Kelly Went Back to Bayside

When Kelly Kapowski was 19, she went back to Bayside High School and interviewed a former teacher. The interview ostensibly was for a college paper she was writing, but she had an ulterior motive to explore the possibilities of maybe hooking up for a kinky little student-teacher sex encounter.
Her paper was on something that had Interested her for quite some time, the subject of teachers becoming attracted to their students, and vice versa, and the way those individuals cope with it when to pursue such a relationship would be not only frowned upon by society but also i*****l for age constraint reasons. Prior to getting the teachers consent for the interview, Kelly admitted quite freely that during the 11th grade when she had been in the teachers class, she had found herself very deeply attracted to him, and had thought about the teacher touching her while she masturbated at home after school. For his part, the teacher admitted to an equally strong attraction to Kelly you're the time that she was in his class. He admitted that he told about her while he masturbated, so from that standpoint the interview was on a sound footing, and now that Kelly was And adults and no longer a student of his, They agreed that the interview should not create a major conflict of interest.

Kelly seemed a lot more grown-up than how the teacher remembered her, even know it had been less than two years since she had been his student. One thing that was similar, at least on the surface was that she was wearing an exceptionally short skirt, although it was part of a very businesslike little ensemble. As Kelly crossed and uncrossed her legs throughout the course of the interview, the teacher instinctively glanced at her legs, and her hemline to see if she were exposing her panties in the process, which for the most part she was not but it was very close to happening over and over again.

After the interview was completed, Kelly stood up and shook hands with her former teacher. She thanked him for his cooperation and told him that she had enjoyed the process tremendously and had found it very enjoyable. She suggested, almost shyly, that the two of them might be able to explore that mutual fantasies just for 10 or 15 minutes right there in the classroom since the school was more or less empty now as everyone had gone home.

The teacher informed her with regret, that whereas two years ago he had not been in a relationship but Kelly had been too young, whereas now he was in a committed relationship so it's tempting as it might be to explore his former fantasies it would have been a problem for him to do so. Kelly understood completely, and she thanked him again for his time. As Kelly was leaving the classroom the teacher called out to her and asked to please to come back. He told her and hesitating voice that he did not want to miss this opportunity and even know he felt awkward about asking her he said to her, "Kelly, I would love very much if I could watch you masturbate".

Kelly gladly masturbated for him, right there in the classroom. Because there was still a few people probably still on the high school campus she did not undressed, she simply pulled up for tiny houndstooth miniskirt, moved her thong to the side and sat in one of the classroom chair-desks with her legs spread very wide apart. Kelly's Vagina was small and adolescent-looking, with small smooth pink labia, and her clitoris was standing out slightly from the top of the lips. She and the teacher had both become sexually aroused during the course of the interview, so it was no surprise to him to see that her thong was wet and so were her pussy lips underneath.

In acknowledgment of part of what the teacher had said during the interview, Kelly used to fingertips to pull back the hood of her clitoris and allow Mr. Tuttle to look at it in all of its nakedness. "Does it look like you imagined?", Kelly asked. "Oh God Kelly, it's beautiful!", Mr. Tuttle whispered with heartfelt delight. It was the diameter of a pencil eraser, and the glans was almost shaped like the tip of a tiny penis, with a distinct bell-shaped flare where the glans met the shaft. It was a dark, reddish pink, shiny and swollen. She hadn't even started masturbating for him yet, and her teenage clitoris was so erect it looked like it wanted to launch itself off her body like a little rocketship.

Over the next five minutes Kelly masturbated very gently, mostly by holding her fingertips in an upside down V-shape, and moving her hand very gently up-and-down so the clitoris moved in and out with its hood. This stimulation alone was sufficient that she had to Stop doing it every minute or so to keep herself from climaxing prematurely. When Kelly had been 17 she had fantasized countless times about masturbating in front of him this way and to actually be doing it made her dizzy with excitement. She told Mr. Tuttle that she felt like she was going to squirt.

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10 months ago
Clit as a rocket...I like it!
1 year ago
very good start