Filmed With Dogs Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Charlotte finished showering and wrapped a towel around her wet, naked
body. She fluffed her hair and left for the kitchen, starving for some
food. Sucking Khan had given her a ravenous appetite.

"You look delicious in that towel," Felicia said, looking up as
Charlotte padded into the kitchen. "Doesn't she, Craig?"

Craig's smile widened. "Fantastic!" He set his coffee down to admire

Charlotte basked in their compliments. She felt wonderful, excitement
coursed through her veins. She felt their eyes on every move she made
as she fixed herself some toast. She dropped into a chair, taking her
first bite of the hot buttered toast.

"God, I'm hungry."

"You shouldn't be with all that cum you drank this morning." Felicia
turned to Craig. "You should have seen her, up in the bedroom, turning
Khan into a puppy with her mouth. I thought she was going to bite his
damn prick off."

Craig leered across the table at their guest. "I remember her mouth on
my prick. She's as good as you, Felicia."

Their conversation swelled Charlotte's ego. "Maybe I'll suck you off
again today, Craig," she said to him, holding his eyes with her own.

"I'll be looking forward to it." He stood up and kissed his s****r,
then walked over to Charlotte. He whisked off the towel she wore with
one quick yank and grinned. "You look better this way." He squeezed one
of her firm, pliant tits and planted a kiss on her cheek. "Keep it hot
and wet. I'll be back in a few minutes. I need a shower."

After Craig left, Charlotte looked to Felicia. "I don't believe how
relaxed I am. Christ, last week, I was a ... now look at me." She shook
her head, the random half-thoughts conveying their meaning clearly to

Felicia nodded. "George is going to love the new you." She wriggled out
of her robe and stood up. "If you're gonna be naked, there's no reason
for me to wear anything." She rubbed her tits. "C'mon into the other

Charlotte followed the tall, exquisitely built blonde. She anticipated
something exciting. "Do you have something planned?" she asked Felicia.

"I do, yes." Felicia dropped to the couch and spread her legs, Khan
going between them and dining on the oozing lips of his mistress's
pussymeat. "You ready to fuck this horny devil?"

Charlotte's legs buckled as she stumbled to a chair. "Ohhhh, Felicia,
isn't sucking him enough for one day?" She was trembling. "I still
haven't gotten over taking his prick in my mouth."

Felicia laughed, parting the lips of her cunt as Khan slipped his
tongue deep inside. "Ooooo, Christ!" She squirmed on the couch, her
cunt muscles milking his tongue as it invaded her pussy. "Don't be a

Craig came into the room, his groin tightening into a ball as he saw
his s****r's legs spread wide and Khan feasting on her blonde cunt. He
walked over to Charlotte, his gargantuan prick pressing against the
towel that was wrapped around his waist.

"You can pull my towel off me," he laughed to Charlotte.

Charlotte tore her eyes away from Felicia's pussy and the hungry dog's
snout and gazed at the tent Craig's cock formed in the towel. She
giggled and grabbed his prick.

"You're as bad as the damn dog, always hard and horny!"

"Why don't you do something about it?" Craig moaned as her hand mauled
his prick.

She yanked the towel away, caressing his long thick prick as it jutted
out like a thick spear. "You're so damn big, Craig." She drooled at his
giant, veiny shaft. "My pussy is still sore from last night."

Craig tossed his head back and roared with laughter. He grabbed her
slim waist with one of his bear-like hands and pulled her small, almost
c***dlike, body up.

He was taller than his s****r and Charlotte's head came only to his
nipples. He put his hands under her arms and lifted her up as if she
were weightless. He plastered his mouth on hers, plunging his tongue
beyond her lips into her throat.

Charlotte melted against his huge towering frame, locking her legs
around his hips. She sucked greedily on his invading tongue, her arms
wrapping around his neck. "Ohhh, Christ, Craig, you're so damned
strong." She wriggled against his massive body, her tits scr****g into
the coarse hair of his chest.

His hands dropped to her ass, cupping each rounded cheek. "You're a
sexy little piece, Lotty. George is very lucky to have you."

She toyed with his mouth, licking her tongue across his face, biting
impishly on his lips with her teeth. "He's a lot luckier now, than
before I came here." She wriggled her ass. "I feel your cock, Craig."

"Slip it in," he groaned, holding her in his powerful grip.

Charlotte tossed her full head of dark-red hair back, the soft strands
swishing across her bare shoulders. She looked over at Felicia and
Khan. "Should I?" she asked her.

Felicia looked up, a dazed, tormented expression on her face. Khan's
tongue was turning her bl**d to boiling steam. She nodded. "Fuck him
blind." She lashed her pussy at her pet's snout. "Make him cry uncle."
She spread her swollen pussy lips to accommodate Khan's muzzle jamming
all the way into her pussy. She screamed, trembling in spasms.

Charlotte bit her lip and wiggled down, taking the bloated head of
Craig's cock between the velvety folds of her cuntlips. "Unnn, you're
stretching me." She leaned back, confident of his strength. Her tits
ached, the nipples were sore. She scratched her nails along his wide
chest, leaving thin red lines in their wake. "You want it all in me?"

Craig leered at the sex kitten squirming in his arms. "You keep
scratching and I'll drop you. "

"If you do, you won't get fucked," Charlotte giggled, her ass
squirming, her body begging to be filled with his bloated prick. She
twisted her hips, taking more of his thick cock into her pussy. She
latched her arms around his neck again. "I'll hold, you play with my
tits." She was the complete female a****l, no more hangups or shyness.
She was totally at ease. "Squeeze them."

Craig pawed the soft flesh of Charlotte's tits. He enjoyed the tiny
package of dynamite. She was the opposite of his s****r, small, like a
c***d. He kneaded her tits, feeling the bullet tips pressing against
his palms. His prick throbbed in the heated furnace of her pussy.

"Ahhhhh," Charlotte cried, wriggling down and gulping the rest of his
prick into her pussy. She twisted and churned, her hips rotating in
frantic circles, her pussy muscles pulsing around his buried prick.

"Sweet little baby," Craig groaned, his voice deep and powerful. He
spanned her hips with his fingers as she clung to him precariously.
"Gonna give you a wild, crazy ride, sweet thing."

She looked at him, her emerald green eyes glittering desirously, her
mouth glistening as she licked her lips. "Yessss," she hissed, her
limbs curled around him like the tendrils of an octopus. "Rip me apart,
Craig. Give a nice, fast fuck ride." She held tight around his neck,
easing up her grip with her legs. "Do it! Do it! Fuck me!"

Staring her directly in the face, Craig raised her off his prick until
only the head was immersed in her cunt juices. "Ready?" he groaned.

"Uh huh." She trembled in anticipation. Her pussy pulsated and the
tight walls waited greedily to be filled with cock again. "Yeaaaaah!"

He caught her as she sucked in air and slammed her lithe, lightweight
body down on his cock. His cockhead pierced her tight, spongy cunt and
stretched her to the limit. He held her tight, his cock stuffed to the
hilt, rocking her hips back and forth and screwing her down on his

She squealed in joyous delight. She creamed, warm lubricating juices
flowing from her cushiony pussy down over his buried cock, greasing it
for action. Her body twitched and her hips rotated in sync with his
brutish jerks.

"Ohhh, Craig, you fuck great!"

Craig's head spun deliriously. The hot little bitch on his cock was a
wildcat. He gritted his teeth, the muscles in his jaw hardening. He
lifted her up, then slammed her down, again and again. He watched her
joyous expression turn to lust, then crazed desire. He picked up speed,
his huge, muscular arms plunging her body down on his enormous cock,
then lifting her up the next instant.

Charlotte's entire body bobbed at a reckless pace as she was hurled up
and down. Her tits bounced, her dark-red hair swung to-and-fro and her
cunt slammed down onto the solid lump of gorgeous cockmeat.

His tree trunk legs held them both, his feet firmly planted on the
floor. The hammering ache in his balls enraged him, spurring him on.
The shuddering warmth of her cunt engulfed him, compelled him to cum.

She squealed in heavenly bliss, jerking and twisting as he speared her
pussy with every bulky inch of his long cock. Her tits swelled with
passion, her head snapped from side to side, and her arms held him
tighter as her body flew up and down. She urged him on, using her body
and her drumming cunt muscles to torture his plowing cock.

As he relentlessly impaled her on his prick, she twisted and gyrated
her hips, making each slam more exciting. She lashed her body at him,
grinding her cunt down and catching his rhythm. "Cream meee, you hard
giant! Cream meeee!" she panted heavily. "Squirt it all the way up into
my throat." She humped forward, her clit scr****g against his tough
groin as he rammed her down hard.

Craig strained. His thighs ached and his arms pained him. But he didn't
stop. Her voice and her hot, sizzling impish grin burned into his
brain. His cum-swelled hard-on enlarged and hardened. His heavy balls
rumbled to be relieved of their heavy aching load. He brought her up
and slammed her down at blinding speed, his balls erupting, his prick
spewing jet streams of cum into her gulping pussy.

"I'm cuminggg!" His voice roared like thunder and ricocheted off the
four walls. His spouting prick saturated Charlotte's pussy with its
continuous load. "I'm cuming!"

"I can feel it," Charlotte squealed, his cum flooding her pussy.
"Ooooo, Craig!" She went insane on his cock. She tried to claw her way
to the peak, scratching her way to an orgasm that seemed to float
somewhere out of reach. "Fuck me! Harder! Faster!"

The muscles in Craig's arms surged with power. He plummeted the slim,
naked woman up and down on his spearhead cock, his cum overflowing her
pussy and running down his huge balls and taut thighs. His eyes bulged,
grunting gasps rasped from his heaving chest and lungs. He growled like
a mountain lion, humping and slamming his cock into Charlotte's pussy
with all his might.

Charlotte attained the summit and hovered, unable to go over into
bliss. She began to wail helplessly. Racking moans blended with Craig's
deep thunderous roars. She felt the hot cum squirt in deep, then ooze
out of her clinging cuntlips. Her grasp was weakening from around his
neck. She was becoming hysterical. Her hands came away, and she fell
back, a piercing scream filling the room.

Still climaxing, Craig held onto her body, his bearlike hands clasped
around her trim willowy waist. He grunted loudly, his body shaking as
the last of his orgasm tore through his groin and blasted from his
prick. His chest was heaving and his eyes were glued to Charlotte as
she swayed uncaringly on his dying cock.

He eased her up. Using the last remaining ounce of strength he
possessed he took her quivering, twisting body off his prick. "I've had
it," he panted. "Christ, you totally drained me, sweet thing."

Charlotte was distraught. She slithered down his long muscular body
like a wriggling sensuous snake. She whimpered, trembling in a nebulous
cloud, unable to descend, needing to climax, needing the release of her
mounting passion. She licked the droplets of cum that ran down his
thickset thighs. Her tongue darted out, lapping his sticky balls and
tasting her own flavorful pussy cream along with his gooey cum. Her
tongue busily lapped up his limp meaty cock as it hung like a fallen
tree against his thigh. She sucked it, trying to breathe life back into

Craig grunted and flung himself down in a chair. "Go use your mouth on
Khan," he moaned, pushing her away from his exhausted prick. "He'll
fuck you."

Charlotte's face brightened as she crawled over to the giant dog who
was lapping noisily between Felicia's thighs. She licked his hind leg,
nibbling on it, insane with passion, completely engrossed in her own
wanton desires.

Felicia saw the crazed Charlotte and giggled. "Don't bite him." Her
tone was heavily laced with lust. "I saw what you did to Craig. You
ready for Khan?" She squirmed her soft ass on the couch.

Charlotte hissed and stood up on wobbly legs. "First, I wanna give him
a ride."

She straddled the giant Doberman, rubbing her cum-filled pussy along
his back and soaking his glistening black coat with a mixture of cum
and pussy cream. She glared at Felicia who was receiving the tonguing
of her life.

Khan's tongue invaded the steamy depths of Felicia's pussy. Hot shivery
waves of bliss swept over her elegant body as the Doberman's tongue
reamed her. She reached down between her legs and grabbed Khan by the
ears, riding his digging snout in agonizing pleasure. She ground her
clit into his hard teeth.

Charlotte watched the mask of passion drop over Felicia's face. "Ohhhh,
God, Felicia. Cream the fucker! Cummmmmmm! Christ, cummmmmmm!"

Charlotte humped her pussy along the dog's lean back, her clit in
torturous contact with his short-haired coat. Backwards brought sighs,
forward, against the grain, brought whimpering sobs. Her eyes bugged
out as she watched Felicia soar into her orgasm.

"I'm cuming on Khan's mouth!" Felicia screamed, humping the dog and
suckling his reaming tongue with her cunt muscles. "I'm cuminggggg!"
Her eyes rolled, focusing on Charlotte's lithe naked frame straddling
the dog, her small, perfectly formed tits bouncing wildly.

Charlotte drooled, her eyes glued to Felicia's lush, statuesque body in
the throes of orgasm--her huge creamy tits jerking, her head lolling on
her shoulders, the blonde hair whipping back and forth across her face,
hips jerking and thighs clenching tightly onto the b**st's buried head.
This erotic spectacle kept Charlotte at the peak, swirling in a pink
haze of lust, but she was still unable to take the final leap into

Felicia arched her back. Her legs parted and she shoved downward with
her cunt, smashing her clit into the dog's mouth and jowls. Another
series of orgasms washed over her and she lost sight of Charlotte's
naked body, greying out. She shuddered and collapsed-back on the couch
with a mass of tingly fires throughout her body.

"Ohhhh, shit," Charlotte moaned, riding the dog's back as he licked his
chops clean of his mistress's cum-cream. She jerked her body on his
back and tiny shock waves exploded at the base of her skull as she
sought to cum without him fucking her.

She screamed as one orgasm rippled through her pussy with the promise
of more to come. It toppled her from the dog's back and she sprawled
out on the floor, writhing like a snake.

"I have to cum!" She caught sight of the red prick hanging between
Khan's hind legs. "Oooo, Khan! It's just the two of us." She rolled to
the tame a****l, reaching for his cock. "Everyone else has creamed--
Felicia on you, Craig in me." She stroked his prick, rubbing it into a
hard throbbing steel girder.

Felicia dropped down to the floor beside Charlotte, caressing her skin
and massaging the soft flesh between Charlotte's thigh. "His cock is
the answer to your problem," she purred. "It feels nice in your hand.
It'll feel great in your cunt."

"I know, I know!" Charlotte squealed, enjoying her self-torture. "I
know it will."

She rolled under the dog's belly and lifted her head to lick his balls.
She nipped the tip of his cock, making him whine.

Quickly, she rolled out. "I'm a hot bitch in heat, and he's my stud."
She hauled herself to her hands and knees, whimpering madly for Khan's
doggie cock to plunge into her hot pussy. "I'm all empty now. It oozed
out all over my legs. I need another load." Her tits swayed as she
wriggled her ass in Felicia's face. "Help him to fuck me. I want his
cum in my pussy."

Felicia purred, stroking her dog's back and getting her hand wet with
pussy juice. "C'mon, boy." She let him sniff the swollen lips of
Charlotte's cunthole. "Sniff it out good, boy. This is what you're
going to get."

Khan, sensing he was going to get his nuts off, barked. He drove his
muzzle into Charlotte's pussy and lapped up her flowing cunt-cream,
drinking the last oozing drops of Craig's cum. His meaty cock ached and
he was anxious to mount the naked woman.

Felicia calmed him with her hand. "Hold steady, Lotty." She calmed
Charlotte with her voice.

"Ohhh, God," Charlotte wailed, trembling as she presented her body to
the huge b**st. "Ohhh, God, get his cock inside me. I'm going crazy!"

Felicia helped the monstrous Doberman up onto Charlotte's back. "Hold
steady," she soothed the nervous bundle of sex.

"I can't," Charlotte moaned, feeling the weight of the dog as his front
paws rested on her back. "Ohhh, GOD! He can't get his cock in me!" She
began to shake as the spearing cock tip whacked into her ass cheeks and
the back of her thighs. "Help him! Help HIM!"

Deftly, Felicia guided Khan's thick meaty cock into Charlotte's pussy.
She kept her fingers there feeling the dog slicing through soft
cuntlips. "Better?"

"Ooooo, GOD in heaven ... yesssss!" Charlotte cried. "He's tearing me
apart. His cock is, aaaooohhh! Felicia, oooooh!"

She held steady, bearing the dog's lunging weight and riding the fury
of his stabbing prick. She turned her head, not believing what she saw.
She was getting fucked by a dog! This was no d**gged illusion, no
trick, this was really happening to her. Seeing the dog behind her
plunging his cock into her cunt almost made her faint.

Khan yelped as his elongated cock sliced through the cushiony hole of
Charlotte's pussy. He held onto her, his front paws clamped on either
side of Charlotte's back, his hairy hind legs dancing in place. He
maintained his balance while fucking Charlotte's wet pussy hole with
quick and careless plunges.

Charlotte thrilled, taking a doggie cock made her happy. She shoved
back at Khan's lunging prick, gulping his cock with her body and
rocking her hips back and forth, turning the dog into a whimpering,
yelping b**st.

Felicia mauled Charlotte's tits and pinched her bl**d-gorged clit. She
squeezed the dog's cock when it appeared from out of Charlotte's gooey
cunt and shivered when his cock slid through her fingers back into the
snug, tight pussy. Felicia dropped down onto her back, drooling at the
sight of Khan's hairy balls slapping back and forth with his lunging
body. The sight was so overwhelming, Felicia was about to cream.

Charlotte was in seventh heaven. She didn't care what Felicia was
doing. All she cared about was the dog and the fantastic fuck he was
giving her.

"C'mon, Khan, fuck me! Fuck meee!" Her voice rose an octave, Khan's
cock slamming deep. "YESSSS!"

Khan whined, blanketing Charlotte's white, creamy body with his
muscular frame. His powerful hind legs kept him steady, his body
heaving forward, thrusting his prick at a fantastic speed into
Charlotte's small, vulnerable frame. His front paws squeezed as he
leaned forward, his tongue lolling out, drool dribbling onto her back.
He fucked his prick in to the root time after time after time.

Charlotte felt the fur of his body, his wet tongue, his hot panting
breath, and the unending joy of his thick cunt-splitting cock. She
rocked. She found herself being drawn toward her orgasm, an orgasm that
had eluded her. She stiffened her arms as the brute-f***e of Khan's
horrendous jabs almost knocked her off balance.

She turned her head and saw that Craig was watching. "He's great! GOD!
Soooo fast!" she said to him.

The dog's blinding speed had Charlotte reeling. She pushed back,
wriggling her ass, hearing the b**st yelp. "Oooo! Oooo! OOOOH!" She was
delirious now, rocking in the cadence of Khan's violent jabs. His
lunging cock expanded to full-size, bloated by his heavy load of cum.

Khan's fury swept them both up in its path. His prick whipped through
her grease-lined cunt. His balls were swinging like lead weights, the
cum bubbling like an active volcano. He was ready to spew his lava and
drench the cunt in his path.

Charlotte sensed the new and demanding urgency in the dog's slamming
body. "He's gonna cum! He's gonna cummmmm!"

She became insane with that one thought. It set her own orgasm into
motion. Swiftly, she attained the summit and was catapulted into
endless space. Just knowing the dog was about to spray her pussy was
all she needed to take that final step.

"I'm cuming!" she screamed, her high-pitched voice shrieking. "I'm cum
... ingggg on a dog!"

She went off the deep end. She began to thrash and jerk against the
dog's heavy pounding body like a bronco trying to throw its rider. She
humped and churned, drool seeping out of the corners of her mouth.

"I'm cuming everyone!"

Charlotte's shrieking announcement and the gushing pussy-cum that
drenched his ramming cock drove the horny a****l into his own cyclonic
orgasm. He barked, his prick spewing a geyser of doggie jizz into
Charlotte's climaxing pussy. He lifted his head to howl his bliss, his
black eyes shining, his tongue swaying as he pummeled Charlotte with
his gushing cock.

"He's creaming me!" she cried hysterically. "He's creaming my pussy! I
can feel it!" She turned, seeing the dog's face. "Oooooooo! Cummmm you
fuckin' b**st! Cum all over me with your gorgeous cock!"

She rode the fury of the high-strung a****l. Her cum mixed with his,
drenching her climaxing cunt to the limit. It oozed out of her cunt
like lava, wetting the back of her thighs and the dog's swinging balls.
It splattered Khan's hairy legs as he lashed in and out of her cum-
drenched pussy. She opened her mouth to scream as another violent
orgasm swept through her pussy, toppling her over. She dropped to her
face, her ass perched high, her pussy still being pounded with all the
fury of a hurricane.

"AGHHHH!" she screeched, clawing the rug with her fingers and rocking
her ass back and forth, impaled on the dog's prick. As he continued to
ram her into oblivion, she battled him, forcing herself back up on the
palms of her hands, her arms stiff and straight, holding her weight.
Her pussy felt like raw meat. The room was spinning. Everything turned

"AAAAAYIEEEEE!" she screamed, her voice trailing off. She surrendered
to the soft cloud of u*********sness and blacked out. She tumbled to
the floor, the sudden drop deprived the b**st of her wet cunt.

Khan barked, the last drops of his cum spitting from his pointed cock

Charlotte trembled as she lay on the rug, her battered body completely
satisfied. She was fucked out, exhausted, but happy. Whimpering cries
came from her open mouth as she slowly came out of the grey numbing
world she had drifted into. She rolled and sat up, propping herself
against a chair.

She looked first at the dog licking himself, then at Craig smiling, and
then at Felicia, who was also smiling. "I hope you all enjoyed the

"Immensely!" Craig said, rubbing his limp cock. "It almost makes me
want to fuck you again."

"Oh, no," Charlotte moaned, clamping her legs together. "No more
fucking for me until I shower and have a nice cozy nap. I'm beat."

"What about me?" Felicia purred. "You could at least let me lick you

Charlotte staggered to her feet. "See your b*****r. Have fun with him.
I'm going up to shower, then sl**p."

On achy legs, she staggered upstairs, a warm feeling in the pit of her
stomach. A few minutes later, she stood under the steady raining spray
of the shower, thinking about how much she had changed in such a short
time and how much George would like it.
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