A Watching Brief.....

Oh my god............. as I hold my breath I see her enter the
room hidden in the shadows
I watch as a glimpse of your body is exposed as you lie on the bed.....
What have you picked up? Oh god my heart is beating so loudly that you must
hear it !
I try to hold my breath as the sound of silence is deafening!!!
Your hands wander to your breasts as you stroke them and flick at your
nipples.... (yes)
then your hands move down.... I take a deep breath (yes)
One hand teasing your tit and the other playing with your gapping cunt!
Flick that Clit!
Curious... what have you got there???? I watch, heart pounding and gasping to
breath as you pull your breast together and wrap an elastic band around them both.... fuck!
the pressure on my cock is hard to bear and I want to release it and let it see the beauty of those breast all bound up and looking
stunning as they redden and look so fuckable.
still watching in the darkness I see you holding an object and you rub it
against you clit and tease your pussy lips with it before you...... FUCK! (yes) you have a butt plug! OMG (yes)
you lift up your arse and slowly insert it into your arse and it looks like it
fits you fantastically !!!
I have wondered if you take it up the arse.......
My throbbing cock would be a sucker for that fine arse!!!
Oh yes Oh YES.... it's time for the vibrator ! even in this darkness I
recognise the shape...
but look at the size of that monster! What a wondrous cunt she must have to
take something like that! Are good the Buzz of excitement fills the room as the Wave springs into life and I can breath for the first time.... I watch as you rub it across your pussy lips and as you do
it gives me the first chance to release my manhood that has been straining at
the leash to be give it's head the coolness of the air on my swollen prick and the pre cum on the tip gives me the chance to
stroke it and work it in my hand.... (YES!)
You tip the end of the vibrator so that it now slowly disappears into your wet
cunt.... inch by inch little by little every bit of this monster vibe is inside you! Deep, Deeper..... you moan & I grip harder on
my cock as I pump it faster...... the volume increases as you press the next
stage and the bunny fuck deep into your wet snatch! it's right inside you at it's deepest and the ears on the wave are now teasing
at your clit on both sides as I watch you ride the mother fucker.... your
panting increases.....
My eyes flick between your trussed up tit's in all they glory all swollen &
taught down to your legs spread as wide as you can get them and you hand gripping the wave as it almost disappears all the way up, way up inside you, god you must be so wet! as I can see your pussy lips glistening in
the moonlight.. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes... I hear you
repeat this over and over as the orgasm rakes through your body and you cunt explodes with a rush of cum ....
i am on the brink of an explosion myself as my balls tighten as I pump my cock
fast, faster FASTER...
I stifle a cry as my cum shoots towards you and hits the floor in front of
me............(FUCK YES!!!)
bright red and breathing difficultly cock still pulsing and dripping cum as I
sit and watch you in a similar state as you look exhausted lying there on the bed.... i'm still fixated in watching you as you pull the long vibrator from your body.... it is rich with your cum and i want it 1 I want to lick it ! Lick it clean !!
I want you to watch me while I sit before you with your wave in my hand and I
stick out my long tongue and lick along it's length.....
would that please you I wonder.
as I sit in the darkness regaining my breath & composure still watching you
lying there your heaving bosom going up and down as you calm yourself but with your breast still bound.....
seconds turn into minutes which turn into more and more minutes as you curl up
on the bed and the discarded but plug & vibrator lie close to you I can smell the sex.....
That fantastic smell of a good fuck or a great solo moment that you have
awarded yourself as I have too...... Cum together as one but....

I could just stay here and watch you sl**p as you dream a great dream and
relive a perfect moment but until next time.........................

Should I stay or should I go

Would she want me

would she ??????

I wonder

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3 years ago
...ah i remember this !!! xxx
3 years ago
go ahead
3 years ago
very good & hot