how I became a slut

so heres the story of me growing up:

My parents were pretty fucked up and my mom and dad (sometimes)were doing meth, it started getting worse. I had just turned 13. I was left alone alone and was getting into trouble. My parents fought A LOT and our neighbors hated us. I hated living with them and then one day I guess one of the neighbors called CPS on them and they came out to the house. It was pretty obvious my parents were both users and the house was a wreck, we had the power shut off due to them not paying the bill and then the noticed I had missed almost 30 days of school that year so...long story short, I went to live with a foster f****y.

The f****y was ok and nice to me, about 2 months after I moved in with them, my foster dads b*****r came to live with us, he was 31. He had been into some trouble, not really sure what.

Anyway, I was totally attracted to him and I could tell he liked me too. He didn't work and we were alone for a few hours everyday when I got home from school.

We started hanging out a lot and then fooling around. We were lying on his bed one day and we just started kissing. I was a virgin but wanted to change that. I had only given boys hand jobs before.

Anyway, one thing led to another and he unbuttoned his pants and let his cock spring out and I just started sucking it. Soon, I had my first ever taste of cum in m y mouth, I loved it.

The next day we did the same thing, I couldn't even wait to get home from school and suck on his beautiful cock. This went on everyday for about a week, he would feel me up too and put his finger is my dripping wet pussy.

This led to to him fucking me. I'll never forget it. He bent me over on the bed and slowly pushed his cock into my super tight pussy. It hurt like hell at first but within a week I was bouncing up and down on his cock everyday like a little slut. sometimes in the morning too, before school.

We were using condoms and he was buying a ton every week because he was fucking me so much, sometimes up to 3 times a day.

One day he ran out of condoms and suggested we try something else. Before I knew it, he had my ass lubed up and he bent me over and slowly eased his hard cock into my tight little asshole. OMG. it hurt so much! I was not into it. Luckily he came soon though.

The next day he wanted to do the same thing, it still hurt and he came again in my ass. Every day now he wanted to do it and eventually after a few weeks I learned to relax and it felt good. Then I even learned how to make myself cum when he fucked my ass and that was amazing!

Son he was fucking my ass like crazy. sometimes before school we would do it and I would be sitting there in class and I could feel his cum oozing out of my little stretched out butthole. It made me even hornier and I would usually rush home to suck him off and have him fuck my pussy and ass again.

This went on for close to a year. Then somehow my foster parents found out. I'm not sure how but they did. I think they came home early, I don't really know cause they never told me.

I had just turned 14. My foster mom blamed it on me, saying I dressed like a little slut, which was pretty much true. They told me if I said anything he would go back to jail. I liked him and would have never done that. That November, I was transferred to another foster home where my story continues if you guys wanna here it...
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2 months ago
sounds like you already were a good little slut before meeting him.
2 months ago
4 months ago
Love to hear innocent filthy stories just like that :)
5 months ago
6 months ago
hot story!
6 months ago
mmmmmm you really a hot slut I enjoyed reading it
6 months ago
Hot story
7 months ago
8 months ago
Word, interesting!
9 months ago
amazing story!
10 months ago
oh yeah sum tight pussy
11 months ago
Good job. Good read. The subject matter is intense. Where's part 2
1 year ago
Nice :)
1 year ago
While reading ur story my cock got hard for you.
1 year ago
wow what a story!
1 year ago
Wow you're as slutty as they come!!
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing. X
1 year ago
sounds like a wild year you had
1 year ago
story ended before I got going good..wish there had been more sex details. A good story so far so I've got to read chapter 2.
1 year ago
Very hot!!!
1 year ago
now that's a hott story, i would have loved a front row seat for that
1 year ago
what next
1 year ago
Hot story...So what happens next?
1 year ago
what happens next?? :D
1 year ago
yes i want to here what happens next:O
1 year ago
Very hot!Please continue.
1 year ago
that was hot i really wanna hear more
1 year ago
hope it made you wet writing it. sure made me hard. thanks looking forward to reading more.
1 year ago
That was fucking hot I definitely wanna hear more of ur story!
1 year ago
very hot :)