wondering what I could say, but felt like I had to say more. “I am feeling a very good grip from the legs and feel that they do give you a nice amount of support. They also feel very sexy and should turn on any man” I said and then wished I hadn’t. And blushed further.
“Thank you for your honesty” one man said, sitting back in his chair and showing me he had a full erection poking up out of the fly of his trousers.
I looked away to the other men to see if they would tell him of for his bad behaviour.
There sat another man wanking his massive cock up and down with a full hand.
Suddenly the man who had led me in must of saw my eyes darting to the door and jumped up to take my hand. “Shall we see the other pair now please Victoria?”
“Err, yes please” I said, stepping down from the table and walking back to the door to leave.
“I must have imagined the cocks” I thought slipping through and into the store room. I quickly swapped the tights using the tan ones to mop up the dampness from my pussy.
I headed back to the main office and tapped the door. “Come in” I heard, so I entered.

Part two

As I entered the room full of Horney, Wealthy men, I held my head hi and walked back to the table. As I did, I could clearly see their rock hard penis’s sticking from the fly’s. I stood on the table and glanced down to the chairman’s cock. It was at least nine inches and had a big purple end, and I wanted to suck it so much. I don’t know how long I fantasised for, but suddenly I felt hands all over my legs. I could hear the heavy breathing and rustle as their hands smoothed down my pantyhose. I shuddered.
The chairman saw me cum and climbed up on to the table. His cock poked out and as he got closer the tip touched against my tights. I reached down and undid his button allowing his pants to fall. As his trousers hit the table so did my knees, His cock slid into my mouth. “Ohhhhh” I cried as my tongue rolled around the massive gland.
I glanced around to see the other men nearly naked and stroking big cocks
“Do all men who work in the hosiery business have big cocks?” I asked myself, as I slid the first four inches of his cock down my throat. As I gagged slightly I felt hands and cocks being rubbed across my nylon clad arse.
Reaching down I rubbed my clit a while before tearing a hole using my diamond ring, (done it before!). I lay on the table and smiled at the men, rubbing my nylon legs as they wanked their cocks.
They then took turns in climbing on to the table and sticking their cocks into my wet pussy. I cum so many times, I hurt. When I couldn’t take any more they all hovered over me and spurt their cum all over my breasts and legs. The chairman came on my toes, which made me cum again.
When everybody had finished and dressed I was helped up and into the storeroom.
I sat there for a while as my legs regained composure. The door opened and the secretary slipped in. “all went well, I hope?” she said sitting by my side.
“Yes “ I said, feeling exhausted, while I contemplated putting my clothes on and driving two hours home. The thought made me feel sick.
“Would you like to come to me flat and have a rest?” she asked rubbing my cum soaked nylon leg, “you can drive home later or tomorrow”, she added with a wink.
As I had had a great day so far, and I was never one to turn down a great opportunity,
“yes” I said, with unhidden excitement in my voice.
“c’mon then lets get you dressed, and my name is Sam” she said helping me stand.
Sam slid off my soaked tights and used a small towel to wipe my legs and toes.
“wanna wear another pair of tights?” she asked whipping out a La perla barely black pair of beautiful tights.
“They are nice” I said, felling the sheerness.
“These are Over one hundred pounds a pair!” Sam whispered as she slid them over me toes.
“Mmmm” I said feeling the sheer sexiness of them on my skin.
She slid them up me legs using her fingers, as she did she moaned slightly and rubbed her face up my thigh.
As I helped pull the waistband up over my hips, Sam positioned the gusset over my pussy. I wiggled slightly as I was very sensitive around my clit.
I slipped on my suit and stepped into my heels. “Ready “ I said, placing my hand on Sam’s shoulder. As she turned I stepped forward and kissed her. We held a simple kiss for ten seconds or more and then broke apart. Our lipstick gripping our lips together like they did nt want to let go ever.
As we left the storeroom the chairman walked out of the office.
“ah, Victoria. I want to say thank you. You have been wonderful and do hope you will come back again?” he said shaking my hand as if nothing had happed.
“I will “I said, embarrassingly.
“I’m taking her home with me for a coffee” Sam said, leading me away from the sexy chairman.
“Oh Victoria?” shouted the man. “We have decided that plus your payment we will offer you free tights and stockings for a year” he added.
“Thank you very much” I said, stepping into the lift with Samantha.
We rode the lift to the ground floor and headed for the central line underground.
As we walked we chatted about normal things, but never mentioned the hour I spent in the chairman’s office.
As we walked down the steps to the underground station, I could feel the pantyhose caressing my toes legs and pussy. Sam gave me a wink as she floated down the mass of stairs. Her dress flowed out as the air was pushed past us from the arriving tube train. Her Sexy heels clicked as she stepped, and her pantyhose glistened as her skirt rose slightly.
I noticed as men walked up the steps they glanced at her legs, which made me feel very sexy.
I forgot how busy the tube could be, but I still got excited by the mass of people all in an enclosed space.
Sam sat opposite me and crossed her legs, giving me a glimpse of her legs and making me shiver again.
We sat on the seats watching people getting on and off, giving slight facial twitchs to indicate if we liked somebody or not.
Changing trains to head north, we found some empty seats and sat next to each other. Sam held my hand the whole way, which gave everybody a double take. I loved it.
I saw a woman walking down the train towards us, she had meandered along the carrages till she was level with us and then sat directly opposite.
The woman then looked up and noticed us, “Oh hello” she said with a cheeky smile.
“Hi” we both said in unison, Sam squeezed my hand gently.
“Hi” she replied, “My name is sue” she added, changing her position on the seat, as she crossed her legs, Sam and I was given a sweet look at her stocking tops.
“I saw you two as the train came into the station, And I thought, Wow” Sue said licking her lips slightly.
“well thank you” Sam answered, reaching over with her right hand to shake Sue’s slender fingers.
“Hi sue, I’m Victoria and this beautiful lady is Samantha” I said, as I shook her sexy hand.
We chatted about the weather, tubes and shopping for a while
As the train slowed down, Sam squeezed my hand, “This is our stop, sue” she said, pulling me up. I stood under the control of Sam.
“want to come for a coffee?” Sam asked sue, giving her a sweet smile, and then glancing at me with a wink.
“I would love to” Sue answered, jumping up and walking out behind us.
There we were walking along the platform like three super models, catching glances from other people around us.
We walked a few minutes and then entered Sam’s Ground floor flat. After the plesentries about the décor, we sat on the sofa and chatted. Talk always reverted to sex, for some reason. Sam told Sue of my day so far, including a detailed report of my activity in the boardroom.
“Oi” I said, smiling, “How did you know?” I asked, sam
“Oh, There is a cctv system and I have a monitor on my desk” she said and winked.
“Now that sounds sexy as hell” Sue said, kicking of her Gucci heels and tucking her stocking feet up onto the sofa.
“Yes it was” Sam answered, slipping over to sit by Sue.
“Do you wear pantyhose?” Sam asked sue, placing her hand on Sue’s ankle and stroking it seductively.
“Only if I have to” she replied, “I prefer stockings really” she added.
“Ok” Sam said rubbing her hand up Sue’s thigh and over her stocking top to touch the bare flesh.
“I’ll wear them for you two, though” she added, twisting around to face Sam. Sue lent forward and kissed Sam with and intimate touch.
I felt slightly left out so knelt in front of the two women hoping for my turn.
Sam smiled at me and kissed me the same, I then kissed sue.
“Lets have a glass of wine, while Victoria has a bath and then we’ll all reconvene in the bedroom.” Sam said, helping me up.
As I lay in the hot bath, I could hear Sam and Sue chatting in the bedroom. I couldn’t relax, so climbed out and dried myself. As I entered the bedroom, I realised what they had been talking and laughing about. There lay two beautiful women, both completely naked. Except for a sheer pair of tights.
“There is a pair for you there” Sam said, caressing Sue’s breast teasingly.
I picked up the dark tan pantyhose and slipped into them, as I smoothed them down I noticed the girls kissing and Sam’s feet rubbing up Sue’s nylon leg.
I climbed onto the bed and we started a three way kiss, it gave me the strangest feeling having three pairs of lips and tongues entwined.
Sue moved away from the kiss and started to kiss up my legs, the sensation making me float in ecstasy. Sam had her hands on my breasts as we kissed. Sue had slid under my legs and was kissing the crotch of my tights; I could not hold back any more and let the feeling flow. I came a shuddering orgasm. It rocked my body and made me grip Sam in a tight hold. Sue kissed my legs a while, and then slid forward to place her face under Sam’s pussy.
“Oh my god” Sam said, rubbing my nipples faster and faster.
I turned my self around and leaned down placing my face onto the Sues nylon pussy. I licked through the material at her clit, like a kitten with a saucer of milk.
I could hear Sam cumming hard, and Sue started to buck her hips, as she joined in with her own orgasm.
Suddenly I flew off, landing on my back. Sue jumped up and shook her head. “Oh my god” she said. “Oh yes!” added Samantha.
We all lay holding each other for a while, “more wine?” asked Sam, running off to the kitchen.
“I could stay here for a week” Sue said, holding my arm against her body.
“Me too” I added, turning to give Sue a good kissing. I reached down and felt her wet pussy through the nylon.
“Oi, what about me” said Sam, as she returned with three glasses of white chardonnay.
“Don’t moan, just join in” said Sue, with a smile.
Well, all I can say is, I returned home a week later with a memory to die for, and two new friends.
Oh and more tights than I knew what to do with.
Maybe if you like it, you could let me know? I might write down what happened that week.
Oh by the way, The woman called Sue, is now a very famous actress. :)

Victoria Secrets
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very good!!!!!!!
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very good!!!!!!!
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damn lucky you are to enjoy what you do
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Very enjoyable. Now I am horny too.
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very good