Buddies wife

The first time I wrote this it was to short and would post. Hopefully this time it works

This is a true story : I host a poker league where a group of us play poker in my garage.
I have couples and singles In this poker league.

My buddies wife always insisted on sitting next to me, I never thought anything of it. she didn't make It obvious she just always happened to sit to my left or right.

This all started innocently, well at least I thought it was innocent. It started with a foot touch then a hand on the knee when ever I won a pot.

The hand placement turn into leg rubbing. This went on for a a while. We play only once a month. We never saw each other in between game. Only once month at poker once in a while we would see each other at school as our k**s go to the same school. Or at the grocery store.

She is short about 4.9 a little over weight with huge and I mean huge tits. Red hair green eyes and pale skin. She is not bad looking but 3 k**s and in her 40's had taken a toll on her, she has a round ass and always wore a skirts.

Anyway this one night I wore shorts it was hot out and no underwear. She was sitting on my left, our spouses sat at another table across the room and couldn't see under the table
She like any other time but her hand on my leg. When every the opportunity was there with no one see use. This time I had shorts on so it was skin in skin. She would rub up my leg then down and would stop just before she could enter the shorts
This would happen every so often
After I won this one big hand she rubbed my leg all the way up to my crotch under my shorts and grabbed my cock. I was shocked I looked over at her she smiled I smiled looked away quickly as so no one would notice.

She held on to my cock and squeezed it. My cock was getting hard in her hand as she moved her hand up and down my shaft slowly as to not let anyone else know what she was doing.

This kept happening through out the night. Around 11 I went into the house to peewee. When I came out of the bathroom there she was standing at the bathroom door.
What the fuck is going on I said, she smiled grabbed me by my shorts and walked me to the kitchen faces me towards the window and dropped to her knees and pulling my shorts down with her.
The reason she faced me towards the window was so I could see if anyone was coming from the garage .
Not saying a word She put her lips around my semi hard cock and slurped it up. I got so hard so fast, she deep throated my 6.5 inches of uncut cock. And licked my balls while I was deep in her throat. Never have I had my cock blown like that. She kept it down her throat and like my balls the feel of my cock down her throat milking was fantastic.

I would like to say she blew me for 5 to 10 mins. But I only lasted maybe 45 second fuck was she good I had never had my entire cock in mouth and my balls licked at the same time.

That was the last time she came to poker. We never spoke of it again We still talk I see her around. As I'm good friends with her husband and she works with my wife and our k**s still go to school together.

But how I dream of her sucking my cock just one more time. Maybe just maybe someday it will happen. If it does I will post it for sure.

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10 months ago
Very hot,,,thanks
10 months ago
This was awesome I loved it
10 months ago
Good story with a great ending.
10 months ago
The one off spontanious ones are always good
10 months ago
good story. it is always a turn on to know it is another couples wife. And the situation you had was perfect. sounds like she has guilt for what happened if she doesmt come back.
10 months ago
Shit, ask her to come back and fuck the shit outta her...
10 months ago
lucky you :))
10 months ago
Great story