My Fantasy Nights - Part 2

This is the second installment about how my wife has made my fantasies come true - at least to this point. I surely have others that she can help me live out as well.

As I stated in the first installment, typically, my wife is less inclined to be kinky and stretch the bounds of our sex life. She is perfectly happy to have me fuck and suck her to orgasm regularly. Fortunately for me, she is usually willing to try some kinky things that would probably be considered totally wild and crazy by most people.

We had recently bought a new bedroom suite. While we had been shopping for the new bedroom furniture, we found several four-poster beds. My wife had remarked that if we got one of those, she could tie me up and have her way with me. I do not know if she was serious, but I do not think that she had any idea how exciting I found the thought of her doing just that. As you can imagine, we did buy a bed with four posts.

Taking my wife at her word, I ordered a set of bondage gear that included four velcro cuffs and nylon straps, a blindfold, and a small whip. I got hard just thinking about the possibilities. We were well on our way to our first real attempt at bondage and some very light domination.

The first time we tried bondage, my wife was the submissive one. I prepared some instructions for her to follow. These included some things that were totally out of character. She followed the instructions completely and the evening was totally enjoyed by both of us.

Now it was my turn to be bound and dominated. I kept developing scenarios in my mind and dropping hints to her, but she did not seem to notice. Finally, one Saturday, I came out and told her that I would like to be dominated. She said that she would and as we went about our normal activities for the day, my cock drooled at the prospects of things to come.

The first thing I did to prepare for the evening was to take a shower, shave my cock and balls, and clean myself out with a couple of enemas. I wanted to be ready for anything she had in mind, and you can not be too clean for anal play. I surely hoped that she had some serious anal play in mind.

I did not know exactly how she would go about starting our play. She came down from her bath wearing only a black thong. She called me over and told me that I was allowed to give her pleasure by kissing, licking, and sucking her feet, legs, and breasts. I was not allowed to touch her pussy, I supposed that I had to earn that privilege.

After I serviced her with my mouth, she told me to prepare myself for the evening. I was to go to the bedroom, and bind myself to the bed face down on a towel. I knew at that time that the towel was for two purposes: keep my cock from soaking the sheets with pre-cum and keep the oil she planned to use off the sheets. She also told me to blindfold myself I was to perform all this and if I did not, I would be punished.

I bound myself as instructed and waited excitedly for my mistress. She let me wait for a while and finally joined me. All kinds of possibilities ran through my mind.

She began the teasing with drips of massage oil on my back. She then began to massage the oil into my skin. The oil felt really good on my skin and had a little tingle to it, but I was anxious to move to kinkier things. She took her time and continued down my body with the massage and the oil. She was moving faster than she had the previous time she gave me a massage. After oiling me up completely, she teased me with a feather I had bought for teasing her. She rubbed some icy hot cream, mixed with some massage cream to tone it down a little, down the crack of my ass. Now, she was beginning to get into it.

Since I could not see what she was doing, she took some ice and dripped cold water on my back and down my ass crack. When I moved, she would tell me to be still and hit my ass with the whip. Some of my movements were intentional, so that I would feel her whip. She was not really hitting me hard, just a slap. Not enough to hurt, although I would willingly have taken much harder shots to the ass.

She took some of the massage cream and began greasing my ass up. Next she slid a finger in my ass. She fingered me with one finger for a couple of minutes, then doubled her efforts. I was loving this and relaxed my hole so that both her digits were readily accepted. My ass was opening up and was very oily, so it wasn't long before a third finger joined the party. She was pounding my ass with her three fingers by now. I requested that she open me up and she inserted a fourth finger. She was really pounding my ass open now. It was incredible. I was hoping that she would try for the fist, but she backed off at just the right time to keep me flying high and not shooting too soon.

After opening my ass up, she backed her hand out and retrieved a small diameter plastic vibrator. She inserted it in my opened ass and told me to hold it in. I was not to let it slide out. She would be back shortly. At that, she left me clenching my sphincter tightly around the slippery toy and trying to hold it in. She was gone for what seemed like a long time, although it was probably just that I was straining to hold the vibrator in.

When she returned, she untied me and flipped me over, with the vibrator still in my ass. She retied me face up in a spread eagle position. She told me to take her thong off with my mouth. I struggled to take them off because I was afraid of biting her in the process. She untied one hand so that I could undress her. She gave my cock a few strokes and straddled my pelvis. As she lowered her cunt lips to my rock hard cock, she warned me not to come. She wanted to ride for a while and I better not come too soon. She had other things planned for me.

She fucked me slowly at first, grinding her pelvis and squeezing my cock with her internal muscles. Then she began to tweak and twist my nipples, which drove me nuts. I was getting close to coming and did not know how long I could hold out. She slowed down just in time. My impending orgasm faded for the time being.

I have developed somewhat of an obsession with creampies lately and thought from her previous comments that if I shot off in her before she came off, she might feed it back to me. A fantasy of mine had developed where I came before she did and she would move from my cock to my face and "f***e" me to eat her pussy and my come until she orgasmed. I seriously thought that she might have the same thing in mind and actually thought about coming before she told me it was okay.

At this point, she informed me that she was going to untie me. I would get her ass ready for my cock, by licking, sucking, or whatever means. I would fuck her ass and when I came in her ass, I would lick her clean. She knows I am always ready to give her an ass-fucking, so I would be very excited.

She got on her knees, with her head on a pillow and her ass sticking up invitingly in the air. I immediately began to kiss her asscheeks and lick her ass crack. I continued the ass munching by licking my way to her puckered brown eye. I reached to the nightstand and retrieved the lube. I planted a few dollops of lube right on her puckered hole and lubed up a finger. Slowly I began to insert my finger and send the lube into her ass. When she was ready, I excitedly removed my finger, anticipating the next step. I liberally spread the lube on my cock, which throbbed with the strokes. Then I began the journey into her back passage.

I placed the head of my steel hard cock against her tight ring. Taking my cock in my hand I began to slowly stroke it against her asshole. Slowly, as she began to relax and her hole opened up, she began to push back longingly against my cock head. The head of my cock suddenly popped past her sphincter and I held it steady to allow her to get comfortable with the fullness in her ass. She then began to back up in earnest and impaled herself on the remaining inches of my cock. She did not stop until she had taken my entire shaft deep in her tunnel.

We slowly fucked each other, but I was careful not to really pound her ass. She is not usually very much into anal sex and I did not want to give her anything but pleasure. However, the down side to going slowly is that I could not shoot in her ass, even though I knew a creampie awaited me.

She indicated that her ass was getting a little sore, so I reluctantly disengaged from her ass and retreated to the bathroom to wash my cock. After washing, I returned and ravenously sucked and licked her pussy to a huge orgasm. Before she could come down from my oral work, I moved up and slid my entire rod into her cunt in one stroke. I held it deep in her belly and ground my pelvis into her clit to prolong her orgasm.

After she had come, I began to pound her cunt in earnest, both of us knowing that she was about to be on the receiving end of a huge load of cream. We were both frantically fucking against each other to get that load and shortly, she was rewarded with eight or ten spasms of my cock. My balls emptied a tremendous load into her depths. We lay cuddled together for several minutes, basking in the afterglow of one of the most exciting sexual times of our lives, or at least the last several years.

Since she had received a huge orgasm, she did not feed me my come, but that is okay. I will get my creampie some other time.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

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