Kelly Kapowski's Pink Parts

Not surprisingly, Kelly Kapowski's nipples were showing really cleary through her tank top. Bayside High School was having it's annual Cheerleader Carwash, and for obvious reasons, Kelly had opted to go braless. The funds raised, after paying for the slutty new cheerleading uniforms, would go to The Palisades c***dren's Hospital, a charity dear to Kelly's heart. She knew from previous years that her wet and erect teenage nipples had brought in a bewildering stream of profoundly generous donations from the men whose cars she'd helped wash, and this year, she'd being getting really horny looking forward to it.
The tip bucket had as many $20's as singles, and Kelly had on a super-tiny cut-off denim mini skirt, so it wasn't just her wet little titties that getting all the attention, her wet little panties were getting some display-time as well. When she squatted down to do the hub caps, the view was actually quite beautiful- the thin wet fabric of her white panties hugging transparently to the the lips of her sweet little cunt.
For a budding exhibitionist like Kelly, the experience of all that hungry male attention was very erotic for her, and after she got home from carwash, her nessicity for masturbating was at a point at which she almost couldn't stand it. Grabbing a large bath towel to protect her bedsheets and her mattress against the likelihood of uncontrolled wetness, she went to her bedroom to masturbate.
Rubbing her clit through her panties, she climaxed in less than 20 seconds, her body trembling, her pussy contracting and releasing a panty-drenching surge of creamy girl-cum. Releasing lubrication during climax was one of Kelly's trademarks as a teen, and because she'd endured such prolonged public arousal at the carwash, the level of release was exagerated. be continued...
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