The Cinema Re-Visited (True Story)

After the fun we had visiting the cinema recently we had to go back for a return visit.

This time we decided to leave earlier as Mrs Van wanted to go for a walk around Cardiff Bay.

As usual Mrs V was dressed to kill. A black see through top with no bra, seamed black stockings and killer heels. She was not wearing any pants or a skirt. She wore a long coat to below the knee and beneath this her lower half was totally naked. She looked amazing.

As soon as we got in the car she was up to her tricks. She unbuttoned her coat to reveal her naked lower half. Immediately she put her feet on the dashboard of the car and started to play with her pussy. Mr V knew this was going to be a good night. As we paased truckers we slowed down to give them a view of Mrs V's soaking pussy.

We arrived early and used a car park mid way betwwen the cinema and Cardiff Bay. We got out of the car and headed for the Bay. You couldn't tell Mrs V was almost totally naked under her coat but the seamed stocking got a few admiring glances.

As we got to The Bay area Mrs V undid the bottom button of her coat. This now meant that as she walked the top of her stockings were clearly on view. We stopped at a well know coffee shop to get some drinks. There is a high counter in the window with bar stools which give a great view over the bay. We took two of the seats and sat to drink our coffee. Mrs V was in her element. She undid a further button on her coat and opened her legs wide. She was now exposing her pussy to everybody walking past outside. One young man in particular walked past about 6 times, bending down outside the window to get a better view.

And so to the cinema. We had booked the same two seats as before - right at the back in the right hand corner. This time we swapped seats - Mr V was right in the corner and Mrs V was in the middle of 3 seats. Again we thought we were lucky as nobody was sat next to us. However, about 10 minutes after the film started a man sat in the seat next to Mrs V.

Mr V thought this was going to ruin their fun but how wrong he was. About an hour into the film Mrs V started to rub Mr V's cock through his jeans. It did not take Mr V long to get extremely hard. Mrs V turned to him and whispered for him to undo his belt and loosen his jeans so that she could play with his cock. Mr V was nervous as he was aware of the man next to Mrs V. Don't worry she said he can watch if he wants.

Mr V undid his jeans and Mrs V started to stroke his cock. At the same time she totally undid her coat and opened it to expose the naked lower half of her body. The man in the seat next to her turned and could not believe what he was seeing - Mrs V's shaved soaking pussy was on view whilst at the same time she was wanking Mr V's cock. The man leant over and put a finger on Mrs V's pussy. Mr V felt his wife shudder as the strangers finger tickled her clitoris. Mr V was so turned on. His wife was beiing fingered by a stranger as she wanked him off. Mr V told Mrs V he was close to cumming and she handed him a tissue. Within seconds Mr V was emptying his balls into the tissue. It was so exciting cumming strongly without being able to say a word.

The man continued to finger Mrs V. She moved forward in her chair to give him greater access. He expertly slid a finger deep into her pussy and he moved it in and out of her pussy very slowly. After 5 minutes Mrs V started to shudder. She was close to orgasm. A minute later and her face told the full story it contorted as the stranger brought her to a long and satisfying cum.

Mrs V turned to the stranger and said something to him. What did you say? Mr V asked. He was told he would find out later. Mrs V adjusted her coat and Mr V cleaned up his cock and put it away.

The film ended and the stranger left. As we exited the cinema Mr V noticed the stranger waiting outside. Come on Mrs V said. He deserves a reward. We walked over to the stranger and Mrs V told him she was going to allow him to wank over her ass. She stressed there was to be no further touching or an attempt to fuck her. The stranger agreed.

We walked back towards Cardiff Bay. By now it was gone 11 in the evening and there were not many people around. We headed back to the car park where our car was. Mrs V grabbed Mr V and the starnger and headed for a Ford transit van. She squeezed behind the van where nobody could see her, took off her coat and handed it to Mr V. She bent over and instructed the stranger to empty his balls all over her ass. Mr V could not believe his eyes. The man took out his already erect cock and wanked quickly. It did not take long. Within two minutes he came and splattered his hot spunk all over Mrs V. We handed him a tissue to clean himself up and he left.

After cleaning her ass we headed back to the car and drove home with hardly a word being said. As soon as we were in we ripped our clothes off and had a fantastic fuck in the living room with the curtains open and the lights on. Anybody could have seen us.

Can't wait for the next cinema trip.
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2 years ago
Lucky stranger!
2 years ago
wow...wish i could run into both of you
2 years ago
damn i missed you on the M4 again! would love to see Mrs V in the car