Our First Meeting

You ask me to meet you at your favorite restaurant. You are already there, claiming your favorite booth.

Your only instructions were to wear a short, loose skirt. I of course do as I'm told.

I spot you across the restaurant and join you. We exchange pleasantries, and the waiter takes our drink orders.

You push a gift bag to me and tell me go in the bathroom, remove my panties, place them in the bag, then insert the two toys, return to the table, and give you the bag.

I quickly head to the ladies room. I notice my panties are already damp. There are two toys. One is clearly an anal plug, and the other is an egg with a wire. I insert both, then return to you and hand you the bag with my panties.

You sniff the bag, and I see just a glimmer of a smile cross your lips. You quickly suppress the smile and return to your stoic demeanor.

The waiter comes back with our drinks and you place entrée orders for both of us.

Then I begin to notice a gentle vibration in my pussy. I realize that you have the remote and turned it on low. Yet your face reveals none of this. You carry on a conversation and ignore my obvious state of arousal.

As the waiter approaches, you ramp up the dial without your face letting anything slip. The waiter's glance lingers a little too long on my face. I fear he knows.

As he walks away, you lower the dial. You lean over and whisper in your gruff voice "Flare your skirt out. I want your bare skin on the seat. And in my presence, your knees shall not touch unless I have bound them together. And NEVER cross your legs."

I quickly arange my skirt so I'm not sitting on it and I work very hard to keep my knees apart.

You maintain a low level of vibration throughout our meal. I can barely eat. Anytime the waiter approaches, you dial it up. I suspect you are testing me to see if I can control myself in a public setting.

The bus boy clears away our dishes, and you of course dial up the vibrations. I try my best to maintain my calm, but I notice his glance lingers on my breasts. As he walks away I look down and realize that my nipples are standing at full attention.

The waiter brings over the dessert tray, and with the increased vibrations I am unable to speak, so you choose for me. He returns with our desserts and I notice that as he walks away, you don't turn down the vibrations. In fact, your right hand slides up under my skirt. Due to my knees being apart, you have easy access to my clit.

You begin to run my clit as you eat your dessert with your left hand. I notice your face still reveals none of what is happening under the table cloth.

You rub me the whole time you are eating. I can't eat a bite. You keep rubbing as the waiter approaches. You ask him for a doggie bag for my dessert. I notice you almost crack a smile.

The waiter quickly returns with the box, but he too lingers looking at my breasts. You thank him and send him away, but I can see that he'd like to stay longer.

As he leaves you remove your hand and turn the vibrations off. I quickly put my dessert in the box and look at you expectantly.

You rise to leave, and I scamper after you. As we get outside you wave your car over. Your driver gets out and opens the door for us both.

You wave me in first, then follow me in.

I notice the windows are heavily tinted, and the divider is up.

You look at me, look down at your zipper, then back to me.

You tell me to kneel in front of you and prepare for my reward.

I get into position, making sure that my knees are separated as you commanded.

As I reach for your zipper, you turn up the dial once again, and finally allow that gorgeous smile to come to full brilliance.
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2 years ago
Great work! Keep it up!
2 years ago
I would love tobe you
3 years ago
I have did the same thing but my wife ended up in the kitchen and fucked the kitchen staff.
3 years ago
Very hot.
3 years ago
3 years ago
then what?
3 years ago
now that was hot thanks
3 years ago
PT 2? When?
3 years ago
With Mikey, good start but where is the rest? looking forward to it if there is more!
3 years ago
mmm how lovely
3 years ago
good but your leaving out 3/4ths of the story