Exposed on Dance Floor........

The dance was going in full swing. The lights were dim and the boys and girls were dancing on the floor, at the sway of music. I was with my BF, John. We had consumed quite a few glasses of liquor and it was showing in our movements and actions. John was holding me tight against his body and I was feeling his cock against me pressing hard. It had grown all stiff and hard and was pulsating and may be trying to come out. My boobs were also pressing against his chest and they felt nice. The other couple near us was almost semi nude and the boy had exposed the girl's boobs and we could see him openly playing with her boobs. Her hands were also busy with his cock and she had put her hands in his pants and was pulling the cock out. The other couples also were almost in similar conditions. Lots of boobs and cocks exposed and on display!
Both of us were looking at the exposed cocks and boobs and so were others. John suddenly held me in a tight embrace and kissed me deep. His tongue was probing my mouth and my tongue too entered his mouth and our kiss was becoming more and more passionate.All this was making us hot. John slowly put his hands in my blouse and pulled out my boobs. He had to open a few buttons of my blouse, for that as my boobs were quite big. He started sucking my nipples and everybody around, were looking at us. It was making me more and more hot. He whispered in my ears to pull out his cock. I slowly opened the buttons of his pants and pulled out his thick hard cock for everybody to see. It had grown very hard and lot of precum was oozing from it's mouth. I was holding his cock and he was sucking my nipples. One of our friends brought a wine glass to us and we both drank the wine from the same glass.Our friend could see John's cock and my boobs well exposed for all to see. He just rubbed my boobs with his hands and tapped John's cock. It felt so nice. We asked him to join us. We all three were together and embracing each other in intimate manner. John just hinted me and I opened the buttons of his pants and pulled his stiff cock out. It was huge cock and and very thick almost difficult to hold in my fist. I hinted John and John held it in his fist. We both liked the huge cock and started playing with it. It had almost become sticky with lot of precum on it's mouth. My boobs were now fondled by two of them, each sucking one boob....It was most exciting. We forgot the dance and the music and were busy fondling each other. Me and John both started giving strokes to the huge cock in our hands. The cock was pulsating and was all stiff and ready to give out it's cream...The others were looking at us. It took just a few minutes and the huge cock started spurting huge loads of thick white cream. We held the spurting cock --all exposed-- so that all could see it. The cock calmed down after giving out all it's cream and went soft...Everybody on the dance floor was now excited and nobody really cared for anything. I found suddenly so many hands on my body. The unknown hands were stripping me and all my clothes were removed in not time and I was completely stripped. The hands were fondling every part of my body and I was all shaking in excitement. Some one pulled me down. I was made to lie on my back and two boys had pulled my legs apart and were holding them. Some hands were mauling my boobs. Some hands were playing with my pussy and my clit. It was so hot and exciting--my whole body was shaking almost uncontrollably...
I could feel a hard cock open my pussy door and enter it ruthlessly.It was a huge cock and as soon as it entered--it started giving deep slow strokes....I was in heaven and all shaking with excitement. The strokes became more and more faster and I soon I experienced the most exciting orgasm of my life. My whole body was shaking and I was in bliss. I was just lying down with closed eyes and experiencing the joy. All the time I was being held down as my body was shaking and vibrating. It was three or four stiff hard cocks which entered me that day- one after the other and deposited their cream deep in me.I experienced three more orgasms that night. It was an unforgettable experience................
91% (48/5)
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2 years ago
Love this one too :P
3 years ago
bet you'd love to see how many fingers could fit in that cock filled pussy :::WickedEvilGrinn:::
3 years ago
Hentai sex You can find here
3 years ago
when ur body is played like a violin by so many hands touching you intimately and something hard and stiff pounding you in and out---u go in some altogether different world....
3 years ago
lucky friends
3 years ago
3 years ago
So many hands playing with your body..Hard stiff cocks going deep in you...all is exciting....