My new piercings

A few days ago, my boyfriend and I walked into one of my town's many piercing/tattoo shops. I went in hoping for a new tattoo in UV ink, but the parlor didn't carry UV reactive inks. I walked over to the piercing list, counted my money, and discovered I had just enough on me to get my nipples pierced.

Let me give you a little background. I'm a small girl, only about 5 foot 3, and fairly thin. I have a mohawk and a nose ring (septum, not nostril.. some call them a "bull ring"), but I have a very feminine face. I look very young, but I recently celebrated my 20th birthday.
I also happen to be very much a masochist.

When my boyfriend and I have privacy, he plays rough with me. More often than not I leave his house with bruises on my neck and chest, a hoarse voice, and hand prints only visible under my clothing. I love every second of it. I love when he pushes me down and pulls my hair while I suck his dick. I love that he chokes me until I can barely breathe and finally gives me a breath right before I hit the fainting point. He knows exactly how to handle me and exactly how to mix the perfect amount of pain to give me the ultimate pleasure.

When he saw me contemplating the piercings list, he gave me a knowing look and asked what, exactly, I was thinking of. I told him that I thought I'd want my nipples pierced, but I was afraid it would hurt. He only rolled his eyes at me and said, "I've bitten them to the point of bleeding before, and THIS scares you?" He had a point. So I shrugged, handed over my drivers' license, and picked my jewelry.

I dragged my boyfriend in with me and made him watch as the piercer set everything up. She was taller than me and only a few years older, with long pink hair and many piercings of her own. I asked her if her nipples were pierced and how many she had done in her career. She told me she'd had hers done three times, and after piercing for 9 years she couldn't possibly count how many tits she'd seen in her lifetime. At this point I felt secure enough to take off my shirt and lean back in the chair.

She prepared the needles and marked where the piercing would take place. Then she sterilized my skin and pinched my nipple with the clamp, which she claimed was the worst part. On the contrary; I loved the feeling of the cool metal clamp on my skin, and it sent goosebumps up my arms and back. My nipples got hard as well, and I must have blushed because she reassured me that it was totally normal to react that way. I'm not sure if she meant being turned on or just the physical reaction, but I just nodded. I didn't trust myself to speak. My boyfriend only grinned at me.

She then lined up the needle and told me not to look. Being a masochist, I simply had to watch. I saw the needle shoot through my skin accompanied by a jolt of delicious pain. I groaned softly and closed my eyes, leaning my head on my boyfriend, who was biting his lip. Then came the worst part. She pushed out the needle with the new jewelry, which was very uncomfortable. Even so, my body was reacting.

The second one went the same way, and once the pain had dulled to an aching throb, I had some questions for the piercer. Most were pretty standard, until I got to asking, "wait... What if my nipples get hard?" She glanced down at my bare chest, letting her eyes linger for a moment, before answering me. "They already are, and you don't seem to be too bothered by it. Just keep them clean." Once again I blushed; I hadn't realized that my body was being so obviously turned on by the process. I thought I had calmed down a bit by asking questions, but my body had different ideas. My boyfriend only laughed softly at me. I could tell he couldn't wait to get me alone judging by how turned on he looked as well.

I was still wet later when he pulled off my jeans and gave me some of the best oral sex of my life. He rationed that I had been good today and taken enough pain that I deserved a reward. He really does give the best rewards..
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3 years ago
This was a different story after reading so many here. Thank you for sharing.