The Business of Pleasure

Excuse me Miss, Is this your shop???"

er, yes, Yes it is, can I help. Pip looked over at the man at the shop
entrance tall, stocky, suited & booted. He was carrying a clipboard and
looked official.

"Can I see your shop agreement & confirmation of business forms, please"
He spoke politely but firmly.
"Have you just opened??"

Yes. Pip replied

"and how long has that been...." a stern look

just a week now.....

"The forms then please, I have no notification that you have right to be open
or to sell or serve customers!" a Very stern look now on his face

Oh, er, well I don't have them here at the shop.... I didn't think... I, er....... Pip looked flustered

"You have until 5 o'clock today to provide me with these documents otherwise I will have to presume you don not have the right to be open or sell good & you will be closed...!"

"5 O'clock then" he turned and left.

Pip blushed as customers looked at her and she rushed to the back of the shop

Oh My God, I have the forms... I know I have the forms... YES, YES!!! OMG

She left the shop busy and said she wouldn't be long and dashed home to get the forms and the confirmation of business. She knew she had them, she had seen them she had SIGNED them! but this didn't stop the worry
Pip hurried back to the shop, it wouldn't be long before the man would return
and she didn't want to be late and prove she was right.

That was until the car wouldn't start!
Oh fuck, oh Fuck OH FUCK..............! Pip was now in a Panic
how was she going to get there now... he was due in 15 minutes.... Oh shit!
She screamed at the car, swore at it, she turned and turned the key but...
no Life.
Call the AA
Please as soon as you can I have to get to a important meeting
they promised
She waited
the clock ticked
her heart pounded
she phoned the shop & explained
If he turns up, I don't care what you do but KEEP him there....
She dashed around the house, looked out the window, looked at her watch.... tick tock - Fuck,Fuck,Fuck,Fuck,Fuck,Fuck,Fuck.... why today
5 O'clock and the AA arrived, nice man and on any other day she may have flirted but Today.... time passed and checks made until finally the engine roared into life and she Thanked the man and dashed off. It was now 15 after five and the raced to the shop.

The shop was shut, lights off and the girls must have left.
Pip parked up and went to the shop and opened up turned on the lights and went in 'Hello?????' no answer she wasn't expecting one.


She went out back took off her coat dumped her bag and fell
into a chair exhausted

"Hello? anyone in???" a voice from the front of the shop echoed through
Pip jumped to her feet and went to the shop counter, the man was there

I thought I had missed you... my, my car broke down & the AA..... voice trailed off thanks for coming... I'm a bag of worries n nerves....

"The girls here said I had to stay till you came, what was it they said....?
do anything to keep him here????! Not a offer I get everyday!!"

I sorry I was held up and just wanted you here and...... I have all the documents.... Please we have only just opened and I really,
really want to ..... PLEASE what ever it takes...

"Shall we go out back and discuss this further???" the man pointed towards the back of the shop, Pip turned and walk through, the man followed.

"So, What does it take it persuade me not to close you down???? A twinkle in the man eye lead to no doubt what the man had in his mind and Pip now had to figure out how far she had to go to..........
"Do Anything.... the girls said" the man removed his coat & Pip watched
He was tall with short cropped hair, suited & booted, a good build and as for age well, Not sure, looks fit so, 40 something??? Shagable? god I don't believe I even thought that said Pip to herself!!! well, maybe.
I might just have to find out.....

A pause which seemed like a Long pause and Pip noticed the man looking her up and down she was only in her shop clothes nothing fancy but it obviously pleased the man but was it nerves or the excitement of the moment but her nipples were hard a rocks like there usually get when she was excited or randy, they were poking through her blouse like gob stoppers, Pip Loved her Big Nipples and had tormented many a man with her sizeable asserts! Big Breasts and hard suckable nipples,
all a Man could ever hope for.....

"are you cold Miss???" the man asked noticing her ample bosom

Pip clutched at her boobs and squeezed them,

'are you Hard in here?????!' Pip answered back

Both had wry smiles on there faces.

They moved towards each other and.........

His hands reached out and grasped her thrusting boobs and squeezed them hard
moulding them in his hands & enjoying the feel of them before his fingers
clasped onto her erect and hardened nipples pinching them hard
pulling on them, twisting them & wanting to bite them.
He grabbed her by the hair and f***ed her to her knees and Pip knew it was time.... She knew what had to be done and deep down she was looking
forward to this as her fingers moved up the inside of his legs, right up until she cupped his balls in her hands and returned the pleasure of squeezing them and pulling on them but she knew she would have the delight of biting them.... Hard!

The buckle on the trousers was done and her hands fiddled with the zip
until it was loose and released. Pip pulled the trousers down to his knees
and her gaze was meet by the bulge in his shorts, big and bold and as she
went for the waistband to remove them his cock sprung into view through the opening on his boxer shorts..... Hmmmm was the deep thought to herself
the purple head flicking right in front of her face, he grabbed her hair and moved her face toward his cock and Pip flicked her tongue across the head,
she could feel him shudder
Pip was now in control, any man, this man, this man with no name could resist
and she was going to milk the moment!
Pip grabbed the waistband on the shorts and tugged the down and his cock was
now in full view, Hmmm Nice, Pip thought to herself as her lips teased at the tip again her hot tongue melting any self control the man may have had....
bit by bit she slipped her mouth along the erect and pulsating cock
right the way along
until the tip hit the back of her throat and the man let out
a yelp of pleasure & releif
with her mouth moving back along the length and her tongue
lapping at the underside she made his squirm!
Pip reached between the mans legs and found his balls and whilst still sucking on the pre cum that oozed from his cock she ran her long painted nails over his balls...... Many a man has lost it now
and has cracked under the pressure, knees shaking &
cock exploding but.................
As quickly as she pulled his cock from his mouth she had dug her nails into his ball sacks and the reaction received was what she had hoped for.
An agonising gasp from the man as he opened his mouth to to speak but couldn't as he was frozen to the spot.

'We don't want any unwanted mess in this kitchen do we...? Huh,
wouldn't be good for health
and safety would it', the man blinked, mouth still agasp,
'Don't want to have to write up something in the accident report book do we, Hmmm?????'

The man nodded No

'So, if you want yours balls back in one piece and maybe.....
just maybe get to finish this little load....
I suggest you get my shop cleared from any stupid red tape and
cleared to be open PERMANANTLY!
and then maybe you can cum back and I might say a Special thank you.....
You understand?'

The nails dug deep as she gave them and extra squeeze and a bit of a twist, for good measure.

'I expect to here from you saying all is OK and that there was Never a problem otherwise.... the CCTV up there' Pip pointed and the looked, saw & gulped
'may have to make my own Demands... you hear me?!!!'

Pip let go and the man relaxed. He dressed in a hurry and no more words were spoken as he rushed from the shop.

2 days later a letter arrived saying all was in order and the shop had it's certificate as for the CCTV footage. It's in the safe.

Pip licked her lips and smiled

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3 years ago
ouch it hurts from here
3 years ago
That made my balls hurt. Well written. Thanks