She had it Coming!!!

I first saw her across the room at the gym

she was taking a class and in her kit she looked mighty fit!

a great arse and fuck me tits! Her nipples must of been on stalks

as they were visible through 2 tops she had on!!!

Well, when I say I, I mean my wife who saw her as they were in the same class,

when she got home she told me about this Milf that we really must have

cum round and have some fun!

The following week she went back and took the same class

all stretch and spread so, we hatched a plan so that she could

get talking to her, check her out and hopefully go from there.

Don't you love it when a plan comes together....
they both got chatting, as they do and

after the class my wife, waiting outside for me to turn up and pick her up

but of course... I not!

"bl**dy husband has forgotten to come and collect me"

she said to the other woman who we know now as Pip and asked

if she could run her home if she was going that way, luckily she was.

In the car, my wife, Jo, said why not come in for coffee and we can chat,

if you haven't got much on.... Nice one!

So far so good as they arrived at our house.

Jo took Pip into the kitchen and made a drink and chatted about the class

and how fit Pip looked and laughed and drank coffee until I made my

entrance into the kitchen wrapped only in a towel and spoke...

"Oh your home then! I was wondering.... Ooops sorry I didn't know

you had a friend round...." and left.

My wife apologised to Pip and said she remembers now why he didn't

pick me up from class as we were going to shower together and then

have a bit of fun when I got home....

"I'm so sorry Pip I completely forgot I hope I haven't embarrassed you to much

but I don't think he was expecting a Threesome!!!" Oh no sorry I mean..

They both laughed about it and Pip blushed.

Pip thanked Jo for the drink and said she had better go

Jo smiled reached out and touched Pip on the arm and said

"Of course, You could always join us...... I know my husband would

Love it..... Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you....."

The question hung in the air Pip blushed even more.

A nervous & slightly shaken Pip left the house and got in her car and left.

The following week Jo, my wife went to the class again and wondered if

Pip would show up or be put off by the remarks made.

The class started and no sign but about 10 minutes in Pip showed up and

started the exercises with the others, Jo smiled in her direction but didn't

get a response.... Hmm, wonder if we have blown this one.

At the end of class Jo hung about and tried to watch as Pip was readying
herself to leave and maybe 'bump' into her, it worked and after a
few tentative word

outside in the car park the girls that maybe a drink and a chat to
clear the air might be a good idea.....

So Pip, my hubby is at work today so no fear of embarrassments today if

you fancy that coffee or would you.....

the question hung in the air and Pip smiled and said a coffee would be good.

At the house the girls sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and chatting about

the instructor and the women there and sex, of course!

How about I open a bottle of wine??? Fuck it lets enjoy ourselves! says Jo

Pippa smiled in agreement.

After a few glasses of some crisp dry wine Jo broached the subject of last weeks

visit and 'My' appearance...

I hope we didn't upset you last week, I sort of blurted out without thinking

and it was wrong to ask you things like that when we haven't known each other

long and you must think me a complete Whore!!!.........

Jo reached out and touched Pips hand and squeezed it and they looked at each other

for a moment or two before a slightly sozzled Pip spoke

"To be honest it did take me by surprise but after I had left........"

Pipa left her words hanging in the air

she continued : "I think I was a bit jealous that you were getting some sex

when I could have really down with a Fuck......!"

Both girls screamed with laughter and hugged and drank and...

Jo looked into Pippa eyes and said " I wish You had stayed....."

Pippa said " I wish I had said YES too"

have you ever tried a threesome Pippa??? Jo asked - "No" was the reply

well, we had better do something about that!

Jo picked up the phone and I answered it "Hello?"

Hi Hun, how soon can you get home??? I have a nice surprise waiting for you....

Lucky for me I was able to get out of work and was home in half an hour

I was met by Jo at the door who told me about my surprise awaiting me up stairs

My mind and cock went 'YES!!!' as I knew my wife had seduced Pippa and

the good times were about to roll!

Pippa this is my husband Gee

"Oh wow" i said "Don't you look fabulous!"

a very sozzled Pippa stood before me in a little teddy nightie which

only just covered the bare essentials!

"Give me a twirl then....! I watched as Pippa spun around, flashing a very nice arse

and stumbled and fell on the bed!

Nightie up and legs askew, gave for a lovely view of a Pussy all fluffed up

and unshaven, in fact a nice bush to be seen!!

Jo slipped off her dressing gown and stood before me in her undies

we kissed and Jo undressed me in front of Pippa who was smiling eagerly.

Once naked Jo knelt before me and took my aroused cock in her mouth and

sucked my long and hard. It wasn't long before Pippa was by Jo's side and

between them they sucked my cock and played with my balls, it was bliss!

On the bed it was all arms and legs and fingers and thumbs as we went about

exploring each others bodies. I was sucking on Pippa's fabulous nipples whilst

squeezing her ample breasts, I slipped a hand down between Pippa's legs and

pulled her legs apart and rubbing around her clit, Jo positioned herself between

Pippa's legs and held them open for me to play with her cunt.

Pippa now had her head in my lap and was sucking hard on my cock again

and it felt great and she was now amateur when it came to sucking cock!

I pulled open Pippa's cunt lips with my fingers and Jo slipped one, two fingers

deep into Pippa's cunt hole, You heard her gasp as the fingers went in

she was wet, you could see it on Jo's fingers as she finger fucked her...

It was a great first session and and I we all had a fucking good time as

I pulled my cock out of Pippa's juice cunt, moved up to her chest where I

wanked off over Pippa's Tits and hitting her in the face with some stray cum.

Pippa eagerly sucked on my dripping cock before I watched as Jo licked off the cum

on Pippa's tits, cupping her bulging beauties and licking them clean.

I nearly came again when both girls kissed long and hard on the lips and sucking

every last drop of cum from each other. Fuck! that is so Horny!!!

Over the coming weeks we put Pip through a few more "Delights" to see

how she would cope & to find out her 'likes&dislikes'. She likes a Lot!!!

One afternoon we asked her over to test her senses....

Jo undressed her and manacled her to the bed and put on a blindfold

we then stroked, teased, squeezed and played with all of her body

a feather or a vibe, a peg on the nipple or a tingle between her legs,

she coped well and going by the sighs and moans we succeeded.

Pip was invited to a dinner party we were holding, the only difference was, Pip

would be our waitress & servant! Dressed in a Maids outfit she looked

fabulous!! The shortest of skirts and black stocking and a plunging neckline

to show off her ample assets she looked good enough to eat!

We informed Pip that any errors or mistakes made whilst serving would be

punished! and that she would be dealt with after the meal by our guest

who would decide the punishments.

The meal was excellent and Pip, although nervous coped well in
and around the table
she received many compliments on her outfit which she used to maximum advantage.
Eyes were well and truly fixed on her boobs when she lent forward and her arse
looked mighty fine too when she bent over the table!

After the meal the guests went through to the other room and Pip
served the coffee's.

We asked Pip to join us and we reviewed her catering skills and were pleased as well as frustrated that we couldn't punish any misdemeanours that occurred so a "Thanking Spank" was suggested as our thank you for her delightful service.

The group moved there chairs in a circle and a nervous looking Pip was at

the centre. Jo was our Mistress of ceremonies and placed a
blindfold over Pip's eyes

then, she was spun round-and-around so she was slightly disorientated.

"Move your legs apart.." Jo asked. which Pip did and Jo knelt at her
feet and placed her hands on her ankles and slowly moved them upwards
along her legs, past her knees and up her thighs over the top of her stockings until she reached her knickers,these soon hit the floor and her legs were prised apart and our guest were invited to take advantage of Pip in every way and every form!

Hand and fingers and tongues were soon devouring all of Pip's ample delights as
a couple cupped a breast each and sucked, bit and pulled on her wonderful nipples,Pip's skirt had been lifted above her waistline and hands & fingers were delving into her honey pot, her hot and wet pussy was probed, rubbed, fingered and fucked!

Pip was bent forward and a muscular hand grabbed at Pip's hair and jerked her head up to receive his throbbing cock which was thrust deep into her mouth, I took advantage of her position and slipped my cock into her wet cunt while I listened to her gagging and almost choking the cock that had been shoved down her throat.....

It was enough to make me shoot my load into Pip's cunt, I gripped her hips as I
tried to hang on in there milking every little ounce of cum from my cock into her.

As I withdrew Clare quickly moved into position to lick and suck Pips cunt dry Wow! what a night............

A couple of days later the girls met up and talked over the events of the evening Pip said she was still buzzing from everything that had happened to her that night and that she hadn't felt such a rush of adrenalin pumping through her, Ever!

Jo & Pip talked and laughed and gushed over the excitement until Pip said

'I nearly freaked out and felt physically sick when someone stated to rub there

finger over my arsehole and pushing and pushing to get into me......

Jo could see that Pip was upset and they talked it through,
Pip was a anal virgin...

with so much experience it never dawned on us that she might be but then again

when I first met Jo, she was too!

So, Jo was the perfect person to talk to about this as she knows what Pippa

must be going through in her mind and it was time to put a few things to rest.

Over the next week or so Jo had talked Pip into trying a few things out with the both of us and as Pip says 'You may have to get me d***k first but........'

we both smiled at that thought as Jo had said much the same to me!

Jo & Pip have had a few one-to-one sessions, just try outs, just touchy fe

things where they have laid on the bed and explored each others more sensitive

places and Jo has teased & touched and rubbed a when Pip has been in the

right mind frame let her lick her around her arse hole. So far so good.

One evening while I was there Jo came down to see me and said that Pip

had asked if you would like to join us upstairs, on the bed, Never wishing

to miss out on an invitation like that I came upstairs to find the two girls

in a 69 position with Pip on top and her arse in the air..... Nice!

I watched while I undressed and joined the nakedness on the bed.

Having positioned myself at Pip's rear I watched as Jo's tongue flicked and licked at Pip's cunt, it was nice a wet I was easily turned on by watching the action.

Jo manoeuvred her hands to pull Pip's cunt right down on top of her mouth

so she could bury her tongue deep into her wetness and she was pulling her

cheeks apart for me to see the delights of Pip's anus and what a fabulous

virginal sight it was too!!!

I wet my finger and in circular motions rubbed at Pip's anus

there was a slight jerk of realisation from Pip but she didn't say no so,

I lent forward and let my tongue gently lick at her arse.....

as I was so close to my wife laying between Pip's thighs she took the liberty

of sucking on my quivering cock as i continued to lick n flick.

I squared up behind Pip and my wife, Jo, grasped my cock and eased it into Pip's

now soaking wet cunt, Pip gasped as I plunged it deep into her and eased out slowly and thrust deep again, this I repeated and had the other sensation of my wifes tongue licking along my length as it slide into Pip's pussy, Fuck that is an awesome sensation!!!

Pip was panting hard and riding my cock beautifully so I took advantage of this time to slip a finger over Pip's anus and gently touching, rubbing, pushing until my finger started to slip into her arsehole, bit by bit and still fucking the finger went past my fingernail and pushing gently till it was up to my knuckle and she was in a good place as I could feel her pushing back on me.

With me fucking and my wife sucking me I was close to exploding and could feel

the energy in my cock trying not to explode, I pushed my finger up to the hilt

into her arse just as I screamed out and shot cum into Pip and over Jo who was waiting for any juices cumming her way, as I pulled out and let Jo suck me off I could see Jo had hold of Pip's Nipples as her breasts hung there swinging and was pinching them really hard, Jo told me later that Pip really LOVES to have her nipples Sucked/Pinched/Squeezed & Bitten.

Over the next week she met up with Clare & Tony who she met at the dinner party Pip was the waitress and main course! Clare likes to be fucked in the arse and it gave

Pip the chance to see it up close and personal and I know Tony wanted to get even closer to Pip even if it wasn't to fuck her arse!

Pip also had the delights of a evening in the country where Jo took her Doggin'!

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very good
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nice story, would love to bugger her
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Awesome story
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love this story, is there more to cum, love the feeling of teaching a lady how 2 arse fuck, bring it on.
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