This is 30% true and 70% fantasy.

The true part:
I've been living in the same house for 10 years now I've seen 3 different neighbors come and go from the house next door to me.

I live at the end if a cult-a-sac so I only have one house next to me .

Now a forth f****y is moving in, a mother and her two c***dren. A son who looks to be 21-22 and a daughter who is 18-19 maybe even 20.

The mom is about 5.7 slim hazel eyes long reddish brown hair, handful sized tits, round bum, and long legs.

The daughter has blonde hair, 5.9 slim body like her mom with hazel eyes, smaller tits then her mom. And a very tight round ass smaller than her moms. Long slender legs.

The son has short...... Who cares what he has or doest have. He has a hot mom and s****r is what he has

About a month after they moved in. Lucy the daughter (not her real name) was sun tanning in the back yard. When I walked by the fence to go to my garage. She looked up and said hi, I also said hi and went Into the garage.

After a few minutes I returned to the back yard and notice her mom was out suntanning with her daughter. Mary, again not her real name had on a two peace bathing suite That looked to be one size to small, it could of been Lucy's suit for all I knew.

It didn't cover much of her ass nor did it cover a lot of her tits. a bit of her fleshly mounds were exposed.
My cock got instantly hard the Minute I saw Mary.

So I leaned up agains the fence to hide my erection, we introduced each other. They both walked up to the fence to shake my hand, that's when I noticed Lucy in a thong.
OMG. What a beautiful tanned ass she had a bit smaller then her moms. I think my cock spring out and hit the fence .
I watched with my mouth open as both mother and daughter walked over to there chairs Lucy sat down right away. Mary bent over to fix the seat. While doing so the tight bottom of her bikini rode up almost into. Thong her gorgeous ass cheek in perfect view.

I looked over at Lucy she was busy reading her book not noticing me googling over her moms ass.

Mary turned around our eyes meet and she asked, where's your wife? I meet her two days ago. Lovely lady Toni is her name right? She asked

Yes, I said it's Toni. She is visiting her s****r Vancouver, k**s went with her I'm home alone I said .

Oh said Mary, and with that I went on with my yard work mowing the lawn and cleaning the pool.

Most of the morning I was working my ass off taking a few sneak peeks over the fence to see if I could get a glimpse of either there ass or tits.

At around 2pm the sun was at it hottest and I was cleaning up, done my yard work I now wanted to shower and jump into the pool and lie on a chair and have a beer.

That's what I did. Took a shower. Got into my shorts, I grabbed 4 beers from the fridge a bucket full of ice placed the beers in it cracked one open headed out side and placed the bucket by a chair took a drink of beer. Dove into the pool.

I got out of the water went to get my beer, looked over the fence to see Mary getting up from her chair and walk into the house. Fuck that ass was hot .

I sat down in my pool chair enjoying my beer and closed my eyes thinking of both mother and daughter assess and bodies.

Slowly I was getting hard. I didn't care I was alone my eyes were closed my mind was fantasying my cock rock hard.

When I heard a voice; Nino? Would you like some of my special ice tea?

It was Mary calling me from over the fence .

I'm sure you all know what happens when you have shorts on and get them wet. They cling to your body. And there I was rock hard and the out line of my cock for anyone to see. And she saw couldn't miss it.

Umm. Sure I said, but I didn't want to get up.

So I asked ; Should I come to your yard or would u like to site by the pool I said.

Be right over she said! Thank God; I thought to my self. Walking over to the gate would of been embarrassing.

Wasn't even 30 sec she was in my Back yard in that small bikini. With the ice tea.
She handed me the glass place the jug on the table and asked if she could jump in. Sure I said be my guest.

I took a drink of her tea mmmm it was good. What's in it I asked as she came up for air from the water.

Oh some rum some vodka, lemon and other stuff she said. She was in the pool for a bit when I heard the gate open.
It was her daughter.

Hi, she says.

I was surprised, and I guess I looked it cause Mary said;

oh I'm sorry I told Lucy to join us, is that ok.

Sure why not I said.

Thanks Nino said Lucy and jumped in the pool with her mom.

The ladies splashed each other with water. Cooling them selves off.

Come join us said Mary. Na I said.

Trying to cover my erection with one hand a drinking the ice tea with the other

Come on said Mary aren't you hot don't you wanna cool your self off.

Good idea I though perfect for my hard cock.

I quickly jump out of the chair ran and jumped into the pool hoping neither saw my hard cock.

Once my head came up for air I was greeted with splashing water from both women.

I splashed back, Mary in from of me and Lucy behind me.

I turn around to splash Lucy when I felt hands on my back

Mary jumped on to my back to push me under the water.

I grabbed her and flipped her over my head into the water

Her daughter jumped on top of me.

Here I was play wrestling with two hot women mother and daughter

As we wrestles Mary's top came lose her tits were suddenly in my face.

I stopped as I had her by the waist and lifted her above the water.

Wow mom said Lucy. Your nipples are hard.

Wonder what else is hard she said as I felt a hand going down my shorts.

Mmmm found it said Lucy

By now I had lowered Mary back into the water and my mouth was wide open.

Mary looked at me lowered her hand to my cock and said . Mmmm your right honey it is hard.

Lucy put her head on my shoulder from behind me as both her and her mom were stroking my cock and balls and said, isn't my mom hot? You should play with her tits she likes that.

Mary took her free hand placed it on my head and guided me towards her tits

I opened my mouth a let her right nipple in my mouth, I closed my lips a started sucking Mary's tit. Moving my hands to squeeze both tits

I felt my shorts being pulled down under the water and a mouth on my cock

It was Lucy sucking my cocking under water.

Like my daughter sucking your cock asked Mary?

As she placed her lips to mine and darted her tongue into mouth.

Lucy had come up for air Mary released my lips from hers and asked if we should get out of the water.

Still surprised, I motioned towards the house. Mary lead the way grabbing my cock in her hand and pulling me towards the house.

Lucy got in front of us and opened the door.

Once in side Lucy says wheres the bed room or do you wanna fuck us both on the kitchen table.

Mary still holding on to my rock hard prick drops to her knees and start sucking my balls.

I think the kitchen table is fine she says with my nuts in her mouth.

Lucy starts to take off her wet bathing suit looks at her mom.

Wow mom your good at that she says. Watching Mary lick my shaft then nibble the head of my cock.

My hands on the island holding my self up as so I wouldn't fall watching Lucy undress and Mary sucking my love muscle.

Lucy jumps on the island sits on the edge in front of me, spread her young tanned long lushes legs rubbing her clit

Looking at me in the eyes inviting me to tastes that young pussy. Her juices dripping down her ass cheeks

I leaned forward spreading her cunt lips with my fingers darting my tongue in her love hole.

Mmmmm the taste of young pussy .

Her mom sucking my cock Lucy's pussy being lick by my tongue

I started to hear a voice, Nino?!? Nino?!? Thrusting my cock deeper into Mary's mouth fucking her face.

My mouth buried deep into Lucy cunt, the voice was getting louder

Nino?!? Nino. Here's the ice tea. My eyes opened I was sitting in the pool chair my neighbors hand on my shoulder shaking me awake.

What the fuck I thought? I had fallen asl**p.

You must of fallen asl**p sorry it took so long said Mary, must of been a good dream. Looking down towards my crotch, my cock straining to get out of my wet shorts.

I felt my face turn red with embarrassment. She smiled and hand me the tea. And sat down in another chair.

So what do u do for work Nino. She asked

We chatted for an hour or more. We had finished the ice tea and she asked if I wanted more.

Yes I said it was awesome. Be right back she said don't fall asl**p on me.

Nope I won't, as she left the yard I ran into the house to jerk off to the visions of the dream I had OMG....

I needed to jerk off. My I was so horny after the dream and Mary sitting in front of me almost naked wasn't helping.

We talk for the remainder of the day and ended up having dinner.

Her daughter never did come over and Mary never gave me any reason she would want to have sex.

That dream seamed so real.......

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