Kelly Kapowski Getting Oogled at the Cheerleader C

Kelly knew from preceding years that the Annual Bayside High School Cheerleader Carwash was a great place to flaunt her cute little titties, and the Carwash of'91 was sadly to be her last one, because then she would be off to college and everything would be different forever. Having all those horny guys getting visibly agitated and aroused from seeing her teeny-bopper nipple erections poking shamelessly through her wet, see-through tank-top was something that she knew she'd miss. She wasn't a promiscuous girl, but she was a budding exhibitionist, to be sure, and the Cheerleader Carwash of the previous year had gotten Kelly so fucking horny that she'd gone home afterwards and, while masturbating in the privacy of her bedroom, had brought herself to multiple cum-squirting orgasms while imagining she was being watched by the super-horny guys whose cars she'd just washed.
It was the dirtiest, most inappriopriate fantasies that always got Kelly the wettest. For her to rub one out over Zach Morris was difficult, and if she managed to cum at all, the chances that she'd squirt were, like, zero. If the man in her fantasy was 10+ years older, her pussy juice would flood right out while she imagined him watching her diddle herself. The Cheerleader Carwash was perfect venue (the only one of its kind) where Kelly could soak up all the male lechery that a horny 17 year old girl could pssibly stand, then go home to the most gigantic solo female cum-fest that any of those men could ever imagine in their lives. It would blow thier fucking minds, and she knew it.

( be continued... )
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