s****r in-law part 2

Sorry the delay in completeing the story.

Cause I aways wanted to see your cock. Lise apporched me put her hand on my cock over my shorts and kissed me. her hands rubbing my cock make it hard in seconds.

I pushed her away saying this isn't right, your d***k and my s****r in-law, and you just turned 18. So she says, I see the way you've been looking at me.
tell me that you have never fantazied about me and I will stop right now, cause i have fantazied about you ever since i say your cock 2 months ago. it was so hard and thick, I want it in mouth. she came closer got her knees and pulled my shorts down, my cock sprung out and hit her on the face. mmmmmm she said that is an beautiful cock, and licked the end of it.

at that point I lost all control I grabed he head and shoved my cock in her mouth, she took it all the way down her throat.......... never had her s****r ever taken my cock all the way down to my balls.

she start to lick my balls and shaft like a lolypop ever once in awhile she would deep throat me, then pull back and lick the top of my head.

after about 5 min of working on my cock and licking my balls she looks up at up me says.." who's better me or my s****r".. i look at her and say " does it really matter?"

I pick her up from the floor toss her on the couch and remover her skirt, to my suprise she was not wearing any underwear i see the is beautiful 18 year old cleanly shaven pussy with a little landing strip. a stare at it for about 30 sec, i hear say do you like, mmmmmmmmmm yes i do, i say.

i start to kiss her thighs and work my way to her pussy lips, she quivers as touch her inner thighs.

i can smell her young pussy, i get my mouth over her pussy stick my touge in her slit, holecow is she wet, i have never had a pussy as wet as hers,

i start by lick her clit, just slowy flicking it with my touge, this drives her nuts she buckles her hips lifts her ass off the couch she screaams yes yes i love my clit being played with.

i grap both her firm round ass cheecks in both hands and shove my face in her pussy, the taste of the young 18 year old cunt was unreal, i could'nt stop licking and sticking my touge in the pussy.

i have never had i girl spray her cum before, but Lisa was the first.

as i had my face buried in her cunt she yelled OMG lifted her hips and ass and squrted a bucket of her sweet love jucies all over my face and down my throat.

wow did she ever taste great.
after she regained her streagth, she lied me down ans started to suck my cock again, she looked up at me and says " my turn to tasted you, dont worn me just cum down my throat,

thats all it took, her to say those words she put her lips around my knob and I shot it down her throat,

she looks at me i looked at her and i final said , you suck a better cock then your s****r. she laughs and says i know, she doesnt swallow.

which is ttrue my wife does not swallow,

i can tell you, that night Lisa slept in her s****r bed with me and we fucked the whole night, we did things her s****r would never do....

thats to be continued:

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9 months ago
wow what a story...
2 years ago
Needed more detail and an investment in SpellCheck but it was a hot idea for a story. Hoping for more next time. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Nice story.
3 years ago
Another great story! Hope to read more soon!
4 years ago
need to get both together do a tast test
4 years ago
very good better than pt 1 a better discription of lisa would be nice