Filmed With Dogs Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Charlotte opened her eyes. She felt numb, fuzzy, still filled with the
cobwebs of sl**p. d**gs! She bolted up in bed. The sudden jerk
practically sent her brain spinning. She moaned, half-asl**p.

She sat on the edge of the bed holding her head. An image of what she
had done flashed vividly before her eyes like a silent motion picture.

"Oh, my God!" she said to herself.

Warily, she glanced around. She was in a beautiful room. She stood,
then realized for the first time that she was naked. A whimpering gasp
escaped her mouth. Her eyes darted around the room for her clothes.
Panic gripped her--she didn't see them! She ran to the closet, threw it
open. Empty. The drawers to the dresser--the same. Empty. She went to
the door and tried the knob. It didn't turn. Fear twisted its grip on
her heart. Her throat tightened, it was impossible to swallow. She was
a prisoner!

"Jesus ... ooooh ... GOD!" She shook, every nerve in her body caught up
in her fear.

She spun on her bare feet, seeing another door. Relief swept over her,
and she dashed over to it. Halfway there, she was stopped short by a
clicking noise. She froze, her feet cemented to the floor.

"I see you're awake," Felicia's sultry voice floated out of nowhere. "I
hope you don't have too bad of a hangover."

Charlotte swiveled, looking around, searching for where the voice was
coming from. "Where, where are you?"

"In another room," Felicia purred. "Do you remember this afternoon? How
delicious our first meeting was.

Charlotte gasped, the awful memory of what they had done flashed
through her mind. Each detail of their encounter was crisp and clear
and revolting. The hot torrid voice spoke to her through the
loudspeakers with a jarring recount of her perverted lust.

"It wasn't me," Charlotte screamed to the walls. "It wasn't me! I was
d**gged, d**gged! I couldn't help myself!" She began to cry, sinking to
the bed. She sobbed into her hands.

"The d**g only allows you to be yourself," Felicia told her through the
speakers. "You were absolutely delicious, too. I hope you're ready to
explore some other facets of your sexual personality."

She was appalled. Fear flooded Charlotte's face. "What, what do you
mean?" She was trembling, frightened out of her scull.

"You remember," Felicia taunted. "Your interest in dogs and how
exciting it would be to make love to one."

A wailing sob racked Charlotte's lung. Desperation made her run to the
other door, her small firm tits quivering as she frantically yanked on
the knob. The door was locked, just like the first one. She rushed to
the other door and tried it again.

"Let me get out of here! Let me go!"

"There's so much left for you to enjoy," Felicia continued. 'You're my
guest and it's my duty to see that you're made happy."

"My husband, my husband will miss me ... the police ... if I don't show
up at my s****rs you'll go to jail--" She was ranting, looking for the
one thing to say that would f***e them to let her go. "I'll never say a
word if you let me leave now."

The laugh was genuine, with a hint of the macabre laced through it.
"Everything's been taken care of," Felicia said. "Don't fret. Enjoy
your new home for a while and the pleasures I'll introduce to you."

Charlotte's fists drummed on the door. She was screaming and crying.

"You'll tire yourself out," Felicia said soothingly. "I would think you
would want to save your strength for Khan."

Charlotte stopped her pounding. Sniffing back her sobs, a new fear
surged inside her. "Khan? I, don't--" The name was vaguely familiar.

"You remember, Lotty. Khan is my special dog that my b*****r gave me a
few years ago. I mentioned him to you."

"I, don't know about any dog," Charlotte spat, hoping it were true.

"You seemed so interested in making love to him, too." Felicia made
clicking sounds of disapproval with her tongue. "It's a good thing Khan
isn't listening," Felicia laughed. "His feelings might get hurt."

"Ohhh, God," Charlotte moaned. "Dogs." She leaned against the door,
lightheaded, woozy. "I won't do it with dogs! It's--"

"Wonderful," Felicia broke in. "Dogs are wonderful lovers and can be
such good company when you're alone. You told me yourself your husband
would like you to try it."

"No!" Charlotte wailed, remembering that conversation only too clearly
now. "Pleeeease let me go!"

Suddenly, there was another clicking sound. Her eyes darted to the door
across the room.

"Yes," Felicia said, "I promised you a treat and here he is."

As she spoke a square flap in the door opened and a large black head
peeked in. Khan pointed his muzzle, sniffing the new scent.

Charlotte let out a scream as the giant black Doberman pinscher came
into the room, the flap in the door dropping back into position with
another click. The white shiny fangs glistened perilously as the dog
growled. His coal-black eyes burned into Charlotte's shrinking body.
She cowered, trying to blend in with the woodwork.

"Take him away! Take him away!" Charlotte cried hysterically.

Her eyes filled with overwhelming fear and she gulped, frozen to the
spot where she sat. She swallowed her voice as the dog took a step
toward her. Whimpering sighs of helplessness emanated from her
quivering mouth as her body trembled uncontrollably. Her heart beat in
her throat, the thumping sound echoing in her ears.

She shut her eyes, expecting to wake up from this horrible dream, only
to be disappointed when she reopened her eyes. The monstrous dog was
still there, only closer.

Charlotte's eyes flitted about desperately, seeking safety. There was
none, not even a window to leap through. Her face brightened, noticing
the flap in the door where the dog had come through. Holding her
breath, she inched around the room, closer and closer to the door. She
gasped. Freedom was only inches away and the dog was only watching, not

She slithered down, her fingers crawling along the wall to touch the
metal flap. She pushed. It didn't budge. She pushed again, becoming

"Sorry," Felicia's hot, sexy voice purred. "It locks automatically. It
looks as if you'll just have to let Khan entertain you for a while." A
deep throaty laugh followed. Then a snapping noise reverberated in the
room. It was a signal to Khan.

The Doberman growled, his lips drawing back, showing his full set of
sharp, dangerous teeth, the sparkling white fangs dripping saliva. When
he saw Charlotte freeze, he came toward her, his paws padding silently
on the thick carpet.

"Noooooooo, noooo, noooo!" Charlotte whimpered like a lost c***d,
sinking to the floor, her legs unable to function correctly. "Noooooo!"

She curled up into a ball, sobbing into her hands, her eyes closed,
every nerve in her body twitching as she waiting to be ripped apart by
the demonic-looking b**st.

Khan sniffed her thighs, his cold nose brushing lightly against the
trembling skin.

"Aaaayiieeee!" Charlotte squealed, going into hysterics. Her body
cringed more tightly into a ball. "Don't bite me. Don't bite me."

The dog, used to the screams of frightened women, never flinched. He
continued to sniff out the new smell of the small-framed woman. The
terror exuding from Charlotte's pores was almost as stimulating as the
heavy musky scent of dried pussy juice. His cold, wet nose flared and
his tongue swiped over Charlotte's thigh flesh. He lathered her curled-
up legs with his warm doggie drool.

Once he was satisfied with the shuddering woman's thighs and calves,
the huge black b**st began licking her arms as she held them pinned to
her chest. His tongue slapped out across her hands, glued to her
frightened face. He growled, a low unearthly sound that brought hard
sobs from the cringing Charlotte.

"Take him away ... ooooohhhhhhhh ... pleeeeease!" She was scared
senseless, afraid to look up, afraid that at any second the dog would
bite a chunk out of her. "Go away! Goooo ... aaawayyy!"

"You shouldn't be so snobbish," Felicia's familiar voice floated out
through the loudspeaker system. "Khan only wants to be your friend. He
loves women, especially pretty women like you, with nice soft silky

Felicia was watching the closed-circuit television, her pussy soaked
with her seething cunt-cream. She leered at Charlotte's naked body
shivering on the floor and rubbed her own juice-laden pussy, moaning to
herself as her swirling fingers caressed her blonde cunt mound. She was
always ready, ready for either man, woman, or b**st. Her boiling juices
flowed over her active fingers, her blazing stare fixed on the
television. Her sultry voice flowed through the room that held
Charlotte prisoner as she spoke into the microphone.

Charlotte wanted to lash out at the soft perverted voice that was
filling her head with loathsome thoughts. The dog was licking her hands
and face and becoming increasingly active with his lapping tongue. She
blamed it on the seductive voice, associating the two.

The dog whimpered, his bluish-red tongue going into Charlotte's ear.
His tongue was long and wet, with warm spit dribbling from around the
edges. Khan nibbled on her tiny earlobe, then slashed his whip-like
tongue across her neck, and nuzzled his pointed snout between her bent
elbows. He sought the tender flesh of this new woman's tits, the flesh
he had grown to like on Felicia, his mistress.

"Allow him to lick your tits," Felicia moaned to Charlotte, her voice
tight and heavy with passion. "You'll love it. He's so gentle."

All the hideous memories of what she had done with Felicia bombarded
Charlotte's mind. Khan persisted in his quest to get at her tits and it
made her sick. This seemed like a dream--a nightmare--a hazy
nightmarish dream of terror.

Khan growled, his stubby tail wagging furiously. He barked and shook
his long head, his cold nose snuggling between Charlotte's forearms and
finally touching the flesh of her bare tits. He continued, barking and
nuzzling. His strength f***ed her arms apart for a moment or two before
he pulled back and barked his disapproval.

"You better give him his way," Felicia warned. "Khan gets very angry
when he's deprived of what he wants." She paused, her own fingers
imbedded inside her pussy making her quiver. "He'll bite you, bite your
arm if you don't give him your tits."

It was a threat Charlotte believed and her throat constricted. Her
choices were limited-- refuse the b**st the flesh of her tits and be
bitten, or give into him and suffer the depraved act of having a dog
lick her.

Slowly, fearfully, she lowered her arms. At least she wouldn't be
maimed, at least she hoped not. Her eyes shifted to the camera peering
down at her, hating the thought of giving the bitch pleasure--pleasure
she knew Felicia was having by treating her in this inhumane manner.
She felt sick just thinking about the things they had done together.
How she had enjoyed the perverted things she had done to the blonde.
Now it sickened her.

"Aaieee!" Charlotte whimpered as the dog's hard tongue slapping
violently on her tits brought her quickly back to the present. What was
happening now was worse, even more sickening!

Her eyes widened. She stared at the black, hairy dog intently licking
the flesh of her soft tits. Her eyes followed his tongue as it whipped
across her tittie mounds. Each contact of his wet tongue brought a
shuddering groan from Charlotte's throat and a churning of her stomach.
Her hand went to her mouth, and she was afraid she was going to be

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Felicia's voice tormented. "It makes me
jealous to see you enjoy all of Khan's favor."

Charlotte looked up at the camera. She was ready to kill the woman
whose voice was tormenting her, whose d**g had turned her into a vile
a****l like the blonde bitch.

Her hands clenched into fists. She moved towards the camera and its
impersonal eye focused on her naked body.

When she moved, Khan growled, nipping her arm.

Charlotte froze. Being licked was better than being chewed alive.

The ferocious-looking dog was happy again as he slobbered his spit
between Charlotte's two tittie mounds. They were smaller than his
mistress's and he enjoyed the difference. His nostrils reveled in the
aroma of a new pussy as he licked the naked woman's tits, his tongue
whipping over both fleshy mounds and across her nipples. They were
pointed and rigid with fright. He whined, growling low, nuzzling his
pointed snout in between her firm tits and tasting the succulent meat.

Charlotte was slumped against the wall in shock, her eyes seeing but
not believing what was happening to her. Her heart was trying to leap
to her throat. Her sour stomach was tight and tumbled in somersaults.
Her mind was trying to comprehend all that was happening to her.

"Like having your tits licked by a dog?" Felicia asked. Her body
tingled as she watched the cowering Charlotte with a hungry passion.
"His tongue is marvelous." Her eyes closed for a second and thrilled to
the sexual joys that she and her pet shared. She heaved a shivery sigh
and continued to watch the monitor.

Charlotte was horror-stricken. She cringed, utter horror sweeping over
her face as she saw the ugly b**st, tired of sloshing her tits with his
vile spit, sniff down lower, catching the scent of her cunt. Afraid of
touching him, yet not about to let him do those horrible things to her
cunt, she pushed a finger against his snout. "Go away, go away."

The giant Doberman took her timid nudge as a sign of affection. and
licked her hand, whimpering playfully.

Charlotte screwed up her face in disgust and pulled her hand away. Her
body twisted around, trying to protect her pussy from the shiny black
b**st with the dangerous coal-black eyes and the slobbering tongue.

Khan caught the scent of Charlotte's pussy as it drifted up to him. He
inhaled, his cold black nose quivering. He nudged her with his huge
head, trying to get at her pussy, his body slinking down. He renewed
the search for her cunt from another angle but the woman's legs still
hampered him.

Charlotte was afraid the dog would eventually squeeze through her legs
to get at her cunt. She turned, uncurling her legs from her fetal
position and covering her pussy with both hands to protect herself. All
of a sudden, she realized in this position her tits were completely
vulnerable to the peering eye of the camera and the gaping blonde
bitch. Knowing this, Charlotte turned her head, slowly and furtively
inching around to face the wall, trying to hide her body from the
prying eye of the camera and her cunt from the persistent dog.

Khan, anxious for the taste of sweet pussy-meat, nipped Charlotte's
thigh, his eyes glowing menacingly. He yearned for that special taste
which his mistress had introduced him to and he had cultivated a taste

He nipped Charlotte again with his front teeth, turning her into a mass
of trembling, squeamish nerves.

"Ohhhh, ooaaahh," she cried, believing this time she would be maimed by
the brutish dog's dangerously sharp fangs. She began to cry again,
going into loud racking howls that annoyed Felicia.

"Don't be a stupid little shit, Charlotte," Felicia snapped into the
microphone. "Let the dog have your pussy."

"Noooo," Charlotte wailed. "It's vile, it's--" She was too scared, too
intimidated to speak. The black b**st was biting her legs on his way up
to her pussy.

"It's fabulous," Felicia said softly. "Give him a chance." Her voice
was suddenly laced with anger. "I'm getting impatient, Charlotte."

Charlotte trembled as the dog nipped her tits, catching her off guard.
She turned sharply, falling back, more vulnerable now as her arms went
to brace her fall. She tumbled to her stomach, still having the
presence of mind to protect herself.

Khan pawed her smooth back as she lay frightened and trembling on her
stomach, her legs fused together, her arms underneath her body. He
growled again, snipping his teeth on her ass and making Charlotte cry
louder. He sniffed the crack of her ass, his tongue darting out and
swiping inside the wrinkled, deep crack.

"Nnnnnn," she whined through clenched teeth. The dog was feasting on
her twin ass cheeks and the crack that separated them.

Khan soaked her ass cheeks as he had soaked her delicious tits. He bit
her ass flesh, nipping it playfully and barking anxiously for the meat
of her sweet-smelling cunt.

Charlotte's head was spinning. No matter which way she turned some part
of her body was open to the dog's tongue. She found herself losing
control of her senses. She was hysterical, crying, trying to crawl
under the bed and find some port of safety from the vicious a****l and
the blonde bitch who was watching her every move.

Khan saw the naked woman trying to scramble under the bed and his mouth
opened. Latching his jaw around her trim ankle, the black b**st growled
his warning. His jaw gripped her ankle as if it were a bone and he
shook his head, holding her ankle with his teeth, but not breaking the

A piercing laugh floated out the loudspeakers. "You better not try to
hide under that bed. He'll rip off your leg."

With that warning, Charlotte stopped. She would surrender to her
maniacal captor and her vicious dog. She lay on the floor, defeated,
ready to let the dog have his way and be done with it. She closed her
eyes, not able to move a muscle. She was a petite piece of white creamy
flesh, readying herself for what she thought was the slaughter.

Khan growled deep and menacing, his huge head motionless, his jaw still
holding her trim ankle, his black eyes alert and waiting for Charlotte
to try to escape. Getting no resistance, his mouth opened and he
dropped her ankle. There was spittle all over her flesh and an
indentation evident in her smooth skin from the sharp tips of his

Leisurely, Khan licked her leg, working up the back of her calf.

Charlotte buried her face in her arms, shutting everything from her
mind--the dog's slapping wet tongue and Felicia's dirty and perverted
suggestions that came to her over the loudspeaker system.

Felicia settled back in the comforts of her chair, her hands delving
between the lips of her juicy pussy. She was drooling. She watched her
pet Doberman swipe his tongue over Charlotte's sweet creamy nude body.
Felicia licked her lips, the taste of Charlotte's pussy still lingered.

Khan soaked the back of Charlotte's thighs, casually nipping her ass,
his tongue working up a frothy lather between the cheeks of her creamy,
firm ass. He nestled his nose between the back of her thighs, his head
shaking, forcing the docile Charlotte's legs apart. His tongue hit the
back of her pussy.

Charlotte wailed, terrified. She began to shake like never before. She
quivered in sheer fright. She crunched her fists up and prayed.

At last attaining his goal, Khan growled with satisfaction. He buried
his snout between the folds of her hot cunt and snorted, his tongue
delving into the dry pussy-hole. He plunged his tongue-meat inside, his
doggie spit lathering the hole into a wet foamy soup. He shoved his
nose inside the sweet warmth of her pussy. Charlotte's whimpering cries
of anguish were lost on the horny b**st as he tried to shove his tongue
to the very depths of her cunt.

She cried, afraid to move, afraid that if she did the dog would bite
her pussy the way he had her ankle. She suffered the degradation of the
a****l's tongue as it snaked into her cunt and up through the crack of
her ass, praying it would end soon.

Khan enjoyed the scent of her cunt as he worked it feverishly with his
tongue and spit. He dropped to his haunches between the frightened
woman's legs, devoting his tongue to her pussy. He licked, slurped, and
reamed out her delicious cunt. His spit turned her once dry cunt into a
white slimy mess. He squirmed on the floor,, his black body, sleek and
glistening, beginning to get aroused, his mammoth prick beginning to
peek out from the thick-skinned sheath that housed it. He whimpered
excitedly, his black snout white with his foamy spit.

Growling with intense excitement from Charlotte's succulent pussy-meat,
he f***ed his nose deep into her pussy. The harsh, rough action jerked
her body and caused friction on her clit. The scent of her savory cunt
was growing stronger the more he licked and nudged his nose inside. It
acted as an incentive for the horny dog. He became more determined,
stretching her pussy with his pointed muzzle, his teeth nipping her
swollen cuntlips gently.

Charlotte was still crying, inwardly fighting the warm feelings that
were beginning to wash over her. The dog's tongue was bringing out the
a****l in her that had always been lurking below the surface. She
battled her surging lust, holding her own against the dog's persistent

Despite herself, she felt herself slipping. She f***ed her mind to
think of other things as the dog's lapping tongue drew her like a
magnet to the murky depths of depravity. She concentrated on her
husband, George. Then she erased the thought. He would probably enjoy
this. For the five years they had been married he had wheedled and
hinted that he wanted her to do it with a dog. His familiar voice raged
inside her brain. Now that it was happening he wasn't even aware of it.
It was ironic.

The dog nipped her cuntflesh, presenting her with the real danger of
being chewed alive. He barked, seemingly frustrated.

A grim angry mask dropped over Felicia's face. Charlotte had plenty of
will power. Felicia's hand was between her legs and she pinched her own
clit, feeling a small tantalizing orgasm wash over her.

Still seated in her chair, Felicia knocked on a door, feeling the
wonderful tremors of her lingering orgasm. "Craig. If you're done with
your dinner, come on out. I'm going down to the room and fix our sweet
little guest." There was an acknowledging grunt from the other side of
the closing door.

Wearing only black crotchless panties and a black lace bra, Felicia
hurried down the hall. She took a key from atop the door and fitted it
into the lock. It clicked and she opened the door, staring at the scene
before her. It made her bl**d boil tantalizingly.


The dog instantly looked up from the delectable pussy he was feasting
on. His stubby tail wagged.

Felicia snapped her fingers and Khan leaped to her side. He sat down,
glancing up at his mistress for approval as she stroked the top of his

"It looks as if you're going to need something to relax you," Felicia
said to Charlotte, with a wicked smile. "No need for subtleties now."

She brought a hypodermic needle out of the leather pouch and stepped
towards Charlotte. "A simple prick of the needle and you'll lose all
this silly prejudice about making love to my handsome dog."

Terror swept over Charlotte. "OHHH ... NOOOOOOO!"

"Yes, my sweet," Felicia said, kneeling over the prostrated Charlotte.
"When you come to your senses, you won't need this." She jabbed the
needle into Charlotte's arm and smiled. Charlotte flinched and bit her
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