My Fantasy Nights - Part I

I am married and very much in love with my wife of 28 years. We are both in our mid¬forties and are just normal folks. We married young and learned about sex together. Over the years, we have had an active and exciting sex life. It has waned at times, just like all married couples, but overall is very exciting.

We have all we need with each other. We do not need other people in our sex life to excite us, although we do occasionally use vibrators, dildoes, etc. for variety. This is the story of a recent night of lust we spent - truly a fantasy night for me.

I tend to be more adventurous and kinky than my wife, although she has gone along with many of my crazy ideas. I have developed an interest in and almost a fascination with receiving anal stimulation. I just love getting done in the ass by my wife --either fingers or toys.
Several years ago, we would read erotic letters from various magazines at bedtime. While we were reading, she would fondle my cock. We would both be excited when we began making love. The stories included ones about wives who would fuck their husbands asses with strap-on dildos or use double-headed dildos, with one end in the husband's ass and the other in their pussy. We tried both a few times and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It excited me tremendously, although probably as much because we were being so kinky and doing something so nasty and out of the ordinary. However, after a few times my wife was no longer interested in doing my ass.

A couple of years ago, I talked her into doing my ass with a vibrating butt plug. She seemed okay with that, so I sprung for a thin strap-on dildo. She was still not into that, but she would give my ass a good going over if we used it as a dildo, without the straps. This went on for a while, with me dreaming of her coming in and telling me that it was time for her to give my ass a good fucking. However, the only time I got the anal action I wanted was when I requested it.

Then, last Valentine's Day, she really surprised me with one of the most sexually exciting times of my life. She had previously been to a day spa and enjoyed a day of massage and pampering. She had loved it and for Valentine's Day, she said she would give me a massage. Well, my imagination began running wild, when she told me to take a shower and get "completely clean". I cleaned myself out with a good enema and was hoping there would be some anal play involved.

She began the massage with me laying face down on some towels. She started at my shoulders with some massage oils and worked her way down my back. She skipped my ass and moved to my feet and worked her way back up. This time she oiled up my crack and rubbed my ass crack and asshole. Since she had used oil liberally, the first finger slid right in my ass. It was incredible, especially after the anticipation. She fingered me for a short while and inserted a second finger. This doubled the pleasure.
Suddenly, she stopped and told me to turn over. She then began the body massage on the front, starting at the shoulders and working her way to my abdomen, but skipped my cock and moved to my feet again. While this was wonderful, she had excited me immensely with the anticipation of what was to come. She massaged her way back up my legs and started on my cock and balls.

Then she climbed on me and lowered her pussy on my cock, which by now was as hard as steel. She rode me and pinched and tugged on my nipples. She kept me on the verge of coming for what seemed an eternity. At least it seemed forever, since I was excited beyond belief, but trying so hard not to come and have this incredible experience end.

After fucking me for a while, she dismounted my cock, turned around and moved into a 69 position. She lowered her incredibly wet and juicy cunt to my eager mouth. I love to eat pussy, but I was more hungry to please her at that moment than any other time, or so it seemed. Her pussy was so wet from her excitement, the cock riding she had been doing, and the massage oil her ride on my cock had deposited. The flavor was different than usual, but nectar none the less. She began to ride my face and leaned down and took my cock in her mouth. I just knew I would shoot when I felt her take my cock into her throat. I was just calming down from the deep throat action, when she reinserted two fingers into my ass and began to finger fuck my ass again. I spread my legs as wide as I could and lifted my pelvis up to get as much of the hand/ass action as I could. She used two fingers for a while and inserted a third at my request. I was truly in heaven now. I bucked at her hand as much as I could with her laying on top of me. I tongue fucked her and licked her clit until she went over the top and came off like a firecracker in one of her biggest orgasms in months.

She always wants me to shoot my come deep in her pussy and I wanted to feel her cunt squeezing my cock again, so she rolled off me and got on her back. I slid back into her cunt, which had been fucked open and was pouring her cream onto her outer lips and the entire area from her asshole to her pubic hair. I gave her several deep strokes and ground my pelvis into her clit. She had now joined me in being as aroused as she had been in months. When I could not hold out any longer, I exploded in her. As her pussy walls squeezed me, I pumped a huge load of spunk into her. She just kept milking my cock with her pussy until she had milked every drop from me.

We were both completely exhausted and just lay there in the afterglow for several minutes. As we uncoupled, I got a look at her gaping cunt lips as my come leaked out and ran down her ass. It was the most beautiful sight and I fell in love with creampies at that point.

This is only the first of several letters describing "Fantasy Nights" for my wife and me. Some of them have already occurred, as this one, and some of them are still out there in the future, taking shape in our overly active imaginations. Stay tuned for the next installment.

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8 months ago
well written. why didn't you go down on her and clean up her cum filled pussy. that's another fantasy
8 months ago
Great story my friend! I need more. Lol!