Exposed on Dance floor....

It was an adult club and the boys and girls were dancing on the tune of music- enjoying themselves.The liquor was flowing freely and adding to the fun. My partner was embracing me tightly and I could clearly feel his hardening cock pressing against me. His mouth to mouth kiss and his tongue deep in my mouth was driving me crazy. He whispered in my ears to open his zip and pull out his cock. I opened the zip and pulled out his stiff hard cock. The cock had become very stiff and was more than 8 inches long and very thick. I could feel it pulsating in my hands. The others dancing around us could see his cock in my hands.It was lovely playing with the stiff hard cock. His hands were slowly travelling in my blouse and playing with my boobs. He slowly opened the buttons of my blouse and exposed my big boobs. My boobs were out and were on display for everybody around to see and enjoy. He slowly took my nipples in his mouth and started sucking them and driving me all crazy. The liquor had made us loose all our inhibitions and the excitement all around had made us bold and aggressive. The couples dancing around us were also more or less in the similar conditions and we could see lot many hard cocks and lovely boobs on display.
My Boyfriend always fantasized me being fondled by strangers. He always talked of this fantasy. I suddenly found two boys come forward and one touching my boobs and the other raising my skit and exposing my panties. The hands on my boobs had become aggressive and were mauling my boobs. It felt so great. The boy who had raised my skirt, was pulling down my panties and had removed the panties and exposed my pussy for everybody to see. It had already become wet. I suddenly found myself being pulled down on the dance floor and lying on my back. They had already exposed my body and removed my blouse and my panties. I loved the sensation of the hands playing with my boobs. I was almost excited and did not care for anything. Two boys parted my legs and were holding them separated. One boy was holding my head and kissing me deep on my mouth. His tongue in my mouth- was driving me mad. My boyfriend and some other boy were playing with my boobs. They had held my hands. Some one was kissing my boobs and sucking my nipples... I was not in this world but floating in heaven. I found two hands one on each side, playing with my wet pussy. They were separating my pussy lips and trying to enter their fingures deep inside. Suddenly I saw my Boyfriend getting ready with his thick hard cock ready to enter my pussy. They had held my hands and my legs and my pussy lips were opened up for the intruder. My BF kept the tip of his cock at the entrance of my pussy and gave pressure. The cock was hard and stiff and it did not take much efforts for it to go in. Once in, my pussy was holding it and had contracted around the intruder. He started giving long and slow strokes. I was being held down and my whole body was shaking. Most of the boys and girls gathered around us were keenly watching me getting violated publicly. I was all excited beyond limits and whole of my body was vibrating and shaking despite the boys holding me down. Just when the cock was giving me in and out strokes, I found some one sucking my boobs. My nipples had become all stiff and hard. The lips were driving me crazy. One lady came forward and put her hands on boobs and was pressing my boobs along with many others. My whole body was being fondled by many hands and I had no control left over my body. The cock increased its pace and the strokes became more hard and faster. It was going deep inside and my whole pussy was on fire. It was being violated with all f***e and churned inside out. I could not control any more and soon the cock flooded me deep inside and I could feel it by the vibrations of the cock while spilling it's cream. After sometime lying on me, he withdrew his softening cock. I had my eyes closed in bliss and soon felt another stiff cock entering me. This was more harder and stiffer and bigger in girth too. It was tight in the pussy. As soon as it entered it started moving in and out with great f***e. I reached my climax within a few shots and despite people holding my body, it was shaking uncontrollably...The cock continued it's assault and within next few strokes it spilled it's cream in me. It was again vibrating while giving out it's milk. As soon as the softening cock was pulled out --it was replaced by another fresh cock.....I dont know that day --how many times I climaxed and how many cocks spilled their cream in me...It was a life time experience which I will never forget......
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1 year ago
very hot...xxxx
2 years ago
Without condom it is more fun...
3 years ago
lovely story; but no condoms....?
3 years ago
Oh, wow, that would be hot to be fucked by a bunch of guys in public like that
3 years ago
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Getting exposed publicly and violated openly is not an experience one can forget so easily...It is great fun every girl would love to experience...