s****r-In-Law's Easter weekend Visit

Sandy, my s****r-in-Law, had arrived to stay with us late morning on Good Friday. Sarah and I had invited her to stay for the long Easter weekend since her husband was kept overseas on business. A few months earlier I had had the pleasure of first secretly seeing her masturbate twice to orgasm whilst watching a porn video and the licking her to orgasm before having sex. (See earlier posts called "Caught my s****r-In-Law).

It was mid Good Friday morning when she had hauled her case out of the back of the car, giving me ample opportunity to look at her green lower thigh length dress and black covered legs. I hoped they would be stockings. I duly took the case upstairs and left her to unpack.

A few minutes later she came downstairs and I then said I would make some drinks whilst she sat down and relaxed.

Before she sat down she said “I’ve forgotten to do something upstairs,” got up and went out.

I went into the kitchen and had just filled the kettle when she came back down and joined me in the kitchen. She stood looking out of the window. I could see that after her trip upstairs between 2 and 3 inches of her white lacy slip was showing. With a smile I realised that this is what she had “forgotten.”

“Sandy, Your slip’s showing!” I said.

“Where?” she asked.

“Badly at the back!” I replied

“Opps” she giggled grabbing for the slip through her dress and pulling it up a bit. It was still showing but this completed the signal set we had earlier agreed. She wanted me to fuck he!

She walked towards me as the kettle was singing but not yet at the boil.

I dropped by right hand down below the level of the bottom of the still showing slip and gently started to tickle her legs at the back and worked slowly up under the slip and dress. I paused at her stocking tops and then moved on upwards until reaching her bare backside. I circled my hand round for a few seconds. Sandy showed her appreciation by tilting her head backwards, closing her eyes and breathing audibly.

The kettle was just on the point of boiling as I then started at the front – being careful not to get my watch caught on the buttons she had down the front. Again I paused at the tops of the stockings and felt round for the suspender clip and playfully pulled it and let it snap back. Moving up I found, as expected, that she was not wearing any panties. I reached her bush and made a few circles round her sex – finding it very wet. Sandy’s breathing had become more audible and I was rock hard.

However this was not the time to go further with Sarah expecting her coffee in the front room.

“More later,” I whispered moving away to make the coffees.

“You take in yours and the biscuits,” I said, “and I will take in Sarah’s and mine.”
The rest of the morning passed and we went to make a light lunch. I collected the cups and so was behind the others. I had forgotten just how much Sandy’s slip was showing. Just before I got into the kitchen I heard Sarah say, “Sandy, Your slip is showing!” I smiled realising that Sarah had no idea of our earlier signal. Sandy made some reply about fixing it and went upstairs.

During its preparation Sarah’s phone rang. When she finished she said that and it was a Jane, a friend of ours who was going on holiday the following day. She is single and was having trouble deciding what to pack. She had agreed to go and visit her and give her a hand. On the way back Sarah said she would visit the supermarket to get some more bread on milk since she would be passing the door.

Sandy came back down, we had lunch and Sarah went to get ready to go out.

Whilst Sarah was upstairs I took the opportunity to give Sandy’s right breast a quick tweak through her dress. Getting a quite moan of appreciation it was clear that Sandy was thinking the same as me – she would get at least one orgasm during the afternoon.

Sarah came down a few minutes later with a pile of dresses and short that she shoved into a bag before saying she was ready to leave. We then realised that Sandy would need to move her car to let her out.

After the bundling round Sarah finally was ready to leave and said she would call when she was ready to leave Jane’s so I could put dinner on.

Sandy and I went back into the house and I suggested we went upstairs and went into her room.

As we went through the door I told her to stand still. Slowly I ran my hand up the back of her dress. I took my time exploring the smoothness of the stockings, the contrast with the tops and then finally on up to her luscious bottom.

I then turned her round and repeated the process rising from her knees to her stocking tops and on up towards her bush. I was careful to avoid touching her anywhere on the hair or the lips. Next I unbuttoned her dress and slid her slip to the floor.

Gently I pushed her onto the bed and moved upwards pulling her breasts out of her white bra. She was writhing on the bed at every touch. I pulled my trousers and pants down releasing the pressure on my burgeoning cock. Sandy was enjoying this and so was I.

After a while I shifted the attention to her sex lips whilst keeping on hand on her sensitive breasts. I started slowly to drum on the outer lips. I was careful not to push my fingers inside and increased the pace I was tapping the sex lips. The lips were getting very wet as her excitement grew.

Sandy was writhing on the bed and was clearly desperate for release. I slid my fingers inside slowing the pace. I knew I had hit the clitoris as Sandy gasped with pleasure. I hit the love nub several times and it was obvious that her orgasm was building quickly. Just when I thought she was about to come I stopped all movement and stepped back.

“Don’t come!” I ordered.

Sandy fought hard and slowly the demand to orgasm diminished.

“You rotter!” she said as she regained her breath. “That was just on the point of being a fantastic orgasm!”

“Just wait!” I replied. “When you come it will be even better!”

I grabbed a small brush we kept in the draw and walked back to the bed.

I parted her sex lips with my left hand and examined her sex. I identified her clit with its hood now deliciously exposed. I ran the brush over the exposed nerve ends once and Sandy’s back arched as the sensations leapt through her.

I knew she would not last very long.

“Don’t come before the fifth stroke!” I instructed running the brush lightly over the clit again.

Sandy again arched violently. It was clear she was fighting the raw need to come.

I let the sensations fall away before doing it again.

“You’re doing marvellously,” I said doing it again.

“AAhhhhh!” Sandy exclaimed as she once again fought her body’s requirements. “I don’t think I can hold out! I am so soooo close!”

I wondered if she would survive the next pass so I gave her more time and very lightly passed the brush once more.

“AAAhhhh hhhh! That was incredibly close!” she gasped.

“You have been fantastic. This time you can come!” I said pushing my thumb into her passage and running the brush across her clitoris.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed and bucked and jumped and jerked as her orgasm ripped through her. The sight was fantastic. I wished I had a video machine hidden in the ceiling to record it. I applied pressure to the clit with one hand and continued to thrust my finger into her passage with the other.

Eventually she stopped and I thought she had passed out.

“That was fantastic!” she exclaimed. “It was very long and very deep! I’m quite exhausted.

“Well,” I said, “after that you will need to take a few minutes to recover before the next course!”

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