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We had gone for honeymoon after our marriage to Bombay. We used to see movies and in the evenings sit in public parks. One evening we went to a large Park in the heart of city. all the benches were occupied and there was no vacant bench. On one bench there was a old man sitting with an umbrella in his hands as it was slightly drizzling.We sat on the bench.My hubby was sitting between me and the old man.As soon as we were comfortable, we started caressing each other. My hubby started kissing me deeply-- holding me strongly in his embrace.He was pressing me hard to him and at the same time kissing me deep. We started putting our tongues in each other's mouths.It felt so nice to be held tight in embrace and being kissed so deep. The old man was looking at us stealthily. May be he too was getting excited the way we were fondling each other.
My hubby was excited very much and he pulled one of my hands and placed it on his pant.I could feel the cock below hardening in his pants. I slowly began moving my hands on his cock. The old man was now very keenly looking at us. My hubby was holding me pressed to him. He whispered in my ears to open the zip and pull out the cock. I was also excited and I opened the zip and pulled out his hard stiff cock. It was pulsating up and down uncontrollably. The old man too was very excited and now was openly looking at my hand playing with hubby's cock.Meanwhile hubby had opened the buttons of my blouse and pulled out my boobs. He was sucking my nipples. I too became very excited. My hubby again whispered in my ears to give strokes to his cock and milk it dry.I too started stroking his cock. It was a great pleasure playing with the stiff hard pulsating cock. Suddenly the old man came closer to my hubby and put his hand on his cock. Now me and him --both were playing with the cock. He too joined me in milking the cock. The cock all of a sudden became very stiff and shot a very big load of cream from its mouth. the old man was still stroking the cock along with me. After the cock was milked fully, it became soft.
I will always remember this incident which took place in our honeymoon....
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