s****r in-law

my s****r in-law was 17 at the time and I was 30. she was staying with my wife an I cause she was haveing problems with her parents. It seems that her dad was strict and would'nt let her go out. Let me tell you that she was and still is one hot babe.

I'll call her Lisa.

my wife had just come home from grocery shopping and I had just arrived from work. my wife had parked in the garage so the grocerys could be unloaded. my wife went into the house to the secong floor to take a shower leaving me and Lisa to unloading the car. we made some small talk on how her day went and mine. once all the gorcerys were in the house we started to put things in there place. I could'nt take my off her, she was wearing these short cut off shorts and the tank top, fuck was she hot. everytime she bent over I had a full view off her ass checks and they looked great. my cock was getting hard just looking at her.

we had only one bag left to put away and I asked if she wouldnt mind doing it her self cause I wanted to change out of my work clothes, she said she. I tolde her to keep talking caise even though i was in the other room i coud still hear talking, and of course she did.

as she talked I started to get undressed, my pants and underwear were off, and I had just started to pull my shirt over my head and when my head pop out there was Lisa in the room staring at me and at my hard cock.
we both froze for about 30 sec, I made no attempt to hide my cock or did she try to look away. al of a sudden we heard my wife yell, hey you guys coming up.

That whole night I had a hard on thinking of my young s****r in-law seeing me naked. I fucked my wife so hard that night she did not know what happend to her.

two months later wife mife went out of town to visit a friend for a couple of days, and my s****r in-law turned 18 and got druck. she called my house cause she didnt want to go home and have her parents see like that. she asked if I could pick her up and have her stay over for that night, of covers I said yes.

When i picked her up she was wearing a short mimi skirt and loose top, she looked hot, got in to the car and said hi and kissedme on the cheek and said thanks, I said no problem
as I drove she talked about her night, what she did and where she went, and how some guy kept hitting on her, but she wanted nothing to do with him cause he was to young.I looked at her said young, how young was he. she said 20.

20 " I said " your only 18 today how fucken old do you want them to be.
I dont know she said, I've always like older men.
really, I said
yup I do,

And have you ever dated an older guy, i asked
she said ... yes a couple of times.
ok I said, how old and what did you two do

The first guy was 28 and I was 16 nothing happened, he took me to movie, we made out nothing more,
the second guy was 31 and he wanted to fuck me but I said no cause he didnt have a condum so i just sicked his cock.

fuck i just about hit a cop car when she told me that. I said why are you telling me this.

she smiled and said, cause you asked and im d***k.

by now we were at home and in the house.

can I ask you something she asked,
sure i said,
why did'nt you cover up when I walked in on you totally naked?

I don't know I said, why didnt you walk out, I asked

Cause I always wanted to see your cock, as she walked closer to me, since we are alone maybe you can show it to me again.

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3 years ago
Good beginning
3 years ago
for christ sake. it would be better if you started off with the truth; 'i have this fantasy....' or, 'I once fucked my sister in law and I am now divorced and have lost my knob because my wife cut it off'
4 years ago
the spelling sucks
4 years ago
i agree with everybody else finish the story but put in more details & a better discription
4 years ago
4 years ago
sounds promising
4 years ago
Sure I do, finish it and don't miss any details.
4 years ago
Geez. Yes we wanna hear how you fucked that slut.
4 years ago
What they hell finish the story
4 years ago
I want to hear how you cracked that clam!
4 years ago
Finish it as soon as possible.
4 years ago
oh your a big tease, lol
4 years ago
ya so please finish the story
4 years ago
Very great start!! Now PLEASE finish the story!! I've wanted to get my sister-in-law for so long!! Kinda the same age difference, can't wait for rest of story!!
4 years ago
finish the damn story
4 years ago
damn dont stop want more more!!!!!!!!!!