College Girl


As I lie here on my back in my lonely bed, I think of things that you have written. Certain desires, needs and actions that make you who you are. I see you in my mind, the loving and sexy woman that you are. The heart and soul that lies inside of you and my body aches to know you.
I can feel your soft and sweet lips on mine. The way your silky tongue outlines my lips and the gentle nibble from your teeth. The way your tongue slides deep into my mouth and tastes the hunger I have building for you. The way your tongue surrounds mine and the sweet exchange of your saliva mingled with mine.
I can feel your hot mouth as it moves to my ear and the heat of the tip of your tongue as it darts quickly inside. The soft whisper of my name brings a rush of cum just inside my sweet pussy and your mouth moves on down to my hard and erect nipples. Slowly your tongue circles the left nipple and you blow so gently and close your mouth over the reactive hardness and I moan.
My right hand starts to glide over my nipples and I raise the left breast to my mouth to gently suck the nipple, imitating how your mouth would feel. Slowly my fingers slide over my ribs down to my abdomen and the long and slender fingers of my hand arrive at my sweet clit. Gently, the tips brush the button and my middle finger slides to the first knuckle to feel the wetness that has pooled there. I slide the finger deep inside to release the cum and catch the honey juice in the palm of my hand.
I lick the juice from my palm, relishing the taste and the smell of sex. I slip my middle finger, just to the first knuckle, into my mouth - imagining it to be your finger. Slowly my tongue circles, again tasting the juice and I know it is your love juices that I am savouring on my tongue. My hot and wet mouth glides down my finger. . My mouth closes tightly and slides back up to just the clit as my tight mouth sucks on it. . As I pick up the pace of fucking my finger in my mouth, I can almost feel the tightness in your belly as the orgasm begins to rise. At this very thought, I feel the wetness sliding out of my pussy and I know I have to fuck myself.
I roll quickly onto my stomach, my hands seek my pussy. I press them hard to my mound, the fingertips finding my clit. My hips begin a slow gyration, circling round and round as my feet and leg muscles begin to tighten and my fingers work my sweet pussy. I see you entering me from behind with your finger and I picture your finger, soaked with my juices and glistening in wetness as it glides in and out of my tight ass. Oh fuck, I am so fucking cumming as my fingers and palms press hard..harder the hardest they can as I climax. My feet and legs are cramped, my body shudders from the intensity and I roll over onto my back imagining your sweet fingers inside my pussy. My pussy muscles continue clenching as if sucking your fingers. And then yes, I can almost feel that hot tongue of yours as it slides up and down my slit, your mouth closing over my pussy lips and the quick flick of your tongue that has me ejaculating into your mouth.
And you rise, straddling my body and slide your cum soaked fingers into my mouth. I relish the taste of our mingled juices as I suck and lick you clean. Lovely, just lovely. Then I slide 3 fingers into your wet and horny cunt and you hold back your breath as they go inside you with one heave ,making a wet noise that goes along with the moaning that comes from your lips.
Throwing your head back you start riding my fingers and with a loud scream you collaps on me completely overwhelmed by the waves of orgasm that’s coming over you like tidal waves
All you can do is whisper

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