My first time with my cousin

Well, i´m 18 years old (im mexican) but i was younger back then.This is the firt time i had a sexual expirience.. enjoy! Me and my cousin who is younger than me always talked about how people had sex, sometimes he took out his penis and started stroking it. I always have loved his ass, aometimes we used to slap our asses but in a play mood but then we started to poke each others ass but still playing, we went on like this for a long time until one day that we went to our uncles wedding the party was over but during it as always we started to talk about sex we were all tired and it was time to go home but i didnt want to go home so i told my parents if i could stay at my cousins house that was nearby they agreed.. when we got to his house everybody went to sl**p but we were still watchin tv at his room we were going to in his bed. by that then i already knew i was bisexual and i had always fantascys (sorry for my english)about us! We started to talk aboout sex! we were on our boxers as always he started to stroke himself, then told me he had found something in his dads room he got out the bed and got from under the bed a box with a dvd he put on and it was porn!!
It was this to muscle guys! my cousin kept stoking and i couldt take my eyes of his penis he saw i was looking at it and he slowy grabed my head leaning towrds his penis i wanted to take his little cock in my mouth and i did at first i didnt like the smell or the taste i tried to do my best he satrde to push my head down but i told him to stop i started to play with his hairless balls i took them in my mouth i was so turn on that i stop and took my boxer of and sat on his penis it didnt go but the feeling of his cock on my ass felt so good. then i dont know why but i kissed him he pushed off and got on his side and gave me his back and with his hand slap his ass i was like I my god he wants me to fuck him!!!!
I spitted in my hand and rubbed it in my penis i reach his ass his beautiful ass that for so long i wanted to fuck he lifted his leg up the tip of my penis touch his hole i felt my body all shaking i started pushing in but my penis hurt i little but i dindt stop i started to get this warm feeling and felt like i was going to cum i pulled out my penis my cousin turn at me and told me to go on with i look i went back to his hole i felt this warm sensarion agian until i got all my penis in i started to go slow like in porn videos we were like this like ten minues until oh my god i felt like i was going to faint i was cumming in his ass!!!! i got my penis out and saw it coverd in cum that also started to come out his ass my cousin was moaning and turn around and took my head towrds his penis i tooked it all in he cumed in my mouth i didnt like the taste and i just let it drip from my mouth i noticed he was moaning to loud and stop then i got up to him and kissed hin this time he kissed me back we cuddle up and went to sl**p all covered in cum! that is a night ill never forget!!!!!!!!!
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so hot!
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good story
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very hot