Girl to a woman.........

" Vanita, you have grown up into a beautiful girl. Your boobs are well developed. They will attract attention of any man. Your whole body looks so lovely. Tell me honestly, how many boys have tried to touch you in school?"
I did not answer but put down my head as I was feeling shy, but I loved her talk. Aunt was talking the truth. Everybody in school wanted to talk to me. I could very easily feel their eyes on my full boobs and nipples peaking through under my blouse.My boobs had been fondled a few times and every time I had felt excited . In fact my body was trembling with excitement. I had been kissed on lips and I loved it.
"Roy, come here and sit here. See how Vanita has grown in a fine lovely girl. Sit by her side." Aunt said.
Roy was of my age. He was looking smart and strong young man. He came and sat by my side. Aunt Runa was holding my hands. She was caressing them. Rahul was sitting on the nearby chair. Rahul was also of our age and just finished his school and preparing for College.
Runa aunty pulled me towards her and embraced me in her arms. She was holding me in her arms and softly caressing my back. I loved her caress. She pulled me to her and I felt her lips on my soft lips.It was wonderful to feel her lips kissing me so sensuously.It was exciting me and I was shivering slightly in her arms. Her lips became more insistent and I could feel her tongue trying to enter my mouth. I could not resist for any longer and allowed her tongue to enter in my mouth.My eyes got closed and I allowed my body in charge of my aunty.
"Rahul and Roy,see our lovely Cindrella. See how her body is responding to my touch."
I could feel one boy caressing my left leg and the other my right leg. I slowly opened my eyes and saw both Rahul and Roy softly caressing my legs. The tongue in my mouth and the caressing of my legs, were making my body float in bliss. I could feel the hands caressing my legs slowly move upwards. They had reached my plump thighs. Runa aunty while kissing me deep on my mouth, was now moving her hands on my boobs. I could feel her hands slowly caressing my boobs. Her fingures were trying to trace the nipples. This was exciting me.
" Please aunty, I am feeling shy. I do not know what is happening to my body. It feels so hot." I said.
Her hands were continuing the caress of my boobs. Now the nipples had become very stiff and could be easily seen protruding from below the blouse.
" Can you see her nipples getting stiff? I heard her asking.
"Yes they look so lovely and I can hold them even with closed eyes." I heard a voice comment.
I could feel Aunty, slowly opening the buttons of my blouse one by one. When she opened all the buttons, my boobs were trying to come out of the bra as the bra was unable to cover them fully as they were big for the size of the bra
" Can someone help? Can you open the hooks of her bra...?
I found two hands immediately meddling with the hooks of my bra. Within no time the hooks were opened and my both boobs spilled out fully naked and exposed for everybody to see and enjoy.
"Please aunty, I feel shy." I said. But my eyes were closed and I was in some sort of trance. It felt so nice, I could not resist.
" Feel her boobs. See how soft and full they have grown. Come on touch her boobs." Aunt said.
I could soon feel all hands groping my boobs and playing with my nipples. They were eagerly mauling my both boobs. While some hands were playing with my boobs I could feel the boys put their hands in my skirt and caressing my thighs. The hands were slowly inching higher and higher and soon they were meeting at the juncture of my thighs. The hand were becoming bolder and were soon meeting each other over my wet pussy. I was totally hot and shaking badly.
"Why dont you take out her skirt and pull down her panties? " I heard Aunty speak.
I was almost unable to move my body and my eyes were closed. I was in a sort of trance. I just kept quiet.
Meanwhile the boys had slowly unhooked the skirt and removed it.I was lying with my boobs totally exposed and my pink panties exposed for all to see.

" Aunty please, let my panties remain. I am feeling totally exposed and feel shy." I said with closed eyes.
Oh , pull down her panties .Let her be free, she is feeling hot....I heard her say.
Soon I found some fingures had been hooked in my panties and panties were being pulled down. I was now fully lying exposed.
"Oh Aunty, look, she is really beautiful. See how her pussy is all wet and dripping. I would do anything to be with her" I heard a voice saying.
" I know she is still a virgin. You have to be very careful with her for the first time." Who is going to break her cherry?---Aunt asked
Both boys wanted to be first.
She asked me as to who was my choice for popping her cherry...Then she asked them to toss a coin and decide. Rahul won.
They slowly lifted me in all exposed condition and placed me on the huge bed.
Rahul moved forward all ready with his stiff cock, hard and throbbing almost uncontrollably.
I had closed my eyes and left my body at their mercy for all three of them to enjoy at their will.
I found my pussy lips being slowly opened. Soon I could feel the stiff hard cock being placed at the entrance and a slow push being given to it. My pussy was totally wet and eager to accept the intruder. It opened nicely and the cock slowly made its way inch by inch in my depths. Roy and Aunty were caressing my boobs and my whole body was on fire.
Rahul be slow. Dont push in f***efully in one stroke....I heard her saying.
Rahul was slowly inching his cock in me. I could feel the pain rising in me . I could feel something in my pussy was opposing the entry of the intruder. Rahul was trying to press his cock in.
"Be slow Rahul. Do not push with all your f***e..Take it out a bit and push it in some more, ..every time you give stroke " Aunty said.
"Oh, it is paining " words came out of my mouth.
Aunty signalled something to Roy and soon I could feel Roy kissing me on my mouth. His tongue going in and out of my mouth was making me go crazy again.
Rahul was now stroking me delicately. His cock was coming out and going a bit forward at every stroke.
I was feeling joy mixed with slight pain. Suddenly Rahul's cock entered my pussy deeper by overcoming the obstruction that was so far not allowing the cock to fully go in. A scream was coming out of my mouth but got miffled because of Roy's mouth tightly pressed and his tongue deep in my mouth.
Once this was done. I could feel Rahul freely give me long and slow strokes. Each stroke of his stiff hard cock was driving me mad. I was in a deep trance. I could feel the hands and lips of Roy and aunty--caressing all over and riving me almost crazy.
"Rahul, now you can give her more rapid strokes" I heard aunty saying.
Rahul was also restless and started giving me rapid strokes, in and out...
Suddenly I went all stiff and didnot know as to what was happening to my body. It was all shaking. Roy and aunty were holding me but it was still vibrating in their hands.
See her orgasm. See how her body is responding to climax..." I heard aunty saying...
Rahul held my body with all his strength and spilled his seed deep inside me.
" Now it is your turn. Go ahead Roy" Aunty said.
Roy was already excited and he soon came over me and pushed his stiff cock deep inside me. His cock went in smoothly as my pussy was all wet, lubricated and full with Rahul's cum.
Roy was giving me quick long strokes and each stroke was giving me immense joy.
He didnot last long and withing minutes his cock spilled all it's thick white cream deep inside me. I was feeling totally exhausted and lay there among all three of them, still feeling the heavenly bliss experienced by every cell of my body...
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1 year ago
We both enjoyed a lot!
3 years ago
Fucking nice, nice fucking...
3 years ago
My Aunt was guiding and Roy was helping and Rahul was deflowering me....I loved it....
3 years ago
3 years ago
yes getting deflowered in presence and active participation of mature experienced lady is something totally exciting and hot.....
3 years ago
Very nice story. Imagine the pleasure of deflowering a young woman - in the presence of an older woman. Very Special!