Another night in Derby

Hello again,

Once again the Boyfriend and i were staying the night in a hotel. After spending the sunny afternoon drinking and chilling out i suggested we head back to our room for some naughty fun. I don't know if it was the heat or the alcohol that was making me feel a little whoosy, but i insisted on having a shower in the hope it would wake me up. When i came back into the room i could see that P had arranged all my toys out on the bed. "what do you fancy playing with first?" he asked. My reply was simple, "tie me up and fuck me hard". P smiled "i know just the thing". So there i was was lying on my back on the bed, blindfolded, gagged and unable to move due to the first class bondage skills of P. "you will have to wait while i take a shower", he said. "Hang on, before i get undressed i'll go to the bar and fill the ice bucket, as we will be needing it soon!" "ok" i tried to say but it was useless trying to make myself heard through the gag. After what seemed like an age he was back, "just give me two minutes and i'll be ready to abuse you" he shouted from the bathroom.

Listening to the noise from the powershower i started to feel sl**py again. I was woken up with the sensation of being caressed with a feather. The touch was very light, my body cried out for more attention. My thighs were being massaged by oily hands, every now and then a finger slipped inside me. I was getting hot and wet. The hands were replaced by a mouth gently sucking my clit, my body was tingling all over. His tongue was exploring me and i was rocking my hips to try and get him to enter me. I was so worked up, i needed a release and quick. "Vicky likes being played with" he said, i then felt my gag being removed. It was only then i realised that the i was still being played with by a tongue, P had been speaking to me. "She's such a naughty girl" he continued for the benefit of the stranger, " i know she won't mind if we share her".

This was it. i thought my fanatasy was actually happening. The blindfold made it impossible for me to see who else was in the room. I felt a cock teasing my mouth, i began sucking it, as hard and deep as i could. The stranger having assessed that i was completely wet decided he wanted to join the fun. It felt so strange at first a cock in my mouth and another one starting to thrust inside me. My body was being filled at both ends, hands were all over my body caressing and teasing my buttocks, and then my nipples. It was almost to much to but still i wanted more. And thats just exactly what happened. P knew me so well, he must have signalled to the stranger to stop. My arms and leg restraints were loosened so that i could kneel on the bed. "Do not move" came the instruction, i simply nodded. A cooling liquid was being poured into the crack of my arse, then a finger followed making sure that my hole was well oiled. A few moments later this was removed and a something bigger replaced it, slowly being pushed and twisted deep into my ass. I was groaning with delight, my pussy was dripping i wanted to play with my clit. That feeling of burning and tingling was working its way up and down my body, i was going to orgasm real hard and very soon, i justed needed to be tipped over the edge. A cock was now forcing its way into my pussy, thrusting deep and hard against me. "Is Vicky having fun, does she want to cum"? I was panting and groaning as my body was building up to its climax, a hand grabbed my hair and yanked my head downwards onto a rock hard cock. Any noises that my mouth was making were blocked by the hard throbbing cock that was being thrust deep into my throat. My pussy was still being banged hard by the strangers cock and my dirty little hole was also filled. It was fantastic, the room temperature seemed to be rising rapidly, my body covered in sweat. I was still greedily sucking the cock in my mouth when i started to feel it twitch. He was going to come, any minute now, and so was i. I didn't care anymore about anything, i was enjoying being abused by two men. "Let her come first" came the strangers voice to P, and so i did. My whole body started to shake from the toes up. The thrusting at both ends was getting quicker and quicker. I screamed as i came, the cock in my mouth exploded with cum so hard that the milky hot liquid shot straight down my throat. I was gasping for breath when i felt the toy being pulled out of my ass, and then the cock was taken from my throbbing pussy. A few seconds later, i felt it. Another shot of hot cum being squirted onto my back. I was completely exhausted, still blindfolded i collapsed on to the bed. I could'nt breathe there seemed to be no oxygen in the room. All three of us were gasping. My body was still shaking and i was not in control of it. I was given an ice cold drink which i was very grateful for. I don't remember what happened next as i must have passed out.

I awoke from a deep sl**p several hours later, to find P sitting at the end of the bed and grinning. "Did you enjoy that treat?" he asked. I nodded, my throat to sore to speak. I glanced round the room to see who else was with us. "oh, he went ages ago, if that's who your looking for" he added. So thats the end of my tale, i still don't know the stranger's identity, but then again i don't care. That night was awesome and i hope it gets repeated. The next time we go away i will have to sort out a surprise of my own for P.
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2 years ago
"tie me up and fuck me hard"
I agreed with this statement
2 years ago
Hottttt!!! Nice story!!
2 years ago
love the story
2 years ago
very nice would love to try that
2 years ago
Mmmmmm. Can't wait for more. Also can't wait to try this out.
2 years ago
hot times indeed:)
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
Wish it had been me! MAybe it'll never know!