How I Became a Slut Part 3

ok, guys, it's been awhile, let me continue. I grew up in Vegas and was 15 and on my way to my third foster home (read my last two stories). I never realized how good I had it at the last 2 homes until I got to the third one. There was one other foster k**, a boy 3 years younger than me and really anti social, like he NEVER talked. The two foster parents were sooo strict. The first thing the fucking mom did was go through my stuff and take my heels. She didn't allow me to wear makeup but I'd sneak it at school and do my eyes and lips. She constantly yelled at me for wearing shorts that were too tight and revealing and tank tops. It sucked.

Meanwhile, I was at a new school and a sophmore and I was becoming pretty popular with the boys. I hung out with some of the party crowd and one boy in particular. I was so horny since leaving Marvin and will at the last house, they had fucked me so good. Anyway, I started hanging with Jon and he was a virgin but after a week I started blowing him after school. We would usually go by his house and do it up in his room cause his parents were gone.

He had a good sized cock and would usually sit on the edge of the bed, then I'd get on my knees and suck him off until he came in my mouth. I always swallowed, he could cum like 3 times in an afternoon and I made sure I got every drop.

This made my pussy so fucking wet and after a week straight of blow jobs I had to have his cock inside me and instead of blowing him one afternoon I got on top of him and guided his rock hard penis into my wet pussy. He had a three pack of condoms and we went through all of them that day. we fucked a lot for about a week and then one day we didn't have condoms but I still needed fucked so after sucking his cock, I wet my finger with the juice from my pussy and got my ass ready.

I then whispered into his ear that we were going to try something new. I got on top of him and slowly guided his cock into my tight little asshole. He loved it and I started bouncing up and down on him. Within a minute I felt him tense up and he shot his first load of cum into my ass.

It had been like 8 months since I had anal and it felt fucking amazing. He was rock hard again in seconds and wanted my ass again. This time I got on my hands and knees and lifted my ass up in the air for him. I was totally naked and rubbed my pussy as he sank his cock into my ass again and fucking it for all it was worth before cumming in my butt again.

The next day he "forgot" the condoms again and I blew him before he practically ripped my shorts off and filled my ass up with his hard cock. This went on for days, he did get more condoms and would give my pussy attention too. I also told him how to eat a girl out.

Well, all good things come to an end, his mom got laid off and was now home in the afternoons, so his place was out. My house was out of the question so we would do it where ever we could, bathrooms, alleys, back yards of vacant homes. My foster f****y gave me a hard time though if I wasn't home by 6 pm so it was tough.

One day when I was coming home from school I saw a black guy checking me out. He was in his early 20's and lived one block over. Everyday for a week we would say hi, I'm pretty sure he knew when I was coming home and made sure he was outside when I walked by. One day as I was walking home he pulled up in his car and asked me if I wanted a ride, i said sure and got in.

I could feel his eyes all over me and tried to check out his package in his shorts. I really missed the black cock of the 2 boys from the last foster home and wondered what he had going on under his shorts. Anyway, he dropped me off at his house (so my foster parents wouldn't see) and he offered me some weed. Next thing I knew I was high as fuck.

nothing happened that day but I started stopping by his house. He lived with his b*****r and his b*****r's wife but they were gone after school so it was just us.

One day we were sitting on his couch after just smoking outside and I swear I could see the outline of his cock in his shorts! I was still getting fucked by Jon a few times a week but I wanted more. I leaned on him and put my arms around him, he knew what was up and we started kissing. I then brushed my hand against his cock, it was semi hard already! Next thing I know, he picked me up and carried me to his bedroom. He sat me down on the bed and I reached for his big cock again. It felt massive. I had to have it and pulled his shorts down all the way. OMG! I was face to face with his big 9" dick. I grabbed it with both hands and slid off the bed onto my knees and let him feed it into my mouth. It felt so good having a big black cock in my mouth and I took down as much of it as I could.It wasn't long before he pulled out and sprayed a load of cum all over my face.

With my fingers I slid as much cum as I could into my mouth and then sucked him again until he was hard. My pussy was so wet and I stood up and leaned over, my ass to him. He pulled at my pants and pulled my underwear down and within seconds I had his giant cock in my pussy. He started fucking me like crazy and within a minute I had came so hard.

He kept fucking me and then pulled out and shot of load of cum all over my ass. I took my left hand and scooped up the cum on my finger and shoved it into my little asshole.

"oh, youre a freak he said" and laughed
"yeah" I said. and turned around and sucked the last drops of cum from his cock.

Now he knew I like ass play and the next time I was over we started fucking and he put a finger in my ass. I told him "more" and he put another one in. I was on my hands and knees on his bed and I arched my back so good for him as I knew what was coming next.

Sure enough, I felt him start to ease his massive tool into my tight little asshole. i pushed back and let him slide all the way in. He started pumping me soo good and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He fucked me hard for a few minutes before pushing his cock all the way in my ass and filling it up with his cum. It felt amazing. I could feel the cum oozing out of my ass as he pulled out. I turned around and sucked his cock until it was hard again and we did the whole thing again.

So my life was getting better, I was getting fucked by my black BF almost everyday, plus Jon a few times a week but I still wanted more. I started flirting with more boys at school and after giving out 2 blow jobs to 2 different guys it seems the word was out.

I started fucking constantly, whenever I could. My foster parents wouldn't let me go out at night but I would sneak out. One time I sneaked out to a house party. I was just wearing shorts and a tank top, but I did my hair up and wore my make up real slutty. It was a pretty good party and we drank and smoked some weed. They had a converted garage room that was like a chill room and I went in there with a few guys who I had given BJ to before plus a few others. I sat down on this shitty old couch and a guy sat on either side of me, real close. It was pretty dark in the room and the guy on my right took out his cock and put my hand on it1 Lol, I had given him a BJ before and I didn't care. I started stroking it, then the guy on the other side did the same thing.

Now I was stroking a cock in each hand and laughing cause it was so funny. I was getting pretty horny and started going down on the guy to the right of me. Then I was down on my kness in front of the couch, sucking the guy in front of me while still stroking the guy to the right.

Another guy sat down and took his cock out so I was now stroking 2 and sucking one! There were six guys total in the room. Within seconds the guy in my mouth came and I tried to swallow as much as possible. His cock was soon replaced by another and yet another and it wasn't long before I had swallowed all of their cum, all 6!

Two of the guys that I had known from before still wanted more so while the others guys left, they stayed and started rubbing my pussy through my shorts,I was so fucking wet. One of the guys went down on me while the other guy stood on the couch and fed me his cock to suck.

Soon, the guy who had gone down on me replace his mouth with his cock and they stated fucking me like the total slut I was. It felt amazing having a cock in my mouth and pussy at the same time. I then got on my hand and knees and told them they could fuck my ass too. They didn't argue and took turns pumping my little butt and feeding me their cocks to suck at the same time. I started rubbing my pussy and came twice like that. I guess they has something aligned that night because as I felt the one guy starting to cum in my ass, the other guy unleashed a giant load of cum down my throat, it felt sooo good, I was a lucky girl.

When I got home that night I got busted by my foster mom. She said a 15 year old shouldn't be out that late. We started fighting constantly. I hated living there. I wanted to move in with my black BF but knew that was impossible. He kept fucking me though along with Jon and then there were prolly another four or five guys at school that I was fucking. sometimes 2 at at time, sometimes I'd blow a bunch of guys at parties or in the park. The girls at school hated me, I can't blame them.

Finally, I turned 16 and had had enough crap from my foster parents. I decided to run away. Well sort of. That's the next chapter.

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1 month ago
nice story
3 months ago
Love your stories get me hard everytime x
4 months ago
Let me know if you need a place to stay :)
5 months ago
super hot slut and well told story - thanks
5 months ago
sluts are the best!
5 months ago
Can't wait for the next chapter
7 months ago
7 months ago
that was great
8 months ago
thats intense!
9 months ago
Story got me hard! I would love to face-fuck you with my 8"+ white cock too!!!
9 months ago
Well done, thanks for sharing!
10 months ago
I can't wait till Part4
10 months ago
amazing. you are so filthy:)
11 months ago
Even better. ..they keep getting better. Keep them coming.
11 months ago
great job, you are so honest and hot all at the same time, I'm proud of you ;)
11 months ago
so slutty that your name have to be changed in Slut for ever
11 months ago
great job babe! loved reading this cant wait for the next chapter! hopes its coming soon
11 months ago
for such a bad girl you sure do have a hot way of telling your stories!