Filmed With Dogs Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"You bitch!" Charlotte spat at the tall exquisite blonde petting her
sleek, black Doberman. "YOU rotten bitch!"

Felicia was smiling down at her, her whole body tingling, waiting for
the subtle change to occur in Charlotte's behavior. "Don't be so
nasty," she purred. "It's for your own good."

Already Charlotte was beginning to feel the effects of the d**g. "Why?"
she sobbed, "why?"

"Let's just say I have a desire to help people overcome their
inhibitions so they can enjoy themselves to the fullest capacity. I can
already see you agree with my ideals."

"You are a bitch, you know?" Charlotte was wavering. She could feel her
muscles relaxing. Her heart was thumping erratically and she could feel
herself succumbing to the influence of the d**g.

"Yes, a hot bitch who likes eating your pussy."

A dreamy smile played at Charlotte's dainty mouth. "I wish it wasn't
true, but I loved eating you, too." She saw the dog in a different
frame of mind. The pictures she had seen of him and his mistress
clouded her thoughts. They seemed so erotic now. "He's so sexy, in a
demonic why."

"Isn't he?" Felicia agreed.

Felicia walked across the room and sat in a chair, spreading her legs.
Khan went immediately between them, nuzzling his pointed snout in her
blonde cunt mound. His cold nose wriggled happily through the lace of
her crotchless panties to her seething pussy.

Felicia murmured dreamily as Khan's tongue slipped inside her cunt.
"He's so fantastic! I don't know how you can refuse him." Her ass
squirmed in the chair, her blonde pussy humping at her dog's snout. Her
face was masked in lust, her long fingers pawing her fleshy tits inside
the lacy bra.

Charlotte drooled. Watching Khan digging his snout into the other
woman's cunt made every nerve in her body tingle. She yearned for the

Charlotte licked her lips and crawled over to them. "I won't refuse him
now," she told her captor. Sitting on her haunches, the naked Charlotte
petted the b**st's black fur, her hands caressing him lovingly,
hypnotically, every sense geared toward having this giant dog. "Let him
lick me."

Felicia leered down at the kneeling Charlotte. "Only after you've
salved Khan's feelings. You were very rude to him and he is very
sensitive. You have to make it up to him." The dog's tongue was heaven
between her hot pussy-lips. She squirmed in the chair and scratched the
dog's head as he licked her.

Charlotte rubbed her tits against Khan's shiny coat and stroked the
dog's flanks. His short-haired coat prickled her sensitive skin like
tiny needles. "Ooooo! I want him. I want him between my legs."

"Touch his cock first," Felicia demanded in a light, dreamy voice.
"Touch Khan's prick."

"Yessss," Charlotte agreed. Her trembling hand slid down under the
dog's belly toward his cock sheath. She was shaking, her mouth
salivating as she remembered seeing his enormous prick in the
photographs. Her hand touched the furry hard-skinned sheath. Her
fingers skimmed around it, feeling its size and imagining what his cock
would look like.

"It won't stick out," Charlotte whimpered, pouting, longing for the
dog's cock more than ever. She needed the joy it would bring, the joy
she saw on Felicia's beautiful face as Khan licked her foamy cunt.

"Play with it, Lotty. It'll grow. You get it hard and I'll let you have
him for your pussy."

"Mmmmm," Charlotte moaned lightheadedly, stroking the dog's cock sheath
with more determination. She wanted to get him hard. She squeezed the
sheath, stroking, pulling and jerking back and forth with her fingers.
Rubbing her tits into his fur, she trembled, her inhibitions melting.
She was slipping lower--she had to see his prick!

"Felicia!" she gasped in delight. "It's sticking out! It's coming out
for me!"

With her fingers gently stroking, urging the dog on, she glared at the
emerging red tip of Khan's wonderful prick. It filled her with passion
and she played with his sticky prick and dangling balls, thrilling to
see his cock growing larger and larger right before her very eyes.

Felicia was floating on a soft sensuous cloud as Khan's tongue slurped
up the sticky froth that constantly seeped from her cuntlips. She
stared at the naked Charlotte who was laboriously working the Doberman
into a frenzy.

"Is it hard yet?" she sighed, ramming her cunt into her dog's digging

"Yesss," Charlotte answered triumphantly. "It's a damn tree stump!
Ohhhhh, God, it's sooo thick and long." Charlotte was foaming at the
mouth at the monstrous prick. Her dazed green eyes were saucers of

Felicia felt another rippling orgasm surge through her. Khan's tongue
was keeping her high in the clouds, lifting her up to another heavenly
plateau. "You'll know, in time, how great his cock feels buried to his
hairy balls inside your tight pussy."

Her body stopped humping her pet's snout as the last volley of tiny
orgasms spiraled through her. Her massive tits heaved and her head
swirled with bliss at this new and exciting plateau of desire. She
pushed Khan away from her cunt.

Khan whimpered, licking Felicia's knees, dejected for being deprived
the juicy delights of her pussy.

"Soon, my handsome pet, soon." She leaned over and grabbed Charlotte's
arm. "You better stop fondling him, or he'll cream all over your hand
and waste it."

Charlotte's breath had quickened. She was shaking with a craving desire
to feel the dog's tongue once again on her pussy. "Let him lick me."

"Lie back," Felicia suggested in her husky tone that was always coated
with a thick layer of passion. "You can have your first doggie treat."

Charlotte immediately fell back on the floor, squirming like a snake on
the carpet, her legs wide. She used her fingers to open the puffy lips
of her aching cunt. "Let him lick me. Make him eat me!" She was
distraught, so overcome with lust she didn't know what to do or say.

Felicia got down on the floor. She ran her long slender fingers over
his open panting mouth, playing with the cream of her cunt that was on
his snout. "You want to lick this delicious woman?" she asked her pet.
"She tastes great, huh?" She smacked her lips together in remembrance.

Khan whimpered excitedly, his cock fully extended, his stubby tail
going a mile a minute. His tongue hung out of the side of his jowls for
the chance to eat the red-haired pussy in front of him.

"Don't make me wait," Charlotte wailed, twisting on the floor. She was
a bundle of passion, needing and craving the dog's tongue to send her
into bliss. "I need it so bad. I'll do anything you want." Her voice
had a pleading note to it.

"You'll do anything I want anyway," the tall blonde replied with
assurance. She bent down and kissed her Doberman on the mouth, feeling
his hard tongue going into her throat.

Charlotte gasped at the erotic, perverted sight. Her misted eyes
blinked. She gurgled, the sound of her own voice eerie.

Felicia's tongue whipped across Khan's tongue, her hand reaching under
him and grabbing his stiff cock. "She did get you nice and hard," she
cooed to him, continuing to tease the squirming Charlotte. "She was
mean to you, too," she added, and leaned back. "Do what you want, Khan.
She's ready for you now." She released the dog.

Khan instantly went to Charlotte's vulnerable pussy.

"Ooooo, my Christ!" Charlotte squealed. Having her cunt finally
attended to was overwhelming. "Ohhhhh, Felicia, thank you." She
squirmed and wriggled on the plush carpet, riding the horny dog's snout
as he lapped up her oozing juices.

"Tell me all about it, my innocent little housefrau." She was delighted
by the sight of Khan's bluish-red tongue going inside Charlotte's red-
haired pussy. "Tell me all about it as it happens."

"Eeeeww, yes," Charlotte purred wantonly. "His tongue, I feel it
digging--ahhhhh! It's slapping my clit now--ooaahh, God, it feels so
good." She swallowed, moistening her dry throat that was parched with
excitement. "Oooooohhh! His tongue is inside me again. It's wilds She
humped up, her pussy, steeped with her oozing buttery sauce, banged
into Khan's digging snout.

His long hard tongue delved inside the gooey opening and lugged out
gobs of seething cunt-cream. His nose nestled in between her sudsy
cuntlips and he furiously whipped his tongue in and out. His gawkish
legs lowered his slender body to the carpet, his erect cock coming in
contact with the rug. He was jittery, high-strung and aroused to the
limit, but he continued to please the whimpering Charlotte with his

Felicia purred, delighting in watching her Doberman feasting on the
exotic wonders of Charlotte's tender, sweet cunt. "Ream her, Khan.
Shove your tongue deep!" She urged the b**st with her frantic voice,
her hand groping for his monstrous prick. She finally clutched it,
squeezing the thick hunk of cockmeat, the sticky juices making her
break out in shivery goose bumps. "Ohhhh, lick her, boy. Lick our horny
guest good."

Khan was whimpering. His mistress's fingers around his cock stem was
driving him wild, spurring him on to greater feats of cunt-lapping.
Strenuously, with the compelling f***e to cum welling up inside him, he
gave Charlotte the best tonguing he could muster. His mistress's hand
manipulating his raging hard cock made him work overtime on Charlotte's
cunt. He began to growl, his small front teeth nipping the soft loose
flesh of Charlotte's pussy lips, his tongue alternately snaking inside
and lugging out lumps of gooey cream. He snarled, his head shaking,
cuntmeat In ms Jaws.

Charlotte's eyes were filmed over with lust and she was plunging into
bliss. Her cunt humped in perpetual motion, acute tingling sensations
attacking her. She was reaching her orgasm, but was unable to grab hold
of it.

Charlotte went berserk. "He's, oooooo ... biting my pusssyyy!" She
ground her cunt down, squirming against the wild frenzied actions of
the dog's snout, reveling in the danger of what was happening to her
and the joy she was receiving. "Ohhhhhh, Felicia, oaahhhhh! KHAN!

The dog responded to his name by plowing his tongue into the steamy wet
oozing depths of her cunt. His back end shook, his cock sliding through
his mistress's tight fist. He reamed the red-haired pussy and flashed
his tongue inside, his teeth against her clit. He pushed, growling, his
pointed muzzle drenched in creamy froth.

"His tongue! His tongue!" Charlotte's eyes widened in rapture.
"Felicia! His tongue is so fuckin' deep!" She clawed her own belly with
her nails. "I can feel him all the way up in here!"

She struggled and squirmed, twisting against the horny dog's nose. Her
soft tittie mounds jiggled with her erratic jerking, the nipples aching
painfully, ready to burst the moment her cunt exploded. A gurgling moan
erupted from her throat.

"He's tonguing me!" Charlotte howled. "Sooooo deep!"

Felicia swooned, her hand tightening around the thick stem of doggie
cock. It was as if she could feel his tongue inside her own cunt. "Let
me see you cummmmm," she moaned to Charlotte, her voice low, wavering
with passion. "Cum on his face. Drown him with your juice!"

The dog growled, his head nuzzled between Charlotte's sticky thighs. He
tried to free his cock from his mistress's tight grasp, but Felicia
refused to release his cock.

Felicia rested her head on him, stroking him. "Eat her! Bite! Bite!"
Her fingers toyed with his ass, teasing his asshole and clawing under
him, turning him into a wild b**st.

Charlotte screamed with agonizing pleasure. She was the recipient of
the dog's violent reaction to his mistress's torment. He began nipping
with more fervor on her tender cuntlips. He jammed forward with more
ferociousness, driving his nose into her squishy pussy.

"He's stretching me! My GOD! He's shoving his whole fucking head in
me!" Charlotte convulsed into spasms.

Khan tongued deep, snaking inside the hidden depths of her pulsating
pussy hole, his snout stretched her open, wider and wider, attempting
to shove his entire head into Charlotte's turned-on body. He opened his
powerful jaw and shook his head. He jabbed forward, every muscle of his
sleek, jet-black body rippling. The muscles in his powerful neck were
taut and his growling snarls were muffled by soft cuntmeat.

Felicia's eyes popped. She was caught up in Charlotte's cyclonic
whirling passion, safely watching the turbulence from the eye of the
storm, unaffected by its v******e. She watched the storm wreak havoc
upon the glassy-eyed Charlotte. Her spastic body wrenched and twisted,
her eyelashes fluttering, her sporadic convulsions quickening as she
floundered to-and-fro on Khan's digging snout.

Through hazy eyes Charlotte saw the exquisite blonde fingering her own
cunt. Then her gaze shifted to the giant black Doberman between her
legs. The overpowering stimuli were too much to handle. She soared to
the peak, a dizzy realm of passionate bliss kept her he head reeling
into ecstasy. She opened her mouth, her words were trapped. She
struggled in the stormy rage of her rapidly approaching orgasm.

A gasping cry came out her mouth and her eyes bulged in rapturous
ecstasy. "I'M CUMING!" Her words ripped from her throat as her climax
ripped through her pussy and spread throughout her body leaving
devastation and destruction in its path. "I'm creaming all over Khan!"

Charlotte shook in spastic convulsions, thrashing on the rug in the
midst of her orgasm. Her tits bounced with her uncontrolled quirky
movements and her hands clenched and unclenched in rhythm to the
contracting storm in her cunt. She beat her legs against the carpet,
then raised them high in the air, spreading them wide apart an erotic
vee, giving the horny Doberman ample room to lick and eat her.

The horny black b**st didn't retreat from the fury of Charlotte's
orgasm. He didn't flinch from her lunging pussy on his snout. He
battled back, driving his tongue into her ramming cunt and stretching
her gushing cunt with his muzzle. He shook his head, the milky river of
Charlotte's cum washing over his black snout, through his open mouth,
and out over his jowls. He was also caught up in Charlotte's raging
storm. His black eyes glowed and he grabbed her extended clit, taking
the bl**d-gorged button between his sharp teeth.

Charlotte screeched at the top of her lungs. The dog's nipping teeth
sent her spiraling higher and higher until she began to babble
incoherently in a continuous murmuring sound. She writhed and contorted
in the throes of her orgasm, and Khan was controlling it.

The large black dog tore at Charlotte's tiny clit as if it were a piece
of raw beef. Growling and snarling, he lashed his head from side to
side, her clit raw flesh meat. Her sticky cum gushed over his jowls,
making him look as if he were a rabid b**st foaming at the mouth. He
growled, sounding like muted thunder, and attacked her pussy again,
biting her tender exploding clit and whipping his tongue across the
protruding meat.

Charlotte shrieked, piercing the air with her cry. "He's chewing me

She pushed down with her cunt, trying to devour his entire head as she
climaxed onset and over again. She grabbed herself behind her knees,
her legs still up in the air, leaving her pussy open to attack, an
attack she welcomed with undying pleasure. Her head snapped from side
to side, her red hair slashing her flushed face. Her eyes were
glittering green emeralds blazing with fiery passion. She trembled as
the dog continued to torture her in the pangs of her orgasm.

Charlotte's screams brought Felicia out of her stupor. She blinked,
watching her dog turn petite little Charlotte into a screaming mass of
exploding flesh. She was the onlooker and she devoured the sight,
thrilling to the intensity of Charlotte's orgasm. It brought on a
rippling orgasm in her own pussy and a quiet murmuring sigh was heard
as it gently washed over her.

Charlotte was going out of her skull. The dog's tongue and frenzied
biting were keeping her from coming down to earth. Her orgasm had wiped
her out, but Khan was still driving her to the brink of insanity. Her
head turned to Felicia. "Help me! Make him stop! Ohhhh, God, stop him!"

Felicia smiled like a cat. "Like it?"

Numb, Charlotte nodded. "Yes! YES!" She was struggling, trying to
squirm away, but the dog refused to let her go. "Please!"

She began to gurgle on her own spit, thrashing as another orgasm
caromed through her pussy. She screamed, then twisted away, wrenching
her body and squirming in agony, trying to rid her body of the hungry

Felicia snapped her fingers. "KHAN!"

The dog instantly raised his head.

Charlotte gasped with relief.

Khan barked. His own passion was overwhelming. Cum dripped from his
snout and his tongue hung out, coated with a thin film of pussy cum. He
sat up, whining to his mistress that he needed to be satisfied, his
huge thick cock jutting out as his ass squirmed on the rug.

Free at last, Charlotte scrambled away from him, panting and blinking
back her vision, still trembling in the aftermath of her horrendous
orgasm. "I, thought I was going to die." Racking gasps filled her lungs
with air. "Christ, I practically blacked out!"

The tall blonde's eyes were blue fire, the pupils totally dilated--two
onyx gems staring at the red glistening cock between her dog's legs. A
hunger grew in her body, a hunger for doggie meat.

Charlotte noticed this overpowering lust glittering in Felicia's eyes.
Following the tall, exquisite blonde's vision, her eyes popped when
they saw the dog's gigantic cock.

"Oh, my, God," she whispered, her jaw dropping. "Oh, my God, it's even
bigger!" The photograph had showed that he was gigantic, but seeing his
prick glisten like a fiery red club made her woozy. "God!"

"It is beautiful, isn't it?" Felicia droned, not once taking her eyes
off Khan's gorgeous prick. "It's magnificent in action." She tore her
eyes away from it for a second. "You want to see me eat him?"

A boulder clogged Charlotte's throat. She opened her mouth to speak,
but nothing came out. She nodded her assent.

"I'm glad," the statuesque blonde mewed, her voice still dripping with
heated desire. She crawled over to her panting Doberman and stroked his
fur with even smooth strokes, soothing him. "Lie down, boy. I'll take
care of you right away."

Khan whimpered urgently, licking his mistress's face. Docilely, he lay
down, his head lifting as his black eyes pleaded with her to end his
suffering. His gargantuan cock sc****d the carpet.

"Watch, Charlotte," Felicia mewed, pushing her dog over on his side.
"Watch me turn the b**st into a whimpering lump of flesh. "

Charlotte was entranced. She crawled over and saw the immense size of
Khan's prick up close. "God!" she mumbled under her breath. "He'd split
me apart for sure."

"You'll be begging for his cock soon," Felicia promised, stroking his
belly with affection. "Soon, you'll crawl on your knees for his cock!"

Charlotte stared, her eyes wide with awe. She licked her dry lips,
anticipating Felicia's mouth on that magnificent piece of cockflesh.
She knew the words Felicia spoke were true. Deep inside, she knew it,
but she still believed it was the d**g that was making her see things
the way Felicia wanted her to. It didn't matter now. Her only thoughts
were on the dog, his cock, and what Felicia was going to do--eat him

Felicia's massive tits heaved as she breathed loud rasping breaths and
stroked her whimpering dog. Her long fingers finally curled around the
monstrous stem of his colossal prick. Her hand held the dog's cock as
if her life depended on it.

The dog whined, his long, powerful sleek body quivering, the taut
muscles rippling. His head lifted, his eyes glowing like two burning
coals. He whined again, his tongue lolling out. In a rippling flurry,
he jabbed his cock through his mistresses tight gripping fist, seeking
relief from the aching pain in his hairy swollen balls.

'Easy, boy," Felicia soothed lovingly. "I'm gonna suck it for you and
make you all better." Her voice calmed him. She wiped her tongue across
her lips and crawled down to his belly, her mouth within inches of his

"Come closer, Lotty. Watch."

Charlotte scrambled around for a better angle, resting her head in her
hands no more than a foot away from Khan's prick. She drooled.

"Lick him good," Charlotte whispered to the exquisite blonde. "Lick
him. Make him cum."

Felicia, her mind set on Khan's prick, concentrated all her attention
on it. She stroked his prick with her hand, up and down, then like a
snake, flicked out her viper tongue, catching Khan's cock tip, her
tongue making the dog whine in a frenzy.

Seeing Felicia's tongue wetting the tip of the dog's prick sent shock
waves through Charlotte's pussy. She gasped lightly, her eyes
unblinking, staring in wonder.

Felicia moved her mouth closer, her lips clamping around the cockhead.
Her hand released his prick and she swirled her tongue around the
width, slowly sinking down, deliberately taking his cock inch by inch
into her mouth. Her cheeks drew inward as she sucked, sending Khan off
on a whimpering binge. She smiled inwardly, aware of Charlotte's own
desire to do what she was now doing.

She stroked her pet between his legs, caressing his heaving balls, his
inner thighs, and the thickset prick. Her mouth seemed to be devouring
the entire length of his unnaturally large cock.

Charlotte watched in utter amazement. Her throat gagged as she intently
watched Felicia's mouth devour the entire length of Khan's meaty cock.
She choked as if it were her throat being stuffed with doggie cock. She
reached out with a trembling hand, stroked the shaking dog's hind leg,
and eyed the cock disappearing into Felicia's rapacious mouth. The role
of onlooker was not for her. She wanted to be a part of what was

Khan quaked, his cock in his mistress's hot mouth. His whimpering yelps
grew louder as his mistress engulfed him with her scorching mouth. He
humped her face, driving his prick into the depths of her throat. He
tore into her gullet, his pointed cocktip spearheading the invasion.
His huge hairy balls whacked her chin as his entire body geared for his
impending orgasm.

Felicia gurgled on his cockmeat, taking his shaft to his balls and
reveling in the power that surged through his hulking prick. She used
her teeth to sc**** against his sensitive cock, hearing Khan howl in
blissful torment. She scratched his ass, her eyes shining brightly as
her nails turned the giant humping dog into a whimpering puppy.

Khan pawed the rug with his front paws, his ass jerking and jabbing his
cock relentlessly into his mistress's face. He raised his head to look
at her, the black eyes rolling, the bl**dshot whites appearing, his
eyes floating up into his skull. His head dropped to the floor with a
thud as he jerked and trembled in spasms on his side.

Felicia doubled and redoubled her efforts to get her pet to cum. She
sucked deeply, chewed on his stabbing cock and tortured his asshole
with her finger. She pressed forward, taking him deeper with each lunge
and whipping her tongue along the bottom of his prick like a leather
belt. Her teeth gnawed, her lower jaw moved back and forth. She felt
the dog's cock swelling in her throat and knew he was ready. She
signaled to Charlotte of the dog's approaching orgasm.

"Yeaaaaah," Charlotte gurgled, her throat hoarse.

She balled her fists, swallowing her leaping heart as she waited. Her
eyes were glued to Felicia's mouth and the red cock that stabbed her
over and over again. It made her dizzy to watch and she sighed,
swooning with a longing to do the same. She rested her hand on the
dog's hind leg again, wanting to feel some part of him when he blasted.

Khan roared, whimpered, and whined, his body quaking with his orgasm.
Foamy spittle drooled from his rubbery lips as his cock ruptured. Jet
streams of glutinous doggie jism splattered the back of Felicia's
throat and oozed down her gulping gullet.

She took the lumpy wads of doggie goo with hunger. The wads grew
thicker, heavier as they spilled out of Khan's prick. It turned into a
steady stream, flooding her mouth and overflowing her clinging lips.
The stringy lumps of cum oozed down her chin and onto the rug as she
sucked hungrily, trying to satisfy her never-ending thirst. She drew it
out from deep within his rumbling balls, drinking, sucking, catching
the pulsing rhythm of his spitting prick.

Khan jerked in spasms. His huge body became a tightly coiled spring
that had unwound. He plowed his mistress's vacuum-like mouth, jabbing,
whimpering, and howling. His lips were drawn back, his fangs were
bared, and his eyes were rolling. He ripped into the tight gullet and
creamed again, drenching her with his streaming load.

Charlotte was totally immersed in Khan's climax. Her mouth dropped with
hunger for some of his spume. Her eyes popped, wishing she was the one
sucking off his magnificent prick. She kept her eye on the red
squirting cock skewering the blonde woman's throat and thrilled to the
doggie cum that gushed past her lips. She was envious.

She placed a finger on Felicia's clinging lips and snatched up some of
Khan's doggie jizz. She licked it off her finger and almost fainted.
She felt a sudden sense of disgust mixing in with her overpowering
lust. The d**g was beginning to wear off.

Khan lunged, Felicia drank his spewing load. They battled each other,
the squirting cock and the gulping mouth. Felicia took one long
tremendous pull on his cock with her sucking mouth, hearing the dog
howl. She still held him with her teeth even though she knew the b**st
was struggling to be freed.

Trapped in his mistress's mouth, Khan yelped, squirmed, and twisted.
Familiar with her ways, he knew she would let him go soon, but he
didn't stop struggling.

Felicia drank the last gob of cum and broke into a smile, relinquishing
his cock at last.

Khan licked his shrinking cock, soothing it with his swiping tongue.

Doggie cum dripping from Felicia's mouth, she swiped her lips clean
with her tongue and glared at Charlotte. "Well? Doesn't it make you
hungry for some doggie cock?"

Charlotte shrank back, her conflicting emotions battling it out,
repulsion intermixed with passionate lust. She nodded her desire for
what she craved, then quickly shook her head in shame, not
understanding and hating herself at the same time.

"You shouldn't fight your natural desires so much, Lotty. It isn't
healthy." She reached out for her. "You want me to eat you?"

Wordlessly, Charlotte declined, shaking her head.

"You want Khan to eat you?" A hint of a smile was on Felicia's cum-
stained lips.

"Nooooo," Charlotte finally said, but not with as much determination as
she wanted. "Nooooo!"

"How about having that marvelous prick in your pussy?" Felicia coaxed.
"I saw the way you were drooling over it."

Charlotte began to cry, overwhelmed, her mixed emotions convulsing her.
She was in turmoil. She shook her head weakly, knowing she was
succumbing to her own desires, to the a****l inside of her. She fought
it, crawling to the bed to hide.

"Yes, Lotty, you sl**p. I'll come back later tonight and we can talk.
Maybe you'll change your mind."

"Never!" Charlotte spat vehemently, but not really believing the
conviction of her own words. "Never."

Felicia laughed, a deep sexy laugh. "Nearer is a long time, my sweet
china doll. More like a few days." She went out, closed the door,
locked it, and left Charlotte to think.

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