Caught my s****r-In-Law

It was a few years ago.

I had phoned my s****r-in-law a day before saying that I was likely to be in the area and if she was at home I would pop in for a few minutes since we did not see each other on a regular basis. She said it would be lovely especially as her husband was away on business. When I arrived I was just come in via the back door which would be open since the weather was so nice at the time. This was our usual arrangement whenever we went to visit.

After I concluded my business I drove to her house and since it was somewhat awkward to park in their drive I left the car in the road as close as I could. The nearest space was a few houses away since there were lots of cars with Mums doing the school run.

I let myself in via the back door. The house seemed quiet so I waited for a minute hoping for a clue about where she was. Hearing none I moved to the hall door and was just about to call out when I heard the unmistakable sounds of a pornographic video coming from the front room.

If I had been a gentleman I would have called out to warn her that I was there and made some excuse to go back to the car for something e.g. “Need to check I locked” it or something. However since I am not I crept up to the hall door. I knew that the TV was in one corner and it was placed where I could see through the open door.

There were two girls going at it hammer and tongs. The short haired brunette was on her knees between the long haired brunette’s legs lapping away. From the sound it appeared that the long haired brunette was about to orgasm.

Squinting through the vertical part of the door I could see Sandy. She had her blouse open, her breasts pulled out of her bra, her trousers were round her ankles and her white knickers were down round her knees. She was working one breast with her left hand and her right hand was furiously working her clit.

My cock was standing fully to attention and trying to get out of my trousers.

It was clear she was about to orgasm. I guessed she was trying to time her orgasm to that of the long haired actor on the video. Her head was back, her eyes closed and her breath was very ragged. Looking at the TV the long haired brunette had started to come, loudly. Sandy had lost the race but after about 20 seconds she climaxed. She made a sort of “mmmmm” noise and there I could see the tummy jumping about as the aftershocks ran through her.

I crept back to the kitchen and listened quite expecting the video to be turned off.

However after a couple of minutes the video was still running and so again not being a gentleman I again went to the door.

On the video it was the long haired who was on her hands and knees working her fingers in the shorthaired one’s clit. In real life I could see through the crack Sandy twiddling her nipples with her left hand whilst stroking her sex with the other.

I stood entranced for around 4 or 5 minutes and things developed. I stroked my cock through my trousers and pants.

As the girl on the video worked harder so did Sandy. She started to work faster and faster and I knew that she was going to come again. Once more she was clearly fantasising about coming at the same time as the actor and was determined to be there. She was pinching her nipple, swapped hands and then was working at the furious pace I had seen earlier.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” she blurted out, threw her head backward and came. This time it was clearly a much better orgasm. Her legs were shaking, she gurgled and let out a little scream in time with the video. I continued to look as her after shocks ran through her and she collapsed back onto the settee.

I withdrew to the kitchen, my penis rock hard.

I heard the video stop.

As if I had just arrived I called out a greeting and strode into the hall. I could hear a rustle of clothes as she was clearly trying to cover herself up. Entering the lounge Sandy had pulled her blouse together but her breasts were clearly swinging out of her bra and she was struggling to pull her knickers up he legs so her dark brown bush was visible.

“I’d forgotten you were coming!” she said sheepishly.

To be continued ……

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I do want to hear more that was awesome
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Continue, please!
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